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12:00 AM
I suppose we'd best leave the highest for whatever ends up leader?
Naah. Choose a rank that "fits"
leader != Leader
I'm already thinking about how to dump a bunch of minions on you as "soldiers"
Weren't we worried about being short a Defender not long ago? How about putting the Dragonborn as the Leader/Defender Warlord?
Eh, I'm not going to directly fuss
until we end up without one
when you hit my fish. ... oh deary me
I could phrase that better, but eh
I am okay with that phrasing.
12:16 AM
@iszi wht are you going to choose? :)
Probably the Warlord. Trying to think of flavor text.
:5227 ::nod::
um, actually, backgrounds could serve as interesting inspiration as well.
if you just page through them to prompt interesting ideas
That's the plan... and race/class descriptions.
My thinking, btw, on the use of the word "veteran" -
12:26 AM
lvl1 characters themselves are meant to be much more competent than the average person, right?
:5234 Yup. There is no reason why we can't be multi-year vets.
So, she was a vet at l1, and her training has been sufficient to kinda sorta bring the others up to her level
:5236 ::nod:: Or something like that, yeah.
oh damn
I just thought of a great concept for the sorcerer
@Iszi, are you familiar with the concept?
12:28 AM
Military slave,
The Janissaries (from Ottoman Turkish يکيچرى Yeniçeri meaning "newly converted") comprised infantry units that formed the Ottoman sultan's household troops and bodyguards. The force was created by the Sultan Murad I from Christian boys levied through the devşirme system from conquered countries in the 14th century and was abolished by Sultan Mahmud II in 1826 with the Auspicious Incident. Origins The origins of the Janissaries are shrouded in myth though traditional accounts credit Orhan I – an early Ottoman bey, who reigned from 1326 to 1359 – as the founder. Modern histor...
oooh, hey, nice
But I can totally see a tribe of dragonborn, overrun by the army, forcably conscripted.
these little inset things are pretty cool
Nice idea... really leaning toward the Warlord though.
And it could be a recent or a historical thing, depending on how much you wanted to explore concept.
Yeah, just brainstorming instead of doing real work
Hehe... I do like the idea.
12:32 AM
inspiring warlords are... bland... oh. Take a look at harlequin
the feat series
so, Brian
Cause if you like that idea, then the idea of the "practical joker" could be fun
okay, I need to shut up now.
given that I still haven't managed to get my hands on a copy of Essentials
ohterwise I'll just "help" make everyone's
explain to me how the Essentials archetypes differ
12:32 AM
it's in DDI, so I can ... um
oh, um. no.
@BrianBallsunStanton That's reserved for the Gnome.
Sorry, that's a long discussion.
:5263 Hrmmmm... not quite what I was... ::muttermuttermutter:: Sorry, so not coherent. And I can't exactly reference a trope from the middle of a really long series.
But um, if you're interested, the belisarius series, with how he treats Kushans, feels about right.
bah, back in 30.
Oh, and for anyone interested, Netflix is now downloadable software for the PS3! No more disc! Yay!
also, is good site question.
::does the waaaave::
ugh, feeling silly today. is bad sign
12:39 AM
Brian, sorry, did you answer my question?
:5273 no, I didn't.
Sorry, trying to keep my head in dissertation mode.
back in a while. time to walk to campus.
/me nod
12:57 AM
well, the good news for you folks is that I've completely given up on writing today
1:47 AM
Hello all. Just wondering if there might be room for one more for this playtest? :)
Hello :)
Um... probably not, but I'll place you on the waiting list.
Hehe, good-oh.
Hrmm, the dungeon tiles access on this thing is... funky, but quite usable
Hey, guys
2:02 AM
Howdy, mate.
Good morning.
Good evening =)
You in australia or NZ?
Sydney, so the urban part of Oz :)
USA here, east coast
sorry, I was distracted by the googledoc changes
I'm going out on a limb here, but does our dungeon mapping software support three-dimensional movement?
(I have a tendency to leverage the third dimension whenever I can, especially if I manage to get a Controller)
Don't know, have we figured out a tool to use yet?
2:13 AM
yes, yes we have
and I have our first encounter prepped
um... and so long as we can work out a consistent terminology, it should
i.e. you want to teleport into the trees and whatnot?
Oh, I'm sure I'll find plenty to do. Especially with trees.
cool. So long as we work out an appropriate marker, it shouldn't be too hard
Hrmmm, 2x2 wagon is a bit funky.
Guessing players shouldn't look at the map until it's done? Does PBP map allow for partial revelation?
eh, map as it is is fine
there's no exploration and it's well lit
so you'll be able to see stuff
And I even know the rough plot around the encounter, too
Woo, @Sohum You got your thief!
oh no, does squeaky play the harmonica? :)
Bah, I've really got to clean up my CB. So many characters I've got left over from games I many never get to get back to.
By "5th Regiment" I suppose it can be implied that we're using Army terminology?
2:24 AM
That was the idea, yeah
It can be made-up fantasy army, obviously =)
We have a cunning bard trickster gnome!
Yeah, tis "Generic Fantasy Army, get creative in ranks"
@Sohum Sweet!
I actually wouldn't have minded seeing how a changeling paladin would've worked...
@Sohum +1 for the idea of getting "elected randomly" because the top brass doesn't like you =)
2:26 AM
Easy fix! Make "Archive" folder, move dnd4e files, and retrieve later as necessary. Don't know why I waited so long for this.
Ok, I'm not volunteering for this (you don't want me to) but is there perhaps an artist in the group who could do profile drawings?
I nominate google images. :)
@EricWeilnau I like that... Squeaky talks a lot. Sam just happens to be the best listener. =p
Any way to set the zoom level on that document?
I don't think so
the "silent" bob to your Jay =)
2:30 AM
zoom level?
you could try the zoom on your browser, but on chrome at least it kind of messes with the formatting
if you zoom, you just have to refresh the page after
FYI, guys, I won't be around this time tomorrow night. I'll probably be on late for a few minutes to catch up and do my bit for the next step
Cool. Well, the next step will be "choose 2 backgrounds" if you want to do it early
2:41 AM
It's going to be interesting roleplaying a silent character in a chat medium...
I gotta sort out my char for my new Shadowrun game tomorrow night first
@Sohum There are a lot of ways you can express your character's actions with few words
If we are doing a lot of roleplaying for this exercise?
I know, it's just going to be... interesting.
Um, I'll start out with the technical bits and just start... adding bits on
:5355 What with your /usual/ practices...
If anything, playing a silent character is probably easier in a text medium than in tabletop =p
2:43 AM
ahh... so desu
Oy! I never hit a thousand!
Did I?
some of those dictated scenes were stupidly long
Anyone object to the Dragonborn having rank of "Master Chief"?
2:46 AM
I need to come up with a better response than that
:5367 Fun, a warrant...
oh that'll create some /fascinating/ problems with the noncoms
Sorry... noncoms? NCOs?
@Iszi I thought you suggested that because of the Halo character
Hahahahaha @Iszi not at all
2:47 AM
@RMorrisey Right
Chiefs are warrant officers, which are.... neither fish nor foul.
they are noncommissioned officers with ranks that are actually superior to some commissioned, because they're not stupid enough to be commissioned officers
though master chief is /awfully/ high
isn't that because they are Marine ranks? since it is only a corp all of the commissioned officers are technically Navy, right?
Warrant Officer is probably a bit more appropriate to the squad?
that would ... ::goes over to the navy tabs::
Yeah, Master Chief Petty Officer
So... given that this is an army regiment, chief is actually not... the best rank? Unless for some reason you /were/ in the navy and... now you're here
so you could /insist/ everyone call you master chief :)
Actually, former naval history could fit with the background I was aiming at.
That would be fantastic, if some sailor mucked up so badly that he got transferred to infantry, and now he's leading the band
2:52 AM
hrmm... so real rank is probably private, but you're a salty seaman, damnit. You earned that old rank, no matter what that damn admiral says.
Combiniation of "the bloody claw" suggested for the Warlord, and the "Dragonborn - Dishonored" background.
Older character, used to be a legendary badass, but then some event in battle led him to become a deserter.
Since then, he's sought out this new military family as a way to redeem himself.
How'd he get back to level 1?
His shame led to an extended time out of battle. He's out of practice.
2:54 AM
Ah. Cool.
That works.
::mutter:: tokentool makes images that make picasa grumpy
There we go. How's that?
Ah, need to specify the class/build, don't I?
This is actually starting to work
And the map has been preped for you folks.
3:12 AM
Spiffy. Just one request.
The crazy eyed dude on the wagon? Yeah, he's a friend.
Let's not do character building like this again, via chat.
(Unless it's full-on real-time.)
Fair enough.
Yeah, group collaboration on characters does require a certain amount of synchronity.
how is it 2 PM?
3:13 AM
@Iszi Any particular reason?
Back in a bit, the stomach gods are demanding food.
It isn't, it's 11:13 PM
Part of it, @Iszi is that we're just figuring out the protocol now.
I know.
In any case, without all the participants in one "place" at one time, it becomes atrociously slow, and the actual "collaboration" is fairly limited.
night all
3:15 AM
I agree that it takes forever, but I think the medium in combination with googledocs does a decent job of facilitating collaboration that isn't too time-sensitive
@EricWeilnau 'night
night Eric
@RMorrisey I agree the asynchronous chat and Google Docs help facilitate the process, but even 10% of forever is still... forever.
I was frustrated the other day because I didn't "get it", I couldn't really follow what was going on. After fishing around in the wiki a bit and seeing other people's work emerge on the doc I feel more confident
well, if this was a full-time, 4-5 hour game, I wouldn't be able to play because of time constraints
so this format is better for me, personally
@RMorrisey Same. This method in general does help you learn to think differently about the characters, and learn flexibility.
3:18 AM
I am already in 3 other weekly RPGs
@RMorrisey Yeah, full-time via chat can be cumbersome too, I imagine. Guaranteed that at least one person is going to be in an environment where the game can't possibly have their exclusive attention.
But, perhaps if we could coordinate time on at least the first one or two sessions to get past the collaborative character building hurdle, the "real game" would get started much sooner and smoother.
I once tried running a Mechwarrior RPG over IRC. Even though I knew all of the players in real life, I wasn't able to hold the game together for more than 2 or 3 sessions, because it's just so much harder to keep everyone's attention
When you are typing away, or even speaking over voice chat, interacting as the GM with one of the PCs, you don't see the other 4 players sitting there, fiddling with their laptops playing games on the sidelines
Heh... sad truth.
Well, I should go pass out for the night.
Cya tomorrow, maybe.
3:35 AM
Did the group construction of characters not work well? I thought it worked/is working pretty damn well.
Expectation management :)
The overall concept works well.
In my experience, I'd... grade this about a B.
wooo pass
It would just work much better if we were all doing it at once.
3:36 AM
We'd have been better to lock down participation before we started, but nothing went horribly wrong.
Eeh, there are virtues to this method, and I've seen it go far worse.
One thing for sure, is that I'm getting just a little bit attached to each one as I work on them. So, I'm not quite sure yet which one I'll play.
hm. They're really aiming for the younger crowd, with Essentials, aren't they?
The jury is still out on how well it will prevent a TPK (the original goal from the source question), but I think it's a lot of fun (you can see already we are messing around with the interplay between characters, and have some fairly unique concepts)
Prominent "12+" on the front cover
This system reminds me a little bit of a podcast I listened to about Burning Wheel character creation (though I've never played that system)
3:38 AM
:5453 Well, one large component is that everyone's aware of everyone else before powers are selected.
That, I think is vital.
I would suggest that, if the idea is to create the most survivable party (fun and theme being secondary), the character creation should be role- and goal-driven. We have a certain balance of roles that emerged as a result of collaboration, but min/maxing hasn't been a driving force in the process
Threw in my two cents for the yet-undecided classes. We could use another striker, and a controller is always nice to have.
Maybe after this runs for a bit we can experiment with an alternate for one encounter, and compare notes?
Well, is the goal to create the most survivable party?
:5459 Yeah, could you move those suggestions up a phase?
Something about their placement in 4a annoys me... but that could be lack of coffee
3:41 AM
Ummm... I thought we were solidifying the selection in this phase?
RMorrisey, yeah, we will be
The question was, howdo I ensure a balanced party and good synergy so that my player's don't run into a TPK? (I'm paraphrasing)
This game is a test of Brian's proposed solution (the rotation/phases)
@Iszi we are. But I just don't like the idea of comments there before anything else. And remember, it's not locked down yet. I'll probably be moving the wilden away from defender
That was the original question. However, I think the message conveyed in this process was more geared towards an "interesting" party.
:5469 Functional is what I'm aiming for
Specifically a functional party that can cooperate both in flavour and in mechanics
3:42 AM
Well, we've definitely got the former.
Right. Battlmind swapped for controller
I think it was the inclusion of "flavor text" items in the previous phase and this one, plus the fact that the next two steps will be background selection, that led the focus more towards "interesting" and "flavorful".
My hypothesis is that flavourful creation before mechanics will lead to better mechanical choices
i.e. the warlord knows whether to or not select MBA granting stuff
Also, remember that we're at X+1, so we'll be able to select a decent cooperative group from them
...we're going to have to /drop/ one of them?
3:45 AM
Ayup. Everyone will choose one character to play at the end.
Right now, we're at X+2, pending participation from one of the "waiting list" players.
That's why X+1 is vital, so if we can see that we're oversubscribed on one type, we drop the extra of the type
And ferret has expressed interest /in/ chat
The question is: do I have the first scenario be easy or challenging...
Seriously, we'll need a warm-up.
That's what I'm thinking.
And that's why I'm quite happy with the encounter I've chosen as ... it has interesting components.
3:49 AM
Should I stop picking on Sohum? in the googledoc? =p
picking on /Serai/
Remember, you might be playing Serai after :)
there is a difference, far more in this game than many
right, and I might not
I was actually talking to @RMorrisey :)
3:50 AM
At this point, I like each of the characters well enough :P
This suddenly reminds me of micoscope scene creation
I'm waiting to see how the shardmind turns out flavorwise. Curious about that one
:5500 What do you think I was basing a lot of the flavour-is-free stuff from?
:5502 um, um, I won't ask the ceiling cat? :)
We should probably link the rest of these guys to that timeline if um...
if you're going to keep making references to it, yea
you guys know that Wave is being retired, right?
hoping that someone else will pick it up
sadly =(
yea, yea, there's going to be export tools and hopefully they won't turn off wave for domains and bla bla bla
I totally have wave.nsb0.net; hoping they won't turn that off
I actually wrote a gadget for wave =( for keeping track of IPs in shadowrun
3:56 AM
I wrote one for simultaneous revealing of votes/other comments for microscope :(
it had a bug that made it crash whenever Jeff connected to it, though. Not anyone else, just Jeff.
...wait, where are the classes?
in Essentials?
...I don't think this is essentials
wait, what classes?
Essentials Thief?
4:01 AM
Ah... um
Check wave :)
Ok. Going to bed for real this time.
4:59 AM
Tell me we're not going to be using those faces on the pbpmap.
Okay. We're not oing to be using those faces.
::rolls bluff::
how'd I do?
basically pog-making is a royal pain in the posterior.
Especially nice beveled pogs. Arrghb. And don't get me started about large creatures.
But the current ones aren't nice or beveled or even pogs
5:19 AM
I mean, if nothing else, there's a bunch of... if not better, at least more appropriate/identifiable ones under Figures 1x1.
those were from figures 1x1
We should totally use the sprites :P
images must be max 3k
right, will need to do this in a real photo program. Hate you so much.
5:35 AM
hrmmm... photoshop is overkill... imagemagick will be ... interestingly tricky ::twitch::
There. Happy? :)
That's pretty awesome
Where are the sprites from?
And the four things surrounding the guy on the wagon are not-us, right?
dunno, figure 1
sprites might ... actually work. depressingly
doesn't fit with the lovely backgrounds, but .
So what did you have to do re: imagemagick?
nothing, I haven't actually /done/ the work proper yet, I'm just taunting you
it is most droll
5:42 AM
Oh, is it, old chap?
After LOLCat poetry? Yes.yes it is.
...true, I kinda do deserve it
no I don't
Oh, and if you can figure out a way to work out "We can haz justice" into your character, I'll penalize you by deducting healing surges.
Yes, yes you do. :)
You brought up the Lolcat period in the first place
Lolcat poetry was /your/ punishment for that
5:44 AM
and now to run paperwork around, back... eventually
'k, ta'
1 hour later…
6:54 AM
Right... now... imagemagick or dissertation work...
decisions, decisions...
7:54 AM
okay. I've now made a pog convlution script, by magick
8:21 AM
how does the strongman look?
hm. it's not live-update?
apparently not.
the little not-us dudes are gone, and the strongman looks appropriately strong
8:37 AM
I click save
try again?
8:52 AM
Strongmen around the wagon
and two off by themselves in the upper-left
incidentally, what are the little downward-pointing triangles on the fallen log?
Q: 3d6 vs a d20: What is the effect of a different probability curve?

yhw42What is the effect on game play of replacing d20 rolls with 3d6 rolls in a D&D 4e campaign? I started thinking about this after reading this question where the example was given of playing a d20 system with 3d8 (actually 3z8, but I digress). I like math and probability and it got me curious....

^That is rather interesting, btw.
9:26 AM
difficult terrain
but the trees/forests aren't?
they're very difficult and don't bother terrain
um... let's say 3 movement to struggle through a square
so yea, pbpmap doesn't seem live-update
you have to refresh to see updates others have made
good for asynch
crap for realtime
the thought of full async dnd4 combat scares me to hell
I thought part of the point of the group-control stipulation was so that we could keep combat moving smoothly
9:36 AM
...how're you planning on reconciling that, Brian?
no clue. running a game right now, kinda distracted
er, probaly should swear
um, I wish I could edit messages
I... thought you could
wait, what
I totally see edit links on all of my messages in this last block
but not on the block previous
wait, what? ooooh
okay... good to know
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