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1:00 PM
@JoKing ok
@JoKing oh
lost.py: error: unrecognized arguments: 4
make sure the input is before other arguments like -V
^ doesnt work
1:03 PM
what are you trying to do?
input - 1
What happens when the first instruction is -? What about when it is 1?
> The only things I currently know can be done without padding are: cat, output a constant and add two numbers.
CMC: All directions and IP will output different from any other in the same program.
i guess also adding three numbers etc.
1:06 PM
I'm now realizing you can add three numbers as well. In fact for any n you can write a program which takes n numbers and adds them.
Q: Make a Lost Compass

Grain GhostLost is a 2-Dimensional programming language where the instruction pointer starts at a random location, moving in a random direction. A description of the language can be found at the bottom of the post for completeness' sake and a tutorial for the language can be found in the above link. The t...

very similar.
ok so do it
@Fmbalbuena yeah, i don't think both direction and IP is possible
Oh yeah definitely not.
I missed the IP part.
Your program needs a @ and there is no way of determining whether it starts on the @ or next to it.
CMC Add any number of integers with 1 zero of padding.
1:23 PM
CMC: there is 33.333... chance to do infinite loop. otherwise any
@GrainGhost What does "padding" mean?
There's a 0 on the top of the stack.
How does that affect the result? Isn't it a simple sum?
It makes it possible to do.
If the tos has to be part of the sum you have a chance of accidentally discarding it.
But if you know it's always 0 you can accidentally discard it and be ok.
@Fmbalbuena 8 bytes
1:37 PM
@Neil huh? :) i do not know what you mean
1:59 PM
should be ez
@thejonymyster you said something, and I'm the second person to repeat you because I hadn't read what you said in time
Oops, it's been a month for codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/155018/…. I guess I'll give one more day.
2:16 PM
@Neil oh! its like theres an echo in here ! thank you :D
2:27 PM
CMC: Shave some bytes [BF]: -[>>,[>+>+<<-]>--------------------------------]
Oops I have a test today over a reading assignment I didn't do
I guess I need to read quickly then
@PyGamer0 what does that even do?
@AlanBagel takes input from stdin until its a space
3:20 PM
Announcement: Dyalog is looking for beta testers for our yearly problem solving competition. While you can use any language to solve the problems, we prefer if you use an APL, or at least an array-oriented language. You will be expected to give feedback on the 10 easy and ≤10 harder problems, while rating their relative difficulties. Note that by beta-testing, you disqualify from the competition. Let me know if you're interested.
3:53 PM
@Adám I spy, with my little eye, a good excuse for me to learn APL.
@AaroneousMiller Let me know if I can be of help.
time to learn hardcore array programming
if i can
Yaaay! We're finally doing integration
Hoe Mama
That's an unfortunate typo
4:08 PM
Q: Joe Mama or Joe Biden

SidneyYour task Randomly pick and print "Joe Mama" or "Joe Biden" in as little bytes as possible. Rules No trailing lines, spaces, or anything else weird like that No election fraud! Both "Joe Mama" and "Joe Biden" must have equal chaces of winning Prize The winner will get a spot in https://github.c...

Uh oh
New Posts is down
@Fmbalbuena Why?
It's been doing this every week, I guess I need to fix my RAID config
@Adám No election fraud! Both "Joe Mama" and "Joe Biden" must have equal chaces of winning
That just means it needs to be uniformly random
4:11 PM
Also, No trailing lines, spaces, or anything else weird like that
I'm sure it's a dupe of some other challenge but I don't really care to dig around to find one.
Perhaps this:
Q: 1/N probability

AdámBecause there are not enough simple code-golf challenges: Create an optionally unnamed program or function that, given (by any means) an integer 1 ≤ N ≤ 10000, outputs your language's True value with a pseudo-random probability of 1/N, False otherwise. Please note that the requirement for namin...

Closer to this I think:
Q: Name of Frankenstein's Monster

Kevin CruijssenIntroduction: Since it's almost Halloween, I was just thinking of some random Halloween-themed challenges. Eventually I was reading through Frankenstein's wikipedia page, and came across the following text: The creature Part of Frankenstein's rejection of his creation is the fact that he does no...

@Adám Are you guys looking for relative beginners top? If so, I’m interested
@rues Not so important. Send me an email: adam@ with the same domain as www.dyalog.com and I'll put you on the list.
4:26 PM
Great! I’ll do that when I’m back home
@AlanBagel safe
(change to safe)
@Fmbalbuena I know, but I thought I'd give one more day.
5:10 PM
would anyone here be able to translate something from Hebrew? charcoal is trying to figure out what this post means since the machine translation doesn't seem accurate
Anyone = @Adám
@hyper-neutrino Lol I'm also searching, I googled, suddenly I see the cat, completely confused by the questions this time
exactly this
@DLosc oh right can't believe i forgot *facepalm*
All I can say about it is that the way that font renders the letter heth looks very much like the Greek letter pi and it's really weird to me :P
5:18 PM
@hyper-neutrino google translate time
> the machine translation doesn't seem accurate
@DLosc your right, google translate says Lol I'm also searching, I googled I suddenly see the cat, completely gassed with the questions this time
thats exactly what it said at the link curious
in Charcoal HQ, 2 mins ago, by Mithical
right, the words for "going overboard" and "the gasses" are spelled the same way
From what I can tell, it's definitely talking about a cat. Unless there's an idiom at play or the context has something to do with cats, it might just be somebody spouting nonsense. חחחחח
5:20 PM
looks like just a standard NAA. they were just trying to figure out if it's rude, or just a non-answer lol
Oh, I found the question and there are indeed pictures of cats.
That cat does look like it's going overboard tho
@AlanBagel Interesting--Google Translate gives me "I'm also searching, I googled and suddenly I see the cat, completely exaggerating with the questions this time." (Which seems closer to how Mithical translated it.) I wonder why it gives different results for the same input.
(Ah--I left the laughing part off. That's why.)
Weird that adding "Lol" at the beginning changes the translation of a verb towards the end.
Sorry, I was busy. Also, I don't really know colloquial Hebrew.
5:43 PM
You mean Dyalog doesn't pay you to be TNB's 24/7 Hebrew translation service? ;P
Nope. So far, I've only gotten paid for Yiddish services.
Also, I only work 24/6.
6:13 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Alan BagelTower of Code Golf code-golf Your task is to print this exact text: | | | | | | &***********& | Code Golf | | e---------f | | d___________l | | o-------------o | | C______________G | ###Golf your code### #################### Rules Trailing or leading newline is allowed code-golf, s...

Feedback ^
@Fmbalbuena "No election fraud" got me laughing harder than it should have for being such a terrible joke
@AlanBagel add and done.
@Fmbalbuena Done.
@AlanBagel oh no
you do first
CMC: print 2 to the power of 100 in Lost
:59826728 "I don't know Lost" - Alan Bagel
I think if people delete their messages, they don't want them quoted
6:30 PM
@GrainGhost ^
What happened?
What do you mean by debug?
@GrainGhost debug means fix bugs
What bugs are there?
infinite loop
6:34 PM
@GrainGhost Oh wrong link
Third column has no redirects in it.
If it starts horizontal in the 2nd row what happens?
a little bit fixed
@GrainGhost why don't work? ^
Same reason as before. You only fixed one side.
6:39 PM
@GrainGhost why?
You can see the coordinates and direction next to the wrong outputs.
@GrainGhost ^
Did you change anything?
The row and direction of all the wrong outputs is the same.
Find one of the wrong outputs and try and follow what it does in your head.
6:43 PM
@GrainGhost why i't outputs wrongly?
(1, 3, [0, -1]) try this one.
What do you expect it to do if it starts there.
[0, -1] what direction?
negative x.
north south east west?
[0, -1] is negative x.
To the left.
6:46 PM
oh i found
!s have a tendency to introduce infinite loops.
7:08 PM
Ugh hidden test cases are failing for a challenge thing on a site, but of course I don't know why they're failing
7:25 PM
challenge idea: prime checker program, but if you remove/change/whatever 1 char, it becomes a sum input program. score is however many chars that doesnt work for, lowest score wins
(or something)
i'd be interested to see if it's possible to score 0 for that
i kinda doubt it
depends on how the rules work
who gets to pick what the char is changed to? user or skeletor
but yea
anyway primecheck sum should work in jelly, removing the primecheck makes it sum, so score 1 which is probably the best possible :P
sounds quite interesting tho
probably will write it up after work
i forget all the terms and stuff lol
@hyper-neutrino So maybe the score should be chars that don't work divided by program length
7:30 PM
that makes sense actually
i worry that might be too harsh on langs that cant like, be short lol
actually wait it doesnt matter
@lyxal Do you have an alternative email address we can use? The one we have bounces. You can email (it) to me: adam@
@ThomasWard Thank you for your answer! The question is definitely unpopular :) Can you see how to do it in linear time?
would it make sense to allow it to be the other way around?
start with a sum, change a char and its a prime checker?
or uh in other words
would it make sense for a challenge to be "Write a program that does A, but if you change a character, it does B OR write a program that does B, but if you change a character, it does A"
with the like scoring per character thing
sorry im not good words
8:11 PM
@thejonymyster Problem is, people will just write a \lim_{x\to\infty} answer
It's really easy to take advantage of two-factor scoring methods
@RedwolfPrograms In fact, it makes it trivial to get an arbitrarily low score
x=10000000...000000000;if x<10**10**10**100...000000 prime_check else sum
ok single factor score then
ty redwolves program
You got me, I'm actually multiple redwolves in a trench coat :(
So we write redwolf programs, but collectively we are redwolves program
@thejonymyster Vyxal as: Try it Online! With the æ, it counts how many of the inputs are prime, but if you remove it, it sums the input. Score: 0
8:19 PM
@AaroneousMiller wow!
@AaroneousMiller Whoa--the code/header/footer boxes have white backgrounds. Is that a bug or a feature?
@DLosc I use dark mode
@AaroneousMiller Boooo flag abuse
Using flags in restricted source, source layout, or radiation hardening challenges is twice as bad as code golf
@DLosc That happens if it is having trouble connecting to gitcdn.xyz, so if you can't get to that site, that would be why. You also might have to wait a minute for it to establish a connection.
Y'all don't have a fallback or anything for if that doesn't work?
8:27 PM
@RedwolfPrograms ohhh i didnt catch that lol
@AaroneousMiller Huh. I can ping it, but web browsers seem to hang indefinitely.
@DLosc The same thing happened to me at first when I was at home, but I let it sit for about 5-ish minutes, and then it connected, and it's been working ever since, so idk
CMC: Print the text s t times r times
@AaroneousMiller Okay, looks like it's slowly getting somewhere. I agree with Redwolf, though--a dependency that takes minutes to load is kind of a bad idea.
(The interpreter still has white backgrounds, too.)
@RedwolfPrograms I don't remember if gitcdn is to do with the auto-integration or Vylight, but I'm pretty sure it's one of those, so that would be a question for pxeger or emanresuA.
8:34 PM
Should I ask in the Vyxal room?
@AlanBagel console.log("s t times r times")
no uh, i cant really parse that
@DLosc Yeah, it seems to be sporadic (we've only had a couple people say something about it), and from my experience, once it works, it doesn't ever seem to have issues again, so I don't really know what's up with it
@thejonymyster no loopholes please
We don't understand what the challenge means--please explain more
8:38 PM
I interpreted it as Print (string s) (t*r) times e.g. f("abc", 2, 3) -> "abcabcabcabcabcabc" but that could be completely wrong
Example with s="abc" t = 3 r = 3 "abcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabc"
@AlanBagel Vyxal, 1 byte: Π
oh no builtins again
@AlanBagel Pip, 3 bytes: $Xg
@DLosc builtin?
8:50 PM
Basically. Given a list of inputs (g), fold ($) on string-repetition builtin (X)
@AlanBagel In vyxal, multiplying a string by a number repeats the string, that builtin simply reduces a list with multiplication. I took input as a list of values, so it essentially just does "abc" * 3 * 3
@AaroneousMiller what about ["abc", 3, 3, 3, 3]?
@Anush put all the data in a DB, and have the DB format the ordering/grouping before returning the data?
I don't see any way to achieve this in a linear O(n) way because you're doing two sets of groupings simultaneously
your workload is going to have to go SOMEWHERE - either data storage backend like a DB or in the python app
but even for a large number of records this should still be fairly efficient
@AlanBagel It would do "abc" * 3 * 3 * 3 * 3
but you're kind of asking an impossibility. you COULD post on Code Review with the working solution that's not straightforward (but you're going to need to provide totally complete code not just this segment) and ask for improvements and linearization of it, there's better Python coders out there for code reviewing and fixing up, but SO is its own beast so the reviewers aren't always on SO
9:04 PM
@AlanBagel Vim, 14 bytes: Try it online!
@thejonymyster sandbox'd
9:23 PM
@AaroneousMiller Nice use of the different delete registers, if I'm reading that correctly
@DLosc Yep, thanks! Here's the verbose: Try it online!
@RedwolfPrograms bots r ded?
@AaroneousMiller Ah, I was just about to wonder what the byte before the newline was.
Yeah, I used dd to put the multiplication in the "1 register, so I had to do some BS to get rid of it :P
9:52 PM
@Adám it seems the domain got cut off. But I remember this issue happened last year with my Vivaldi email, which is why I ended up giving you my gmail
Oh wait, let me look for that.
It's lyxalcgcc (at) gmail (dot) com
OK. Thanks.
@RedwolfPrograms a fall back wouldn't work because by the time it detects the syntax highlighting stuff hasn't sent, it's already gotten the code mirror stuff
And code mirror has the fun habit of overwriting css styling
10:21 PM
LostCMC: print this exactly. random thing: "\/|><^v[]>!!<!?:$()1234567890+*-%#@"
(print **LostCMC:** print this exactly. random thing: "\/|><^v[]>!!<!?:$()1234567890+*-%#@")
Does Lost do well with Kolmogorov complexity challenges?
@rues yes but no infinite output.
what is Kolmogorov complexity?
@Fmbalbuena fixed output stuff
@AlanBagel what is fixed output stuff?
In algorithmic information theory (a subfield of computer science and mathematics), the Kolmogorov complexity of an object, such as a piece of text, is the length of a shortest computer program (in a predetermined programming language) that produces the object as output. It is a measure of the computational resources needed to specify the object, and is also known as algorithmic complexity, Solomonoff–Kolmogorov–Chaitin complexity, program-size complexity, descriptive complexity, or algorithmic entropy. It is named after Andrey Kolmogorov, who first published on the subject in 1963.The notion of...
10:24 PM
@Fmbalbuena On CGCC, we usually tag challenges that are something along the lines of "Print this string" with
Is Hello, World! kolmogorov complejity?
Fizzbuzz is too
i still don't understand, @exedraj
try clicking on the tag
10:27 PM
@Fmbalbuena Is Spanish your mother-tongue?
i still don't
^^^ Most tags have decent tag descriptions, if you don't understand what they mean, click on them to see that description
ok i understood
@Fmbalbuena hmm, you can't actually have the string straight on the playfield, since it contains ><
11:25 PM
@Fmbalbuena Not well golfed, but 125 bytes
you should output **LostCMC:** print this exactly. random thing: "\/|><^v[]>!!<!?:$()1234567890+*-%#@", not just "\/|><^v[]>!!<!?:$()1234567890+*-%#@"
1 hour ago, by Fmbalbuena
(print **LostCMC:** print this exactly. random thing: "\/|><^v[]>!!<!?:$()1234567890+*-%#@")
i'm replying to the one above that
11:32 PM
> [ ] Programmers should not need to have a special keyboard to write "Hello, World!" :P
laughs in `Hello, World!` and kH
laughs in 0-byte Hello World in cringe esolang
11:50 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

BubblerCounting universal n-ary logic gates code-golf combinatorics logic-gates sequence Background A classical logic gate is an idealized electronic device implementing a Boolean function, i.e. one that takes a certain number of Boolean inputs and outputs a Boolean. We only consider two-input logic gat...

@lyxal Haha, wasn't thinking about the fact that of course Vyxal has a Hello World builtin. Fine, you win this time. ^_^
@DLosc i have backtick in my keyboard
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