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1:18 PM
can you <iframe> in github markdown?
all markdown only supports a subset of html for styling text and very rarely, adding images
Using this code: `const chooseRandomChallenge = _ => {
const randomNumber = 2.5e5;
window.location.assign(`/questions/${Math.random() * randomNumber | 0}`)
};chooseRandomChallenge();` you can find a random (usually old) challenge to answer in. With enough luck, you could end up on one with no answers in your favorite language!
this is sort of equivalent to redwolf's random question userscript
which adds a button to the page which you can spam to get a question you like
but you could also end up on an answer
1:34 PM
i haven't ended up on any answers from redwolf's script
I still have some local storage I can see with my eyes just in case
is apl a practical language
Annoying programming language
1:38 PM
@PyGamer0 yes it is
@Razetime where is it used?
It is used in the financial world, for production control, webservers, etc.
CMC: Given an abbreviation, output a random expanded version using a dictionary passed as input. For instance, if the abbreviation is TNB and the dictionary is [the, there, not, nineteenth, nanosecond, bread, bite, bit] then your code could output there not bread, for instance.
A valid expanded version is guaranteed to always exist.
1:40 PM
@RecursiveCo. Can we take everything in matching case?
wait when and how did my lang come into this list github.com/razetime/code-golf/blob/master/golflang-list.md
I can generate the list of valid combinations with iω‘}‖}Ͽ in yuno (list on left, string on right, for each letter in the right, filter the left by falsy index - 1 (1-indexed)) but unfortunately i don't have random select built-in
@PyGamer0 I maintain that list you know
@RecursiveCo. Can we return a list of words, or do we have to join with spaces?
1:45 PM
List of words is fine.
barely related but Ͽ is a nice character
i take it you completely ditched the kana codepage concept
Well you are the unrelated string, so posting comments about unrelated strings is encouraged when it comes to someone like you
@RecursiveCo. Dyalog APL, 18: {⍵[⊃⍤⍋⍤1?⍺∘.≠⊃¨⍵]} Try it online!
I got the nineteenth bit after running a few times
@RecursiveCo. ha
1:50 PM
@RecursiveCo. TIO doesn't use Python 3.8 ): How do you take input, is defining a function fine?
functions are cool here
@UnrelatedString yeah it got slightly annoying mostly because its width is different and i don't like the look of wide latin characters and also it was annoying to type
@Peilonrayz There is "python 3.8 pre release" even though we're at 3.10 by now
granted, my new codepage is not any easier to type
1:51 PM
@hyper-neutrino Ah, ty. I'm just blind D:
hence why i added a character composition system to my interpreter site
@RecursiveCo. Charcoal, 10 bytes: Eη‽Φθ⁼ι§λ⁰
Do we have a challenge to replace tabs with spaces while preserving the look of tab stops every 8 chars?
2:07 PM
not sure about this, but this is related
@lyxal Is this my (/Lynn's) corpus generator?
@RecursiveCo. Not at all. The main challenge here is the tab stops, not the substitution.
@cairdcoinheringaahing that sounds good
It looks like they won't be expanding outside of SO unless there is corporate interest in other sites in the network
2:17 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing that doesn't sound good
It sounds on par for SE
this doesn't sound good too
@cairdcoinheringaahing But what about corporate code golf collectives?
@Adám If dyalog wants to set up a collective on code golf, that'd be fun
Some corporate sponsorship here might get some more attention from SE
We could create a collective for each language
2:20 PM
We offer paid code golf workshops.
instead of having hundreds of language-specific chatrooms
@Adám how much does it cost
@RecursiveCo. £5000 for the first and £2000 for each rerun.
And what do you do in those workshops?
is it just a congregation
@RecursiveCo. We teach a bit about code golf and tips for golfing in APL, then we present problems, and then give time to solve while being on hand for questions, then we collect solutions and discuss them. Then we loop back to teaching etc. You can find materials from past workshops here and here (look for "TP3").
These were part of our IRL user meetings where individuals could pay about £1000 to participate (in the entire week of workshops and presentations), which is a bit different from a company paying for a workshop only for their people.
2:30 PM
prospective code golfers must be really rich to pay £1000, damn
Does anyone golf for a living?
@RecursiveCo. you can?
A: Do any of you golf for a living?

AdámYes, I do! I work for Dyalog. Part of my work is "spreading the word", and that officially includes code-golfs. In fact, our APL team is looking to hire, and we are more interested in golfers than regular programmers, as the former are more likely to have the right mindset. At least one active ...

I don't, but maybe someone is hired as a "Memory Saver" at a company
@RecursiveCo. Actually, my when father worked for IBM, they needed to translate between two character sets, but there wasn't enough memory for both tables while also holding the application code (this was way back then!), so the asked my father to golf the translation code.
2:34 PM
Wow, nice use case! Sad (?) computers have a larger capacity so we no longer have to golf
> Rodrigo stumbled on APL by accident in early 2020, as he posted programming challenges in an online code golf community. APL's simplicity, brevity, and affinity with mathematics got him hooked. Now Rodrigo is exercising his passions for teaching, programming, and mathematics, in an attempt to get many new people interested in APL.
on the dyalog website
@Anush hi. i had another look at this and i think you have a bug in the solution you use to check correctness: shouldn't cumweight+weight-capacity be capacity-cumweight?
@Adám Was it in APL?
I don't think so.
Jun 3 at 19:39, by Adám
Official document from my work:
Jun 3 at 19:39, by Adám
user image
I'll add this document snippet to the meta post.
3:08 PM
SO has a new design for badges on your profile page, apparently
Those are actually kinda nice
why is that censored?
ooh, nice. also i can still tell what most of those badges say
Also it doesn't show up for me. shouldiblamecaching.com? oh it's only on SO
or maybe not most, but several
3:10 PM
@pxeger Nah, just didn't want to show y'all my badges. My sock doesn't have any gold or silver badges (and it doesn't have an SO account) :P
@hyper-neutrino ಠ_ಠ
Doesn't look like its been mentioned on MSO
@user Where is that?
on the Profile tab
Only on SO
only for SO Public Q&A
3:11 PM
Strange. I thought they had unified the design of all sites. \○/
well that clearly isn't the case: SO is the only one with a dark theme, for instance
@Adám Perhaps it's in beta?
A/B testing?
Heh, your gold badge is much larger if you don't have any.
3:16 PM
I have the new badge design.
@AaronMiller I think pxeger meant Adam's comment
indeed I did
3:19 PM
some upvotes but still no answers....
ಠ_ಠ Someone vtced it as "Needs details or clarity"
What details would you like me to add? If you have eyeballs, you can see what I'm asking about ಠ_ಠ
i fear the Jelly/K answers :)
3:25 PM
wait, you can't browse the front page of SO without an account anymore?
@cairdcoinheringaahing Ugh, I'm remembering why I hate SO/MSO ಠ_ಠ
@RecursiveCo. wrong room perhaps?
Yes, wrong room
granted most people who use SO without an account probably have a specific thing to look for and aren't just there to scroll through things
3:27 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing "Welcome to Meta Stack Overflow!"
@cairdcoinheringaahing what's the question - is it asking when other sites will get the design too?
cuz "is there a new UI" can't possibly be the question because, well, it's quite obviously there :p
IK meta posts don't necessarily need to be questions, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@hyper-neutrino "This has changed. There has been no announcement of the change. Mind explaining?" I thought that'd be implied but obvious
@Adám in the future when things open up again have dyalog ever thought about either making conferences free or much much cheaper? might result in a lot more people going
@felipa Why specifically Jelly and K?
@Adám I guess I am afraid of APL too :)
3:29 PM
@hyper-neutrino while the main page is just a massive advertisement, you can still go to the questions page
@rak1507 Our conferences are actually at cost price.
@cairdcoinheringaahing probably will take a while; announcements tend to trail behind the updates :p
@totallyhuman ik, i was mentioning specifically the front page https://stackoverflow.com/
@felipa Why?
at least they fixed this :P
It costs a lot more to run a conference than the number you probably have in your head right now
3:30 PM
@Adám what about without accommodation + food though
@hyper-neutrino Yeah, I'm not expecting the design team to see my question and drop everything, but it does mean there is now a place for the explanation
If they post an official announcement and dupe-close yours into it that'd make sense but... details and clarity?
especially with no accompanying comment?
@Adám I am just being fun but I can't understand a word/byte of those languages
Bold of you to assume us elite SO users use Windows /s
3:31 PM
@felipa We can fix that.
@hyper-neutrino click the hamburger menu button
@Adám by rewriting in modula-3?
@felipa TBH i have an easier time understanding APL code than really well golfed + compressed JS code lol
and Jelly code even more than APL code
@hyper-neutrino fair point
@felipa By teaching you Jelly, K, and APL.
3:32 PM
@Adám first I need to get really good at julia and rust
@pxeger yes ik - i was specifically referring to the front page itself
@hyper-neutrino probably because most APL code isn't all that well golfed (or doesn't use as many 'tricks'), bc the language is concise in the first place
@hyper-neutrino Also, asking "questions" that point out changes isn't exactly an uncommon thing on MSE/MSO
@rak1507 true
@hyper-neutrino ?? that is the front page?
3:33 PM
@pxeger yeah you can't browse the front page because the whole thing is just an ad, but you can browse the questions page. that's what i meant
@hyper-neutrino Did you mean not-golfed APL code vs… or golfed APL code vs…?
like i don't see a page like this (minus the teams part ofc)
@hyper-neutrino Ooh, our first look at SE through the eyes of a mod.
@Adám well, even with golfed APL code, it's easier for me to just pick it apart step-by-step, usually mostly getting stuck on interpreting trains until recently :P
whereas with JS i see the whole thing and am just like "...what?"
3:35 PM
@rak1507 ^^
@hyper-neutrino Anything interesting going on in the Stack Mods team?
yeah fair enough
@Adám Doesn't look too different than from someone in a Team would see
keep in mind, it's not even like i never use JS at all and don't get it at all - i've written over a thousand (non blank) LOC of JS in the past few days
@hyper-neutrino Right, the difference between golfed and production APL is much less than between golfed and production JS.
3:36 PM
@Adám Looks cool. Maybe I should run for moderator.
@cairdcoinheringaahing yes, we are discussing the dutch take-over of the world
@RecursiveCo. or just make a team lol
I have never heard the term "run for moderator" being used ever.
@Adám yeah - true.
@hyper-neutrino Ah, how's that going?
@RecursiveCo. There are elections now and then.
3:37 PM
I know, but I've never heard anyone say "run for moderator"
@cairdcoinheringaahing Het gaat helemaal niet goed, over de Nederlanders hoef je je geen zorgen te maken.
run for [candidacy, etc] is pretty common at least from what i have heard
@user Er, I meant that it's not going well at all and you don't have to worry about the Dutch
@user I can almost understand that.
3:38 PM
@Adám Leuk, spreek je Nederlands?
@RecursiveCo. well just ctrl-f "run"
@user Oh, so that's why you wanted to make the Indonesian challenge. You were from the Netherlands, and you wanted to take control of Indonesia like they did 300 years ago
@user No, but I know 4 other very similar languages, so…
3:39 PM
@user Good, good. I can't wait for the mandatory stroopwaffels to be a thing :P
@user Danish, Swedish, English, and Jewish German.
stroopwaffels > waffles > ... > garbage > pancakes
Jewish German is a language? What's different about it? Curious now.
3:40 PM
Jewish German? How does that differ from standard German?
There's no pork involved
or sausages
or pork sausages for that matter
or beer
@RecursiveCo. sausages are not inherently non-Kosher unless they contain pork (or other stuff that's non-Kosher), are they?
Q: Give me odd, even, square, cube, prime and composite 3-digit numbers

ArnauldGiven a string which is guaranteed to be either "odd", "even", "square", "cube", "prime" or "composite", your program or function must return an integer \$100\le N\le 999\$ which meets this description. Rules Your code must be deterministic. The choice of the integers is up to you. However, the ...

3:43 PM
there's some sum(map(ord(x))%somethingweird%somethingelse that solves this in like 20 bytes isn't there
@NewPosts this is gonna be a lot of hardcoded answers and then one genius with some weird algorithm to turn the words into the right numbers
@hyper-neutrino Arnauld wouldn't have posted it otherwise ;)
the hard ones are 'cube' and 'square'
because there are way less of them than any other
3:45 PM
is it even worth submitting a hardcoded answer
i would say no. at least, i personally would not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
you can go full enklact with the second character of each
@RecursiveCo. @pxeger en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yiddish
I've never heard Yiddish called Jewish German before. Was that you just calling it that in case we didn't know what Yiddish was (or that it was linguistically close to Dutch)?
@totallyhuman yeah, magic formula using the second char seems plausable
interesting 8+ord(second char) gives 121 for square, and 125 for cube
all the others are wrong though, so ¯\_(⍨)_/¯
3:49 PM
@pxeger In the article, it says Yidish-Taytsh which is literally "Jewish-German" in the language itself. "Taytsh"≈"Deutch"
oh, I never knew that
ah well
It is commonly abbreviated to just "Jewish" (i.e. "Yiddish"), but only because of context. The same word is used to mean "Jewish" in the common English sense too, and there are Jewish versions of other languages too.
a rather trivial algorithm has been found
I expect all the rest will just port that
3:51 PM
E.g. Jewish Latin (actually Spanish) is called "Ladino"≈"Latina".
nice set of numbers though
i wonder how they found it
probably tested many and got lucky
I can confirm that.
Basically wrote a few short for loops in JavaScript, then found that 121 had a cube 4 places away. Then found that 127 was prime, and the rest, well, easy.
3:56 PM
There's gonna be some clever usages of by Jonathan, I just know it :/
there's probably no shorter approach but maybe there will be more interesting ones soon enough
Maybe if Arnauld allows numbers outside [100,1000]
Oh wow, those upvotes came in really quickly. 5 of them in 8 minutes.
I feel like the range limitation was specifically to disallow something like this
which is not especially interesting
@RecursiveCo. No, restrict it to [1,100]
3:59 PM
are there list literals in jelly?
good question
@rak1507 Yes
helpful :P
How do they look like?
4:01 PM
they can have brackets around them but it never comes up
also for integers within the range [0 .. 250] (?) there's a string terminator
4:16 PM
@totallyhuman scratch that, ovs found an actually shorter approach
@totallyhuman python specific magic formula
@totallyhuman Indeed. The challenge is not that boring after all
I feel like posting an md5 hash is not actually a solution
I'm brute forcing a Jelly hash solution, but it might take a while
@rak1507 Its better than posting a spoiler solution this early on
maybe as an edit to the post not an actual answer
4:21 PM
Hi @user16117347
@rak1507 I think it should be a comment for now, personally
the "convert to comment" feature causes some weird things to happen with markdown (granted, most things that get converted to comments are just a line or two of plaintext without formatting)
Well, Arnauld deleted his answer
No, I converted it to a comment
@hyper-neutrino Where is the comment?
4:33 PM
Arnauld deleted it :P
I've never had to use that, since PHP doesn't have a "comment" data type
ba dum tissss
5:29 PM
is anyone here working on the knapsack question?
@felipa this? anush might be
6:13 PM
Huh, did I misremember that there was a meta-consensus about taking strings as codepoints?
6:34 PM
@xash You may be thinking of this, which allows numbers to be input/output as characters, not the other way around
anyone know how to sort in O(n) time
not possible if you mean just "take any random list and produce those elements ordered by some comparator"
no just to sort a list by its numeric value
for example: [4, 2, -1, -3] -> [-3, -1, 2, 4]
that's... what i mean
"less than" is a comparator
6:41 PM
how do you find when you were pinged in the chat?
and no, that is not possible (to sort in linear time)
@ngn it should be return ((capacity-cumweight)/weight)*(density*weight) + cumprofit
@Anush What?
@Anush you can still cancel the weight-s
@felipa me
6:44 PM
@Anush if you go to https://chat.stackexchange.com/users/<your-id>/?tab=replies you should be able to
just go to chat.stackexchange.com and click you name in the topright and click "replies"
@felipa there is no sort that works on an indefinite list in O(n) time
you need at least O(n log n)
yes, but this challenge doesn't require a sort
or at least, not "sort the whole list" which is linear log
@cairdcoinheringaahing That was probably it, cheers!

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