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12:14 AM
@user no.
12:37 AM
Ok then
@user Because it sounds cool
and is sort of related
In the way that changingone character changes another
Q: A quantum quine

A usernameYour challenge is to write a program that is a quine, meaning it prints out its own source code. For at least one character, when it is removed from the program's source, a single different character is removed from the output. By different, I mean that the character removed from the code is dist...

The A is because char limit
@Ausername What about "Quantum Quines"?
Oh well too late
12:48 AM
If only you could edit posts :P
Too short :(
1:44 AM
@Ausername i am assuming this was intentional and a joke, but in case it wasn't, that's cuz your inquestion query points to the answer not the question
... which also makes me wonder why that returns any results but like, search is weird ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
2:30 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing why?
3:27 AM
Because caird is evil
@hyper-neutrino it’s a feature, not a bug!
CMC: Factorial using one of cairds languages
This is totally not because they’re undocumented and I need to learn a couple for his bounty:P
caird's Jelly fork: ! /s
Meme man: Goalf
3:43 AM
@user L,R¦* in Add++ with the -i flag probably
apparently kindle also remembers my stack exchange account
oh wow i can ping someone
i think i should switch to a phone
ok i have switched
kindle supports, chatexchange pretty well
1 hour later…
4:53 AM
Huh, I was just checking chat before I go to bed, and TIL that there’s a bounty for answering in caird’s languages. Imma have to check that out :)
5:19 AM
This is literally me coidng on paper
Maybe I should configure my code editor to use comic sans so I can suffer with all of y'all who have had to code on paper :p
I'm voluntarily coding on paper
What did you hit your head on, and how many times? :p
Planning code on paper actually makes esolang development easier
You should try it sometime
Planning sure, but writing the code itself?
5:25 AM
planning on paper is nice although i usually just have vague pseudocode or flowcharts
I don't have my computer
@RedwolfPrograms It's beautiful :p
I actually wouldn't mind using this, at first glance, which makes me worry a little about my sanity
why would you make me look at that
not the font, i mean the JS
5:27 AM
It's some of my better JS D:
it's still js tho :p
@RedwolfPrograms That's setting a pretty low bar for yourself then :p
More paper code
Your handwriting is much better than mine :p
I'd get impatient around line two and it'd just be random scribbles with "you remember what this says" written in the margin
I'll take a picture of some of my handwriting tomorrow, it's truly something special
5:34 AM
my handwriting; looks bad
my handwriting is alright (although i was trying to not be too messy; usually it's worse, though not trying too hard to make it look nice either)
my writing's pretty awful; i was taught to write with my right hand before they realised i was left handed (or at least, slightly less awful with my left)
I hold a pen/pencil in a super weird way, which probably doesn't help my handwriting
@JoKing i am left handed
@PyGamer0 hey same
Lefty gang lets go
5:58 AM
with powers of confusing sports opponents, wearing watches on the other hand and being sinister, we combine to form... the left arm of Voltron
6:37 AM
@lyxal Becuase s sums the stack, and the stack has a list [1 2 3 4 5] on it, which doesn't make sense to sum
ez :P
that's even worse
7:25 AM
@RedwolfPrograms There's something appealing about that somehow...
Someone really ought to develop a monospaced comic-sans font
I prommmmiiiseeee it would get a gazillion million stars on github.
One million percent
Wait... honestly that's APL386
Sorry @Adám...
7:51 AM
Had to find a fitting color theme.
Definitely something to this : P
I told you it'd have a gazillion start on GH :P
But honestly, APL's font does the job, haha
(I used 385, not 386)
Cursed af this is
7:53 AM
I'm liking it more and more every second
this as well
I have to stop
I don't understand what's happening to me...
A forbidden love : (
For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo.
I wanted a single font for developing everything including apl
and the only one which really works is iosevka
probably when i have the money for pragmatapro i will cave in for that
You use APL enough to be bothered?
What about website themes which are always different?
Not to mention their fonts, muahaha
I force all monospace tags to iosevka
<pre>, <code>
even <textarea> if needed
@AviFS yep i do
APL is almost my main language now
no apl glyphs
also too rounded for my taste
@Razetime you can request him though
requests take a while
I'm waiting for JEtbrains mono to get the glyphs
honestly if the glyphs aren't planned beforehand they rarely fit into the font(see juliamono)
the main reason iosevka works for apl and bqn glyphs is that it's computer generated and so it's very consistent with the rest of it
@Razetime what is JE :p (Java Environment?)
8:08 AM
if agave gets italics and other glyphs; i will definitely switch from Iosevka
although the repo hasnt updated for a while
Q: Generating Minesweeper grids

beary605Minesweeper is a logic game found on most OS's. The goal of the game is to determine where the mines are on a grid, given numbers indicating the number of mines around that spot. Given a grid size, and a set of mines, generate the Minesweeper grid for that set of mines. Input: Two integers indi...

@PyGamer0 why italics
also, what other glyphs
stagnant since may i see
8:55 AM
@Ausername E
@hyper-neutrino Oh
It wasn't a joke
I honestly thought I was searching in the question
Why does the system even allow that
9:19 AM
@Razetime i have italics for keywords and comments in my colorscheme
CQ: I have python code like {'a':1}[unknown_value]. If the unknown_value is not in the dictionary, it errors, is there a way to define a default key? If not, I will wait for python 3.10
Maybe, idk
Also 3.10 has been released
I think at least
People have been using it
@Ausername heh? nope python.org/downloads
latest is 3.9.6
My memory is bad
Did you know 3.0 predates 2.7
@Ausername no
9:36 AM
@Ausername 3.8.10?
9:49 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

A usernameBuild me a room A room, in the context of this challenge, is a multidimensional array where all pieces that would be on the outside of the array if it were rendered in real life are truthy values, and the rest are falsy. Here's a 1d room with size 5: [1,0,0,0,1] And here's a 2d room with size 6...

10:13 AM
@PyGamer0 dict.get allows specifying a default; does that work for what you're doing?
@PyGamer0 There's also collections.defaultdict.
10:52 AM
@PyGamer0 you were saying? python.org/download/pre-releases :p
11:09 AM
I forgot that (x+n)/x converges to 1 for high values of x
meaning that score can get infinitely close to 1
Is it too late to change the criterion?
11:23 AM
Ok fixed.
@lyxal no i meant release not prerelease
@m90 thx
11:56 AM
One thing people never think to question in the sandbox are custom winning criterions. When a challenge is posted with a poor winning criterion, such ashttps://codegolf.stackexchange.com/q/232974/100664, it can result in several problems, including the ability to get zero/infinitesimal score.

The problem with that one was that adding large amounts of characters to your program moved your score closer and closer to 1. I managed to fix it, but it would've been nice to think of in the first place.
12:35 PM
funniest thing i've ever seen
12:53 PM
I never normally use Windows. Is there a good free C compiler that is easy to use?
(and install)
Do I really have to use "CodeBlocks with MingW compiler suite." ?
@Anush Have you tried enabling WSL?
GCC works well in it
@Bubbler no I haven't. I will look it up
Join the Windows Insiders Program
Install a preview build of Windows 10 (OS build 20262 or higher).
I can't do that
it's a work computer
You should be able to still install WSL 1
See the manual install section and just do steps 1 and 6
I have WSL 1 on my work PC with Ububtu 20
(also VSCode works with WSL pretty nicely)
1:09 PM
@Anush i use MSYS2 i used to use Cygwin
i use msys2 with mingw
@PyGamer0 thanks!
@Bubbler thanks. I think I will try that
@Bubbler vscode is great even on Linux
I have used cygwin in the past but it became a bit of a mess
2:12 PM
@Anush Wait, you shouldn’t need to do that
I got wsl2 working (i tjink, at least), and i didn’t do anything special
I have a normal win10 installation
1 hour later…
3:29 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

userThis is boring, but I'll work on it later# Super-duper factorials (WIP) code-golf math Inspired by Implement the Torian and Calculate the (n x "super")factorial. Task Given four integers, \$x \geq 1\$, \$y \geq 0\$, \$z \geq 0\$, and \$I\$, and a commutative binary operator \$*\$, implement the f...

Oh come on
3:40 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

mousetailKOTH: Prisoners Dilemma Single Elimination king-of-the-hillpython I was playing around with this and found some interesting strategies. This is sufficiently different from this post because you are playing different bots each game, instead of repeatedly playing the same ones. How the game works T...

@user I got it working now. Thanks
well wsl1 at least
3:57 PM
I was talking about WSL 2 - you shouldn't need an Insiders build for that either
^ I've got 2 without having an Insiders build, it shouldn't be too complicated if I could do it :P
4:24 PM
july is almost over (for me in 2 hours)
and there are only 5 answers in arm?!
4:36 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

bigyihsuanGet the Collatz Sequence The Challenge Write a full program or function that, when given an integer \$n \ge 0\$, outputs all steps of the Collatz Sequence (A006577) of \$n\$. The Collatz Sequence The Collatz Sequence is defined as: $$ a(n) = \begin{cases} n/2, & \text{if $n$ is even} \\ 3n+1, & ...

how is this not a duplicate lol
Q: How many Sets are there?

EphraimRuttenbergThis is similar in concept to this challenge, but that is pretty restrictive on input and output and I think opening up these restrictions would lead to a completely different set of solutions that would be interesting in their own right. Background Set is a card game in which players compete to...

@hyper-neutrino I'd consider it to be a dupe, as the challenges are all but the same
like to this?
oh i see you left a comment
4:58 PM
@SandboxPosts Matt Parker is an inspiration to too many of us lol
5:09 PM
someone posted some golfed C code for printing a __uint128_t but I have lost it :(
can anyone remember/reproduce it?
@pxeger genius. Thank you. I am going to try it in my code now
I copied it from Neil who posted it a while ago
it's very nice
5:23 PM
CMC: In a language you've never used before, calculate the n triangular number
5:39 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Trying to do this in J, but none of the terms are the same, and +F.i. isn't working for some reason
6:12 PM
@user What about +/i.? Isn't that just range sum?
Oh lol, I thought J used F. for /
Wait, no, that's not it
No, you're right about /, the train just isn't working for some reason
> (f g) y means y f (g y)
echo +/i. 5 works but idk how to assign that lol
@hyper-neutrino =: is used for assignment, but +/i. means x => x +/ (i. x), so it doesn't work :(
idk how you make an fg train like in APL
> 9.6.2 Example: Left Hook
Nice, the J book teaches you boxing too
Ah, @: is like
@cairdcoinheringaahing J, 10 bytes: +/@:i.@:>:
I don't even know you map an array lol
@user Wait no, +/&i.&>: works
@user Just realized it actually does teach you about boxing lol
7:07 PM
why does GitHub let me request a PR review from myself? lol
For when you want your other, smarter, personality, regexp, to review your code :P
^ Those commas look weird
7:22 PM
i don't think the second one should be there
tbh I think it could be understood without any comments
I'd personally only have 2, surrounding the "regexp" clause, but I think those aren't entirely necessary
@cairdcoinheringaahing I like that a lot!!
We should def make it a recurring thing
No trivial brainfuck derivatives allowed :P
@hyper-neutrino Oh right
@AviFS That could be an idea for a chat event: trivial-ish CMCs in langs you've never used
Oooh, yeah that's a great idea!
Wait, you know how we were talking about langs which are too popular for LotM, but which lots of people might still not know?
7:28 PM
Can someone running Linux go to this page, scroll down to the "Other ways to install Scala" section, and tell me what the first link is? This stupid website only gives me the link to the Windows installer
We could have a chat event that focuses on one of those langs, and all be working/helping each other in that lang
Eg, that'd be the time to learn APL, J, Jelly
And langs that already had LotM a while ago could be repeated, eg Brachylog and eventually Vyxal
That'd be cool
I think so too!
We could maybe make a separte room and have a new language each week
sort of like the esolang showcase wezl posted :p
7:29 PM
> eventually Vyxal
Oh right
Hmm, I no longer like this idea :P
We'd prob want to do a bit of thinking on the format, though
Eg, at the beginning there could be a chat-event tutorial led by someone who volunteered
But whether or not we do that, and how long that part should be would be open
I think some kind of primer would be nice though, if lots of people are trying to learn the same lang
I definitely prefer the idea of "jumping in head first", but I also get people who'd want at least a basic primer
Then it'd open up for questions & exercises?
@cairdcoinheringaahing Oh, you do? That's good to know
Yeah, I guess it depends a lot on how "different" it is
I'm just afraid that if we don't have one official primer at the beginnign
We'll end up with four unofficial primers at the same time
As people ask similar and basic questions
7:33 PM
We could do something like BMG, where we decide on a lang beforehand (star voting), then sort of schedule ~an hour or so for discussion / CMCs / whatever specifically relating to that lang
@cairdcoinheringaahing Definitely thinking we should base the format off that
And I do think a primer is a good idea, just to avoid the parallel unofficial primers a bit
But that would be only as volunteered, and start X minutes before the event
So people could choose not to come
Hey @RedwolfPrograms! We're brainstorming a new chat event idea
@cairdcoinheringaahing Based on caird's CMC here!
Unfortunately, knowing myself, if I say I'll write the meta for it... I just won't anytime soon.
Does someone mind writing up a bit of a thing and then posting it?
Alternatively, I'll start up a collab doc
As an answer to the ideas thread, or as a question?
Discussion question, I'd say!
You don't have to be signed in to edit. So it should work
@pxeger Thanks!
Got it from this repo too, let's hope it works
Discussing this part:
> But we're not discriminating, bring your fave lang along! At the start though, we will probably prioritize ones which can't be done (again) in LotM.
I don't think we should prioritize any langs at all
Wait, I guess we can also leave this TBD.
Yeah, we should vote on langs, and whichever gets the msot votes is the one for that specific time/event
I was thinking sort of unofficially prioritized, no?
7:50 PM
Definitely still whatever gets most votes
But it'd be nice if we weren't just doing whatever the lotm was everytime, methinks
but there may be no need to enforce it
trusting our democracy is always nice ; )
@AviFS Of course - it's unlikely someone will vote for Foobar while Foobar is LotM anyway
Yeah, that's what I mean
@AviFS Yeah, and if it gets too democratic, we can always throw a coup ;P
Haha, true
I'll put prioritizing in issues to be discussed
8:01 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing that's a built-in in dyalog apl
is it?
@rak1507 try something like matrix multiply selfie powerop -1
tried that, doesn't work
oh it works for some but not necessarily for all cases
8:17 PM
Sorry @user, my computer died!
That was you, right?
So the LoTM's K, and after that we have a three-way-tie between Add++, Knight and jq.
Which Add++ wins.
8:32 PM
I like this idea! I think it could also work well for esolangs that are too low-level for LotM.
Thanks! What do you mean by low-level?
Ones that don't really get enough votes to be LotM
Looks cool
8:33 PM
It also occurred to me that it'd be good for way-mainstream langs that we prob all know well enough, but as a chance to get better at golfing in them
How long did you spend writing that?
Like C, Python & JS
@Ausername Um..... too long
Just asking
I knew it was a terrible idea to take it on, but I really want my name on something, lol
good job tho
8:34 PM
People write really awesome looking posts like that all the time, I don't get it
@AviFS Like, I dunno, maybe /// that's ridiculously hard to use for anything but certain string-related challenges. It wouldn't work well for LotM because there aren't enough challenges that it's usable for; but for an event where the challenges are tailored to the language, it would work.
They probably spend a while typing them up :p
I feel like @hyper-neutrino in particular comes to mind. And @cairdcoinheringaahing also seems to do thoughtful stuff effortlessly
@DLosc Ooh, I agree! I like that a lot!
@AviFS This may just be my personal preference, but I don't think the "Advertising" section is necessary. I like posts to have as little "fluff" as possible, so that they're easier to get the point of
@AviFS Practice, and you don't see the effort put in :P
@DLosc Tarpits in general I guess. Including annoying stuff like Piet
8:36 PM
Ooh, brain-flak?
@cairdcoinheringaahing This is the other problem with me spending way too much time on it, haha
Then I really don't want to get rid of stuff
It makes me terrible at writing
@AviFS Some people have a lot of free time b/c they're still in school and don't have day jobs /s
I can code in Python but I've never golfedin it
@AviFS Just a suggestion, feel free to completely ignore me :P
Can't people who don't like it skip past it easily though @cairdcoinheringaahing?
8:37 PM
@AviFS ... I should definitely use Piet for caird's original CMC up there. Hmm.
Haha, best of luck!
But actually, yeah!
2d langs in general are a great idea
@AviFS ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ One of my biggest pet peeves is stories providing "backstory" to challenges because it makes it more difficult to actually get to the point of the challenge. But each to their own, some like it
@DLosc The trick is to be between school and uni, with a Sunday job, so you have 6 days of complete free time :P
Despite all that free time, I still make barely any progress on stuff I'm working on (blog post, Mixology, sandbox drafts etc.)
@cairdcoinheringaahing ... Is it me showing my age that I totally forgot people who are still in school aren't in school right now because it's summer? =P
Although the ad is even longer
But I feel like (hope) it gets the juices flowing
@DLosc Haha, we know you're not a prof now
8:42 PM
@AviFS One final bit of feedback: in the Discuss section, the first bullet point should be something like "Is this something we want to do?", because there may be people who oppose it
As much as I appreciate everyone saying how wonderful I am, I actually meant to check if it was fit to post!
@cairdcoinheringaahing But it says:
> - Should we prioritize languages which aren't eligible for LotM (again)?
I finished my internship last week, and the APL problem solving comp is over, so now I have absolutely no idea what to do for the next couple of weeks before school starts again
Do you think it should be made more clear?
@DLosc Not in the land down under :(
Two other questions:
- What should the title of the post be? (Not for the event, just for this post)
8:44 PM
@Ausername Yeah, I thought about adding a location caveat. What's your schedule like?
- And does it matter if I miss to-discuss bullet points?
They'll come up and I can add them in, right?
@DLosc Two-week break that ended a week ago.
@AviFS I think the very first point should be "This was discussed in TNB. It had some support. Is this something that the rest of the site wants to do/would participate in?". TNB often has the most vocal and engaged users of the site, but not everyone comes here, and there may be some people who would actually oppose this happening (who may not be in TNB)
who would oppose it? if you don't like it just don't participate
Hey @ClarkKimberling! Haven't run into you before, nice to have you
8:46 PM
@Ausername Also, uh, what time is it for you right now? o_o
We're discussing a new event for CGCC right now
@DLosc Quarter to nine.
in the morning
@rak1507 I don;t know, but if I did, I wouldn't really like it if there was a meta post announcing something I opposed with no feedback open to me
right fair enough
we should at least give people the illusion of choice :P
8:46 PM
Likelihood is, answers will just say "Yes we should do this. Here's how: X, Y, Z". But you never know :P
@Ausername Okay, Australia's farther east than I thought, then.
NZ not australia
@cairdcoinheringaahing Huh, that never would have occurred to me!
Got it
@AviFS It's always a good idea to remember that someone, somewhere will dislike any idea :P
8:49 PM
The main places where I have a good sense of the time zones are North America, UK, and India/Nepal (because I know someone there and it's almost the exact opposite of where I am).
@DLosc I know UK, Western Europe, North America and the rest I have to look up
I know nowhere, not even here
My knowledge of timezones is very similar to my knowledge of geopolitical events tbh
So it's ready to post?
What should the title of the post be?
Hm. Titles are hard sometimes.
Something something language-specific chat event
8:56 PM
Doing a stylization of:
Chat Event: Learn a Lang
Should it be:
- Learn-a-lang
- Learn'a lang
- Learn a lang
I like the hyphen one--it's whimsical.
I'm leaning towards Learn'a but I don't think it's correct
Oh awesome! Okay, thanks @DLosc
Last chance to change the vote...
@AviFS That's the one I don't like. :P
Haha, noted
@AviFS Who was me?
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