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12:02 AM
@nitsua60 I added a few more words :)
I wonder if there is a regular phrasing for "exit-able."
Fire code compliant =D
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Good day period all
It would be inaccurate to call it a day period for me. The outside dark indicates that it is currently a night period.
@bobble I hope it is a good period, followed by another good interval.
I did think of that, but it just sounded a bit odd to call it a "24 hour period"
So I made a Snow-Tabaxi Monk, based on the White Power Ranger, and I'm deciding on which Monastic Tradition to go with. I'm thinking either Kensei or Living Weapon (from Exploring Eberron)
The main reason for Living Weapon is the "Forged Heart" Martial Discipline:
> On a failed save, the creature takes 2d6 additional damage of the same type as the unarmed strike and can be pushed up to 15 feet away from you
Can just see enemies doing the awkward stumble backwards from the show lol
The only downside is the fact that I already have claws as a tabaxi, and the Living Weapon lvl 6 feature gives me that again.
1:33 AM
In some systems/editions, getting the same natural weapon twice improves the natural weapon, like increasing the die size of the damage rolled.
1:54 AM
Yeah I can see that working. Others have said it just allows for the versatility of damage types for the unarmed strike(s)
2:23 AM
Q: How can I get "Number of dice in pool A higher than highest of pool B" in anydice?

HypergardensWhat I'm looking for is this: pools A and B roll Xd6 and Yd6, respectively. The result is determined as follows: The highest roll among all dice is rh, and the pool it comes from is Ph. The other pool is Pt, and the highest roll from that pool is rt. The magnitude of the result, R, is equal to...

2:45 AM
@Ben day is a complicated term
@AncientSwordRage alt text: two internet search results with contradictory titles. One says "a day is 24 hours long" the other days "a day is not 24 hours long"
Nychthemeron , occasionally nycthemeron or nuchthemeron, is a period of 24 consecutive hours. It is sometimes used, especially in technical literature, to avoid the ambiguity inherent in the term day. It is the period of time that a calendar normally labels with a date, although a nychthemeron simply designates a time-span that can start at any time, not just midnight. == Etymology == It is a loanword from Ancient Greek νυχθήμερον (nukhthḗmeron), which appears in the New Testament. This is a noun use of the neuter singular form of Ancient Greek: νυχθήμερος, romanized: nukhthḗmeros, lit. 'lasting...
Happy Nychthemeron
3:14 AM
Q: Can a non-spell-casting player determine if an item is magical?

Mike SI'm a DM for a Curse of Strahd game with 4 players: a rogue, barbarian, wizard, and paladin. Note the CoS is DnD5e rules. Let's say the adventurers find a magic sword. Since the rogue has fairly good perception (+5 to the skill), are they able to determine if it's magical? Assume they roll, oh, a...

4:04 AM
Q: Is it true that Reckless Attack renders AC boosts less effective?

BrondahlI saw someone arguing recently that A) Barbarians should always RA. and B) Assuming A) is true ... then it's a waste of time for a Barbarian to try to boost their AC. I assume that the case for B) is supposed to be "since they've got advantage ... they're so likely to hit you that the AC boost is...

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Q: Is there any means to improve Vehicle use *other than* Artificer 6?

Brian SI'm going to be starting a new campaign in the new year, in which the party are crewmembers of an airship. I'm planning to have my character be the helmsman, and as such I have a tool proficiency in Vehicles (Water) via the Pirate background, which the DM is letting me refluff to be proficiency in "

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@doppelgreener If you are trying to leave constructive feedback for me, it would be unfortunate if I don't understand it.
I am trying to leave constructive feedback, and I can confirm based on your last comment that you have mostly understood it: I do in fact believe there is an inherent flaw currently in the question collection meta. However, I am not saying "There is an inherent problem and therefore you should delete this."
I don't say that last part for a specific reason: you believe in this thing and even if I might not right now believe in it, I believe in *you* believing in it. Just because I see an inherent flaw and not yet a way to resolve it doesn't mean there isn't a way to resolve it. It just means
@doppelgreener Thanks, I appreciate it!
Like, my girlfriend's writing fiction at the moment. I read her work and I'm sorta acting as an editor, helping her resolve issues in the storyline or discover issues that need resolution. However, the best way to handle that is to not try and provide answers to what I would do myself—that's just doing things my way, and we're both more interested in seeing her do it her way. Instead I provide provide feedback that lets her arrive at the solution she wants that'll address it her way.
Sometimes the response has been "nah that's fine, I like it like that for these reasons" and then it makes sense to me.
Like, here's the worst case I can possibly imagine out of that meta: there's an issue that requires moderator intervention, but instead of requesting moderator intervention, or because they're unhappy with the moderator outcome, someone leaves a snippy passive-aggressive question on that meta. But that (a) hasn't happened (b) can be handled if/when it does on its own (c) doesn't sink the ship. By all accounts, this worst case is fairly benign.
I'm more concerned about a possible limited maximum benefit from collecting questions early. "This is presently happening" gives us excellent grit to form a question around. It's difficult to form that when the election might be three or more years away, and by then the question if still relevant might need significant re-drafting.
I think at its best, it functions as a sort of post-it note of "NOTE: MAYBE ASK QUESTION ABOUT THIS". Maybe positioning it such that we formulate the entire election question is asking us to do work prematurely, and we should maybe encourage and enable post-it st
We might also acquire questions about timeless minutae, but even those have been informed by present issues. I asked about what help the moderators are concerned about and might want help with in a questionnaire back in 2017, because of present issues that had that at the forefront of my mind. In 2021 that question didn't make the cut.
1:24 PM
That is insightful. In my opinion, one issue inherent to how we do moderator Q&As is that moderators don't serve a term. The nature of the question is very immediate and often based on positioning on topics instead of understanding the moderator's thought process. I don't think that I currently have a persuasive argument, but perhaps this:
We have a problem with communication between main-site and meta; you can't bring people from main-site to meta when you are on meta. You can only take people from main-site to meta by showcasing meta on main-site, but people may also seek out information when they run into an issue and thus arrive at meta.
There are no (obvious) ways to solve this disconnect, but there are a few ways to improve the longer-term interaction, and that is by providing an already curated space that helps people formulate their thoughts exactly when they are relevant to them, and we can postpone the decision of whether they are relevant to the next election until it occurs.
I believe a lot of what matters to people gets lost inj the short term question period.
And I think we can change a little bit of that without having to change the system.
We will probably do a lot of the work twice, but some of it wouldn't arrive at the second stage at all, only the already established meta-users ask those short period questions.
@Ben have him review the three basic steps. DM/Player/DM cycle from 'how to play the game"
And we can pick up those issues that we perceive but aren't tied to our direct agenda and prop them up there - because they don't tie into our agenda, we would be unlikely to dig them up in the short term - as we are already preoccupied with our agenda.
@AncientSwordRage It sounds somewhat inaccurate. AD&D and Basic/B/X were in competition with one another, although it didn't seem to hurt the sales of either at the time since it was before the Internet and critical mass among the player base had not yet been achieved.
The mod Q&As get featured. From previous observation, that draws more eyeballs than time-on-meta and more attention from established meta users. And continuous meta processes don't work well in my experience, they simply don't get any attention after the normal lifecycle
@Akixkisu I don't 100% follow the disconnect you reference, but I do see an advantage in being able to look out over the longer term to see what might be more broadly relevant than the immediate issues we face. But the immediate issues we face are the ones we'll be plunging the new moderators into: it also makes sense they dominate the questionnaire!
1:38 PM
@doppelgreener Thank you, I am glad I am not the only one who feels that way.
@doppelgreener They should naturally make it into the formal questionnaire and are likely to dominate it, but we miss out on perspective when we only have these short productive periods. As I see it, the relationship is supporting (The disconnect of user-bases).
@Axoren The mystery here is why a grizzly bear would play dead. They run faster than people, by a lot. It could just run off, so I'd love to understand why it would do that. Anxiety attack? Bad advice from its therapist?
@doppelgreener That's very much in the spirit of giving; will keep that in mind.
@Someone_Evil I think there are broadly two user bases. We have rare opportunities to have them interact on these bigger projects by featuring something. The user-base that does long term maintenance of a small project can extend it in a small circle beyond the volatile lifespan and bring perspectives that we lack in the short term.
@AncientSwordRage to three significant digits, a day is 24 hours long. Oh, for the days when we used slide rules...
But it is also natural for us to focus on our agenda when we don't work on such a process, and thus we are prone to block out the long-term as well.
1:47 PM
But you don't want long term support by a small group here do you? You want input from the larger community over time
I want maintenance by a small group, collecting input from the larger community.
And how is it supposed to collect?
By perceiving the day to day of the site and noting down what we perceive. When people who strongly feel about a subject address it, we can take it there, as well, if they don't find the place (or choose to bring it there).
Comment from my wife: "it was an odd choice that we began our diet / weight loss regimen two weeks before Thanksgiving, wasn't it?" My reply "No time like the present, and weirdly, even with two cheat days (Thur/Fri) I dropped two pounds in the past week." That earned me a glare
(The diet/eating plan we are on is so awesome: I can still have bacon and lose weight!)
A friend at work has been on the same/similar thing, and he has warned me "expect a plateau at about 20 pounds of loss; don't get discouraged"
@Akixkisu So it'd be a sort of string of possibly-mod-candidate related topics picked from other meta questions (or I suppose chat?)?
1:55 PM
@Someone_Evil Yes, to a degree similar to the year in review meta, but with a different base-intention
@KorvinStarmast oh, that's awesome. :)
Because at least for the one question you've put on there, I'm sorta missing the meta discussion (I'm not gonna say that it needs to happen in this specific case), but I'd like to ward against a push for questions to be put there rather than discussed in full
@KorvinStarmast Amen to your "no time like the present." There's always a reason to start next week, or next month, or next never. It never gets any easier, so we might as well get it underway =)
@KorvinStarmast I hadn't heard of that, but boy did i hit exactly that plateau recently.
(I got discouraged but I'm still working on it)
@doppelgreener Ditto. Almost to the pound.
1:56 PM
@Akixkisu Do you mean check-in? Otherwise I'm not following you
@Someone_Evil Yes, community check-in is the name proper :)
I'm currently trying to reverse the "rebound". I.e., it feels like I hit that plateau after a fall from height =)
@nitsua60 "boing"?
@Akixkisu Right, 'cept the point of that is to help bring up things (good and bad) that wouldn't otherwise. It specifically is a now-we're-doing this, which is very similar to how the normal mod Q&A works, because it's for stuff that isn't caught by the continous "ask a meta question" process
2:02 PM
Not a fan of this being closed as a duplicate tbh.
@Someone_Evil Yup, and it centers on that narrow period of perception which only a long process counteracts - the intention is to have one compliment the other.
Collect all those narrow blips and then decide.
@ThomasMarkov The comment is correct in the sense that you may easily deduce it, but that shouldn't result in closure.
I had vtc'd for either needs details or focus, dont actually remember which.
@ThomasMarkov me neither, I've voted to reopen
But the answers that came in were better than I expected and I think its probably fine to stay open.
@ThomasMarkov Do you still think either applies?
2:09 PM
@Akixkisu Oki, just trying to be realistic, it think it's likely you'll be carrying much of this on your own. That's both an impression based on previous questions (see the FAQ proposal index as an example), and from the votes
The question does look like it could do with at least a little bit of work
@Someone_Evil That is unfortunately realistic, but acceptable.
@Someone_Evil Honestly, I feel like just posting a fresh discussion for an FAQ proposal would work better.
Just as a general thought regarding getting future mod candidates thoughts on things: ask good meta discussions and give them the chance to think and speak about the issues now when they're relevant. Your future mods are your meta participants of today!
That's hopefully not being too much of a propaganda poster
@ThomasMarkov Yup. If it wasn't clear I pointed to it as a continuous process meta which didn't work
@Someone_Evil Yep, it didnt work.
2:15 PM
It did work well as a batch thing, but continuous just doesn't get the attention
In hindsight I'm glad it's been tried, so have the example and can see where things like that falter
wait, what's the continuous meta process that doesn't work?
the faq index?
@doppelgreener The FAQ proposal thread.
Q: FAQ Proposal Index for Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

linksassinWe have a great FAQ Index post here on the Role-Playing Games Meta Stack Exchange, but our current process for adding things to that list is a little lacking. Currently users add the faq-proposal tag to their question, then at some point in the future once the post is mature a mod will add the fa...

And if you'd forgotten about it, I don't blame you and that was kinda (part of) my point
@Someone_Evil What sort of alternatives have yall considered for FAQ proposals?
And oh hey, I'd missed the new proposal from nits
2:26 PM
I think quarterly threads or at least semi-annual thread might work.
@ThomasMarkov I haven't really considered anything other than doing new batches at some point. I don't want to dedicate to a regular posting (at least not at this point). I'm not actually expecting new FAQ to come at a very high pace
@KorvinStarmast It was a cowardly druid.
@Someone_Evil oh, this specifically? yes i have indeed totally forgotten it existed
i thought you meant the FAQ index proper, which is still good
even our vote for your feeds! thread needed renewal eventually:
2013 — https://rpg.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/3041/rpg-general-chat-vote-for-your-feeds
2020 — https://rpg.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/9900/trpg-general-chat-vote-for-your-feeds-2e-electric-bugaloobear
@doppelgreener I didnt even know this was a thing.
It gets advertised here once or twice a year.
Speaking of which:
This is your periodic reminder that this chat room's feeds are chosen by you! Submit new feeds or vote on the ones you want to see here.
2:36 PM
12% of BESW's meta answers are those two questions lol
@doppelgreener I wonder if it were at all useful to have a list of feeds that we removed.
@Akixkisu Not sure. Many get removed because they're just dead. Some get removed because they were posting inappropriate content, like Angry GM's sinophobia (read: racism) that had us remove his content last year.
Lots of it is just trimming the hedges basically
@doppelgreener Maybe one that lists those that we removed due to problematic content.
2:54 PM
but then we've created a list of where to go find problematic content :P
(as far as I know though, just Angry GM)
@doppelgreener hang in there, the body sometimes needs some time to readjust to 'the new reality' - I ran into similar thing decades ago when I was powerlifting. Made leaps and bounds of progress and then hit a plateau. Grinding through that was effort, but worth it.
@Axoren love it, sounds like fun RP. 😊
@KorvinStarmast This is where I am. I've grown out of my newbie gains.
3:13 PM
This talk of weight loss reminded me of something I saw reccently:
I think that's the right one
@KorvinStarmast thanks :)
tl;dr at least some of the health concerns linked to weight are actually to do with visceral fat levels (e.g. insulin resistance and cholesterol?) and exercise reduces that, meaning because of exercise sumo wrestlers can be obese but healthier than an underweight person
i'm transitioning to strength lifting since it's too cold to go out running, so it looks like i'm in a stage where i'll be maintaining weight and that's OK. :D
(not saying people shouldn't/can't lose weight for other reasons :D)
@doppelgreener awesome
We're going to challenge fitness.se to a powerlifting competition.
And we're going to win.
@doppelgreener If youre into podcasts, I can suggest some high quality lifting content. There is a lot of garbage out there.
Stronger by Science and Barbell Medicine have some of the best health and fitness content out there. While getting strong is their primary focus, they have lots of great content for people who just want to engage in a health promoting active lifestyle and don't care how big their deadlift is.
3:27 PM
@ThomasMarkov Now I need to know how you'd even compare and measure this for two semi-arbitrary groups of people. I believe normally there is a weight class breakdown, but that doesn't seem to apply well here.
@ThomasMarkov I actually need to get back to some resistance training since my bones are not getting any younger. But I also need to be mindful of the risks that come with that at my age. Will check out those sites, they look promising.
@JoelHarmon We can compare DOTS scores.
@KorvinStarmast Barbell Medicine has lots of great pain and rehab content as well.
@ThomasMarkov Thank you sir, I do have barbells at home...
@ThomasMarkov Wow, didn't expect to see an equation with a fourth power and a high degree of precision on the multipliers.
Eight is a pretty high number of significant figures.
3:49 PM
I'd also recommend avoiding Starting Strength and Mark Rippetoe. His recommendations for strength are at best outdated, and his take on transgender athletes is...bad.
For a good nuanced take on transgender athletes and competition, see Shades of Gray: Sex, Gender, and Fairness in Sport by Dr. Jordan Feigenbaum of Barbell Medicine.
4:04 PM
@ThomasMarkov At my age, I'd compare "how many steps I can take the next day before crying."
@nitsua60 Do that every day and you’ll find that it will take you more and more to start crying.
To be clear, exercise doesn’t require that you push yourself till you cry. :P
4:20 PM
@ThomasMarkov I am, and yes please!
I'm working on getting buff like She-Ra
A friend has recommended me Alan Thrall on YouTube, though I've yet to watch stuff from him
I've been working on all-round functional strength, and stronglifts 5x5 has been going well for me
thank you! :)
@doppelgreener Alan Thrall is one of Barbell Medicine’s coaches.
oh wow!
worlds collide
and then brofist, and spot each other on bench press
@doppelgreener Yep, I started my journey in SL5x5.
right now i'm working my way back up to my previous peak strength
i kept a surprising amount of it over the course of lockdown
@doppelgreener that's an awesome goal
4:33 PM
@doppelgreener When you’ve been strong before, it’s typically quite easy to get back to where you’ve been.
surprising in part because of lockdown, double surprising because HRT for transfems is meant to make muscle vanish
@doppelgreener The myonuclear domain hypothesis provides a promising explanation for why you would experience less strength and muscle loss on HRT.
Muscles cells are multinucleated, and muscle size is dependent on the number of myonucleii present. When the muscle goes through a period of atrophy, the idea is that mass decreases while myonucleii count doesn’t.
The theory then is that an increased number of myonucleii from a previous period of training facilitates more rapid muscle growth until you near the limit of your myonuclear domain again, then the gains slow back down.
5:00 PM
My goals include:
- continuing to trick my kids into thinking I'm the strongest man in the world, mostly by picking up them and their cousins
- maintaining ability to easily handle ~30kg/70lbs for things like helping people move and do light/moderate home repairs
- body weight based targets for exercises, like "squat body weight", because fixed numbers seem arbitrary
- new goal: show up the folks over in personalfitness.se, apparently?
Bench press is probably my worst overall, because it's unsafe to press (heh) yourself without a spotter, and I typically don't have one.
@JoelHarmon With some practice bench press can be quite safe without a spotter.
But there are lots of movements that do the same thing the bench press does, or better, that are safer.
@ThomasMarkov iiiiiiiiiiiiinteresting!!
that makes a lot of sense
@ThomasMarkov I'm sure there's some way to do it, but I find myself uncomfortable pushing my limits on that when the failure mode is "a bar too heavy for you to move is now crushing your chest; hope someone else is in the gym who can hear you scream".
oh, hey, @ThomasMarkov, do you have any recommendations for weight lifting belts?
@JoelHarmon Either "roll of shame" or dump the plates.
I bench without collars and have practiced dumping the plates to the side.
5:05 PM
@ThomasMarkov There's no shame in safety.
I do use collars, so I'd have to roll.
@JoelHarmon One of our mottos is "safety is loud", with reference to dumping the bar on squat.
Last week when pushing a new peak weight for overhead press, I briefly had what I am pretty sure was lower back hyperextension. I felt my weight tip backwards flexing my back and had a slight pang of pain in my lower back and I know that's bad. I haven't had any permanent noticeable injury from it, and no pain lingered, but wow I don't want that to happen a second time.
@doppelgreener For the $$$$$$ the SBD belt is the absolute best of the best.
Thats the one.
5:07 PM
I'm thinking of this like a motorcycle helmet: pay what I think my life is worth.
It is 1000% worth the price.
If it can save you years of back pain from weightlifting then it is absolutely worth the price
Huh, I'm used to these looking, like, broader.
@Ben I edited the links out of this message, because both of those pages rehost copyrighted content for free (official content from XGTE and third-party/homebrew from Exploring Eberron by Keith Baker, respectively). I also included a link to the latter product on DMsGuild to indicate the source of that subclass.
@doppelgreener Some belts have a wider bit in the back.
The SBD belt will also be super uncomfortable for several weeks.
It takes a bit of work to get it broken in, but eventually it will fit perfectly.
5:14 PM
hmmm. current measurement + sizing guide puts me at the XL belt, but i know over time i'm going to be dropping some of this weight to a point where the L belt would be what i'd choose if i measured in a few months from now.
@ThomasMarkov I'm typically good to do 30,000 or 40,000 steps a day without crying. On a day after kettlebell swings, though... maybe 15? 20? =D
and the L belt is still in range for me.
@nitsua60 15-20 thousand? Or just 15-20?
@ThomasMarkov thanks for the heads up. :) i imagine it's like breaking in new leather shoes.
@ThomasMarkov nitsua walks that far to the seat and then cries
If you want something more friendly on the wallet, Inzer and Rogue have good lever belts.
5:16 PM
(because it's kettlebell swings)
Or perhaps nitsua is a millipede, and so 15 steps = 15,000 steps
@MikeQ Nope; sheep have four legs.
Four that we know of
my strategy is to just go to the gym and use machines at random until stronk is achieve
@JoelHarmon To be fair, we dont know how much sheep is behind that face.
5:19 PM
I should also have said that the default is 4. Perhaps one leg got lost in a horrific shearing incident.
@Carcer not an unreasonable strategy
@doppelgreener Depends on your goals :P
my motivation is that 2 months ago I decided to see how many pushups I could do out of curiosity and discovered the answer was "none"
@ThomasMarkov achieve stronk
I actually don't use the machines at random, I look at the pictures on the machines and try to use a selection that widely distributes the red highlighted muscles
5:25 PM
@doppelgreener SBD's t shirts are also super high quality.
10/10 would buy every color again.
what i'd really like to see is more training shirts with patterns ;_;
i have exactly one i got from superdry two years ago
@doppelgreener Ah. No patterns.
though now that i'm switching wardrobe things will be a little more varied in that area. for mens' clothing, the choice was always between "black" and "the one single color that every single fitness brand has apparently decided is The Color right now; this year it is yellow."
sometimes they'd really spice things up and do "black with The Color as an accent"!
@ThomasMarkov my goodness, yes he has
5:31 PM
@doppelgreener I am approximately that strong right now, except that dude was 63 when I was born.
i am lifting [checks] one quarter of that
i will catch up to you by the time i am also 63
possibly beforehand
i'm not putting my money on that
oh huh. assuming my progress with stronglifts 5x5 remains entirely linear (somehow doubtful?) and i do it 3x every single week (also questionable) that gap will take maybe a year? (it'll definitely take longer)
@doppelgreener You will come to a point where linear progress is no longer possible.
For me it was about four months.
Then I switched to Madcow, which is still a linear progression but handles it differently from SL.
However, I would not recommend doing madcow.
I would recommend riding SL5x5 as long as you can, then switching to Barbell Medicine's "The Bridge".
I stopped doing 5x5 around when my squat max was at 315. My 5x5 working weight was around 275 and I was struggling to even add 5 pounds a week.
5:46 PM
thanks for the recommendation :)
Is there a workout regimen for factorial progress? Or are NP-hard workout programs not feasible without quantum trainers?
@MikeQ i hear there is if you're a Saiyan
@MikeQ There is, but it's terrible for your blood lipids and will probably kill you in your mid to late 40s.
oh boy.
sounds like that's following the rules fire elementals ought to follow: burn intensely or burn long, choose one but not both
@doppelgreener Basically dont use exogenous hormones without supervision from your physician.
Unrelated, but important, baby goats in pajamas.
6:02 PM
Always consult your mathematician before attempting to use infinite weights, otherwise the act of observing the plate could make it collapse into a black hole and cause hyperextension and injury
@MikeQ I have a solution to one NP-hard workout program, but I'm having trouble with a general proof.
6:56 PM
@MikeQ But isn't the infinite mass concept the ultimate in weight loss, since only one thing can have infinite mass .... just make sure it isn't you!
7:11 PM
Q: How can I filter out spells that use attack roll on D&D Beyond (or similar legal site)?

MołotI play a Cleric and plan to take Elven Accuracy feat. Thus, my spells that use attack rolls would be greatly improved. But how do I find them? Is setting Attack Type advanced filter the only way? Results shows only 5 spells, I find it disappointing to think that's all there is, but if that's the ...

8:05 PM
> I don't think that means what you think it means
@ThomasMarkov 15-20, period. Greener got it--kettlebells are my nemeses.
@Carcer I use the gym at the high school where I work. I can only conclude from your strategy that you, too, are a 17 year-old boy with three hours to kill most days.
8:33 PM
@nitsua60 off by about 16 years chronologically
but probably not mentally
(Impressive typing skills for a 1-yo.)
(Impressive "Member for 5 years, 7 months" for a 1-yo.)
8:49 PM
@nitsua60 the feeling is mutual
i mean
@doppelgreener Forgot to mention earlier, in the overhead press, you should be bracing your core just as you would in a squat and deadlift.
i have a tough time with kettlebell exercises too is what i mean lol
@ThomasMarkov oh, yeah, absolutely
i do that.
I do, however, have significant lumbar extension when I bench press.
9:03 PM
@doppelgreener I read it as saying that if we team-lifted kettlebells, that'd be pretty hard, too =D
we will defeat the kettlebells together
Kettlebells need not be defeated if they are avoided altogether. They can't hurt me just sitting on the rack across the gym.
@nitsua60 you spelled a word wrong in this comment
+1 just because I love how this question gets at the core of how (I believe) a wizard's play-experience is best when the GM recognizes that the player has opted in to the "let's look some dungeons, find scrolls, and build up my collection of spells" minigame. — nitsua60 ♦ 1 min ago
@ThomasMarkov s/look/loot, true. Ty.
(And now I get to my daily ration of mod-abuse: edit a typo out of a ten minute-old comment. HA HA HA!!!)
@nitsua60 I am happy to have been party to your crime.
<doffs cap>
9:19 PM
@doppelgreener what CR are they?
@AncientSwordRage Different sizes are different CRs, like dragons.
@AncientSwordRage Kettlebell CR = lbs / 2
Or, if you hate freedom, hot dogs, and Texas, CR = 1.1 * kg
@ThomasMarkov ah, you know me well
@AncientSwordRage My name is Thomas
@ThomasMarkov ninja edit to the rescue
9:25 PM
VTC needs game/edition and might be an opinion poll: rpg.stackexchange.com/q/193302/1204
@AncientSwordRage physically or emotionally?
It's really neat how experience with an implement can affect your disposition towards it.
@doppelgreener If the op clarifies it and it isn't dnd 5e, I will donate 20€ to the charity of your choice.
I am a charity of doppel's choice.
Now that I think about it, someone here might owe me a pizza.
Nov 12 '20 at 15:27, by Thomas Markov
@NautArch I'll bet 1 large pizza Tasha's does not clarify the new self range.
Nov 12 '20 at 15:28, by NautArch
@ThomasMarkov I'll take that bet. Just because giving/receiving pizza is always a win.
Nov 12 '20 at 15:29, by Thomas Markov
@NautArch If Tasha's clarifies this I'll buy you a pizza. Else you buy me a pizza. Do we have a deal?
Nov 12 '20 at 15:32, by NautArch
@ThomasMarkov Deal! And I agree with you, but i'm totally fine buyingyou a pizza in the hopes they actually define it.
I awakened the wager ancients.
A Large pizza would be 10' diameter, no?
9:32 PM
@JoelHarmon Goodness no.
A large pizza is assumed to be moving around a 10-foot cube
Note to self: whoosh
Note to self: pizza box mimic
@MikeQ A union of pizza box mimics
@Akixkisu Is this a set-theoretic union or a labor union?
9:35 PM
I suppose it's not actually 10', it just controls a 10' square area (not to be confused with 10 square feet).
Though it could be both!
@ThomasMarkov I could make more math jokes in your free time, but you earned a labour union.
@doppelgreener both, then take an average
@AncientSwordRage i'm going to have to brush up on how to calculate averages when aleph numbers are involved
@ThomasMarkov nice try lol
@doppelgreener <the continuum hypothesis has entered the chat>
@Akixkisu i mean, i totally agree, but a dndbeyond link might influence reviewers to go "clearly this is D&D 5e, see, they have a dnd beyond link right there," not knowing it was added by someone else
9:40 PM
@doppelgreener aleph you know I don't deal in infinities
@doppelgreener You aren't wrong, but by making this wager I can only win ;)
Did any other edition of D&D have an artificer?
Q: When did Artificers make their first appearance in D&D, and how do they differ between editions?

AkixkisuMy curiosity arose after reading When did Warlocks make their first appearance in D&D and how do they differ between editions? by aaron9eee: A quality answer would have more than just a release date, and would ideally cover what makes each edition's version different from other editions. ...

And that is why we shouldn't assume its 5e :P
@Akixkisu (i choose Mermaids UK)
(sorry Thomas)
9:43 PM
@doppelgreener Neat :)
@JoelHarmon that's only a baby compared to these en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pizza#Records
@doppelgreener I am shambles
> The world's most expensive commercially available pizza recognised by Guinness World Records costs US$2,700, and was sold at Industry Kitchen (USA) in New York, New York, USA, as of 24 April 2017. It is made of black squid ink dough, and topped with UK white Stilton cheese, French foie gras and truffles, Ossetra caviar from the Caspian Sea, Almas caviar, and 24K gold leaves.
The largest commercially available pizza seems to be less well defined
Apparently, to make the world's most expensive pizza, all you need is a component pouch.
@ThomasMarkov Summon Pizza. High level slots get you larger pizzas
Or just Hero's Feast, and it's one huge pizza
9:49 PM
@AncientSwordRage Care to split a 2km long squid ink, foie gras, truffles, caviar, and gold leaf pizza?
calculate-this.com/how-many-pizzas-buy-calculator suggests 3 pizzas could feed 12 people..
@AncientSwordRage Sorry, but 3 pizzas can feed 3 people, maybe.
@ThomasMarkov it says extra-large is 16-18″
@ThomasMarkov That's not pizza, that's chef based self indulgence. You don't put gold flakes on a pizza, you put on red pepper flakes. (In my humble opinion) The people in Naples who still hold to standard would not even allow that creation into the dining room.
Based on that I agree

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