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12:00 AM
eventually touched down, and damn i've never stopped that fast in my life! i suspect the pilot needed new shoes from pressing down on the brakes so hard
what was the german flight? we can't find it
it's there, but i think simon's got a few of the facts wrong
damn, avherald doesn't catch everything apparently
it has that one
they went off runway 11, not 4L
yeah just found it, haha
now I kinda want to find out the date I had my RyanAir landing and see if it's on here
12:03 AM
he only reports on what are officially "Crashes" "accidents" and "incidents", based on their official definitions
so a lot of stuff doesnt make it
2 hours later…
1:46 AM
so tell me more about your scariest landings @MarkMayo and @Doc ;)

Personally, I hadn't any real scary landing. THe most unfcofortable landing I had so far was in Amsterdam this winter. The day before our flight was postponed the whole day and finally cancelled because of a winterstorm. They next day we got an early morning flight that really made it to Amsterdam but then we hit the ground 3 times before the pilot could finally get it down in this windy conditions.
yah, i've had a few of them
in fact, one yesterday was pretty damn ugly
but as they say, any landing you can walk away from is a good landing
and if you can use the plane again, it's a great landing :)
lol ;)
yes today I also had a not so pleasant one
had to do a second try
as in a go-around, or just a bounce?
go around
first he bounced a couple of times and then I think there was not enough runway left and he pulled up again
but was a very small plane
2:10 AM
wow that'd be intense
6 hours later…
7:50 AM
bah rugby's not australian - go mock the poms
8:46 AM
@hippietrail I was asking about nudity in hot springs in NZ because of a Japanese person asking about hot springs in other countries, and I realized I didn't know the situation for NZ lang-8.com/302080/journals/1632103/…
9:40 AM
So I got inked this weekend! Wooo! :D
9:52 AM
what does it say?
You read or heard of Hitchhiker's guide?
Like the one where the mice build a giant computer?
Only to get #2 destroyed by some road construction project?
Yes, I remember that :)
@RoflcoptrException: I've had a few rather windy landings, but the one that probably scared me the most was with a really old 707 where the arm rests were coming apart. As we landed, the oxygen masks came down due to the plane bumping so hard. It was a scary moment of "Oh, $#!+", before I realized that we were on the ground, and thus everything was going to be alright (as long as nothing important fell off during taxiing)
@Jonas Yep. Exactly that! :D
Scary flight btw that you describe!
fortunately, the scary part was over fast
ok, time for lunch :)
10:26 AM
@AnkurBanerjee What is the cross inbetween the 4 and the two indicating? As a amateur mahjong player I recognise the 4 and the 2, but not the cross.
Oh that's a 10. So a number like 42 needs needs a multiplier...it reads 'four ten two'
Ah thanks
Do you know of a resource where I can understand this way of numbering? I am kind of a numberphile, loving for example the way the french depict 80 as 4 times 20
If you're specifically talking about Chinese, the Wikipedia entry on it quite comprehensive how the numbers are written, or fractions etc in Chinese. Japanese also uses the same numerals.
Chinese numerals are characters for writing numbers in Chinese. Today speakers of Chinese use three numeral systems: the ubiquitous Indian (Arabic) system used world-wide and two indigenous systems. The more familiar indigenous system are Chinese characters that correspond to numerals in the spoken language. These are shared with other Sinospheric languages such as Japanese and Korean. Most people and institutions in China primarily use the Indian (Arabic) system for convenience, with traditional Chinese numerals used mainly in some formal or ceremonial occasions such as on printed mon...
The Google Translate app can read that as '42' correctly too!
Thanks, I ended op at a different less quality wp article: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Numbers_in_Chinese_culture
Which brings me to an alternative reading of my tattoo: 'four' sounds like death, 'two' signifies happiness, and the ten well the ten looks like a plus sign.
11:24 AM
It is always important to know the deeper meaning. Once I bought a beautiful t shirt in China, only to be laughed at on return, since it actually was saying 100% cotton
at least it wasn't anything obscene
Hahahaha. What would be truly epic is if you bought a silk shirt or a woollen sweater and THAT said 100% cotton.
But, I was fairly sure of the meaning since I've studied elementary Chinese and also confirmed it with my Chinese friends. They told me the second interpretation.
11:47 AM
@hippietrail what's Australian? Short track speed skating?
12:14 PM
australian rules football of course
(not that i'm a fan of that either)
@AnkurBanerjee: i almost took a photo of a 42 for you yesterday
being on the ground isn't everything. next test is to not overshoot the runway (-:
@AndrewGrimm: in georgian everything is base 20 - more than in french
1 hour later…
1:33 PM
@Andra I think Hippietrail's at message was directed at you.
@hippietrail Why 'almost'? :(
3 hours later…
4:08 PM
@hippietrail ferries are different than freighters ??
yea i guess
@HaLaBi: yeah ferries are mainly for passengers, possibly in vehicles, with a fixed repeating route, though most also carry cargo
so, u want to get into a cargo ship?
@HaLaBi: while freighters are specifically for cargo. they're usually enormous ocean going ships, some take a couple of passengers but most people are unaware of this
freighter is the same word for freighter in planes...
5:07 PM
> Travelling as a passenger in ships which are used mostly for carrying cargo.
@AnkurBanerjee - the tattoo reads the same in Japanese too, which works out well for you :)
probably in korean too for anybody old enough to know hanja
@littleadv - while I understand you don't want to use chat, the site's rules do say that comments are not meant to be chatty and there's a reason it suggest you go off to the chat room. Each person comes here for their own reasons, but the faq rules apply to all.
probably in korean too for anybody old enough to know hanja
And the next time a person throws an insult around in the comments, I'm suspending hippietrail for mocking rugby ;)
5:19 PM
isn't that the sport where peple run and fight each other??
the only kind of football where kicking the ball is generally not done
there's lots of kicking!
esp when England or France are playing
Yay, I've got picking up Chinese/Japanese/Korean(?) chicks covered!
Although probably they'll run the other direction on seeing '4'
not so much fighting. but lots of falling over and getting back up again
also the only kind of football which is actually two kinds of football d-:
5:22 PM
i guess ice hockey is the best sport in the game
it has unwritten rules for fighting.... thats cool
maybe they do kick the ball in one of those kinds, but not in the kind they play in sydney. in the rest of australia they don't play either kind
han character tattoos are considered very gauche in east asia - people don't understand why anyone would get them
much like us westerners think east asians wearing t-shirts with random english words or phrases is weird
... except you can always change your t-shirt (-;
he can cut off his arm...
I'm sure it's the rage in Asia to get 'Big Mac' tattooed on your arm without understanding what it means.
pictures of cute bunnies and kittens with random inappropriate words like "vagina" or "fuck" seem to be disturbingly popular
the problem with ice hockey if you weren't raised on it is ... where the hell is that little puck thing? it's fricken invisible from any seat in the stadium!
there's a website of that
all the mistakes tattoos
5:26 PM
a canadian friend of mine years ago in australia got a han character tatt. he wanted "wild man" and got "field" (-:
@hippietrail there's a tech that draws a contrail behind the puck
they tried it out but the fans got really upset
that website is awesome! the best i saw was a guy with a character tatt on each forearm. ... together they meant "semen"! (=
all north american sports are chock full of endless tedious boring commercial timeouts for the TV ads where the action stops or they play silly games with somebody from the crowd
Probably intentional. Showing off about his motile sperm to mail-order East Asian brides.
no not intentional. the two characters separately were something like "spirit" and "power" or something
5:31 PM
there must be a website for inappropriate english usage in east asia too
let me dig out a photo ...
Just search for 'Chinglish'
you'll get lots of hits for ones that aren't really very funny though - like browsing 9gag d-:
man i'd really love to find a way to spend some time in seoul on the way home for some reason
man i'd really love to find a way to spend some time in seoul on the way home for some reason
eureka! inappropriate english sign found in seoul!
5:49 PM
Wasn't there also a book on the topic. Something like "no shitting in the toilet" Let me google a bit
yes that was the name of a travel book by an aussie years ago i think. great title!
My one favorite "chinglish" example is from a warning message on the ferry between Osaka and Shanghai. "In case of an emergency don't get excited"
they should ensure they only have dull or boring emergencies
but this is not what I was think about, there is also a a book with photo examples :(
Btw, open questions guys: have you come across experiences of people having problems in job interviews because of visible tattoos?
5:54 PM
hmm not in my line of work
Of course. :p
More the merrier in your line of work
work compatible tattoos are a bit of a wank in my opinion though d-:
they say "i'm only a wild boy when i'm not working for the man"
I think I'll ask this on workplace.stackexchange.com
"rebel (excepting monday to friday from 9am to 5pm)"
Do you want to work in a workplace where they want to make a fuss about something so personal?
Questions on stackexchanges are considered in job interviews ;)
5:58 PM
"tough, individual, cool, and reliably employed!"
i wonder if there's anybody who has tons of tattoos but only on the bits not covered by officewear? (-:
most employers i know monitor all stackexchange chatrooms
All very true. But I'm just wondering what company policy is in the software / electronics industry.
The aussie is Peter Moore
the travel writer
his book Swahili for the Brokenhearted was wesome
overlanded from Cape Town to Cairo
I am actually now looking for sysadmin person and honestly I wouldn't be bothered by a tattoo
but that is only one opinion
i often drop the phrase "no shitting in the toilet" into travel-related conversations pretty regularly and nobody has ever gotten the reference
Also, the people judging you in the initial stages of an interview are often HR people, even though eventually working in a technical team my manager / coworkers might not care.
Nice one @hippietrail! ;)
6:01 PM
ah yes i've heard of all those titles but read none of them. my reading list is more Dan Dennett and Hugh Selby Jr
HR people are a completely different beast from the actual people you may be working with.
You should also try to contact the initial manager, HR people usually make fusses about many things
we only hire people with prison tatts on the face
6:03 PM
man the interwebs are being very elusive right now
me being naive and blond, what is a prison tattoo?
HR people are the most likely to have tattoos just above where the work shirts' sleeves end
And then typically an initial of the ex from 5 years ago
do HR people buy their business shirts based on memorizing their tatt measurements in millimetres ... or do they get their tatts based on memorizing their business shirts' sleeve lengths?
you can make them outside prison though. in highschool start with a compass and a ballpoint pen with the end pulled off
prison tattoos are ones done without proper or sterilized equipment while in prison, either from another inmate or yourself
Listing questions are not allowed, otherwise What are epic travel novels would be epic
6:07 PM
sometimes prison tatts are administered as punishment. especially ones on the face. i remember a story of some guy who pissed off the other guys and they held him down and tattooed "i like fish n chips" on his forehead!
@Andra: we can always do that as a topic in our blog if we ever do it
Ask in literature.SE, if you can find some way of limiting scope.
There are quite some classics like the one on "No shitting in the toilet" or "are you experienced" that I know of, there must be a lot still to read
Lets start travelLiterature.se ;)
chat events could be for fun i suppose, not just for boosting our stats
or as part of a chat event
lit.SE is d.e.a.d.
I thought they got merged
hmm could be but i know it's gone
maybe just the scifi and fantasy bits or something like that
i tried to use it a bit but it was disappointingly crap
ooh we finally have the very ambigous tag!
do we fix it the way or the way?
apparently we already have so i would go with adding -state and not having the unhyphenated version at all
6:19 PM
Yeah I'd go with -state and -dc
Both are fairly common
@hippietrail did you already have flightlesstravel.com/plan/cargo-ships among your bookmarks?
ask on meta or get a diamond in the chat room to do the work? hell it has no tagwiki i could just nude and replace but then i'll eventually get the badge instead of the real first one to tag
@Andra: doesn't ring a bell. lemme look...
it lists some resources on cargoship traveling
well the interwebs are working again but now the battery is low and no outlet in sight... see how hard life is for us globetrotters?!
@hippietrail A bit late now, but for future reference kickstarter.com/projects/761285911/…
6:25 PM
isn't kickstarter for people who have money to give it to funky projects?
I love giving newbies training sessions at work where you sound knowledgeable, all while trying to cover your own cluelessness :)
it would be even better if it did solar tracking so you didn't have to keep moving it
A valid question might be to ask for epic travel books on overlanding from Cape Town to Cairo, for example
although it's s till really asking for a list
anyone here a web designer?
not that i think that would be a great question but i've said before that the "no lists" thing shouldn't be taken as dogma but as a way to say "no open ended questions"
yeah I know, thus the might - there might be a question in there somewhere, it just depends on the wording
6:30 PM
some questions pretty much ask for lists of one item or two items and i think they're fine
others ask for something very precise and get a long list of answers ... like longest tour
yeah, longest tour should have garnered one or two answers
knee-jerk reaction based on interpreting SE rules dogmatically considered harmful (-;
Any new answerer should ONLY be answering if they've found a longer tour than any on that list
but I still get more :/
no i think longest tours is absolutely fine as it is. it's not like before the question was here there was a single reliable go-to source of the one true answer
6:32 PM
well it's immigration, so yes
Well something like: "I am looking for a book I can read on the plane on Osaka, so I could do a walk in Osaka following the story when I arrive"
oi! no nude URLs!
seems okay.
immigration is off topic, and they're stating that they're moving from Canada to Washington
Q: Why shouldn't we use the word 'here' in a textlink

Paul OlyslagerOver the years of surfing on the web I have found numerous examples of people telling to not use the word "here" in a textlink. Personally I like the idea of using the word, because it is so straightforward for your visitors to know where to click. The only reason that I can truly think of is fo...

6:33 PM
I am not sure. You also need to import a car if you intend to travel for longer times
("this" is just as bad, next to the link instead of in it is worse. so there.)
@Andra - sure, but they do say they're MOVING to Washington
so if they change the wording
Nyah, most cases you can just drive between Canada and US. This guy is talking about moving.
you are right
sorry tried to be the devils advocate
6:34 PM
Different laws apply. I don't think it's like the EU where anything goes anywhere.
it probably does make a difference if you're going to become a resident vs being a visitor - it definitely does in australia
anything except headscarves or roma campsites in france
@AnkurBanerjee - you going to close it then? Or do you want me to?
I like this open and transparent discussion among admins +1
hey quit eavesdropping!
I am going to smack this question with my iron fist!
6:37 PM
I've occasionally thought about a private admin chat room, but it's nice when it's transparent
@Andra In cases of doubt, mods often discuss it here whether to close, what to do, etc. You should hang out here more often!
except when people refuse to come in the chat room to discuss an issue
We are looking for a sysadmin who can explain ODOSOS, hence the +1
similar question: travel.stackexchange.com/questions/882/… - but this time they are doing it for a travelling purpose, so it stays open
(sorry hippie, naked URLs are the best) ;)
stalin that MOFO question!
in georgia all new police stations are made of glass as a symbol of the new transparency!
6:40 PM
Even the toilet cubicles???
i don't like SLAs
@MarkMayo Lets leave that issue for what it is ;) My first "bad" travel.se experience
i'm not clicking that fricken nude URL - my browser memory is full! d-:
don't make me work on my vacation man!
Link whoring:
Q: Should I disclose about tattoos I have during a job interview?

Ankur BanerjeeI'm an undergraduate student in electronics / software engineering and I recently got a (visible) tattoo on my forearm (about 8cm / 3in) long. Now I understand this could be a problem, say, working in the retail sector where a company wants to present a professional image - but is it really a pro...

I wonder when we'll graduate... :/
only if you're also planning to disclose your drug experimentation stories and how you lost your virginity d-:
AKA don't answer any questions they don't ask
6:44 PM
Don't ask, don't tell. Got it. Although I hear that applies to a different context...
@Andra - they've continued to chat on other questions yesterday though - extended discussions. I locked the post, so it'll be interesting to see what they think of that. :/
@MarkMayo Which discussion?
nice and unclothed just how you lot like it
I deleted some more comments
@hippietrail Hahahahaha yes I read that on Ars
6:45 PM
@AnkurBanerjee - yeah I saw you cleared them out
the comments just keep going :/
I suggest a suspension if he does it again. That's what the Teacher's Lounge would say.
but miss he started it!
@MarkMayo Okay but at least THIS was an on-topic discussion.
I told him yesterday to come into the chat to discuss it, he said he doesn't come on here for a chat room. So I'll see if he says anything about me locking the post, and I commented and tagged his name a couple of hours ago in here
ok time to suspend before all my electrons are gone
6:47 PM
Even though they should be having it here.
on that answer yes, although it goes on for ages, but on the answer below there's more downvote war talks
Q: Getting driver license in Washington state when moving from Canada (BC)

VitaliyI live in BC, Canada and have Class 5 driver license. I want to move to the USA (state Washington) in H1-B status and wondering how I can get US driver license. I heard that there is some kind of agreement between BC and Washington state and no exams or tests needed, so it is simple exchange. Is ...

if he's moving to Washington, isn't this immigration too? :(
we could reword it to make it not immigration I suppose
i thought you just covered that question
two different questions
one was about a car, one is about the driver's license
(though it's hard to tell without clicking on the URLs you lazy buggers paste here)
Oh wait yes. Close that too. Even though it has an answer.
6:49 PM
100% expat
Indeed that question initiated a rant beyond comprehension. But what do you guys think of the initial question? I was constantly in doubt whether or not to vote it to close because it is more an expat question then a travel question. The thing is that I also know people doing this to fund their travels
ok by for now dudes
Bye bye!
i shall return
6:50 PM
sonofa you closed it 7 seconds before me
well he is asking about travelling and working
@littleadv We appreciate that you're carrying out extended discussions to try and get the right answer on that visa question, but you really should be having the discussions here. If you want, you can create a separate chatroom for those discussions between all the people there and ping them to join you. Comments are not the place to have extended discussions, hence the post was locked by @MarkMayo. It's just not StackExchange policy.
I am switching off. I will try to join you more often
See ya!
1 hour later…
8:30 PM
Q: How many days to know Tokyo?

RobertoI'm going for a 10-day trip to Japan and need to schedule it. For this question to not be specific for my case and useful to others, I'd like to know how many days is a good number to get to know Tokyo. This question is still very dependent on how long someone would stay in Japan, so let's say, ...

too subjective and vague, IMHO. Thoughts and votes appreciated.
I agree. If he doesn't edit, close
will give him an hour
since I'm sitting at my desk, bored, watching our deployment take all day
ooh i'm officially outspoken (-:
just like any 20-30 million inhabitant city, a few hours should suffice
8:48 PM
that georgia rescue question is timely - apparently a girl fell off a cliff just today or yesterday
9:23 PM
@Doc and @RoflcoptrException - avherald.com - plane impacted a mountain today during a go-around.
9:54 PM
@AnkurBanerjee: your tatt question is the hottest question in all of SE!
I'm so putting it on hackernews to see if I can get a referral badge on workplace
at least the answers are being consistent
we need a similar travel quesiton
like do any countries get upset about certain tattoos when you're entering their borders
1 hour later…
11:25 PM
and it's already in the top 100 questions on workplace
11:37 PM
Never thought it'd take off like that. o.O

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