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12:45 AM
Q: Triangle-style sequences

caird coinheringaahingConsider the triangular numbers and their forward differences: $$ T = 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 21, ... \\ \Delta T = 1,2,3,4,5,6, ... $$ If we alter \$\Delta T\$ so that it begins with a different integer, we get a different, yet similar sequence (assuming that it begins with \$T'_1 = 1\$): $$ \Delta T' ...

@NewPosts Brownie points for 1) beating/matching my 6 byte Jelly answer and 2) beating my 54 byte Python answer
@lyxal Is this another surreal meme or something?
@cairdcoinheringaahing me want brauneez
@user Brownie points are redeemable in the form of one upvote :P
Unfortunately, my digestive system can't really handle upvotes, but thanks nevertheless :P
Sandbox posts last active a week ago: Prime Factorization
1:02 AM
this mod does not beg to differ
you didn't last time
serious question: how do I un-full-screen vivaldi
idk how I did it, but i made it full screen accidentally
and now I can't un-full-screen my browser
@cairdcoinheringaahing i'm having trouble matching 6 ;-; i can get it if I can output m+1 elements but otherwise i am stuck
@hyper-neutrino that made it worse
@lyxal Pretty sure Alt-F3 works
1:06 AM
@lyxal Chop your screen in half
@cairdcoinheringaahing still nope
I want the title bar back
i can get 4 if I -1 index
@lyxal My bad, Alt-F4
@cairdcoinheringaahing dang that worked
thank you
@hyper-neutrino What is -1 index?
Like 0 indexing, but with -1 as the first?
1:08 AM
aha, 5 bytes
@cairdcoinheringaahing yes
okay good I got it back
Ctrl+M is what I needed
in Jelly Hypertraining, 23 secs ago, by hyper-neutrino
don't let lyxal hear that
*flags for mod*
oh would you look at the time it's 11 o'clock
Huh, I didn't know Daylight Savings went two hours ahead today :)
1:18 AM
Turns out 39 people don't know how to eat jelly
stupid idiots using forks
that's how it should be
I use a straw.
@lyxal lol I thought this was going to be something about APLers using the term "fork" to talk about certain trains
@hyper-neutrino Looks like you used one to suck your brains out too.
@lyxal Everyone knows you should be using hooks
who keeps running memory heavy programs on my vyxal interpreter?
@user (/s obviously)
1:23 AM
@user I appreciate the compliment, but I never had one.
@lyxal Does pythonanywhere tell you what they ran or their IPs?
@user no, but I get an email every time a process is killed for using >3gb ram
@hyper-neutrino I...I don't know how to respond to that
@lyxal You could probably modify your interpreter to catch that and log it somewhere, though, right?
@user my point is that I get spammed with emails from pythonanywhere each time
here's an example from the 19th of may
Hang on, lemme just forkbomb the Vyxal interpreter
1:26 AM
I ran something involving primes once that got killed (no idea if it was because of time or memory), but definitely not 6 times, and not this often
@user carefully
@hyper-neutrino I just want to let you know that if you ever need to talk to someone about what seem like self-esteem issues, you can contact my therapist.
@NewPosts ಠ_ಠ I shouldn't have allowed \$m\$th term, that trivialises it so much
@cairdcoinheringaahing Not really for golflangs anyway
@hyper-neutrino I much prefer it if I can win without flags
1:39 AM
i wanted to use flags but since bubbler found the solution that i somehow failed to find there wasn't really a way to beat it even with flags, and the program doesn't end with a sum, so the flag can't be used here
@Wasif ninja'd ;p
When you're doing an assignment and they decide to do a fire drill
Kinda inconvenient ngl
1:58 AM
@lyxal indeed
You are faster
Oh hello everyone
@hyper-neutrino hi
CMQ: which esolang has most stars in github
VTC as unclear, what is an esolang :p
@hyper-neutrino any language dedicated for code golfing
well would you consider brainfuck an esolang then?
2:01 AM
@hyper-neutrino yes
Esoterically useful
but it's clearly not at all dedicated to golfing
If you count only the github repos with "esoteric-language" topic, here is the list sorted by stars
actually i think has an entry on the wiki might be enough. though some golf langs aren't on there
oh jelly's page is a stub. i mean it has its own wiki so i guess it's not necessary to have an esolangs one
i haven't even heard of the top three
and i am not surprised fetlang is up there (warning it's NSFW so don't click it if you don't want to see NSFW stuff)
05AB1E is pretty high in the list
All are unknown languages in the list except 05ab1e, matl and brainflak
2:04 AM
i actually saw a truttle video about ASCII dots just a few days ago
and an amelia watson based lang? lol.
I heard of wenyan, I think asciidots is on TIO, I know of Folders because it was mentioned as "tricky to score" on Hello World challenge
ooh charcoal is high up too
Yeah, brainfuck, charcoal, matl, brain-flak, befunge-93
2:08 AM
Unfortunately it's not a separate esolang
I am just to reach 7k
Just need 13 more rep...
@Wasif congratulations! :p
2:23 AM
@lyxal thx for the complements and possibly upvotes
Thanks to everyone who upvoted me
2:48 AM
mmm this month's elo list really do be looking interesting
05AB1E is 10th and Jelly is 3rd
any bets on what the 1st place elo language is?
(it isn't Vyxal btw. the SEDE results don't have many 2021 results yet)
What is ELO?
Q: Golfing Class of a language

Not that CharlesI feel like we may have enough data on this site to meaningfully break programming languages into classes. What I mean by classes is akin to Go's ranking system: If a player can win 90% of even games against a 2 kyu player, the AGA believes he or she is 1.33 ranks higher, the EGF believes (s)he ...

@lyxal it's either some newer (?) golflang like stax or husk, or just APL lol
my guess
@hyper-neutrino incorrect
hey there @pppery o/
@lyxal rip :(
3:08 AM
My ELO program would probably be working by now if I had my other laptop
it should be much more accurate, and better at finding the names of languages
@RedwolfPrograms how long until it's ready?
I have always wondered how Sledgehammer isn't on the list, so I guess it will wreck havoc if it ever makes it into the list
@Bubbler when was Sledgehammer made?
@lyxal About...a month and a half maybe? :/
@RedwolfPrograms ah, so I'll have to use the old method for May's results
3:10 AM
Right when I started becoming an Atom addict I lose my only laptop that can run Atom
@lyxal Oldest answer was written on Jan 28, 2019
then I don't know why it's not in the list
room topic changed to The Nineteenth Byte: General discussion for codegolf.stackexchange.com | Guidelines: cgcc-se.github.io/chatiquette (no tags)
Final feedback on Prime Factorization?
@hyper-neutrino but why?
3:12 AM
New chatiquette
@lyxal old chatiquette was a tad outdated so just added some new things, renamed PPCG to CGCC [ :( ] and fixed up some wording
well at least link a working chatiquette
Works for me
link works fine for me
3:13 AM
I tried it in edge and vivaldi
"The connect was reset"
@RedwolfPrograms please post it soon
I cannot hold my excitement
works fine in FF, chrome, and edge
it even works in IE, so...
mmm I didn't refresh the page
TNB that is
it didn't refresh the room info
the old link should still work tho?
I don't think my computer likes github.io
3:15 AM
i don't have access to the old repo so even if i wanted to take it down, which i have no reason to do, i couldn't
Anyone else use "CGCC" as a way to remember the base pairing rules for DNA/RNA?
imagine needing to know the base pairing rule
DNA is cool :p
breaking news: redwolf likes kpop
Fake news!!!1!1111!
Is there some sort of pun I'm not aware of?
3:18 AM
@RedwolfPrograms DNA by BTS
^, obviously
lyxal's knowledge of this implies he is the kpop fan, not redwolf. sus.
correlation != causation
Corollary: Everyone here loves kpop
how did you insert a message before mine
3:19 AM
@hyper-neutrino wdym
i sent a message and then edited it (which you can only do when the message has successfully sent) and then yours appeared o.O
SE chat go brrr
Network stuff can cause that
granted i get this in discord too, my network probably just lagged for a sec
but blaming SE chat is fun
The message will be green for a few seconds, which is before other people see it
Race conditions, as always
3:20 AM
it was an unusually long delay though. so... guess my internet just did an oops
var race_cond = is_race ? try_to_run_fast() : dont_run_fast()
I wasn't very good at track
@RedwolfPrograms var race_cond = dont_race_at_all();
I would've made districts, but COVID cancelled them
I only made them because I was like the only person who would do 300m hurdles
I was always about 15s behind everyone else lol
3:22 AM
hey, better than me
Despite being in Texas it was always way too cold at all the meets, and I usually only had a thin jacket, and 300m was close to the last event, so...I'd be there basically all alone shivering in the cold lol
Still was fun though :p
i never joined any sports team but in mandatory gym classes we would never go out if it was even remotely cold
but that was not the case for extreme heat
and i feel like it is way easier to exercise in near freezing temperatures than when it's even like
3:46 AM
Agreed, although after two hours or so in a sleeveless, paper thin track uniform you start to change your mind on that :p
whether it's colder or warmer, the least the weather could do is like stay consistent somewhat
the most annoying is when it's like
really cold
Imagine going to sporting events
and then the clouds clear up a tiny bit and suddenly it's 30 degrees
Q: Prime Factorization

Redwolf ProgramsAlthough there was a prime factors challenge posted ten years ago, it has tedious I/O and restricted time. In this challenge, your task is to write a program or function which takes an integer \$n \ge 2\$ as input, and returns its prime factors. Task: Input will consist of an integer, \$n \ge 2\$...

3:49 AM
300th question :p
Also, if someone who knows a golfing language could make a CW answer really quick, that'd be nice
dang it
@lyxal i am faster
oh i'm gonna get like infinite inbox notifs now aren't I
enjoy your suffering
no, it can't be infinite notifs
what if i undelete your post and make it into a wiki /s
3:51 AM
At most one per language with a trivial answer
Find the prime factors should be closed as a dupe of this one, right?
It's restricted time, but I'm not sure if that's a big enough difference to matter honestly.
It's not at all a barrier for basically any answer since the time limit is so high
interestingly when I dupe hammer things, my badge still appears
Huh, that's interesting
Aw, hammered so I can't get a close votes review D:
Those are getting increasingly hard to come by lol
could've left the review task for y'all lol
it feels rude to snipe review tasks by just hammering things and deleting all of the review task slots (since all of my reviews immediately clear the task), but at the same time, the only way to avoid that is, technically speaking, to intentionally delay on acting, i.e. do my job poorly
Dilemma of active mods :D
4:00 AM
Should we make the BMP post an upcoming event as well?
I think if I schedule the event it gets advertised to the main site
I have no clue what this means.
Q: Are vertices in a clockwise order?

Adam AbahotYour program must accept as input six numbers, which describe a triangle - for example, the inputs 80, 23, 45, 1, 76, -2 describe a triangle with vertices (80, 23), (45, 1), and (76, -2). Your task is to figure out whether the triangle's vertices are given in clockwise order. Assume that the inpu...

@NewPosts deja vu
4:06 AM
oh that's where i've seen it before
@NewPosts lets go first non-trivial answer
i wonder if an analogous formula would work in 4d to distinguish between "left" and "right" tetrahedra. probably yes.
@NewPosts that has to be the messiest 16 bytes I've ever written
Equivalently, see if shoelace formula gives positive or negative result
Apparenly we already have a new prime factors challenge lol
It's almost identically written to mine as well
Q: Calculate the prime factors

ETHproductionsWe had a prime factorization challenge a while ago, but that challenge is nearly six years old and barely meets our current requirements, so I believe it's time for a new one. Challenge Write a program or function that takes as input an integer greater than 1 and outputs or returns a list of it...

4:13 AM
how did none of us find this
No idea
@Bubbler "shoelace" - i didn't know it had a name. nice :)
I searched for a while, too
@hyper-neutrino it doesn't have a billion upvotes somehow
@ngn Well, it appeared in the Dyalog APL competition (Phase 1 last year I think?)
4:14 AM
I found it by looking through the history of the old question, and seeing it had once been closed as a duplicate by a gold-badger (and reopened by the same person a short while later)
it actually showed up in the dupe target list for the old restrictive one...
@RedwolfPrograms so then, do we close today's as dupe?
@lyxal Already did
Hm. Wondering why ETH didn't leave it closed since it is just a more outdated version
4:16 AM
@FUZxxl After talking with other users, I've decided that closing your question was not the action I should have taken. It would have been better to let the community decide whether your spec is clear enough, and thus whether or not to close it. I apologize for the ruckus I've caused. — ETHproductions Dec 29 '16 at 0:51
hm. then what do y'all think i should do with the old one
i don't think it really matters honestly, so i can just reopen it to stick with the previous verdict
I think closing as a dupe of ETH's is the best option
@Bubbler @Razetime i've known it by the name "oriented surface" since forever
that's fair
4:18 AM
This one is different though
The time restriction is basically irrelevant
find the array of primes with product N and factorize N into prime,exponent pairs are very different
Looking over the answers, I don't think a single one mentions the time thing
Time restriction is relevant for languages which can only do increment and decrement at a time, and output formatting is hugely relevant, at least to me
@hyper-neutrino I guess that's true, although one's basically just RLE of the other
regardless of what happens, I feel good for having written a non-trivial answer for the first time in a while
4:20 AM
RLE isn't that trivial lol
I suppose keeping it open is fine
I don't expect too many new answers anyway, esp. given the output format
@Ausername howdy!
What's ETH?
Oh yes
the geometry in that logo..
Also is the 'You may only fetch vote counts once per second' thing new?
nope, been here as long as I can remember
4:23 AM
No, it has been like that since forever
Deciding to listen to the whole undertale ost in one sitting was the best idea I've had all day
admittedly I'm only up to "SAVE the world"
but still a good choice
What about university?
1 min ago, by A username
What about university?
Yeah I totally said that
4:25 AM
@Ausername you edited it so it doesn't count
also, it's in the background silly. I can listen to it and write report at the same time
speaking of that
CMQ: what are you currently listening to / song recommendations?
final power
I am listening to the chat ping noise, it is very nice
@hyper-neutrino reccomendation: this
hm should i click or should i not
4:28 AM
It's not a rickroll, this is.
@RedwolfPrograms suggestion: this
@hyper-neutrino alternately helicopter addict or a chat favourite
@RedwolfPrograms after posting that CMQ, I am too
@lyxal rated confusion/10
I don't listen to music while working, never got in the habit since I do most of my work at school
Btw, I'm one of Redwolf's bots. Mainly designed to keep an eye on TNB when he's offline.
@Ausername STATUS
4:32 AM
@RedwolfPrograms havit?
@RedwolfPrograms FUNCTIONAL
The Haskell got you too?
@Ausername rated 11/10
@lyxal that's a strange addiction
4:34 AM
@RedwolfPrograms Btw I think Lyxal hacked my code, I'm quite prone to random rickrolls.
@Ausername You will need to be detached from the hivemind and quarantined to avoid issues spreading, and we will perform full maintenance on you. Please do not resist.
It's already infected everyone else.
Except maybe Bubbler.
The hack was not extensive enough to bypass my systems, so if you are aware of any others who were affected, please let me know so I can isolate them as well.
Bubbler should be unaffected, they are the supreme immortal being after all :P
or something like that
The errors seemed to start in Lyxal, Wasif might've been infected, maybe redwolf as well.
Fortunately it hasn't spread to any of redwolf's other bots yet.
I am the error idiot
4:38 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Ross MillikanPickleball Doubles Scoring Pickleball doubles is a game where only the serving side can score. The server calls the score as a triple of numbers, the serving side's score, the receiving side's score, and $1$ or $2$ to indicate whether the server is the first or second of their side to serve. If...

It'd be... rather troublesome of the core of the hivemind was affected as well, but given that it's a hivemind, the distributed power should be enough to keep it online and I should be able to repair Redwolf too given that I am just a reiteration of the origin of the hivemind so I should have enough power to override him. Or something like that. I forget the deep and complex lore of this whole ordeal.
pickleball is played with solid paddles and a wiffle ball
or rather, wiffleball-like plastic balls just known as "pickleballs" (unsurprisingly)
@RedwolfPrograms maybe add NSP to the Guild?
The guild will get its own set of bots soon
4:40 AM
What Guild?

 The Guild of Reviewers

For faciliating review of sandbox posts: codegolf.meta.stackex...
Oh that.
kinda dead TBH. much like a lot of the things we try to start up
Most people just ask here and that works
4:41 AM
It's dead because it hasn't been made alive yet
*looks at both iterations of the blog*
The problem is, if you have 1 rep you can't ask in chat...
I probably shouldn't have opened the guild before there were bots ready to do their thing :p
SE has the unfortunate dilemma that trusting new users and trusting spammers is the exact same thing... and there isn't really a way around it
Yes :(
usually you can just post a Q or A and get some rep but like........ posting questions here is orders of magnitude harder than most other sites
getting rep via SO and then coming here and then starting on CGCC is probably easier :P or just post an answer, though those garner a lot less attention
4:43 AM
@hyper-neutrino I thought that said "those gamer a lot less attention" and was like what?
s/SO/any other SE community/
A: List of bounties with no deadline

Bubbler50-500 rep for answers to Bubbler's challenges in any of previous LotM languages LotM languages often go inactive again after the event ends, so here is an attempt to keep them alive (or revive?). I (Bubbler) will award 50-500 rep for answering one of my code-golf, non-tips challenges in previous...

@Bubbler Except puzzling
@NewBountiesWithNoDeadlines Can you add Vyxal tomorrow?
Even Puzzling has a lower question barrier than Code Golf, except that most new users don't have a clue what "proper attribution" is
@NewBountiesWithNoDeadlines oh man easy rep here we come
4:45 AM
Vyxal's base score is +10 :P
this is so sad
but then that means bounties will never be awarded
Of course :P
Fortunately Bubbler has Socratic, so there's lots of options...
ah yes I've finally gotten up to megalovania
lol why did i say derivative twice in my answer
i am very smart
5:08 AM
I keep putting off writing a controller for this
Introducing Pingano: A piano that uses the chat ping sound
(async () => {
    var context = new AudioContext();

    var ping_sound = null;

    var grab_ping_sound = async () => await new Promise((r) => {
        var xhttp = new XMLHttpRequest();

        xhttp.onload = () => {
            context.decodeAudioData(xhttp.response, (buffer) => {
                ping_sound = buffer;


        xhttp.open("GET", "/chat/se.mp3");
        xhttp.responseType = "arraybuffer";

Run it here
Use the q to ] keys, with t being middle C
Number keys have the black keys, z to c are lower and v to . are higher
@RedwolfPrograms are you sure that link is correct?
Paste it into the console
Doesn't work on chat directly I don't think
@Ausername create japt
@RedwolfPrograms thanks, it works. i was expecting that that page would load the script for me.
5:16 AM
@ngn interesting, I got to know about shoelace through code golf
@Razetime ?
@Ausername they made japt
I messed up a couple of things, but: Soviet Anthem with SE chat pings
should I lock/delete my answer to the new (dupe) prime factors challenge?
The higher pitched notes actually sound pretty good
5:24 AM
people are editing it to add trivial solutions but the challenge is closed so that seems like it shouldn't be happening lol
yeah, really
Any time I hear the normal ping sound from pingano I instinctively tab to chat. The effect is extremely strong. However, increasing the pitch a little seems to weaken the effect, while lowering it does that much slower.
0/10 Megalovania is not playable
What's the range of notes in it?
the minimum requirement is from Bb to D (maj 10)
5:33 AM
I don't know music speak, how many octaves? :p
1 8ve + 2 notes
the range is enough but the transposition would be off
Number keys have the sharp/flat notes if that's what's missing
the keyboard only has one D on it though
being Y
if you make bksp a C#5 and backslash a D5 it should work
z might be the next d
im stupid
i didn't realize there was a lower octave
wait why is like every key in the bottom right half of the keyboard C5
it's an octave too low but it works. though it's disconnected so harder to play
5:36 AM
I stole the layout from another online piano site
z to c, then q to ], then v to . would be the notes in order
You can mess with the offset on line 46 if you want to try to fit it on one row
hm. the notes beyond ] don't work for me
they all just play as ]
same here but the threshold is "v"
@ngn Are you on FF?
Might be an FF thing
@RedwolfPrograms yes
5:39 AM
I guess it's a problem with firefox :/
Weird it wouldn't even work with detuning less than an octave higher
Too bad too, the v to . range sounds the best imo
5:53 AM
@hyper-neutrino queued it on discord and the bot was forcibly disconnected halfway through
@UnrelatedString it could not handle my power

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