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3:41 AM
@PieBie they removed helmets because they were bad scientists? How?
5 hours later…
8:48 AM
@Vikas (Haven't we had this discussion already? ^^') No sane scientist would remove their helmet even if the atmosphere was agreeable, because the environment could still contain biological hazards that are hard to detect. Like, say, a virus.
@Vincent Yes, but at that time I didn't think they were insane/bad scientists. I think we discussed like they made a mistake. And I assumed it was mistake done by good scientists.
No single scientist would ever make this mistake.
Scratch that, no single well-trained astronaut would ever make it.
@Vincent Yes. That's why I asked this question to PieBie, because if that was a mistake, you can't defend the movie by saying they were bad scientists. If they were bad scientists how could they travel space. So I call it a movie mistake, not bad scientists.
But I feel it's opinion based thing.
You do realise the 'scientists' were written / created by the movie makers, right? :)
@Vincent yes. so it is movie makers mistake.
9:49 AM
[Types okay but comment needs few more letters. Types oh okay instead]
10:20 AM
@Vikas It was not the same scientists that made the spaceship. And removing the helmets was just one in a whole series of convoluted and overcomplicated bad decisions.
Anyway, I just thought is was a funny YouTube skit about the movie. He does take down movies that I like too, so there's that :)
@PieBie So they just sent idiots in case of mishap? lol
@PieBie take down?
@Vikas in this context: laugh at :)
@Vikas Haha, that's one way to read that movie. Maybe they just sent replaceable idiots instead of actual scientists 😁
@PieBie yeah. It makes sense.
and maybe that's why android could fool them easily
11:23 AM
I must say that the worldview of libraal arts majors color quite much how people think the world works
Im just discussing wheter medieval blacksmiths would use casting often
Well blacksmiths wouldnt
Red, White and goldsmiths would use it as a primary method.
But that 500 degrees that separates iron compound temperatures from red metals IS signifiant
No offense, what are we talking about? 🤣
@joojaa 'Artistic license'
@Vincent yes but the problem is that this colors what people understand things to be
'Hollywood physics'
I find it rather impossible that a average backsmith in 1400 would cast something that is generally beyond a 2020 engineering universitys resources to do
And almost certainly they didint do it in a day
But but youtube they cast it in aluminium
OK, 1 pure aluminium was the most espensive element untill 1900's
2. Aluminium melts at 600 degrees C while iron melts at 1550 degrees C
1 hour later…
12:59 PM
So do you mean the medieval swords we typically see in movies are completely off?
@curious yes
The way iron and steel was made is by brning it in a bloomery, this produces a small spunge of iron the inpurities are then hammered out thir produces either a sheet or beam
Thei sheet r beam is then hammered into a sword.
1:37 PM
1:53 PM
@joojaa cast it in lead to make it very nice and impressive looking to scare away your opponents. Just don't hit their armor with it!
2:33 PM
@curious it only works in movies.
In real world enemies dont usually attack me because they want. Its mainly because they are coerced into attacking me. Bluffing does not work well in that kind of situation.
1 hour later…
3:37 PM
@Vikas I was up there a month or so ago
@joojaa, do you have random knowledge?
Random knowledge? my favorite kind
but I dont have any lol
Actually I mean knowledge about computational randomness. Just trying to be funny.
not random stufff
Although I can use a little random knowledge as well.
3:44 PM
Did you know that fire ants conduct electricity...
I still have a screenshot I think
I don't want to see. Thanks.
this is a different list
you're legend
3:46 PM
Is there someone standing behind me?
it's me
@CiurkitboyN What? you asked someone standing behind you
now wolff is behind you
3:50 PM
bad game
how do I even respond to this
@Wolff what is a bad game?
@CiurkitboyN vot iz it
3:52 PM
a comment on a youtube video
@CiurkitboyN the in-front-behind game
when I asked if there was someone behind me I was making a joke by implying I didn't think I was a legend
@CiurkitboyN do you know why we drink water?
@Vikas because it tastes good
@CiurkitboyN no, because we can't eat it
3:53 PM
haha yall stared my message about nuclear physics
@Vikas Wrong 🧊
59 secs ago, by CiurkitboyN
@Vikas because it tastes good
how could I possibly be wrong
@Wolff 😁 still you can't it eat
@CiurkitboyN not everything you drink tastes good, e.g. some medicine
@Vikas Put it in the mouth, swallow?
@Vikas ok but I drink water because it tastes good
there isn't much on mars
3:55 PM
@Wolff you break it in smaller pieces then you melt it
5 mins ago, by CiurkitboyN
user image
@Vikas what if you make bread wet
and eat the bread
you ate the water, no?
@Vikas You mean you can't chew it? You can put a piece of ice in the mouth and swallow it. Isn't that eating?
@CiurkitboyN You drink the bread.
@Wolff ...
3:57 PM
what's that?
I want to taste this ice. Looks exquisite
that's dirt
@CiurkitboyN scientists say it's ice on mars surface just below sand
@CiurkitboyN the white one
oh cool I can enjoy my soda now
3:58 PM
@CiurkitboyN Where are these images from? Can you find source directly from NASA?
but I wonder how can it be so white
@Wolff no
@Vikas Sorry, it was your post
@Vikas it's real cold on mars
@Vikas So it's an internet joke
@Wolff oh wait then
don't call my image joke
4:00 PM
how big is it?
@Vikas Cool. They just say "ice". Do they mean frozen water or frozen carbondioxid?
@CiurkitboyN i think bodies can still learn to adjust in cold weather, but water and atmosphere and food more necessary
@CiurkitboyN It says on the image
@Vikas Nah, I was saying that's why the ice is so white because at colder temperatures it freezes more
@Wolff do you further want me to prove you wrong?
4:02 PM
Isn't ice by definition, water?
@Vikas I'm asking
@CiurkitboyN No
@Wolff wait. it can take some time. let me test
@Vikas you never linked me your channel
@Vikas I believe what's coming from NASA. Just looking at the image at first, it could look fake. Because the shadows are exactly the same (the two images must have been shot at the exact same time of day) and because the area with the missing ice looks all blurry.
4:06 PM
in The Looking Glass, May 8 at 18:46, by Vikas
@CiurkitboyN I'm doing rebranding of my YouTube channel. Will comment after that in few days.
@CiurkitboyN I tried one video. I got only 3 precious views. Was expecting more. As soon as one of my video gets 1K views, I'll share.
@Vikas dude...
@CiurkitboyN i've rebranded but it's in beta phase
You can't expect to get that many veiws
@Vikas Isn't sharing what gives you views?
4:08 PM
yeah, what wolff said
@Wolff are you a she or a he?
@CiurkitboyN I'm a he.
most of my views are from telling everyone I know to tell everyone they kow
@CiurkitboyN So that's where your three views come from? 😂
I get more than three, usually...
Q: Is this white stuff water ice or carbondioxide?

VikasHere is an image which shows ice is evaporating over time. They use the word "ice". Is there any official information which tells if it is water ice or CO2? https://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/phoenix/images/press/sol_020_024_change_dodo_v2.html Note: The guy in this YouTube video also calls it ic...

4:10 PM
geeez quick
@Wolff ?
@CiurkitboyN you get more than 3 buy sharing like this 🤣
not always...
@Vikas There is lots of water ice on Mars. The polar caps are mostly water covered by carbondioxid. I was just wondering if it was water in this image.
4:13 PM
I don't know as many people as my average veiw count
@Wolff yes asked the same.
average views > people I know
@CiurkitboyN yes, yes, got it
@CiurkitboyN I feel I can easily get 1K views, if I just record myself doing pencil drawing. But I'm lazy and lack resources.
don't be so pridefull
4:15 PM
@Wolff 😅
is that the right word
doesn't look right
@Vikas Uhm, most popular videos on youtube are not people drawing with a pencil. Perhaps if you wore a bikini and bungee jumped at the same time.
@Wolff bungee jump?
4:17 PM
@Vikas great big rubberband that you hold and jump off a cliff
@Vikas Google it
@Wolff Okay. That's why I said only 1K views, not 100K views.
Lots of images. Not a single one doing a pencil drawing! There is a niche there.
@Wolff ?
maybe minute physics but other than that...
4:19 PM
just looked at my spotify and I was like, hmmm I have a follower
welp this conversation died like a fly in a campfire
according to this random website I will have 1500 subs in 5 years
@Wolff I think I asked wrong question. The image isn't talking about that white stuff. The ice is in the shadow. And that's why is not present on right side
@CiurkitboyN yawns
@Vikas I got that all along. It's an before and after image
@Vikas aggressively yawns
@Wolff so what's that white stuff?
4:26 PM
@Vikas last time I asked a question there it got moved 3 times and then closed
@Vikas You mean the other white stuff? Could be ice as well. Some of it has disappeared in the right image too.
@Wolff i've edited my question
@CiurkitboyN Tell me something that I haven't done.
which is the wrong word there
@CiurkitboyN good catch
See, I'm helping you improve your English
I was just testing you.
@Vikas umm I think it's the other way around...
4:32 PM
May 8 at 18:00, by CiurkitboyN
@Vikas how do you go back and find my messages so fast?
36 secs ago, by CiurkitboyN
@Vikas how do you go back and find my messages so fast?
im not sure
Jun 4 at 16:11, by CiurkitboyN
I dunno
58234602: ...
just search "yawn" in search box and you'll see funny messages
all of them
4:39 PM
@CiurkitboyN yes all of them
i thought only I yawn in this room
Don't start finding my old messages! It's not polite.
@CiurkitboyN are u listening hindi song?
@CiurkitboyN i clicked link and it shows hindi song
Hindi (Devanagari: हिन्दी, IAST/ISO 15919: Hindī), or more precisely Modern Standard Hindi (Devanagari: मानक हिन्दी, IAST/ISO 15919: Mānak Hindī), is an Indo-Aryan language spoken chiefly in India. Hindi has been described as a standardised and Sanskritised register of the Hindustani language, which itself is based primarily on the Khariboli dialect of Delhi and neighbouring areas of Northern India. Hindi, written in the Devanagari script, is one of the two official languages of the Government of India, along with the English language. It is an official language in 9 States and 3 Union Territories...
4:41 PM
what does hindi mean
I have a japanese song in there but it's just a theme song to a show i watch
what is it called?
@Wolff I had only started.
@CiurkitboyN can u do something different? I see same feeling almost every one
by any chance is this you?
saw the channel
@CiurkitboyN no way. Mine is unpublished until i upload next
someone just now subscribed to me two seconds ago
well my alt I mean
they subbed to my alt
4:46 PM
@Wolff everbody has to be honest. For it not to be random youd have to define a universal system for knowledge
@joojaa How philosophical.
@joojaa, I actually had a real question.
I know a truly random process
@Vikas which one? what was it called
@joojaa If in JavaScript I use Math.random to generate the individual pixels of an image I always get noise. And if I use it to generate random dice throws I always get equal distribution of throws after a few million throws.
4:52 PM
@joojaa Because it's equally distributed, right?
@CiurkitboyN when 2 elders are talking we shouldn't interrupt
why don't you play your favorite minecraft?
@Vikas because It's not on the chromebook
and I usually play it on my grandmas laptop
@Vikas I can't I'm addicted to patterns and symmetry look at any picture I've ever sent you..
@joojaa But what if I use math.random to pick a random number within a certain range, convert that number to binary and display it as an image? Would there be a possibility that it could generate a recognizable image?
@Vikas is that for me?
4:55 PM
@Wolff It's for me
@Wolff it will target automatically the person for whom it is
(I can't write three sentences without random noise being generated in between)
@Wolff yeah
we should chat turn by turn
@Vikas It's pretty discouraging.
@CiurkitboyN that's why I don't have much variety
lol replied to myself oops
4:58 PM
@Wolff it's not for u
@joojaa I've tried doing so, but since most possibilities are noise anyway, I can't tell if there is a theoretic possibility of getting any image and not just noise.
@Vikas Still
@vikas let's go here where we won't bother @Wolff

 The Room Of Chaos

Chaotic people talking about chaotic things
@PieBie interesting.
@CiurkitboyN i like in here better
atmosphere here is good
@CiurkitboyN make a song not random music
5:02 PM
I'm doing that right now that last thing was a joke
@Wolff this was also discouraging.
@Vikas You are doing what I asked you not to do. 😀 But yeah, it was a scary image.
5:07 PM
it is photoshopped apparently
@Vikas Good work Sherlock
@Wolff wolff I tried 2 lessons of that brienf intro website, got lazy after that. It means i'm not interested in learning music, just curious
I think you replied to the wrong message...
@CiurkitboyN yeah pretty bad. You make same thing again and again
think out of the box
@CiurkitboyN tell me something new
I have one brain cell
@wolff I'm not sure there is anything because I am not terribly interesting
10 mins ago, by CiurkitboyN
I think you replied to the wrong message...
The Elements by Tom Lehrer
just found this song
It's neat
@Vikas well who got pinged?
5:36 PM
do you still have that one face attached to your clipboard or something?
5:47 PM
I have a website now
hi @Mast
Hi @Vikas
How come in a foreign room? 😜
Oh, I frequent a lot of rooms.
Not all who wander are lost.
Wolff my space question has got 2 upvotes so far. No answer yet.
@CiurkitboyN found an interesting room
6:05 PM
@Mast For some reason, a lot of these end up here though :)
9 people online
@curious This room sure changed since the last time I was here.
@Mast When was that?
Oh, apparently June 1st. I thought that was a different room.
@Mast You interested in graphic design? Or just hanging out?
6:15 PM
I've done some very minor (non professional) things in it, but I got family that used to work in the business.
Apparently it piques my interest every so often.
Not lately though, today was just by chance and June 1st for a flag.
Someone got confused a bit, no worries.
@Mast Just had a look at your profile. Seems like there isn't many subjects that don't interest you. 😀
@Mast You seem experienced in coding. I asked a question to another user earlier who didn't reply. It's lost in the noise now. About randomness. You have any knowledge about that? Specifically Math.random in JavaScript.
@Mast I think I know that person...
@Wolff I try to stay away from JavaScript.
@CiurkitboyN Welcome back.
6:22 PM
yeah I probably won't do that again but geez that half hour went by fast
@Mast A programmer would say that ...
@CiurkitboyN It seems you decided to spam a rickroll link in multiple chat rooms at the same time. Including one where people were trying to have a civil conversation. Please don't, people get annoyed when you disrupt a conversation like that.
I won't
Good, no worries then.
@Mast why?
6:25 PM
@Vikas I learned programming in variations of Basic, Fortran and C. Those are fairly strict languages, so you know what you're dealing with.
JavaScript is more of a "throw it at the wall, see what sticks" kind of thing.
It used to be much worse, nowadays you have TypeScript and all kinds of fancy frameworks with styleguides to prevent hazards.
@Mast I totally understand that. And JavaScript is also often run in a browser with many quirks. It's just what i know. I only code stuff for myself for fun.
@Mast one thing I do have to admire is how fast yall can react to anything that happens it is instantneous
C is dangerous. JavaScript is dangerous. Yet they both have their strengths and they're both very useful.
I learnt programming through JS only. When I was in college, we started with C. I never understood even a basic a + b = c program in C. It haunted me.

But I think I never knew how to learn a language at that time. If I today want to learn, I can learn basic C without that much fear.
@Mast 🤣
My current banes are XML, Python and Excel. And I'm fairly proficient at only one of those.
6:28 PM
@Mast Anyway my question is more theoretical about randomness and how it gives "uniformly distributed" results over time (in lack of better terms).
@Mast MS Excel?
@Vikas Yes.
@Mast Isn't MS office dying?
@Vikas No.
in my old office, I hardly saw using people softwares, they would use only online tools like google docs
6:30 PM
@Vikas I would say perhaps 95% of the times people send me text it's in the form of a Word document.
@Wolff Bezos asked employees not to use powerpoint
I haven't touched PowerPoint in at least 2,5 years.
But Word, Excel and Outlook are still immensely popular in offices.
Access is getting replaced by proper databases, mostly.
we have 10 users now!
highest in last 2 years?
@Mast I never knew what's the purpose of Access :P
We all are discussing advanced level Graphic Design XD
@Wolff you can do it thats sort of what gravatar does.
It seeds my name and hashes it to get a image. There is a rule in between but there always is.
Random is one way to obtain a hash
@joojaa OK. Thinking more about my question I think I'm really asking: Is the individual decimals in a random number more "randomly" distributed than a series of math.random calls?
I just noticed doing some dice experiments that I never got more than I dunno 10 sixes in a row. Irl you could theoretically get a million sixes in a row.
So one Math.random call could return 0.666666666666666666666666666666, but 30 Math.random calls in a row would never return the same number by definition.
6:52 PM
wow it works
@Vikas 🤨😂
@Wolff Why laughing? It works
@Vikas Yes, it gives 5 every time
let's see again
@Vikas 🤨😂
6:55 PM
@Wolff now you believe me?
@Vikas I laughed OK? Now it's seven every time
@Wolff can't Math.random() produce 7 for a couple time continously?
@Vikas No, it seems not. It's aware of previous numbers so to speak. Or rather follows a pattern. Not "random" at all, but "noise"
@Wolff I don't think it's aware of preivous
@Vikas Following a pattern is a way of being aware.
@Vikas I said "so to speak"
7:07 PM
@Wolff its pseudorandom yes so. But the number you get has no decimals its still entirely binary
@joojaa OK, but that just shifts the pattern
bye nice chatting yall
@joojaa Do you get my image example? At a given image size, one of the possible images is my avatar. Am I right that randomizing each pixel individually will never yield that image, but using a single random number as data will theoretically? (Although the number is probably not long enough).
@Vikas 👋
7:43 PM

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