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3:59 AM
Ah, rc-switch-pico is interesting. Unfortunately, only in C. I hope python version would be available soon.
I also found another reference saying the MX05V needs a stable 5V power, so my 3V3 pico with USB connector 5V might not work well. Anyway, I am still trying to use HC03 to step up signal to MX05V.
FS1000A 433MHZ RF transmitter & XY-MK-5V Receiver Module Explanation, Pinout - 2020jul18

FS1000A (Transmitter Part) Features & Technical Specifications:

Transmitter Model: FS1000A

Transmitting Frequency: 433.92MHz, 315MHz, 330MHz

Operating Voltage: 3V to 12V

Transmitting Power: 10mW to 40mW 16dBm

Transmitting Range: 20 to 100 meters through walls & 500 meters max in open area

Data Transfer Rate: <10 Kilo Bytes Per Second (Range drops above 2400 bytes per second)
2 hours later…
6:08 AM
I tried to use HC03 open drain NAND gate to step up pico GP0 (now simulated by pwm gen gen) 3V. HC03 can indeed shifted up 3V signal to 5V, with 1k pull up. But when load with FS1000A input, HC03 pin 3 gets load down from 5Vpp to 1Vpp. In other words, it is a failure.
Now I need to try HCT125 which has push/pull (Totem Pole) output and hope good luck.
6:32 AM
Now I am looking in RC-Switch which I think is for RC toys. I read the following tutorial:How Radio Controlled Toys Work - Jff Tyson 2021mar30
https://science.howstuffworks.com/rc-toy.htm, and found that a full function remote control the following commands: (1) Forward, (2) Reverse, (3) Forward and Left, (4) Forward and Right, (5) Reverse and Left, (6) Reverse and Right. I might also need to added more functions such as (7) start, (8) stop, (9) speed (very slow to very fast, perhaps in 10 steps.
1 hour later…
7:48 AM
So I found the RC control toy does not use any encoding/decoding text message. It much simpler than that, as described below:
Here's the sequence of events that take place when you use the RC transmitter:

You press a trigger to make the truck go forward.

The trigger causes a pair of electrical contacts to touch, completing a circuit connected to a specific pin of an integrated circuit (IC).

The completed circuit causes the transmitter to transmit a set sequence of electrical pulses. Each sequence contains a short group of synchronization pulses, followed by the pulse sequence. For our truck, the synchronization segment -- which alerts the receiver to incoming information -- is four pulses that are 2.1 milliseco
4 hours later…
11:35 AM

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