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12:22 AM
@Anonymous spelling's not my strong point either, don't worry @TheLethalCarrot
1:15 AM
@AncientSwordRage I was making a joke (because the spelling wasn't right on that either), sorry if it came across as criticism.
@Anonymous it didn't
yesterday, by AncientSwordRage
@Randal'Thor counting is not one of my strong points
1:57 AM
Q: Looking for the name of a sci-fi short story about composing music

Richard OstranderI am looking for the name of a short story I read years ago. I thought it was written by Philip K. Dick, but now I'm not so sure. The story is about a music teacher who teaches students how to use a composing device to create music. It seems to have made the old art of making music with actual...

2:21 AM
Q: Why did Astra transform the legends into particular objects?

codeczarIn the new episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow S06E05, Astra turns the legends into different objects using magic. These objects include a fork, a candle, a cheese slice, a flip phone, and a folder. I would like to know that why were the particular legends converted into a specific object, is the...

2:44 AM
Q: Lighting emperor manga

tdog8881I don't remember much about this manga so it will be brief. The manga starts out with the main character and several other characters who are deemed heroes for defeating the demon king I believe are now given titles. The title if I remember correctly fire emperor, water emperor, etc., etc. Our ma...

2 hours later…
5:11 AM
That's an unexpected hat in the ring.
I thought they left the site after the last election.
@Mithical Nope, he's been around on-and-off all the time.
1 hour later…
6:46 AM
5 hours later…
11:47 AM
An interesting list of nominations so far.
> "Oh god, oh god, we're all going to die" ?
Actually a gif isn't better
Somewhat less interesting than that.
I don't actually remember where that scene is from. Looks like the film Serenity, rather than the TV series?
But not right before the leaf on the wind.
@Randal'Thor it's not serenity I think
no you're right
I hadn't noticed that foreshadowing
1 hour later…
1:37 PM
I thought there'd have been a couple more nominations by now to be honest
Half the expected candidates aren't running...
Makes it easier to vote, though.
@Adamant said he's planning to run.
@Randal'Thor I plan to run most days but I never do. I think Adamant will fair better though
1:54 PM
@TheLethalCarrot I considered running but, tbh, can't really afford to devote the time needed.
That seems to be a lot of people's problem at the moment
Maybe we should've asked for a 2-slot election just so people would see there'd be more others to take up the slack :-P
(There is still the possibility to call up the runner-up, if we decide after the election's over that we want 5 mods rather than 4. That's how @Mast got modded.)
Since several users have cited time constraints, as a question for the room: how much time do you think would need to be devoted to effectively moderate the site?
@Randal'Thor Yep, Serenity. Opening scene as they're landing for the payroll robbery.
@Null At the very least? 45 minutes, spread out over the day. Preferably? At least two hours.
2:11 PM
30 minutes a week? :P
(If I'm remembering that figure correctly)
@Mithical That's quite a bit higher than what I estimated a while back. That amount of time might be necessary if you were the only active moderator or if it's a particularly busy day, but in general that's not necessary.
The three remaining moderators are all fairly active (as moderators) so there are plenty of others to help.
You'd need to devote some extra time to learning the tools if you're new, but that wouldn't last long. And, again, the other moderators can help.
I don't mean in terms of how long it'd take to do all the necessary things; that's much less. I'm talking about availability.
Sure, you can spend 30 minutes a week doing actual mod work, but the time you need to be available - as in, checking for flags every now and then - is a bit more than that. The time it takes to handle a flag doesn't include the time it takes to keep on top of when there is a flag.
@Randal'Thor IIRC that option is valid for a few months after the election. After that, it's going to cost you a new one.
@Mithical Those are SO numbers, smaller sites usually require less.
2:26 PM
Well, here we go again.
My campaign slogan is "We must move forwards, not backwards. Upwards, and not forwards. And always be twirling, twirling, twirling."
Also, I'm offering a free blog post to everyone who votes for me. 1 per customer, non-transferrable (unlike your actual vote)
2:47 PM
That's a lot of blog posts.
I'm in a position to be very generous.
Huh, the links in your nomination aren't showing properly as links.
The link button on the toolbar is also disabled
Looks like it, I added one and in the rendered view it didn't look right. But I removed it cos I had to free up characters
@TheLethalCarrot You had to free them?
2:51 PM
Well yeah, they were stuck in the air
ok, I had to hit the "markdown" toggle button to enable normal in-line links
3:35 PM
@JackBNimble That boils down to forwards, not forwards.
Blame Kang. "Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos"
3:52 PM
Will the blog header change to a "Vote for @JackBNimble" banner next week?
Perhaps, perhaps.
In addition to bequeathing me all his rep with his dying breath. I also only just now remembered that Mike said he wish he could have lived to see me elected moderator. I wonder if I should include that on my nomination page.
4:21 PM
Q: What would the Shrek version of Snow White do if someone surpassed her as the “Fairest of All?”

Alex DownsIn Shrek the Third, Snow White is vain and boasted about being the “Fairest of All.” Vanity is what drove the Evil Queen to kill Snow White in the original fairytale so SHE can be the fairest of all. So what WOULD Snow White do if someone surpassed her as the “fairest of all?” Would she turn into...

To add to what @Null was saying about time commitments:
I'd say the most time-consuming part of being a mod day-to-day is the public-facing stuff: meta, discussions, community building, etc. Handling flags is usually easy (tricky ones are occasional) and takes a lot less time than, say, an active reviewer would take monitoring review queues.
The absolute most time-consuming part is the exceptional things: deciding about suspending someone, dealing with mass plagiarism, the kind of thing that just crops up occasionally and dominates our time for a day or two.
Things like editing and commenting on new users' posts aren't necessarily part of mod duties: we can still do it, we're users too, but SFF has an active enough community that there's plenty of non-mods to handle that if necessary.
posted on June 09, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: When at last there are only two people left, in order to keep the human tradition alive, they break into hateful factions. Today's News:

5:10 PM
Q: Why weren’t there other classic villains in the Poison Apple in Shreks 2 and 3?

Alex DownsIn Shrek 2 and Shrek the Third, the villains of Far Far Away gather at the Poison Apple, all unhappy that they haven’t got their “happily ever after.” There was Captain Hook from Peter Pan, the stepsisters from Cinderella, Stromboli from Pinocchio, etc. However, there were some villains that WERE...

Q: I am searching for a short story I read in an Anthology in the last 5 years. The Anthology may have been published in the last 10-15 years

RyantimeI recall a retired government employee (possibly former MI6) who spends his time watching a dangerous creature disguised as an old man. The creature was previously taught code phrases to control its behavior. The creature now goes to the store daily for groceries, but then something sets it off....

I think scifi.stackexchange.com/a/250008/98028 is the first time I'm seeing you write a hashtag, @Alex.
@Jenayah Sounds about right.
Who knows what will be next?
So exciting.
All three of your messages just now could also make good hashtags.
5:25 PM
All together too much election discussion going on in here. 😛
@Alex eh
You sound excited too.
@Catija well everything falls under "general discussion"
@Randal'Thor I guess I should just write everything in hashtags.
Q: Looking for a sci-fi short story about a large vine that makes a copy of a person

ThoriasI am looking for a sci fi short story book. I read it in 1988 or 89, and I owned the book so it possibly came from the scholastic book fair. One of the short stories I remember involved an explorer on an alien planet that I think was Venus. There is a large vine on the planet and nothing else. ...

5:36 PM
This election will have many candidates, it won't be trivial to pick the best moderator.
I thought there'd only be like one serious candidate, but no, multiple experienced users are willing to take the mantle.
6:23 PM
Q: Is this kingdom from the Sleeping Beauty alternate opening meant to be Ulstead?

Alex DownsIn an alternate opening to Sleeping Beauty, we are shown King Hubert’s kingdom, which is home to him and his son, Prince Phillip. In Maleficent Mistress of Evil, Prince Phillip’s kingdom is called Ulstead. So could King Hubert’s kingdom be an early version of Ulstead? Assuming it was given that n...

Q: Weird west book involving a man (tinker?) traveling in a wagon . Either he or his brother are a werewolf. They're connected by an amulet

FuzzyBootsI have some super-vague memories, but this book keeps popping up in my head. I read it as a paperback book, probably in Ohio, in English, between 2002 and 2006, checked out from the local library. I want to say that the title of the book had "tin" in it. The book had sort of a "weird west" vibe t...

6:41 PM
I'm just glad not to face an election, online or otherwise, where it looks like I won't yet again be torn between not voting, or voting for a candidate for the main reason of "I do not want that other candidate to be elected".
Do you have one negative too many in that sentence?
> glad not to face an election ... where it looks like I won't
@Randal'Thor I think English is an outlier in how negatives stack in a sentence; I read this with the second one reinforcing the first instead of cancelling it.
Q: Why didn't the Drakh follow up on killing Delenn?

AnonymousIn Lines of Communication, the Drakh after hearing Delenn's name abandon all pretense of peace and attempt to kill her because she helped end the Shadow War. After they defeat the mothership, they don't seem to continue. This seems inconsistent with the fact that they are tactical and ruthless....

I just thought maybe she simply likes such elections and this is one. ;-)
6:57 PM
Hmm. Please don't rely on my poor memory of foreign languages; I may be completely wrong. My fossilized schoolboy French may be highly contaminated by later exposure to Russian and Italian.
But it was an English sentence and I thought your message was interpreting it as such. Unless I misunderstood it.
Ahh, remembering that Jenayah is French, that idea of stacking negatives does make more sense.
Really? Do the French do that?
It seems rather odd to use "won't" in such a way. I thought it was just a typo. But then again, whoever leaves a space before question marks probably "eats small children", too. ;-)
@NapoleonWilson Je ne comprends pas non plus.
I agree with Rand that, read literally, the sentence seems to suggest the opposite of what we believe the intended sense is. But Jenayah speaks English as a second language (albeit exceedingly well) so it's possible for a mother-tongue construction to have bled over.
7:03 PM
@DavidW But I would pull into question if said mother tongue really does that. Especially if you're trying to imply that a lot of other languages except for English would do that.
I'd expect this level of examining a single word from Literature.SE, not Scifi.SE...
@NapoleonWilson I thought I'd recalled it was possible in certain cases, but I'm thinking now it may not have been French I was thinking of.
@NapoleonWilson Well, there's several different kinds of negation in French. Like "ne ... pas" for simple "not", "ne ... jamais" for "never", "ne ... personne" for "no-one", "ne ... rien" for "nothing", "ne ... plus" for "not any more", etc. And they can be stacked in a single phrase, like "Nothing will ever be the same again" as "Rien ne sera plus jamais pareil".
@FadedGiant Long time no see.
@NapoleonWilson Well, I know that Italian, Russian and my grandparents' German dialect all do, so I assumed it was fairly common.
7:05 PM
> Ceci n'est pas une négation.
@Randal'Thor Thank you. I'm not completely senile! (Yet, at any rate.)
We had fun in Russian class similarly trying to figure how many negatives we could cram into a single (correct) sentence.
Rien plus céra en Russian vásais.
@Randal'Thor Je ne suis pas allé nulle part. Just to keep the French negatives.
@DavidW Keep going, you'll get there eventually.
@b_jonas I'm really pleased about that
7:21 PM
I am super confused. Who is the other serious candidate?
@Mithical Thank you so much, same to you. :)
@JackBNimble You mean besides Sachin Shekhar?
Anyone have ignored tags, and the "ignored" part is apparently being ignored?
I'm seeing questions...
@JackBNimble I think they are serious about their nomination
@AncientSwordRage I'm positive they are.
Carrot, on the other hand, how serious can anyone be with a name like "Carrot?"
7:36 PM
Carrot Top was a serious...ly annoying comic to me.
@DavidW they claim to be lethal, and yet I'm still alive.
@DavidW you can set to hidden or just faded
It's set to hidden.
Are any of the other tags set as favourites?
I don’t have any ignored tags and can’t be bothered to test it to see if it’s broken
7:45 PM
Looks to be borked then
Q: Ignored tags seem broken

MonkeyZeusFor the longest time my ignored tags have been working but today they are not. Arqade is the only site I've ever had a long-standing ignore list so I don't think I can blame cache. The same behavior seems to be exhibited on Stack Overflow but I added those ignore tags just moment ago so cache cou...

I got bothered and tried it and it worked
I changed it from grayed out to hidden and refreshed and it worked as expected
It didn’t initially though
8:22 PM
Wait, this SE has a chat room again? I thought it got perma-condemned. Call me out of touch ... oops! red face 😮
@JackBNimble I was wondering the same thing ;-)
@KorvinStarmast That one was, we rebuilt.
Better, faster, stronger!
@Skooba we had the technology
@Jenayah I don't have a problem with voting because I don't want some other bad candidate get elected. That's a perfectly valid strategy and you shouldn't feel bad about it. You can feel bad if you aren't really satisfied with any of the candidates, but even so it's still worth to vote against even worse candidates.
Especially if voting doesn't take much effort.
@JackBNimble TheLethalCarrot definitely is one
@KorvinStarmast It has an entirely new chat room. The old main chat room got purged.
With fire. Because it had tomato blight.
By the way, I like the question 3 to candidates:
> Once in a while, SFF suffers deep disagreements over policy and its usage. For instance, SFF has the Future Works Policy (where implementation is not always straight-forward). As a moderator you have tools to resolve these conflicts (post locks, suspension, and a binding delete the community at large cannot undo). How would you resolve conflicts where the community is thrashing a question over a policy dispute?
I feel like it's personally relevant to me because of that one question about Octavius Brine
and some of the other questions that got closed or got near it, like the Darths & Droids Bingo and others
these days I enjoy posting such borderline questions, they help us define the boundaries of sites
although I didn't enjoy what happened to the mosaic one
scifi.stackexchange.com/q/245647/4918 "What movies does this ad for the Action Movie Kid book reference?" is my latest attempt
the owl ski helmet cover was the first time I met this
and yes, I admit I enjoy them more than usual because I get to say scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/112251/…
I still don't like the duplicate story-id closures, but I don't feel motivated enough to fight them
to fight against the policy that is
9:02 PM
@b_jonas taco blight
so the election will have about a week in the voting phase, right?
9:38 PM
Q: A '50s Yeti movie which has a scene with two men sitting around a fire in a cave

lawrence estavanThere is a movie from the '50s which has a scene with two men sitting around a fire in a cave. One of the men reveals that he is actually a Yeti. Although he is shaven, with a haircut, he opens his collar to show a chest full of dense snow white hair. He hates his companion because they are diffe...

@b_jonas second week of drama, and straight on til morning results
Darn it
Sorry for all the pings
10:02 PM
Q: What is the origin of the trope of a school for magic/wizards/witches?

LexibleRoke, Brakebills College for Magical Pedagogy, Wyverly College, Shiz University, others… Many fantasy authors have written of schools where magic is a central part of the curriculum. What work of fiction first presented a school where students primarily studied magic with some degree of descripti...

@AncientSwordRage Triple hyphen, not ~, for strikethrough.
@Randal'Thor I thought I tried all the combinations
@DavidW thank you for not linking the TV tropes page :p — AncientSwordRage ♦ 4 mins ago
@AncientSwordRage You're (presumably) a grown-up, you can find it yourself. :)
Q: Which story referenced the parable of Custer’s last stand?

Jack O'NeillI’m trying to figure out where I first came across this “parable of Little Big Horn”. I think (but I’m not 100% sure) that this was a story told by a narrator at the beginning of a novel. The gist of the parable was that Custer had murdered a soldier and engineered the massacre to cover up the de...

10:19 PM
@DavidW half of that statement is true
I almost scare-quoted "grown-up" but I guessed you could figure that out too. See, I assume the best of people! :)
And, after all, "grown-up" is a lot lower bar to clear than "responsible adult."
10:38 PM
11:07 PM
@DavidW I can be the latter when needed but I refuse to be the former.
Q: Story about a giant brain like thing that puts our hero in suspended animation for centuries to kill it when it needs to die

JonSGHi I'm looking for the title of an animated movie probably from the 80s about a hero (a guy) and a "villain" who I recall being kind of like a giant brain that could project tentacles (I think) out of itself. I don't recall the setting being Earth as in my mind it was more like alien landscape an...


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