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5:00 PM
s/&&/& saves a byte
I am back, any new CMQ posted?
@RedwolfPrograms APL: ⎕⍴'()' for ()()()...
CMC: Given a square matrix of positive digits, return the upper triangular matrix formed by zeroing all of the elements below the main diagonal.
@Wasif There is now :p
oo i see
@RedwolfPrograms Jelly, 3 bytes Ø(ṁ
5:02 PM
oh that builtin
@RedwolfPrograms 5 bytes in Jelly: J’0ẋa
Does Hello, world! have a profile picture yet?
We can do an unofficial vote after BMG
CMC: Mean of a number's prime factors
Jelly, 4 bytes. let me just copy-paste the characters :P
distinct or not? presumably no
something like AE F AE M or something
no AE D AE M
5:07 PM
ÆD is divisors
i am dumb
Vyxal, 2 bytes: Ǐṁ
Javascript, 111 bytes: n=>(p=(g=x=>x>1?[a=[...Array(x+1).keys()].find(z=>z>1&x%z<1),...g(x/a)]:[])(n),p.reduce((t,x)=>t+x,0)/p.length)
I'm actually quite proud of this
it has a 65 byte prime factorization function in it
CMC: (x, y) => [x + y, x - y, y - x, -y - x] (any order is fine)
JS: (x, y) => [x + y, x - y, y - x, -y - x] :P
5:14 PM
x=>y=>[t=x+y,x-y,y-x,-t] is shorter :p
Ø+×þ+þ/F in Jelly
f=lambda r,n=0:n<len(r)and[r[n][n:]+[0]*len(r[n][:n])]+f(r,n+1)or[] Matrix challenge, Python 3, 67 bytes
product table multiplying with [1, -1], reduce by product table with sum, flatten
@hyper-neutrino Clever, I just had +;_;_@;+N¥ :P
5:16 PM
It's crying
that reminds me of someone
destructible lemon
not totallyhuman?
both but lemon's pfp has the ;_;
i usually use ;-; both because i think it looks more accurate and because it's easier :P
To me ;-; looks like the ,s are two little arms hanging down lol
Python 3,lambda x,y:[x+y,x-y,y-x,-y-x]
Walrus is very costly
5:18 PM
Or maybe ;-; is a crab
@RedwolfPrograms clever
APL: +,-,-⍨,+⍥-
unfortunately this challenge offers a pretty trivial solution for most practical languages :p
@rak1507 you ninja'd me
5:19 PM
,-, is an interesting looking emoticon
,-, looks like hung roasted crab
5:22 PM
Should we do one final CMC?
Yeah why not?
CMC: lyxal someone. Turn .*I'm (\w+)[ ,].* and $username into You're not $1, you're $username
Only other one I could find with a star :p
We've had this before
nvm then (I proposed that, should've read earlier CMC's first)
CMC: Given two atoms, decide whether or not the first could decay to the other through only alpha and beta (-/+) decay
That's either -2 or +1, right?
5:24 PM
the trivial solution:
lambda x,u:re.sub(".*I'm (\\w+)[ ,].*","You're not \\1, you're "+u,x)
import re
Alpha decay decreases mass number by four and atomic number by 2, beta minus increments atomic number, beta plus decrements atomic number
So -1, +1, or +2?
@RedwolfPrograms Yeah, but the mass number is also important
@hyper-neutrino lol
Q: Simulate Alpha Decay

caird coinheringaahingAlpha Decay is a kind of radiation decay where every time the atom "decays", it loses a helium nucleus (an alpha particle). This means that an atom loses 2 protons and 2 neutrons each time. Your task is to simulate this, including the problems that occur during alpha decay. Given two integers as ...

@user That could do with an answer tbh
Trying to think of one, but it's hard :/
Brain typo
x**3-2*x**2-x+2 is 0, but only when x is -1, 1, or 2
@user So m goes down in steps of 4, and p in steps of 2?
5:31 PM
Looks like BMG's over, y'all can keep solving CMCs of course but that'll be all of the new ones. Thanks for coming!
@RedwolfPrograms Can we return something like [[x + y, x - y],[ y - x, -y - x]]?
@AaronMiller No, has to be flattened
How do people even do radiation hardening challenges?
5:33 PM
Let's do a quick unofficial vote on what to use as Hello, world!'s profile picture.
We can vote with stars and I'll clean them up after
Rick Astley if you're feeling immature
^ I support the rickroll pfp
@RedwolfPrograms Vyxal, 6 bytes: ₍+-:NJ
5:35 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Ugh, why so big?
i would like a 16x16 to fit with NLP, NFP, NBWND
@user That's a bit large, can you shrink or move it?
It was mostly a joke, hopefully that's better
5:37 PM
10/10 :p
@hyper-neutrino Could you un-onebox mine?
We need more votes
I like Ausername's more, I just really don't like the color scheme
I like the simplicity of yours
(of the latter one, I mean)
The latter one's Ausername's
Here's Ausername's but with my color scheme:
5:41 PM
Also, the former feels like missing Newfoundland?
I like this one ^
i prefer Ausername's palette
Yeah, the light blue is a bit off tbh
The darker one has a much nicer contrast
5:42 PM
it has better contrast
The land just feels too bright on Ausername's to me
For you're not X you are Y Vyxal answer: ḣh⌈t$"λß're λ†:⌈h⇩ðp"ZƛṘṄ;\,j 31 bytes Try it Online!
Lyxal will be very happy
lyxal will be unhappy with the uppercase username xd
Who is Hello World?
And why their pfp
a feed
5:44 PM
@hyper-neutrino what will it do
post new answers to hello world here
I'll leave the voting open for a little while longer
@hyper-neutrino Emoticons will be very unhappy if they see XD as xd
@RedwolfPrograms Vyxal, 25 bytes: ⌈ḢṄλß're λ† %, λ•'re %⁰
@AaronMiller aw.... you outgolfed me again
Lyxal will be even happier this time (see the input of the Vyxal answer of @AaronMiller) :P
5:47 PM
@Wasif I wasn't paying attention, so I didn't even realize there was another Vyxal answer :p
The dark oceans are growing on me :p
I messed with the lightness on the land for this one
It's still the original ocean color
Has the minigolf contest ended?
It was fun
A gif of Ausername's original and a color adjusted one
So they're easier to compare
5:50 PM
+1 to darker one
The shapes of the continents on mine were awful lol
+1 to the higher contrast one
The original?
why not use real picture of world as pfp?
To keep the pixel art theme
5:52 PM
@RedwolfPrograms the one with two stars (one's mine)
Can we use GIFs as our pfps?
then how can you set the pfp of a feed as a gif
@RedwolfPrograms this one
The gif is just to show the change in color more easily
@JohnDvorak The other's mine
5:54 PM
It's not a pfp proposal
I misunderstood
Can anyone please make that more cursed? tio
The screenshot includes int, but that isn't necessary
Can't you more or less say anything you want with enough #define statements?
As long as they're tokens
6:02 PM
And what isn't a token in C? Whitespace?
That's ignored, yeah
I meant that it has to be a single unbroken word (afaik)
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

caird coinheringaahingDoes the regex match the string? Despite having over 80 challenges tagged regular-expression, we don't have one to simply verify if a regex matches a string. Given a regular expression \$R\$ and a string \$S\$, output one of two distinct and consistent values to indicate whether the regex matches...

@cairdcoinheringaahing You can even do Hello, World (without the !, couldn't figure out how to add that)
6:36 PM
@RedwolfPrograms Retina, 40 bytes
@RedwolfPrograms Retina, 8 bytes
@RedwolfPrograms Retina 0.8.2, 11 bytes
CMM: Would "Tips for golfing in English" go on the main or meta site :?
is English a programming language?
@RedwolfPrograms Retina 0.8.2, 5 bytes
@hyper-neutrino does it need to be? :/
if it's not a programming language i don't see how it could be on-scope for main
(or for that matter, how one could even define it - english grammar is stupid and i doubt you could get a formal spec)
it is definitely off-topic for meta though
6:43 PM
@RedwolfPrograms Charcoal, 4 bytes
@Wezl Why not ask here or in the CMC room instead?
@user then it's less permanent. But good point, perhaps future generations will not need our help
Hopefully, future generations will speak a more sensible language
@hyper-neutrino Could that be run every ~12 hours, so when the Western Hemisphere is awake, it'll show that, and when the Eastern Hemisphere is awake, it'll show that?
@user exactly
All three proposals now have an equal number of votes lol
6:55 PM
did someone post an http image here
Y'all's decision will be honored. I will make a cursed gif with all three.
firefox is complaining that this page isn't secure
I don't see any
@hyper-neutrino It's not, remember the image exploit Redwolf came up with? :P
userscript probably then lol.
huh. yeah it's a userscript. in which case this issue has been here for a while and i only just noticed :p
7:04 PM
open to feedback of course
Okay that's 100% the best so far IMO
The continents spelling HW is super cool as well
yeah that's pretty cool
I'd make the background transparent and maybe increase the saturation of the colors a tiny bit, but that's just person preference and it might look better this way anyway
Annnnd now all the images still have 2 stars
@RedwolfPrograms my image editor can't handle transparency or easy palette editing, so go ahead
7:08 PM
I messed with the saturation a bit, I'm not sure if it'll look better or worse
I think the brown could be a little less saturated
the koth is producing so many suggested edit and first answer reviews lol
@pxeger I didn't even touch the brown lol
That's the one color I left alone
7:13 PM
And the bottom/shadow of the blue might look better being a bit closer to the other blue
@RedwolfPrograms I know. That's why I said it
Oh ok
Changing the saturation of the brown makes it a bit grayish, I'll try it but I'm not sure it'll look good
Q: Finite Composition of Univariate Functions

Miguel AvilaProblem Given \begin{gather} \mathbb{F} := \{ f_i \mid f_i: \mathbb{R} \to \mathbb{R} \} \end{gather} the set of all the real maps, and the n-ary function composition \begin{gather} c_o(f_i) = f_1\circ f_2 \circ f_3 \cdots \circ f_n\\[10pt] \forall f_i \in \mathbb{F},~~1 \leq i \leq n \in \mathbb...

Slightly desaturated the brown, and brightened the dark blue.
@RedwolfPrograms Two of the light blue pixels are a different colour to the rest of them
7:16 PM
Oh lol
@Wezl can you spot the difference? And maybe add it to your version, too?
@Wezl one pixel on the base is the lighter brown
Just noticed it :p
@NewPosts Bit difficult
@NewPosts unfortunately underspecified IMO
7:20 PM
Anyway I gtg for now, be back in around a half hour o/
@NewPosts also that pfp is cool. not sure exactly what it's meant to mean tho, maybe it's simiplified to fit / look nicer
Miguel Avila's?
7:48 PM
I'd appreciate any feedback on any of these: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Opinions on which version of Wezl's proposal to go with?
@hyper-neutrino IIRC SE only allows you to change your pfp a certain number of times per time unit (can't remember the exact numbers, but its like once a week)
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Miguel AvilaFinite Composition of Univariate Functions math code-golf Problem Given $$F:=\{f_i \mid f_i : R \to R\}$$ the set of all the real maps, and the n-ary function composition \begin{gather} co(fi) = f_1∘f_2∘f_3⋯∘f_n\\ ∀f_i ∈ F,~~~1≤i≤n∈N \end{gather} write a program which receives n functions of a re...

@cairdcoinheringaahing right, but feeds isn't a normal user that can change their own pfp anyway, and I believe my 11 is not subject to such weaknesses :)
I love both of them, the original has the same saturation for the whole palette which gives it a neat appearance, but the second looks a bit nicer at first glance because it's more colorful
7:51 PM
@RedwolfPrograms I've starred the one I like the most - the one with 3 stars
I'm talking about that one, yeah
How was BMG?
It went pretty well
So SE got back online?
Along with about half of the internet
7:59 PM
@Wezl I scaled back some of the saturation and lightness changes in my copy, so this one's a tiny bit more colorful but still has the consistency that makes the original look good
Why did you squash Earth?
That's Wezl's
I was just messing around with the colors
@Ausername I'd say I expanded it because the continents aren't as tall in the real earth
I like Wezl's design, but I will be making flat earther jokes about HW :P
I'd say just give it this one as a pfp, then if we don't like it, we can change it
I've got a copy with the transparency fix and that extra pixel removed
I guess we'll have to decide which color palette to use
But we can use the original for now
(^ Original with transparency)
8:09 PM
hyper needs to 11 it, right?
yes, and I am also considering 11ing like half of the messages in the past 3 hours :p
feed has been 11'd
I think we're good to clear the stars then?
I think we can just leave all of the messages/images/discussion here, not gonna bother trying to find all of them and 11
@hyper-neutrino Are you able to see the number of flags of a specific type have been raised/handled on the site? e.g. how many spam flags?
@cairdcoinheringaahing nope
8:21 PM
Guess I'll have to use SEDE then :/
What is this for tho?
Trying to find spam on meta
8:39 PM
So, we cut the number of status-less tags on meta down by around half: 150 to 85 :D
8:52 PM
@Ausername It was a compromise between Flat Earthers and crazies people who believe the earth is round.
CMP: What's your favorite conspiracy theory? (please keep it code- or golf-related to stay on-topic :P)
SQL was developed by the US government to make everyone die of pain
An advanced weapon that unfortunately got turned on their own masses :P
@user Finland isn't real
Neither is Wyoming. Finland is just sea, Wyoming is a square shaped void
What's not real? Never heard of those two anyway
I've heard people claim silly things like Canadians being from Canada, not Canadia
Wyoming's like daylight saving time...you just check your GPS and you've jumped forward to Montana
9:06 PM
@user yeah, IDK what's with that theory. Canada doesn't exist
One theory that might make sense is that people from CR snuck into CGCC in the middle of night to create the tag to keep us from golfing
Fortunately, their plan backfired and answers look ugly too
ಠ_ಠ I keep writing DeletionDate as DelectionDate
Dates are rather delectable
9:32 PM
You know what makes checking 45 posts by hand even more fun? Doing it with an internet connection that makes Jelly calculating permutations look fast :/
Get the vaccine for free 5G ;)
If letting Bill Gates inject me with whatever bullshit people are claiming he's injecting people with makes my wifi faster, I'll be first in line :P
Honestly, I'd be honored to have such a cool piece of tech in me
man caird is doing all my work for me :p bruh
It's been tested by older people already
@hyper-neutrino About how many questions are left?
9:38 PM
@hyper-neutrino I'm very bored :p
sigh No you're not, you're caird coinheringaahing
are you working from the top of your list?
I'm not going through the status tags (at least, not now), this is something else :P
oh okay lol
Working on an answer to a meta discussion which requires checking posts on SEDE
9:42 PM
To what?
Also, I need to go yell at my router
the meta discussion :p want to take a look at what it's about
Unfortunately, SEDE's PostsWithDeleted table doesn't include either Title or Body fields for deleted posts, which would make this a lot easier
9:46 PM
oh :/ even if you're logged in? that's annoying
Yep :/
Nuking something guarantees it has a negative score right?
@cairdcoinheringaahing wdym
If something is spam-nuked, it cannot have a positive score?
i don't think that's guaranteed; i believe it is possible to nuke something that has been upvoted a few times and thus will be left with positive score
if two people upvote and then I nuke something with a red flag, it should have a score of 1, I think. unless nuking something removes all upvotes against it. i'm not actually sure; could go test but i'd have to sacrifice a sock to the SE gods
@user sigh there's a reason lyxal isn't here, and it's totally not timezones
9:58 PM
@Wezl ?
22 hours ago, by Wezl
@lyxal well thanks for the emotional support but I'm afraid you'll have to die now
Oh dear.
this is your first and last warning. And I may or may not change my mind

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