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12:17 AM
Q: Does NEPA currently categorically exempt satellite systems? Is there any legal basis to Viasat's request for the FCC to consider light pollution?

uhohSpace News' Viasat asks FCC to halt Starlink launches while it seeks court ruling says: Viasat formally asked the Federal Communications Commission to stay an April 27 license modification that allows SpaceX to continue building out the broadband constellation, which already numbers more than 1,...

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2:47 PM
"Linear regression is a machine learning technique for modeling continuous outcomes." <- That happens if we learn math from the internet..................................
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4:24 PM
And Starlink 28 launch is due at 3PM EST. (2:59PM technically). Booster has only flown once befoee, so strange, a babe in the fleet. Fairings halves are both reused! One half on flight 5 and the other on flight 3. So good reuse on fairings as well as booster cores.
Question for this year seems to be: How any Second stages a year can SpaceX manufacture? This is flight 16 of the year, if they keep this pace up, 38 flights is about right. (And Jun 1, Jun 3, and Jun 17 flights booked, and 2 or more Starlinks, just in June!) And this is before they start Starlink out of Vandenberg for the polar orbit missions.
And SN15 was moved off the launch pad (engines previously removed) and looks like it is being moved back to the Prod site. So not likely a reflight in the near future. Alas.
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6:51 PM
Flight video is live!
They have reflown 40 fairings so far...
119th launch of a Falcon 9 rocket since 2010
127th launch of Falcon rocket family since 2006
2nd launch of Falcon 9 booster B1063
106th SpaceX launch from Florida's Space Coast
71st Falcon 9 launch from pad 40
126th launch overall from pad 40
29th launch dedicated to SpaceX's Starlink network
16th Falcon 9 launch of 2021
16th launch by SpaceX in 2021
16th orbital launch based out of Cape Canaveral in 2021
135 launches is the Space Shuttle record, and that looks to be in range, at this rate in less than 6 months! Amazing. Shuttle took 30 years to get there.
7:23 PM
And landed for the 85th time? I heard the # and forgot it.
almost 1800 starlinks launched so far! Amazing.
7:55 PM
100th consecutive, successful launch of a Falcon 9

• 16th launch of 2021, a cadence of one rocket every nine days

• 6th launch during the last 33 days, once every five days

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