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6:14 AM
@emanresuA hi
@emanresuA perhaps.
@lyxal Possibly.
@PyGamer0 potentially
@emanresuA slightly not so much.
6:16 AM
@lyxal occasionally
@emanresuA very probably
@lyxal half so and half not
@emanresuA slightly imaginably yes
@lyxal could be.
@emanresuA for all one knows, slightly not
6:19 AM
@lyxal It depends.
@emanresuA actually, perhaps certainly
Not really ;p
I'm not joking, I'm emanresu
6:22 AM
questionably so.
As the case may be, irrefutably so.
Dynamically and interchangably, but confusingly.
But figuratively, not really, unless metaphorical originality.
6:28 AM
Calamitously yet realistically
surreptitiously and somewhat simultaneously
Extensively, except exactly.
But purposelessly unlikely
Ambiguously when cataclysmically
certainly biweekly and reportedly ceaselessly
6:35 AM
Relatively desperately, though.
Not necessarily disorderedly but considerably instantly
Arithmetically meticulously until charismatically
however, momentarily ferociously and uncharitably squirrelly


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very well done.
A great performance by all
6:42 AM
takes a bow
clapping begins
does anyone have na idea of what's going on in the new question
i've barely a clue on what bubbler and tsh are doing
No idea either
writing explanation now
I think tsh's one... well, the recursive function g tries to place a queen diagonally - a.every(u=>(u-=v)**3-u*m*m--,m=n) checks if a queen is placable in a certain location.
6:48 AM
oh a backtrack maybe
tsh's also generates column-wise
JS is just so good at mixing imperative with simple array ops
7:04 AM
^ i am getting so close
@PyGamer0 wow imagine only having 41 day streak
@lyxal i had 53
or something
@PyGamer0 imagine only having a 53 day streak
made by 754 days in a row gang
@lyxal probably 57
yeah i think 57
You get my point
7:07 AM
^ my teacher is sharing the screen
@PyGamer0 oh dear
^ and idk what happened
oh its fixed now
i installed vasm6502_oldstyle for no reason
which ocean is atlantic orange?
oh nvm its ocean not orange
7:30 AM
in Attempt This Online, 40 secs ago, by pxeger
ATO Release v0.1.8: new options, languages, and refactorings
@pxeger where new languages online?
New languages? Just Jelly.
@lyxal It's currently deploying; it will have finished and be live in about 5 minutes
@emanresuA no, also Scala{2,3} and Ruby
but ^ it's not quite live yet
pkill ato
pkill is person kill
@pxeger Feature request: node.js. It's painful when you want to use ES2020+ features and TIO has old versions
7:34 AM
@pxeger (I need to learn my lesson: don't announce new releases until after they've finished going live)
so pkill me
yes, that's because it was only half-deployed lol (and I forgot to fully stop it before updating)
by the way, does anyone want to place bets on which of the two servers will finish deploying first? ato1 vs ato2
It bad now
@pxeger ato2 all the way
7:36 AM
i didnt even notice that caird updated his name and pfp
@lyxal actually it seems that ato1 (because I was testing some stuff there earlier) has some of the data already cached, so it might finish first
they're still pretty close though
oop, ato1 has officially won
@pxeger extra frick.
5 mins ago, by emanresu A
@pxeger Feature request: node.js. It's painful when you want to use ES2020+ features and TIO has old versions
7:40 AM
@emanresuA it's on the list
I'll add node specifically
@lyxal whoopsie, ato2 has run out of disk space :/
I've got some clearing up to do
@pxeger highest level of frick I can muster.
I can't believe I was let down by a gosh dang server
@emanresuA I've edited your comments because Vyxal was already on the list and so I could merge them in to one
When you name yourself «Xḟ⁽εȮm℅Z≠}«
in a kahoot
7:52 AM
@lyxal ok it's done now lol
Idk what the opposite of frick is
8:04 AM
how do i print the entire internal representation of a number in binary in python?
-3 is -0b11; i want entire bit representation
do you mean in two's complement?
two's complement requires fixed-width integers and Python's are arbitrary-precision so that doesn't really make sense, so Python doesn't show you that with bin
so how would i do that in c?
if you have a int64_t you'd just cast it to a uint64_t and print that in binary
@emanresuA do i have to list all languages?
or just 1 will be fine
@emanresuA one is python
By challenge rules having one valid crack (i.e. one language where it works) is enough
@Bubbler ok i posted
Python prints in numbers, not characters
So it is not a valid crack
8:30 AM
@Bubbler wdym?
> Write a full program that outputs the numbers from 1 to 100, inclusive, in ascending order.
> Output is characters, specifically ranging from 0x01 to d, with no separation.
Also in the challenge text:
> The output format must be the same as your intended solution in order to constitute a valid crack.
oh yeah
It;s a big polygolt
@emanresuA Try it online!
^ i think its that
That goes well past d
8:34 AM
that goes from 0 to 255, not 1 to 100
@emanresuA the letter d or the hexadeicmal value?
@PyGamer0 Letter d. Hex is 0x64
i think its a 2d language
8:35 AM
@emanresuA Try it online!
That's 0x00 to c
Another of my red herrings
its some 2d language
i give up
aha I've got it
@pxeger What...
@emanresuA Cracked!
8:45 AM
I honestly thought people wouldn't get it...
I wrote up the explanations a while ago, one moment
@pxeger @PyGamer0 ^
@emanresuA i have seen the explationafon
uh, heres a good example of comments
I'm surprised no one even tried Vyxal...
int side = 10; // stores length of one side
double area = side * side; // stores the area
i think the second comment is redundant
@PyGamer0 idea: // because that's the formula for the area of a square
Protip: always make sure you have DRY comments
Do not have WET comments
9:28 AM
@lyxal wdym by wet and dry comments?
DRY = Don't Repeat Yourself
WET = doesn't really stand for anything but it's the opposite of DRY
Whatever, Existential Things
10:19 AM
@pxeger write everything twice
or thrice
@JohnDvorak write everything twice
@JohnDvorak or thrice
@JohnDvorak or thrice​
the idea behind WET is that when you have two instances of some code, you usually don't know yet how to generalize it so that it can actually be reused.
2 hours later…
11:55 AM
@hyper-neutrino just in case you were interested, Raiden dialogues. Dropping this here only because it is quite odd.
12:34 PM
Q: Draw an ASCII chess board!

DJMcMayhemHere is a simple challenge for you: You must produce this ASCII representation of a chess board. White is represented by uppercase characters, and black is represented by lowercase. Empty tiles are represented by a .. Here is the full board: rnbqkbnr pppppppp ........ ........ ........ ........ ...

12:53 PM
1:26 PM
good morning sir. how to juic avocado? i try for 4 hour but no juic
@BrowncatPrograms I'm sorry, but I don't know
my craziest theories only cover avocad juic
I have no concept of this avocado you speak of
sleep is to be occuring for me shortly
so chatting is no longer to be occurring for me
how many sleep?
@AaronMiller approximately yes%
goodbye and have fun doing whatever y'all end up doing
1:32 PM
that is a good amount of sleep to have
/o\/ (spider waving goodnight)
Ooh, just hit 50 silver badges
2:00 PM
posted on September 08, 2021 by Shaggy

Inspired by this challenge. If anyone has any suggestions for a song title I could use for the challenge title then please leave a...

2:21 PM
A whole roll? :P
Of course, with how much butter we get we'll need it :p
3:01 PM
CMG: Guess the most commonly used JS Math methods
6 uses, out of >700 :p
And nothing else was used more than 5 times, right? :P
Maybe Math.Pi?
3:03 PM
PI is one, it had 32 uses
random? floor? min, max?
Random is first place
Floor is third
Min and max are eighth and fifth respectively
@BrowncatPrograms what is CMG? chat mini guess?
I guess so, I just made it up :p
4th is pow surprisingly
2nd is log
ceil and round are 9th and 10th
sqrt and abs are 6th and 7th
Wait no, PI is 9th and ceil is 11th
3:38 PM
Anyone know of any good Jelly/Husk/05AB1E/Vyxal corpii that include single character counts?
I'll just do it myself :p
I've done one for Jelly, but haven't published it
4:08 PM
Q: Code golf challenge

SSSDevelop a program that takes as input a series of positive integers and outputs whether each is a prime. The program should terminate if a negative integer is given as the input. A prime number is a number that is divisible by only 1 and itself. However 1 is not considered a prime number. Executi...

opens jelly corpus, uh oh, the file's corrupted, oh wait that's just what Jelly looks like :p
@cairdcoinheringaahing Definitely unpinned for us, right?
I'm drafting a meta discussion now
@BrowncatPrograms I don't think so
I'd prefer unpinned, but I can see the benefit for pinned
4:16 PM
Actually, since we accept so rarely, it's probably usually for a reason
E.g., it's nice having the KotH winner pinned
yeah, accepted answers are so rare that they're nowadays only used for winners of KotH/whatever, and it makes sense to pin the winner
Q: Do we want to unpin the accepted answer from the top?

caird coinheringaahingToday, Stack Exchange changed the way answers are sorted on Stack Overflow, meaning that accepting an answer no longer pins it to the top (regardless of sorting method). It still has the green checkmark next to it, and accepting an answer is still exactly the same for the purposes of reputation, ...

I am writing a SEDE query, and I have two separate SELECT statements, which are each simply returning a COUNT. I want to put them together into a single table so I don't have to switch between the results pages, but I can't figure out how. Could someone who knows things bestow wisdom upon me?
@pxeger However, we do still get users (often newer users) who accept answers to
I think the best argument against accepting answers is that we require every challenge to have a winner that can be objectively determined. So, if that's the case, why not automate accepting?
Obviously it gets slightly more complex with non-standard criteria, but the basis is that, if there's an objective winner, why let a subjective human choose that winner by accepting it?
@AaronMiller Probably a join of some sort
But using JOIN and jumping into a pit full of knives are pretty similar (JOIN makes you suffer for longer though)
4:31 PM
@AaronMiller Do you have a link to the query?
Made a nice 1-graph and 2-graph Jelly corpus (with strings filtered out)
Looks like ° (degrees to radians) is predictably the least used single byte atom in Jelly, with just 6 occurences
5:07 PM
Nice hacky solution that doesn't bother with JOIN :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing ooh, thanks! I literally started learning SQL today specifically for this query, so I know practically nothing :P
quit before it corrupts you
once you learn SQL you can never go back
i was once happy and innocent
and then JOIN happened
i wake up in the middle of the night sweating
it's coming
@BrowncatPrograms What's that you say? I should learn SQL and find some way to make Cursed able to do SQL stuff? Great idea!
SQL is fine if you only stick to SEDE :P
SQL has all sorts of variants too, which makes finding info about it hard
5:15 PM
All you need is this and plenty of experimentation :P
I pronounce SQL "squirrel"
I call it "number of unique sums", because that's what SQL does in Jelly :P
In Vyxal, it's "Stringify Quit", and then the L never executes
What's the point of having "quit"?
Hmm, I guess maybe for return-early type stuff?
5:36 PM
These are the only Vyxal answers I could find that use Q outside of a string or a diagraph or something like that. I guess it's mainly used for polyglotting.
@cairdcoinheringaahing If you ever make a stack based language, you should call it "cairn". It looks a lot like "caird", and means a stack of rocks :p
"if I ever make a stack based language"
I've made more stack languages than you've made languages :P
To be fair I meant "if you ever make a stack based language" more as "if you ever make a stack based language and need a name for it" :p
@cairdcoinheringaahing Idk, I've got quite a few half baked language planning docs and interpreters hidden away in random spots on my hard drive :p
You probably have more though still
@BrowncatPrograms Problem is, I'm currently aiming for a language window name begins with every letter of the alphabet, and I already have C (commentator) :P
5:45 PM
Once I've done that, might go for "cairn" tho :P
I'm starting on my second (major) golfing language project
Hmm, a rock based language. Could be interesting
@BrowncatPrograms was Ash the first?
Risky was intended to be a slightly smaller (literally :p) and more experimental golfing language, but I don't really count it as one
@cairdcoinheringaahing Speaking of your languages, should H be moved to the "in dev" letters on the language list?
Because Hatred?
Yeah, I'll do that when I can :P
2 hours later…
7:30 PM
> I'm currently aiming for a language window name begins with every letter of the alphabet
I mean, I know roughly what you meant, but what on earth does that mean?
You understand don't window means that?
@emanresuA Nah, it doesn't need to be butterised
@pxeger window = where, according to my autocorrect for some reason
> I'm currently aiming for a language where name begins with every letter of the alphabet
That still doesn't make a whole lot of sense
@AaronMiller you bastard
Sorry, "where each"
Can you really expect me to spell things well? :P
7:58 PM
> I'm currently aiming for a language where each name begins with every letter of the alphabet
A single language with multiple names? :P
Yes :P
Stop trying to understand me :P
I can't wait to try it out! :P
why did i even click that
how does aaron moving messages make any sense
lol got'em
@AaronMiller Kinda sus (I didn't click it)
8:12 PM
Why is it sus? Is 9 pounds too much?
@cairdcoinheringaahing But we just need the milk...
@AaronMiller Perhaps it's that you're not a RO...
@emanresuA I'm not? Since when?
Well, if you ask hyper / caird / redwolf nicely...
@cairdcoinheringaahing (✿◕‿◕✿) Pwetty please?
8:15 PM
It's just a dupe, posted by someone who clearly tried :P
Not worth butter
Wait; isn't NMP powered by butter?
For the first time in a long time with the a feature, people aren't complaining - well, at least not in a way that anyone agrees with.
I wonder...
Since SO
has unpinned the accepted answer, they might at some point remove the accept feature all together
Which might mean that Jon Skeet stays in the lead forever.
Q: Do you gain reputation from upvotes from the meta site

mathI just have a simple question: Do you gain any reputation from the upvotes from the meta-site?

I doubt they'll ever remove it all together
Also, what should I do with a bounty that was going to an answer that is actually incorrect?
Give it to me
I'm pretty sure mods can refund bounties or something, or you could probably just award it to a different answer if there's another one that qualifies for whatever the bounty is for.
8:25 PM
jq LoTM.
yes I can cancel bounties that are still ongoing which refunds the reputation
@AaronMiller Oui oui baguette
also usually if I can't award a bounty that's the right size i'll just pick another answer from that user although all times i've had to do that it was for LoTM and i just awarded it to their second answer in that language lol
8:32 PM
yeah ik but it's not wasif's only answer. it is weird to award it to an unrelated answer tho lol. i just avoid using the higher bounty number to avoid unfairness but i doubt anyone necessarily cares
Oh well, kinda too late now, and I feel like I shouldn't award an invalid answer.
@Adám done
You're the best!
(also tip: always test answers before you start bounties for them, lol)
8:36 PM
I feel like ROs should be able to let anyone into their rooms :p
@hyper-neutrino So what should I do?
@emanresuA well you still have 12 hours left (+24 grace) so if you want i can cancel it now or you can wait longer to give wasif time to fix it, and then cancel if they don't
i think this is acceptable use for removing bounties
If they haven't fixed it when I get back from school, I'll ask you to remove it. Thanks!
I'm taking bets on how long it'll take NFP (or whatever you guys call it) to post...
alright. just don't ping me 12 hours from now cuz i might not still be awake at 4:40 AM :P
@hyper-neutrino Oh. Is ~7 hours ok?
8:40 PM
@emanresuA One further: appoint chat-only moderators
Sounds like a lot of work, and who is going to set the standards for chat, overall? — user316129 Nov 1 '19 at 14:57
i think the lack of standards isn't a reason to not have chat mods but more so "hey we should have standards" :P
That's such a bad argument (the comment, not yours)
i like the idea of chat mods. moderating a site requires a significantly different skill set from moderating the chat network.
8:42 PM
@hyper-neutrino You're good at both, but yes.
*bad at both (:P)
@cairdcoinheringaahing done :p
There's also the idea to have "main site room ROs", which have more powers than regular ROs, but they only apply to the site's "main" room (e.g here)
What are da moz doing, though?
comitting mod abuse as always
Dont'cha know? Mods only commit mod abuse :P
8:45 PM
in what da mods doing, 5 mins ago, by caird coinheringaahing
Feel free to spam messages for a little bit btw :P
In ^ room, not here :P
Hey @Mith
What brings you to TNB? :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing I think the best way to handle it would be to let mods appoint mod-ROs in certain rooms, giving them special powers
@cairdcoinheringaahing I was following the trail of an upvote. ;)
8:53 PM
And a bounty that went with the upvote? :P
Well, I noticed the bounty when I went to check what caused the upvote, so yes.
I'm shocked I hadn't upvoted that already tbh. I thought I'd already bountied it as well, so I'm slightly confused
Noticed who set it, decided to peek at the transcript in here, and... voila.
I also recently linked to the suggestion from a mod space, so I was curious if the upvote was from that or if it had gotten other activity.
I have to say, the +61/-27 vote split surprises me
Oh wow, that's way more controversial than I'd expect
8:57 PM
what is this for?
Q: Appoint chat moderators exclusively responsible for moderating chat

MithicalCurrently, the way that chat moderation is set up, it relies heavily on site moderators moderating chat in addition to their main Q&A site. Moderators have some pretty powerful tools (freezing rooms, suspensions), and rooms also have a first line of defense in the form of room owners, who have sm...

@hyper-neutrino We have standards. They're referred to as "be nice" or the CoC. It's just suggesting slightly changing who enforces them.
Anyone who has spent any time in chat should recognise that moderating chat isn't necessarily the same thing as moderating main, and often requires a lighter touch that main mods might not be used to. Chat-only mods seem like a natural thing to have
For a long time, I genuinely thought @Mith was a chat mod (before realising that didn't exist) because of how well they moderated chat vs how I'd see other mods try and do it
@cairdcoinheringaahing That's true, and there's probably not too many situations where main-mod powers are needed for effective chat moderation, or vice versa

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