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6:00 PM
Because it was literally written to do so, before you guys got a whole bunch of backlash for it
that is incorrect, actually
maybe our initial verbiage wasn't clear, and made it look like that was the goal
that was never the goal
the verbiage was not updated to "tackle backlash," but instead to clarify that that was never the intended case
@JNat Sorry, that was a bit of an assumption - it definitely appeared that way
hence the clarification ;)
@JNat This isn't really a question about the ad requirements, but more why decide on a window for submission? It has been shown repeatedly across the network that having a dynamic ad roll works, and is a useful thing - this seems to only have downsides
@cairdcoinheringaahing Our minds naturally draw connections where they seem logical to exist. It does a lot of good things for us as people but it can also lead to forging negative assumptions about why people act in certain ways. I think we all kinda have to struggle to identify what is an assumption and what is known. :)
6:05 PM
@Catija Indeed, sorry if that was curt @JNat :)
@cairdcoinheringaahing As I mentioned on MSE, there's legacy unmaintained code that we needed to do away with. That being said, this is a trial, and (again, as I've mentioned on MSE) after it's over we're gonna be seeing if adjusting the cycle rotation is necessary. A quicker, quarterly rotation is not off the table, for instance :)
Apologies if this is annoying, but can more people check on the Sandboxed KotH I have. As previously said, the URL is codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/2140/…
@JNat Is the current plan to have them yearly, with the cycle beginning in January (like the last system)?
@cairdcoinheringaahing that was the proposed approach, yes. Feedback on MSE suggested that at least a 6-month rotation might be more appropriate. Nothing here is definitive, as I've pointed out several times on MSE :)
It should be noted that engagement with these posts has been somewhat dwindling over the years, so investing more resources in automating them at this point seemed premature, hence the trial
But automations would be necessary if it was going to be more frequent because doing it manually is a lot of effort. :)
6:12 PM
^^^this, yes
@JNat So what is the goal of those restrictions?
@JNat Doesn't the new system require much more manual work? I assume that checking for restriction compliance is a manual job.
@Adám we're providing the community with a paid service for free — that's the ability to use our ad space. I think it's reasonable that we reserve the right to not allow for that space to be used to promote direct competitors, don't you?
@JNat Absolutely. But since Codidact is a direct competitor, then you would want to disallow all ads to Codidact, no?
@Adám not "much" more work, but a bit more for sure (at least for me individually). May not be the case in future iterations, if there's enough engagement to warrant dev work on automating some bits of it.
6:21 PM
@Razetime Aww, missed a chance to use my sock
@Adám Your misconception is the reason why I clarified the verbiage on MSE. As I mentioned, there is no problem with the Judaism site on Codidact to be advertised on the Judaism site on SE — we don't sell ads on our Judaism site, for instance.
I can see why "projects that are competitive to Stack Overflow, broadly construed" would make it sound like Codidact is "a direct competitor" (to use your words)
the "broadly construed" bit, in particular, generates confusion
that's why the new verbiage focuses more on the "technologists" bit
@JNat So there's also no problem with the Code Golf site on Codidact to be advertised on the Code Golf site on SE, as you don't sell ads on your Code Golf site either, right?
we do sell ads on Code Golf, though
and the target audience is much closer to SO's
Oh, I didn't realise that. I've never seen those.
open a question on an incognito window
6:26 PM
I think "technologists" is slightly confusing because a technologist can be interested in a great number of things that have no tech involved... I mean, the entire SE platform was built around the idea that devs wanted to talk about more than only programming... like cooking. So, it's more reasonable to focus on tech-centric subjects than on the people who participate in them.
you should see a banner ad or two
I honestly don't think I've seen an add on cgse ever
Probably because you have rep now (or an adblocker?)
@Catija I've now opened a bunch of Qs in an incognito window, and I only ever see community ads, and ads for Stack Overflow for Teams.
6:29 PM
even on an incognito window none are showing up
no adblocker either
@Adám do you have some ad blockers, or somesuch?
No, but even if I had, incognito would disable all add-ons.
@JNat Why do you sell ads here and not on Judaism?
oh nvm one just showed up guess I was just unlucky
Maybe it is browser based. I use Firefox.
@Catija @JNat Have you checked if you ever get any clicks on your paid ads here?
6:30 PM
ah it might be firefox's tracking blocker thingy
Users with over 200 rep have a privilege to hide ads... but it's not on the privileges page for some reason.
Maybe it is location-based? I'm in the UK.
I see ads in Incognito in Chrome, although not in a private window in Firefox
@Adám turned off the tracking protection?
6:31 PM
@Adám I haven't, but I'm sure the Ads team is doing their job, yes ;)
Ah, I get ads in Chredgium.
Chredgium lol
> Chredgium
I find it hard to believe people click on coding ads on a code golf site
I can't get 'em on FF either, I guess
6:32 PM
@rak1507 idk about Adám, but turning off extensions in FF didn't show ads either
@JNat Sorry if you've already answered my question. "sites where ad buyers are primarily targeting technologists". If CGCC were to want to advertise a site which takes ads from Codidact (or another competing service) wouldn't be allowed? Or do you mean any technology like a cloud provider.
I turned off Privacy Badger and my adblocker in a private FF window and I'm still not getting any, lol. get them fine in chrome tho
@cairdcoinheringaahing Because we focus on selling ads to tech companies. We don't have experts with contacts in subjects of interest to the community on Judaism. We have tried to ensure that ads are relevant to the sites that host them. We don't sell ads specifically for CGCC, we use the same ads we use on SO and the other tech sites.
@cairdcoinheringaahing You'll have to make any final edits to (and post) the blog, I'm super busy for the next few days.
hmm yes I want to become a full stack jelly developer
6:33 PM
@RedwolfPrograms Sure, will do :)
@rak1507 You might just get to do that if caird starts a company :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing if you ever start a jelly company hmu (you can pay my salary in jelly if you want)
@cairdcoinheringaahing we used to only have ads on SO — our main target were devs, or technologists as we say now
@JNat @Catija Sorry for speaking on false assumptions. I didn't imagine that ads were browser-specific.
@Catija Can we request that you stop selling ads here (as in, is that a feasible request if it were made)? I doubt that any of your ad income comes from us
@rak1507 Will do :P
6:35 PM
^^ Despite being a site involving coding, many of us aren't real programmers/technologists, who probably use SO anyway
@Peilonrayz does the convo around here answer your question?
SE needs an income. I don't mind letting companies pay SE to display ads in Chromium-based browsers.
Of course you don't, you use Firefox :P
seems like there's not much benefit for anyone running ads on cgse in particular though
6:37 PM
(but ^^^^ I don't mind seeing ads in FF either)
@rak1507 So what? I suppose it still earns SE a little.
@Adám Yes, but I doubt there is any real income from us. My question is more "if we ask for you to disable them, is there any chance the answer will be anything other than no?"
VTC our advertisements as off-topic; topics related to general programming subjects belong on SO :D
didn't they get bought for like a bajillion dollars I'm sure they're doing fine
@JNat No, "we do sell ads on Code Golf, though". I want to know what the second clause means, would CGCC be allowed to promote a site which takes tech ads?
6:38 PM
@rak1507 That's not really how it works...
@rak1507 SE still needs to keep earning for Prosus
I couldn't really care less about big corporations making a profit
Well you didn't just buy SO for a bajillion dollars :p
true :P
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ They need profits to keep running
6:39 PM
@user when the pro is sus
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, Jun 2 at 16:17, by Redwolf Programs
Prosus is obviously quite pro-sus
Redwolf ninja'd you by 15 days :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing I don't really have an answer to that, to be honest. We're pretty separate from the Ads department in most ways. This Community Ads thing is an odd exception.
Time to add some more questions under the tag :P
@Peilonrayz if that site's primary focus was the same as ours, generally speaking it'd be disallowed — that's the intention of the clause. That being said, what I said here might be helpful.
6:41 PM
Q: Please don't lock the Community Ads after August 2nd

caird coinheringaahingThis may be more on topic for MSE, I might move it there if so. For now, I believe this is directly applicable to us The Community Ads for 2021 post was posted earlier today, in a trial run of the new advertising system. Currently, at writing, it is at +1/-6 and has 4 "Needs details or clarity" c...

@JNat Not so clear to me. Can you explicitly confirm that linking to sites that cater and advertise to "technologists" are OK as long as none are directly in competition to SE's sites that have ads on Chromium-based browsers?
@NewPosts ಠ_ಠ As soon as I post that, someone downvoted the Ads page making my count off
@NewPosts is your request here that you be left out of this trial, and instead we keep the 2020 post active 'til January?
@JNat No, my request is that on August 2nd, you don't lock and close the ads post
@JNat Ok, if "that site" is the linked site not the ad site; "sites where ad buyers are primarily targeting technologists" sounds redundant to me. Thanks.
6:45 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing I think you might be missing the fact that this new system requires me manually giving our Ads team a list of ads
there won't be an algo picking the ads, like before
E.g. TIO has ads for a commercial programming language, a commercial .NET library, and a hosting provider. SE doesn't do any of those things, so OK?
leaving the post open serves no benefit
@JNat Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think you've mentioned that once since the first post announcing the change - there's no way I could've known that
@Adám judging by that description alone, that should be fine, I'd say — if something similar got proposed, and for some reason it wasn't allowed, I'd make sure to clarify why that'd be the case
But also, that doesn't sound like a good system. Why would you de-automate a system that already works fine?
6:47 PM
Sounds to me like the main manual work is the annual solicitation for ads.
@cairdcoinheringaahing that's... the unmaintained legacy code we need to get rid of ;)
I thought that was clear by now :P
@Adám under the old system, yes
Humans are quite a bit more legacy and unmaintained, IMO :p
@JNat So instead of rewriting and improving the legacy code, you're just... removing it in favour of people?
It doesn't sound very complicated to automate the yearly posting of the solicitation post, but what do I know ¯\_(⍨)_/¯
Have I mentioned this is a trial, and that further automation work might be a possibility in the future? ;)
6:50 PM
@Adám doesn't sound very hard to upload a few text files either, something something people in glass houses... :P
@JNat Yes, but the focus on automation should be to automate the existing (good) system, not to automate a new inferior system.
@JNat Yes, but in my experience with trials, they generally have 97% of the process finalised and the trial is about the 3% that can be modified. Automation would be a pretty large part of such a system
@rak1507 Hold on, it is not because of lacking automation that we didn't publish all submissions.
There's exactly one thing that this should have been: expanding the Community Ads to allow ads of questions. All the rest is fluff that detracts from that and makes the newer system worse than the existing one
@Adám oh I thought it was bc someone would have to manually go through it and remove personal information and whatnot
6:53 PM
Replacing legacy code with humans just seems like replacing an old car with a tricycle
Folks, I hope me stepping in here was at least a bit helpful, but I need to step away now.
If y'all wanna close my post, and opt out of this altogether, that's always an option
@JNat For sure. Thank you for taking the time. Keep in mind that we all want the best for the community.
@JNat Would that mean keeping the old system (for now)?
just thought I'd give the community an opportunity to not only try out this new system, but also to show that they still find this initiative valuable
@Adám no, the old system will not be an option going forward
@rak1507 No, we could totally have done that. Nobody asked for that (until much later), and nobody has officially requested that we start doing that. There's a contact email address, y'know…
@JNat So what happens if your post is closed? No community ads?
@Adám I mean, I'm trying to clarify as much as I can, and honestly didn't foresee that any community would decide to close the post
I'm not saying it being closed is a disqualifier from running the initiative, because I didn't foresee I'd need to consider that
so... dunno
6:58 PM
Yeah, I'm still not sure about why people are closing this? What is and isn't allowed is a bit uncertain, but I think that means it should require some discussion with JNat (aka this), not that it should be closed
@JNat OK, I'll let you go. There's still plenty of time to continue the discussion. Thanks for stopping by!
The one thing I'll mention, though, is that if it gets closed I'm not gonna make this into a battle over whether it should be open or not — y'all get to decide whether this is useful for your community or not, flaws and all ;)
Also, and I hate to say this, but CM posts (and staff posts as a whole) are kinda different from everything else we get - they're generally cookie cutter posts that apply to multiple other sites, and that discussion is usually the appropriate thing to do over closing
before I go, thought I'd just mention that maybe it's a good idea if y'all wanna see what EL&U, RPG, and SF&F are proposing, so you can see how this can be used differently from the previous version of Community Promotion Ads ;)
not saying we can't discuss how this can be better next time, of course
Heh, I guess we can put targeted advertisement on CR: Stop worrying about the quality of your code – byte-count is all that matters!
7:04 PM
@Adám lol. I'd find the ad funny, the rest of the site... ;)
So, if I understand correctly, JNat is a Community Moderator who is doing stuff regarding ads, and other people are angry because of new clauses. How right am I?
And new systems for ads.
I wouldn't say angry, but certainly not happy
@4D4850 JNat is a Community Manager, who works for Stack Exchange as a "liason" between the company and the communities. SE has designed a new system for Community Ads ( for me) and they've just rolled that out as a trial. We're part of that trial and we've been expressing some concerns about the new system
Ok. So, not very far off, but still not correct.
JNat just happens to be the CM who posted the thread - no one is angry with them in particular (or, hopefully, anyone else), we'd be expressing these opinions regardless of who posted it
7:16 PM
Ok. So, it's just SO doing advertisement stuff, and JNat was the bearer of bad news.
More or less, yes
Interestingly, it appears we're the only site where this has been downvoted
one might say, SO was doing Badvertisement stuff (Cue badly done ba-dum-tss)
CMP: For the blog, any suggestions for overlooked impressive challenges/answers or esoteric languages that could do with a little bit of exposure?
I'll be posting the blog post in a few hours, feel free to reply to that until then with any nominations. I'll pick a couple to include
I think Razetime had a list
@cairdcoinheringaahing There's this little language called Vyxal that's virtually unheard of :p
7:24 PM
There's also an esoteric golflang called APL
As for challenges and answers, every post by this user is amazing
@user Strongly disagree, most of their posts are boring FGITWs :P
@user I totally agree, that user is the best on the site for sure
7:37 PM
@RedwolfPrograms That reminds me, I did a few Plumber answers
@rak1507 But Jelly doesn't have a stack...
@AaronMiller Those are all pretty cool! I've been planning to make a better Plumber interpreter soon, then undelete the LotM nomination for it
@cairdcoinheringaahing Everything's a stack if you're brave enough :)
@cairdcoinheringaahing Btw here's an esolang named StackExchange. It's not very good, though, I made it mainly as a joke
A: "Hello, World!"

4D4850P'', 62 Bytes This answer doesn't meet the technical restrictions, because P'' has no I/O, but I think it hasn't been done yet. +[-->-[>>+>-----<<]<--<---]>->>>+>>+++[>]<<<<+++------<<->>>>+ It is just the shortest known BF answer, but without the I/O, which makes sense, given BF is a derivative...

@user Good job. You fooled me.
7:44 PM
I want to create a fastest-code challenge, but I really don't want to have to run everything on my machine :(
Steal someone else's and run it on that
@Underslash Yes, it is really a problem. There's no TimeItOnline.
Yeah, I didn't realize there was a Hello, World feed. Still though, I think pdbl is a unique language, given it's derived straight from the turing machine.
Why not write a TIO in a common language, and time it by comparison. New_code / old_code. If everything runs over TIO, it should be fine right?
TIO doesn't run on one single machine with the same specs
7:46 PM
In short - TIO isn't great for timing
Q: Is TIO acceptable for fastest-code questions?

user9206I like to ask fastest-code questions. However, I don't want to run everyone's code on my PC, partly because I only have access to a slow Windows laptop at the moment and I can't imagine I could even run most code in most languages. Is it acceptable to ask people to include a TIO link in their...

Ah, I thought the backend was a server park or something.
@cairdcoinheringaahing This answer is pretty cool. May or may not be good for the blog. codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/106079/detect-ms-windows/…
Not sure about that one. It's old, upvoted, and by a deleted user.
Fair enough. I just thought it might be kinda cool.
may I suggest an answer?
7:56 PM
Please do
8:06 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing I'd like to suggest this answer
@AaronMiller That's insane, and deserves well more than 4 upvotes :P
Pretty neat that Vim is turing complete.
Anyway, once again, sorry, but can someone please take a look at my sandboxed question and provide recommendations or say that it's all good. URL still is codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/2140/…
@cairdcoinheringaahing Thanks, it was a lot of fun to make! I'd still like to golf it at some point, though.
@4D4850 I'd suggest including the equation in the question and explain what floating points mean
8:22 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Done
@4D4850 Ah, sorry. I meant explaining what a floating point output means. For example, if I return 0.5, what does that represent?
That's the main issue I see with posting it atm, its not clear what the outputs mean, and the equation needs some explanation (what are \$R,S,T,P,a,b\$ etc.)
Attempted to fix.
More fixing attempted
@cairdcoinheringaahing @RedwolfPrograms Do either of you have any other problems? I pinged redwolf since I know he/she/they have experience making KotHs.
When you say global variables are allowed, does that mean the bots can set arbitrary global vars to store things?
🪦Here lies Wezl, mauled to death by a mob of angry pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
@RedwolfPrograms Yes. I clarified that in the sandbox post.
8:35 PM
That seems like a bad idea, due to possible collisions. I think typically a mutable value like a dict is passed to the bot so it can store things in that.
Ok. I'll try to figure out how to do that.
@cairdcoinheringaahing I'm guessing recent is good?
@Wezl Yes, but not required
@4D4850 I've updated the equations to be slightly clearer
I think reformatting it a bit would increase the clarity.
@RedwolfPrograms I added a dict.
8:46 PM
A more common structure would be background, then the equations and how the game works, then the more technical stuff and specific rules
@RedwolfPrograms Now formatted slightly better
I'd move the "Forbidden Stuff" and "Generic Stuff" below the equations
@RedwolfPrograms Done that now.
A: "Hello, World!"

smarnavæae, 483 nibbles (241.5 bytes) ââââäââââââââæėâââââäęęęęęęęęęęęęęęęęęęęęęęęęæėâââââäęęęęęęęęęęęęęęęęęæėâââââäęęęęęęęęęęęęęęęęęæėâââââäęęęęęęęęęęęęęęæėâââäâââââââââââââââââæėââââââââââåæėââââäâââââââââââââââââââââââæėâââââäęęęęęęęęęęęęęęæėâââââäęęęęęęęęęęęæėâââââäęęęęęęęęęęęęęęęęęæėâââââäęęęęęęęęę...

@smarnav Are you able to store a file with a fractional count of bytes and supply it to your interpreter?
8:56 PM
we have a feed/bot for new hello world solutions now?
If not you unfortunately can't have a fractional bytecount - the definition is basically how much information you need to store and feed into the interpreter (which is also why your language needs to have an interpreter before being used) - whatever encoding you choose is cool by our standards but what matters is the raw bytes you feed into the program.
@totallyhuman Pretty recently added, yeah
Probably less than a week ago
@totallyhuman see this and its dupe target for the discussion
i for one welcome our new overlords
was completed a bit over a week ago
8:57 PM
@totallyhuman username checks out? :P
never a doubt
𒀰 is a single Unicode character...is it wider than the one with the checkerboard pattern?
𒈙 is longer
@hyper-neutrino my work-in-progress interpreter uses unicode, but the language had a 4-bit codepage, that is not implemented, and outputs in ascii. I definitely NEED to rework the io system :P
you mean this one?
and no input so...
9:00 PM
Aw, it's not as long
@smarnav if you can't actually store fractional bytes you need to round up
well there is
thats a single character
im just going off this reddit.com/r/Unicode/comments/5qa7e7/… post
@Underslash That's about the length of well in my system's font
@Underslash I think in most fonts that character renders way smaller, but it still is technically the biggest
in my system font that's the width of the entire "well there is" :P
9:02 PM
@smarnav I'm working on a language that uses something like Huffman encoding, and I'm using the first three bits to say how many bits at the end are padding. Would something like that work?
*work for you
I'm going to need to update my README in github. SO devs should really have a button that allows pull requests between GitHub and SE questions and answers.
@4D4850 You can use GitHub actions to do something like that yourself, but it'd probably be a hassle
I doubt the devs are going to do anything like that, it's not something that's needed often
9:03 PM
I see what Underslash sees (without the green)
@smarnav since you have a command that does not do anything you can just stick one at the end of your program to make it look pretty and bring the bytecount to an integer :P
Yep (and FF too)
but yes, windows
9:04 PM
I see what Underslash sees (with the green) :P
I see green
I'm on Chrome and Chrome OS (Linux-based), don't think the browser matters though
Debian and Firefox
TIL caird can see through other people's eyes
9:05 PM
sandbox ಠ_ಠ
Use the Sandbox instead
@user I am other people
need spam flags on [both answers gone, thanks y'all] please
Use the sandbox
@cairdcoinheringaahing ...
9:05 PM
interesting that it actually clips the top and bottom of it
@hyper-neutrino also, I forgot, € is required to be the first character of the program
CMQ: double the amount of bitcoin in my wallet
Just use coinsquirt. I bet five people get that reference
9:06 PM
@hyper-neutrino How'd you find them?
@user charcoal
how is the first one spam?
@rak1507 The answer
@rak1507 the answer is gone now so it silently links you to the question
9:07 PM
@rak1507 Its been nuked :P
oh, ok
It is VLQ tho
see this meta discussion
@Underslash Done.
I'm assuming you have 0 bitcoin in your wallet :P
correct :)
9:09 PM
@hyper-neutrino I have updated it.
Do I get a 50% commission for doubling your money? :P
now if you want to double the amount of eth I have in an actual wallet . . . that'll be $30
yeah ill transfer 0 btc to your wallet
Here, you dropped an 'm' :P
Anyway, @RedwolfPrograms Any other recommendations. Apologies for being probably annoying, but I want to make sure it's good before I post it on CGCC Proper.
For the sandboxed post.
9:25 PM
@user I nearly swallowed that up :p
How did no one star that?!
@AaronMiller And how this doesn't have more upvotes is beyond me
@cairdcoinheringaahing I feel like people know ///, but it's an elegant and simple one. Same with Thue, could probably do them together.
@user toxic lol :)
If you want to find ///, search for it as "slashes"
@Underslash right?!
@cairdcoinheringaahing also what does FGITW mean?
@Underslash :( How is it toxic?
@Underslash Fastest Gun In The West; basically, answering really fast gives you more votes, which is called the FGITW effect
9:33 PM
oh lol
Sometimes on SO, two high-rep users agree to a duel, and whoever shoots the other one gets to take all their rep. That's how Jon Skeet has so much rep (and keeps repcapping)
I wouldnt say all of my posts are like that . . .
just most of them :D
That's...not star-worthy, honestly. Neither is my previous message imho
@user I vote let's go change the definition of FGITW to this
@user Are you accusing me of bad taste?
the second one is somewhat funnier, i starred it but i will be happy to retract that :P
the /users/current joke is pretty old tho
9:35 PM
Oh really? I didn't know it
^^ and ^^^
You are you uppetying?
On second thought, I think the second is borderline okay, since it was made by the awesome user user, but not really the first (no offense AviFS :P)
@AviFS I'm accusing myself of bad jokes :P
Then you're accusing me of liking bad jokes. Hmph.
@user (also I don't want to disagree with a mod)
9:37 PM
well it's not a bad joke :P it's just been used several times, which is probably why it didn't accumulate any stars previously :P
This. So much this.
@AviFS I take it back, now that HN said it's not a bad joke, I think it's a very funny joke and you have exquisite taste
hey wait a second
this was starred
:( :( :(
hmm... I have come upon a pretty ok question, but I don't know how to put it.
sandbox it and we can give feedback on how to clarify this
if you just have a vague idea you can also ask in chat first to quickly see if it's a dupe, if it'd be viable, etc before sandboxing
9:44 PM
@StackMeter Analyzing data on ducks that walk, talk, quack, fly, swim, and tango differently
my idea is a program that performs the xor cipher on stdin, with a random key, and outputs the output of xor, and the random key
@hyper-neutrino has this been done before?
@smarnav I don't think it's a dupe, but I only did a quick search.
is this similar to your idea?
or how about this
if it's just "take a line of input, generate a random bitstring, and output the bitstring and xor", even if that's not a dupe, it's really boring
@user Glad to have you back!
9:59 PM
Ok, I'm posting the blog post in an hour (23:00 UTC), it'd be good to get a couple more nominations for languages/challenges/answers :)
@4D4850 I went to do something right before you posted that, but yeah it looks fine to me.
@hyper-neutrino ok, then I have an idea; The program will print "XOR Cipher Encoder", then take input in the command-line "Encode-> ", take input "Key----> and print the answer. If you pass the source code as both the input and the source reversed as the key, it will print a decoder, which will really only have to swap "Encoder" with "Decoder" in those print, and input statements.
@smarnav I made a python script to do that. It's
xortextin = input("Encode-> ")
xortext = xortextin.encode('ascii')
xorkeyin = input("Key-> ")
xorkey = int(xorkeyin)
outstr = 0
for i in range(len(xortext)):
  out = xortext[i] ^ xorkey
  outchar = chr(out)
  if i != 0:
    outstr += outchar
    outstr = outchar

Guess you can't move the "messages moved" message :/
Q: Floating Point Prisoners Dillema

4D4850Floating Point Prisoners Dilemma Background So, nowadays the popular Prisoner's Dilemma variant is the Prisoner's Trilemma, where there are three options. I can easily see that being increased, so I figured Why settle for three options, when we can have INFINITE options? Therefore, I created th...

10:18 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

userPrint this text in Scala programming-puzzle scala Print the following text and nothing else: <html> <body> <p>HTML is kinda annoying</p> </body> </html> I'm happy I'm not a web developer. The catch? Your code will replace the ? in this template: print(<?>). You can paste your completed...

@SandboxPosts Most likely, no one will answer this, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Was the question a ploy to see if you could do html formatting in those box things.
No, it's a serious question
Ok. I just wondered because that seems like something I would do.
I wouldn't need to post a question in our Sandbox for that, there's a different Sandbox, and also previews, for testing that
10:21 PM
10:45 PM
I just saw the rpg se chat, and I am wondering, if it would be possible for this room to have a cool theme as well
No easter eggs for us :(
Search for "easter egg" in the top right bar, though, you'll see some interesting results
@smarnav Unlikely, SE is moving away from custom themes
ok but what if i want to actually search the room for "easter egg" now
you'd be lucky if SE chat search let you search the room for anything you actually wanted
fair enough lol
10:53 PM
Now no one will be adding community ads for a while
Someone should take the statements from Catja and JNat, and edit them into the post. After that, we can vote to reopen it.
@totallyhuman Chat search is so broken, you can't even search for e
Did we make history in closing a staff member's post as unclear?
I don't think so
10:57 PM
Is it the kind of history we want to make?
@lyxal What was the point in closing it, then? Even if everyone agrees it's not a great change, closing it isn't going to help
This community is unique in many ways. We also have the most answered post on the network.
which one?
Probably the sandbox
The sandbox.
sandbox presumably

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