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4:01 PM
hm, how to word this challenge?
i feel like just "output this string, and if a specific character is moved, output another string" is too boring
but I feel like "if any one character is moved anywhere, output the other string" is much too difficult
Code challenge based on percentage of moves that result in the right string, with a max length, maybe?
i could do something like code length / valid shifts
@hyper-neutrino How about "if any character is moved (to a specific place for each character), output other string"?
wait no, "abcdefgh"=="abcdefgh" gives you free easy win
Be careful whenever the scoring involves two variables, optimizing it for arbitrarily good scores is often possible
4:04 PM
yeah valid shifts can easily be made quadratic to code length so a theoretical score of 0 is trivial
@cairdcoinheringaahing oh, that could be interesting
So for example, if your code is abcd, you can say "Works if a is moved to bcad, if b moves to acdb etc."
still sounds rather difficult but at least it's more interesting :D
But it has to work for at least one place for each character
i like that idea
@hyper-neutrino I find that allowing more freedom can make difficult challenges a lot more interesting :P
4:06 PM
yeah, i think i will stick with this, thanks :D
Yeah, no problem :P
if someone can solve this with a singular jelly compressed string i will a) call hax and b) probably give like 3x500 bounties :P
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

hyper-neutrinoHappy Birthday... caird coinheringaahing? ChartZ Belatedly? code-golf source-layout string Today is caird coinheringaahing's birthday! (source: 1, 2, 3, 4) (It is also World Emoji Day.) As a bit of some CGCC lore, caird's name came from a Jelly answer by Dennis (source) - the compressed form of "...

just gonna sandbox it for like a few hours or until some feedback is given :p just to be safe
4:16 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing ? I am done with my version :p
@SandboxPosts If you want to be slightly more specific, ChartZ was my username for March 2021 :P
And this is the list of resulting strings :P
done :p
@cairdcoinheringaahing yeah I linked that answer but I decided to not paste the list :p
@hyper-neutrino Good idea, unnecessary fluff :P
@SandboxPosts ?
not sure; maybe?
@N3buchadnezzar Thought you might find it interesting ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
4:25 PM
It was, but eh, seems complicated :p I prefer to use H and then cycle through all letters that looks like H ;p
> code written in Python is often more concise than the equivalent in other languages
I hate images in chat :/
4:39 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing It is
say what you will about JS, but it consistently outgolfs Python, often by a lot
I would say that code is not often golfed
4:51 PM
I've designed something so cursed I don't know if I can show it to y'all in good conscience
Let's just say my newest golfing language will be...unique
@SandboxPosts HN's managed to farm rep off a birthday :P
@RedwolfPrograms So was the omelette made of rotten eggs that I made yesterday, but is it good?
I've taken a bit of inspiration from a particular XKCD
@cairdcoinheringaahing yes, that is entirely correct, code in Python is often more concise than the equivalent in [some not all] other languages
@RedwolfPrograms gotos?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
The first rule of creating and maintaining a rewarding, fulfilling career is: Don't be a d#ck. — joeqwerty yesterday
5:07 PM
The first rule is: Don't be a d#ck
ah it's workplace again
not surprised
I suppose those sorts of sites are always going to get the odd question by an idiot like that
some fun sites that tend to produce a lot of these types of answers are probably skeptics, history, politics, law, workplace, IPS, etc
basically if it involves human interaction you'll get stupid questions like that
5:22 PM
Imagine using illogic gates.
CMC: Given two booleans a and b, output a AND b 75% of the time, and a random bit the other 25% of the time, randomly determined
For x, y return rand() // compute the sum of two integers stochastically; NB: the answer must be checked for correctness
I don't get why stochastic algorithms seem to be so popular. They're only useful for making decisions when all outcomes are equally likely, and that is almost never the case.
Well, almost never the case practically speaking.
I mean it would be like saying that the likelihood that any given event will occur is equivalent to rolling a 3 on a die or something.
@cairdcoinheringaahing Jelly, 7 bytes
Nope, 10 bytes :/
That being said, it is my opinion that stochastic algorithms shouldn't exist. Everything in the natural order is deterministic, so stochastically determining a result or "guess and check" is incredibly inefficient.
If you want a "default" algorithm, make an algorithm that is based on pattern-matching and determining if there exists continuity between two things.
6:14 PM
Quantum physics has entered the chat
@AMDG What stochastic algorithms are you talking about, though?
6:34 PM
This is probably funnier for German speakers, but Kevinism
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Valentin BrassoChess Squad March You control a chess squad consisting of a king and N other pieces, on a board of size 201x201 (coordinates ranging from [0,0] to [200,200]. Your king is placed in the middle of the board, coordinates [100,100] and your pieces are nearby, with no piece further than K=8 squares aw...

Q: Happy Birthday... caird coinheringaahing? ChartZ Belatedly?

hyper-neutrinoToday is caird coinheringaahing's birthday! (source: 1, 2, 3, 4) (It is also World Emoji Day.) As a bit of some CGCC lore, caird's name came from a Jelly answer by Dennis (source) - the compressed form of "Code Golf" in Jelly is “½ċṭ6Ỵ», and if you insert a space (“½ċṭ6 Ỵ»), it becomes "caird coi...

Does this count as ?
I don't believe so, because it isn't required to work for a random edit, you just need to have a set of edits (one for each letter) that is allowed.
I don't think so, isn't when you remove characters?
6:44 PM
now I have successfully farmed reputation off of a birthday :p
@hyper-neutrino Well, it was almost guaranteed a +1 for me :P
"Here's a challenge themed around your birthday"
"-1, nope, I hate it"
@NewPosts I feel like the strings are just close enough, and the freedoms just lax enough that an answer is easy, but all my approaches are failing :/
6:58 PM
I'm trying to do it with compressed strings in Vyxal, but argh it's hard
Of course, I also feel somewhat obligated to answer, and I really don't like writing answers for challenges :P
Might give it a proper shot tomorrow, I'm meeting up with mates in a bit :P
Man, British people are weird. Have fun mating :P
7:14 PM
@NewPosts this is really unexpectedly difficult
i feel like i am obligated to find a single-compressed-string solution in jelly
tip: code which produces Happy Birthday, ChartZ Belatedly! should necessarily appear (at least) twice in your program
7:47 PM
actually it might be possible for it to not appear twice
@user That's the only rule in life that matters.
Definitely not, but it's a good first rule to follow
The second would be: Don't put pineapple on your pizzas, although that's perhaps covered in the first already :P
8:15 PM
@user that's not a rule, it's just common sense!
@user all the rules I live my life by can be boiled down to simply "don't be a dick"
Unfortunately not as common as it should be
@Shaggy Well, of course
You're a Peter, not a Richard :P
@user the sad thing about common sense these days is that it's not all that common :(
@user there's a tag team in Ireland's top wrestling company, one's called Peter and the other's called Rick so they call themselves Team Prick!
@Shaggy Was it ever? Reading history books, it seems like humans have been messed up since forever :/ :P
8:45 PM
See ya guys in a week!
Are you going somewhere?
9:29 PM
No, we are *spooky music intensifies*
Is it just me, or does that sound oddly menacing?
Can someone give me tips on the Quick Draw thing? I failed it again
A lot of those are just circles or lines, maybe that's the problem :p
9:44 PM
So? Stars are circular and I can't help it if my toothpaste forms circular blobs when I spit it out :P
(@ROs These images are all right, right? I'd un-onebox the Wumpus one if I could, but it's too late for that one)
They're fine, no wroroies
Wow I can spell
Okay I'm just leaving it like that >:|
9:59 PM
my flippy bit high score is 58
😕 What's flippy bit?
@user I'm guessing most people order others to put the pineapple on. That's banned in the third rule, and the fourth rule covers other loopholes
😂😂😂😂😂 Ordering others to put the pineapple on is a classic d#ck move, and covered by the first rule 😂😂😂😂
the fifth rule outlaws ordering any kind of pizza
😯😯😯😯 Wait, what? Pizza 🍕 is good!!! 😈😈😈😈
10:12 PM
@user aaahhh you're using this emoji to threaten to poke my eyes out with sharp blue rocks
I'm using them because it's Emoji Day, but sure
Ohhh that's why
I thought you'd turned into a mobile game advertisement
it's even crueller when you "LOL" while poking eyes
😯😯😯😯 Wait, what? This game 🎮 is good!!! 🔥🔥🔥 If you pass level 10 you're so skilled.
10:15 PM
@Wezl ...it took me too long to realize you're talking about the crying with joy emoji
@RedwolfPrograms Emoji day, you mean my eyes are bleeding day?
😧😧😨😨😨 You're eyes 👁👀 r bleeding?! 😯😢😢
phew, it's deescalated to one eye and one rock
I wonder what someone from another site who only pops into chat when TNB has something embarrassing on display (like this conversation or "dad") must think of us
The starboard right now does not paint a good picture of us :p
10:22 PM
It usually doesn't, honestly
Questions from the HNQ such as KEYBOARD FOR MONKE! and our old reputation for code trolling questions can't help
11:03 PM
@Shaggy Hey, I have plenty of common sense. I just choose not to use it!
11:26 PM
It's emoji 👊🏅🎇🎇✨↩️↖️ day📅📆🗓️📈❔❔❓❔❓wow 😮😮😃😀😄 why did no one1️⃣❕❗🔟 tell me sooner 😠😠😠😤😢😭⁉️⁉️⁉️ Hopefully 👉🥺👈I'm not too2️⃣late🕕🕟🕖🕢🕞to make an appropriate 👌🙃👋👍👍joke about this like a sussy📺📓📗📒📘📙⛑️🥅 baka uwu 😳😳😳🙄🤔🤣
i think this is grounds for a permaban :p /s
The :p and /s cancel out to still equal a permaban :p

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