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4:00 AM
@UnrelatedString if its only 2/3 then dejavu can be patched to add those in
i want to say it's just ⟦⟧ but i remember i used one of them recently and i
actually just can't remember
i'm pretty sure there's something with a weird width but what the hell is it
maybe it's only weird in the monospace font on se but i'm pretty sure i have a userscript that sets that to dvsm
The up/down pointing arrow things (AND/OR maybe?) are weird widths for me
oh yeah maybe it's those
...doesn't seem so?
on tio that is
which does use dvsm right
yes, it appears the only two fonts TIO uses are Exo 2 and DVSM
huh, interesting. i think my JHT site uses exo 2... and i had no idea TIO used it so that is just a very interesting coincidence :p
4:07 AM
i used DVSM a) cuz i've heard it has good support b) tio uses it, but i didn't know about exo 2
CMQ: Favorite minecraft youtuber?
i don't even watch youtubers for games i do play
@RedwolfPrograms technoblade, dream, electroboom,
and others
@UnrelatedString Well then the CMQ's not for you :p
techno is almost certainly my favorite by a fairly wide margin :p
4:09 AM
Grian's my favorite, so a totally different category lol
@RedwolfPrograms few years ago i'd say explodingtnt
right now nobody
@RedwolfPrograms Same
Mumbo is good too tho
Mumbo was the first channel I ever subbed to
Then Grian, although I like Grian's content very slightly more
linehead and allymcc were interesting to watch because of their commentary and insight on their positions as helper/mod respectively (on hypixel)
oh yeah i should use this conversation as an excuse to make that one friend of mine hang out on tnb :P
4:10 AM
yes :p
@RedwolfPrograms Grian just has more random shenanigans.
mumbo and grian are also very good. i find techno unreasonably funny lol
Code explainerator because I got tired of spacing it manually.
that looks golfable
4:12 AM
@UnrelatedString oh yeah i may as well mention that when i did watch league youtubers i managed to get into a few seconds of one of their videos and i'm still proud of it because i was playing better in that one clip than i have in the last year combined
in Vyxal, 12 secs ago, by Vyxal Bot
@Ausername I am doing you.
@Ausername 10 bytes: Try it Online!
8 using j
can probably be shortened by someone who actually knows vyxal
@Ausername would be worth adding to vyxapedia
Not really, it just spaces it
it doesn't even pad the right side like aplgolf's explainer does
i am working on a better editor program/website
oh well
@hyper-neutrino Wait mine does that
well that explains why it's longer lol
@Ausername i'd also add that this doesn't account for when your explanation isn't in the same order as your code
4:16 AM
never mind i can't be bothered to golf yours then, or it may just be optimal
then it is worth having
@UnrelatedString Ik, but it's easy to fiddle
yeah i forgot to check that and now cba to fix mine lmao
@hyper-neutrino 12 bytes based on yours
4:25 AM
ah nice
ha, I am a better vyxaler than lyxal confirmed since i had 10 for that (non-working) version <o/
@Ausername want me to change that? /s
!!!11111!11!! mod abuse
Lol this answer (10k+)
Nah, being paid $2m and given a free house seems totally legit
4:34 AM
can't believe they'd tell us about illuminatikingdom56
4:52 AM
How did this get so many stars???
1 message moved from Vyxal
5:37 AM
@UnrelatedString said friend just thought of a challenge he could post here while working on some kind of anime crossword and i am completely forgetting whether or not we've gotten the rep requirement for posting to sandbox removed yet
i thonk so
if not i guess i could sandbox it on his behalf or something lol
Ok wow. I have been busy.
I guess right now 'month' and 'quarter' are the same...
well, yes
quarters start on january, april, july, and october
6:15 AM
CMC: Find the challenge whose constant output is the shortest (in bytes)
Oh wait no 12missafew99100
hmm that's though
@pxeger Oh
Buffalo probably then
Wait no
Hello world
How could I be so dumb
the problem there is that Hello World requires STDOUT
I need to return from a function
Buffalo buffalo buffalo, altthough the grid is simpler
6:23 AM
I'm gonna go with "output programming language name"
it's restricted source but case insensitivity makes it moot
> You can only perform 30 searches within a 60 second window, please wait a moment and try again.
Q: Output programming language name

OfftkpChallenge: In the programming language of your choice, take no input and output your programming language's name. Fair enough, right? Restrictions: You can't use any character that is included in your programming language's name in your code. E.g., if I use Batch, I must not use the chars 'B...

7:20 AM
No clue
@pxeger ATO jumps around a lot when I type in the input box
oh it's only if I'm scrolled down
Oh you're actually trying to do It Almost Works lol
7:35 AM
pro reddit tip: you can use <subreddit>.reddit.com instead of reddit.com/r/<subreddit>
Just like you can use <language>.tryitonline.net
@pxeger fine if there's output to stderr?
@pxeger ato isn't very yes on mobile when you're typing in the code box
ato.pxeger.com/… @pxeger this valid?
7:41 AM
@rak1507 Nice find!
I was trying to do that for ages...
well it's pretty cheaty
so idk if it's valid or not
It does what it says - just say you've cracked it. pxeger even specified CPython...
Wow the quality on that is actually bad. Well done screen recorder
I'll wait for pxeger to confirm before posting it as an answer
8:12 AM
@rak1507 yes, but that is completely unintended. I knew it was possible, but I thought noone would be insane enough to get it to work before they found my actual solution
@lyxal hmm I have absolutely no idea why that happens. What browser is that?
It might be because I'm updating the url with every keystroke, but I don't know how I would get it to not scroll up to the top in that case
@pxeger duckduckgi
it's ok I figured out how to fix it
I'll push it to staging shortly
Oh that's good
8:29 AM
CMC: In as few keystrokes as possible write every combination of two letters on it's own line in vim. e.g. AA\nAB\bAC\n ... ZY\nZZ
Also this is less of a CMC and more of an "I have to do this" sort of thing.
:!zsh -c 'echo {A..Z}{A..Z}'|xclip -se c<CR>"+p:%s/ //g<CR>
I think a vanilla vim answer might beat that though.
well not for me because I'm already in zsh not in vim and I have aliases to do all these things lol
@WheatWizard have you already solved it?
Yeah 702 keystrokes.
8:41 AM
i suppose we can start with :h<_↵jjYZZPP
9:08 AM
@WheatWizard Copy+paste from here - Ctrl+C Ctrl+V!
9:39 AM
@RedwolfPrograms Got to go with the OG, CaptainSparklez :P
@pxeger lol
@rak1507 it was easier than I expected to use DMA
what's DMA?
@lyxal Can you check if this is fixed on staging.ato.pxeger.com?
@rak1507 Direct Memory Access
9:45 AM
@hyper-neutrino Or you could design a codepage with only zalgoes
@Ausername Calm down Satan :P
xclip is love, xclip is life
@pxeger what was the intended solution? been experimenting with it for a bit, can't return, can't use yield, can't redefine f...
ah you said you'd reveal it in a week
10:05 AM
@rak1507 hint: it starts with import sys
@PyGamer0 strictly speaking that's not a program, since ⬤ has two required parameters
what are the exact rules, f has to return ["hah"]?
presumably print('hah');exit() doesn't count
@rak1507 f has to return a function that returns ["hah"]
I'd focus less on why it returns a function, and more on why it returns it in a singleton list
hmm interesting
10:52 AM
11:11 AM
@pxeger it's perfect
Works good
It's yes
Very cool
11:51 AM
why Next.JS defaults to that behaviour I have no clue
12:34 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing and you felt that the most efficient way to reply to my next message was to get hyper to mod abuse your message, even though it didn't ping me at all, consequently ruining the whole effect. smh.
I only noticed because I saw the other messages
Why is spice girls so fantastic music to work with?
Wait, dont star that >.<
@N3buchadnezzar same reason undertale music makes code flow
@lyxal what else is 11 for, if not making a shitty joke? :P
1:01 PM
Q: Blinking Lighthouses – Founder's Day Upgrade

Djin TonicTo celebrate the island's next Founder's Day, colored filters (fuchsia, chartreuse, and aquamarine*) have been installed in every lighthouse. All lighthouses begin operation with their fuchsia filter, and they are all on the same color cycle: FCA, FCA, ... Each lighthouse changes its color filte...

@user lyxal's in 13 rooms rn, compared to a lot of users that's nothing :P
I used to have 20+ rooms in my favourites, but a lot of them got frozen
The more weird thing is that they're the only person there
1:50 PM
Pssst, it is dangerous to golf alone. Take this golfing music youtube.com/watch?v=DMoCM_FgLP8
@Shaggy If your offer for the +500 bounty for the Peter Noble thing still stands, I'd like it on my Japt robbers' answer if it's valid :)
(I'd suggest giving the other 500 to caird, and they found it first anyway)
I once road an elevator with the real Asimov during an SF convention. He wrote a book between floors 5 and 10. — Barmar yesterday
@user Plot twist: his room was on floor 7 :P
Hmm, I guess Barmar didn't explicitly say it was during the elevator ride :P
2:05 PM

typedef unsigned long u64;

/* Start here */
typedef void enc_cfg_t;
typedef int enc_cfg2_t;
typedef __int128_t dcf_t;

enc_cfg_t _ctx_iface(dcf_t s, enc_cfg2_t i){
	int c = (((s & ((dcf_t)0x1FULL > i * 5) + 65);
	printf("%c", c); }
	enc_cfg2_t main() {
	for (int i=0; i0; c >>= 1)
		d += c & 1;
	// O(m) lol no thanks

	//1000 wrap into loop
	c = c - ((c >> 1) & ~0UL/3);
	c = (c & ~0UL/5) + ((c >> 2) & ~0UL/5);
	c = (c & 0UL/0x21) + ((c >> 4) & 0UL/0x11);
	c = (c & ~0UL/0x101) + ((c >> 8) & ~0UL/0x101);
That's the actual code, I hate it
That looks even uglier than normal C lol
Probably turned up the ugliness factor for viewers to be like "Wow, much compression"
Oh wow the code uses bitshifts must be super hackor
She could also be a code golfer :P — user 7 secs ago
> 0x1FULL
Isn't that just 31 but as an unsigned long long?
Don't want 0x1SMOL do we?
@user caird, it's your chance to shine and advertise Jelly here :P
2:20 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing oh yeah happy birthday lol
actually should've waited for tomorrow to say happy (chartz) belated(ly) birthday
Happy birthday!
2:40 PM
> enc_cfg2_t main() {

Shoot, I can't do formatting
@cairdcoinheringaahing happy birthday!
@cairdcoinheringaahing Happy bday!
chat mini sandbox: CnR challenge to output "Happy Birthday, caird coinheringaahing!" and when exactly one character is moved, instead output "Happy Birthday, ChartZ Belatedly!" ?
seems potentially a bit too specific for a CnR tho; also it's brute-forceable in quadratic time to the length of the solution but that doesn't matter much
@cairdcoinheringaahing happy bday 🎂
2:55 PM
okay I don't think we need to ping them that many times
@hyper-neutrino Wecan instead ping you =D
@hyper-neutrino Hm, I'm not quite sure. I think we need at least one more pings before it's too many.
Uhm, I am having problems installing Jelly locally >.< Following the steps on the wiki just install Jelly as a python module. Not able to run it from the command line, but import jelly works
Ask about it on Stack Overflow :P
python -m jelly doesn't work?
2:59 PM
Oh, is it caird's birthday?
Don't ping @caird :P
@pxeger Ahhh, I forgot the -m!!
Hm, considering that C chat seems to be dead on SO chat, is this probably a good place to ask C questions or questions in general for programming?
@user No worries, no pinging of @c​a​irdco​inheringaahing here
@AMDG You'd probably get an answer quickly, but I'd discourage doing that super often since it's not really what the room's for
Hrm. Code Golf is actually quite interesting to me. If I understand correctly, it's seeing what the smallest implementation of a particular algorithm is?
3:03 PM
So uh... I guess codegolf=resource efficiency didn't win?
we are 100% fine with solutions taking until the heat death of the universe to run on N=3 so
We do have some fastest code challenges, actually :p
no, resource efficiency is not usually priority :P but yes, ^
Well apart from the recreational aspect... what's the point of having the smallest text/binary implementation of an algorithm if it isn't fast or practical?
3:05 PM
@hyper-neutrino umm while 1:0
@AMDG Code length is obviously way more important than any of that stuff :p
Well, put another way... I'm asking if I can ask optimization problems in here.
And whether or not it is off-topic for codegolf
Of course!
you can; we are called code golf and coding challenges because we have more categories than just golf :P
3:06 PM
you are looking for either for optimizing asymptotic complexity, for optimizing runtime speed, or for problems about optimizing some output (but that isn't a scoring criteria, so you'll need to add something like or one of the aforementioned ones (among others) to it)
If you post anything on the main site though, I'd definitely use the sandbox since there are a few rules and best practices for non-code-golf challenges that might not be immediately obvious
who has tried quick draw?
Hm, do you think my question about optimized integer division could then be moved from SO to codegolf under the optimization category? It was closed as unclear, but I thought "What is an efficient algorithm or implementation for computing reciprocals of 64-bit integers?" was clear enough.
CMC: "Hi, " + input + "!"
3:09 PM
Q: What is an efficient algorithm or implementation for computing reciprocals of 64-bit integers?

AMDGFor my circumstances as well as for general worst case, I would like to have an integer division algorithm that is on par with integer multiply, and an integer reciprocal algorithm seems to be a good candidate. An algorithm that employs valid results for unsigned integers of at least 64 bits is p...

@AMDG If you post it here, you'll need to either format it as a challenge, or make it a question.
@PyGamer0 lol, all six of my drawings failed
bruh my mountain is literally the most mountain-like of all of these: i.stack.imgur.com/rUo45.png
It got all of mine in under 10s lol
@AMDG fun!
I actually found something that I'm working on now after I realized that this is the same problem category as the problem we all did in school where we took coins from a particular currency and figured out how to compute a particular value with the optimal number of each kind of coin. (Does anyone know the name of that category, by the way? Explaining this every time is rather cumbersome.)
3:13 PM
change making problem
Is that really what it's called? Ok, but what is the name of its generalization to any discrete set of numbers?
It still has that name I think
knapsack problem
Well, that's honestly kind of disappointing and amusing at the same time to me.
3:14 PM
@hyper-neutrino yes its like taht. the net can correctly regonized random lines made by my brother.
Imagine that in the title of a formal research paper lol
(i think the bot is just stupid) i.stack.imgur.com/XQXub.png
my drawings are consistently far better than what it's recognizing, lmao
What is that top left one lol
Introducing the new Binary Keyboard!!!
i wouldn't even recognize that as a keyboard
it's the SO copy-paste keyboard kekw
(how are half of these recognized) i.stack.imgur.com/t5Avj.png
3:16 PM
a skateboard?
@AMDG it's definitely in a few
@hyper-neutrino it recognised this as a shark: i.stack.imgur.com/FEKNt.png
@hyper-neutrino its not a bot; its the next generation ai thats gonna take over the world
@pxeger what the fuck
3:18 PM
my artistic genius knows no bounds
> Draw Animal Migration in under 20s
i think my drawings have too many lines and aren't abstract enough
wizard hats are now sharks
lemme try again
Wow. So I've been discussing this on math SE chat, and I mentioned, "I feel like this is an NP-complete problem; that must be why this is taking so long." Sure enough...
> The decision problem form of the knapsack problem (Can a value of at least V be achieved without exceeding the weight W?) is NP-complete. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knapsack_problem#Computational_complexity
3:19 PM
aww, it didn't work i.stack.imgur.com/7K2Gh.png
Which raises the interesting question of why the inverse of simple functions like multiplication and integer exponents of discrete quantities have inverses that are significantly more costly to compute.
@hyper-neutrino ?
Why am I getting so many hard ones >:|
Stereo, animal migration, string bean, ...
that's what she said
3:20 PM
@pxeger Wait...she?
I think that one'd be more "that's what he said" lol
Yeah I know what it means
@user Y'all had to wait for the one time I've been away from that room to ping me 15 times :P
Thanks y'all tho :D
3:25 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Can we has cake nao?
@N3buchadnezzar Go ahead :P
@hyper-neutrino Surprisingly hard in Jelly
The problem with this neural net is that it learns to associate people's garbage drawings with something, then it'll continue to be reinforced by people making more garbage drawings :p
I dont see a problem there
@hyper-neutrino Because “ ½ċṭ6Ỵ» decompresses to ' ChartZ Belatedly', you'd have to do some annoying space trimming instead of just joining on spaces
Well it doesn't recognize my perfectly cromulent truck because a bunch of people are drawing bad ones :p
Although I am partially responsible for the bad drawings:
3:31 PM
@RedwolfPrograms you should have embiggened the truck so it could recognise it better
@cairdcoinheringaahing “6Ġ§çqØ», “½ċṭ6 Ỵ»t⁶¤j⁶”!
And why did you use j⁶ :P
don't ask
i am not smart
3:36 PM
> "Draw toothbrush in under 20 seconds"
> *draws a line* "Oh, it's a toothbrush"
> "Draw a dragon in under 20 seconds"
> "Wtf are you doing?"
It's not good with animals
python -m jelly eun '%Ȧ¬ɗ€ḋR{ 1000 [3,5]'
This wont work =(
@RedwolfPrograms why does the squirrel have a walkie-talkie?
It's a nut >:|
@RedwolfPrograms Thats totally nut a not
3:39 PM
user image
no flags right now but I'm stalking one of the math rooms right now as usual and holy shit
Okay you got me, my squirrel works for the NSA
@hyper-neutrino Is it stereotypical to say I am not surprised?
@hyper-neutrino I have just started ignoring math flags :/
I mean I have a degree in maths,I think I can be biased :p
@cairdcoinheringaahing i have done the opposite and started tracking math rooms for a day or sometimes even weeks after flags
I have the main math room starred now because I was tracking a recurrent troll lmao
3:40 PM
Whenever I ask people to tone it down and/or stop abusing flags, I get yelled at :/
Anyone know why Python wont run my jelly?
Are you on windows?
-1 VTC as no MCVE
4 mins ago, by N3buchadnezzar
python -m jelly eun '%Ȧ¬ɗ€ḋR{ 1000 [3,5]'
Oh right
3:41 PM
Try python -m jelly eun '%Ȧ¬ɗ€ḋR{' 1000 [3,5]
Linux, it runs fine on TIO =)
The command line args should be actual command line args
@cairdcoinheringaahing Not working it complains about [3,5]
Should these also be strings?
Maybe, how about python -m jelly eun '%Ȧ¬ɗ€ḋR{' '1000' '[3,5]'?
may as well just quote them to be safe
3:43 PM
Hey that works
I think [] is a weird thing in bash
Sometimes I found the documentation is a little lacking :P
Oh yeah, it's probably bash being weird ^^
@N3buchadnezzar That's probably why just running jelly doesn't work, I think that's a bash thing only
@cairdcoinheringaahing I'm pretty sure that's just a picture of an octopus, my drawing is so accurate :P
3:45 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Octopuses have 8 legs
It cut me off :P
I drew 3 and it guessed it :P
Is fastest code like code golf where it's per-language?
It seems like making it so only people who know C/Asm can be competitive is bad
@cairdcoinheringaahing Why'd you ping me?
@cairdcoinheringaahing What is this?
@user Octopus
@cairdcoinheringaahing Please answer the above questions
@N3buchadnezzar No I mean the thing where you're drawing it
3:50 PM
@user The internet
caird uses brians, not the intertubes
58 mins ago, by hyper-neutrino
chat mini sandbox: CnR challenge to output "Happy Birthday, caird coinheringaahing!" and when exactly one character is moved, instead output "Happy Birthday, ChartZ Belatedly!" ?
@hyper-neutrino Seems like it'd be way more fun as code golf
that's something I was considering too
3:52 PM
A CnR based on some simple transformation usually isn't much fun imo
@cairdcoinheringaahing Just found it a couple minutes ago
@user Anarchy, gas explosion, spatula, hurricane, radioactive hourglass, swarm of flies in an oil puddle

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