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Q: Reject tab, return to linefeed

StackMeterWARNING - SUPERFLUOUS STORY AHEAD On September 3rd 2015, at 5:26pm, Dennis, one of the most prominent users of this site, posted this question. In it, he claims to have "proven" the superiority of tabs. This, of course, is illegal. Therefore I have wrought to punish the tab-users and destroy thei...

I really shouldn't have posted my song challenge like that yesterday
@user well that was the bomb of the century
@StackMeter I think I responded with this either when you first sandboxed it, or after you asked for feedback, but I suggest you remove the "superfluous story". It doesn't add anything to the challenge aside from a bit of context, and the bold header and warning just makes it look/read worse
I just realized people can plan for the next day to make their answers short.
@cairdcoinheringaahing edited
2:12 PM
Also, the Sandbox works entirely on the OP responding to and fixing criticisms. When hyper-neutrino said "Also, I would strongly advise against subjective criteria like having an error message related to tabs", that generally means "remove the subjective criteria"
@user Also, the scoring system can be (and is) easily abused. Should've removed Day 0 from the scoring entirely.
@user Allowing people multiple answers on the same day but only letting them answer on alternate days would have been a good idea
May I change the rules now? It's only Day 0 still
@user It's not the best thing to do, but if you're going to change them, change them today
All right
@user if you can find the right language + flags combo, it's probably possible to write several "verses" using only error messages (like I have started to do with zsh, but I'm only going to get to day 1 I think)
Should I change scoring too?
@pxeger I just disallowed answering on consecutive days, sorry
2:18 PM
@user that's probably the better solution
In which case, I'm going to change the lyric on my answer to something from a real song Actually, I kind of like it like that. Maybe we can compose a song consisting only of error messages?
Good ol' "Roses are red, Violets are blue, Missing semicolon on line 42"
Does anyone remember a poem on reddit that consisted entirely of symbols like `, #, and <?
also how did @Wasif get suspended
Maybe the score could be something like sum(answer.score / 2 ** answer.day for answer in answers)
2:34 PM
@StackMeter Please don't talk (or incite discussion) about other users' suspensions
@user "The day changes at midnight UTC+0." That means we're on day 1 now, right?
No, this is day 0
@AaronMiller Midnight UTC is not for another ≈9½ hours
Oh, wait. That's my bad. I was looking at a chart and and read PM as AM, so I thought it was like an hour ago.
@cairdcoinheringaahing sorry
2:50 PM
damn, I didn't realise he was, that's a shame
are they permanent?
Usually not
But further discussion should probably be avoided
@rak1507 No, and you can find out all the relevant information you need to know by going to their profile. Beyond that, it's kept private
I think the longest suspension I've ever seen is 10 years, which is crazy
oh, I didn't know you could see profiles of suspended users, thanks
3:04 PM
huh, links on suspended users' profiles are removed
so why can't they do that for spam posts?
New users are limited to two links per post IIRC
Also, suspended users specifically have all links in their profile disabled, to prevent any potential profile spam
I'm talking about this proposal: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/363781/…
Well, that was posted 23 hours ago
SE typically either [status-declined] things quickly, or takes a few days/weeks to reach a decision
3:58 PM
@StackMeter if you are interested to know about my suspension, I used a sockpuppet account to vote for me in January this year, i didn't knew it was illegal, later in february i realized it was illegal and may lead to suspension I stopped. I quiet forgot about them when I got a lot of bounty reps, But it was revealed in April, resulting in a 7 day suspension. I used it in Super User too before, and I will wait till it ends
Q: Solve the Alien Probe puzzle

pxegerIntroduction In this TED-Ed video (which I'd recommend watching first), a puzzle is presented. 27 unit cubes must be painted with one of red, green, or purple on each face, so that they can be reassembled into a large 3x3x3 cube that shows only red on the outside, then a different arrangement tha...

4:25 PM
CMQ: What was the first golfing language to implement a custom codepage?
Jelly maybe? I think just
did golfscript/cjam have a codepage?
so if golfscript
GS2 uses unprintables and stuff(not very great to use)
do you have a link for GS2
the esolangs wiki is your friend
most of the time
have you used GS2 also ;-)
4:31 PM
4:49 PM
GS2 didn't really have a custom code page, it was just bytes-based rather than symbol-based
codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/a/22212/95516 what's the rules for working on this challenge seeing as it was already posted at one point?
I assume it's to not
damn, I wanna know if my idea works :P
I'll do it in APL this time not jelly
5:14 PM
Is Jelly considered an APL?
@user probably
No, of course jelly is A.P.L.
Ah, so it's considered an "APL-like language," not a dialect of APL
5:45 PM
Is it allowed for a program in a language like C to not work with inputs larger than a certain size?
Asking because of this answer
in my opinion, no, because this is not a system / computing limitation but is part of the code
that is, even if the computer were given unbounded memory and time, this code still wouldn't work, so it's not modern computing limitations, it's just that the code is invalid
Is there a way to get input of an arbitrary size in C?
I think so, as long as you know how big the input is
Just take a pointer, I guess
5:52 PM
Not sure if that's an allowed I/O method though
If you have a function, it's probably allowed. What's the context?
i'm sad
why am I sad
a lot of reasons
Ugh, I'm 46/50 towards Research Assistant on meta and have been for the past 2 days, because for some reason I can't get myself to write any more tag wikis :( Like, I want to, but whenever I click the Edit button, I just spend like a hour with my fingers "ready" to type, and not actually typing ಠ_ಠ
@RedwolfPrograms Taking a list and as a point and it's length is allowed by default
Writer's block is a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author is unable to produce new work or experiences a creative slowdown. This creative stall is not a result of commitment problems or the lack of writing skills. The condition ranges from difficulty in coming up with original ideas to being unable to produce a work for years. Writer's block is not solely measured by time passing without writing. It is measured by time passing without productivity in the task at hand. == History == Throughout history, writer's block has been a documented problem. Professionals who have...
6:17 PM
@Adám e doing anything be like:
6:38 PM
this challenge is too big brain for me
i have no clue how arnauld or att's solutions work
hey @Mr.Xcoder!!
@hyper-neutrino like i could probably implement the lazykh algo in python but it would take so many bytes
yoo @hyper-neutrino!
I knew there was a high iq maths solution
just couldn't find it
I don't speak mathematica, what is {#,#2,#3}+#4&~Array~{#,#,#,2}~Mod~#& doing?
@rak1507 # is the first argument to a function, #2 the second etc. & binds everything before it into a function. { } are lists, ~ is infix notation
Can't remember what Array does tho
they've updated the answer now
7:10 PM
@hyper-neutrino Have you gotten any SE swag as a mod? :P
nope; they've never asked for my address either AFAIK
Disgraceful smh
I so want that diamond
but to get the diamond, I need to post answers
and to post answers, I need questions that don't have Python answers on
@cairdcoinheringaahing i've asked in TL about it; i actually forgot about that, lol. maybe I missed something
however, Python is very populadr
7:14 PM
@hyper-neutrino My guess is that either they silently stopped it, or just haven't gotten around to you guys :P
@StackMeter or learn sed
Fingers crossed for the latter
another mod hasn't heard anything about it either and they've qualified thrice since they stopped sending swag so they probably just haven't gotten around to it
we just need to be patient :P
@wezl what is a sed
7:19 PM
@also while I'm here what's a retina
as well as that, MM is a dark place
our tour page has been updated
thank you for the new display text suggestion caird :D
7:31 PM
Thanks also to Bubbler, you and rak for the wording suggestions :)
@cairdcoinheringaahing thanks
@cairdcoinheringaahing huh?
I disagree with 'competitive coding enthusiasts', makes it seem like it's a good place to ask for help with competitive programming, which it really is not. — rak1507 2 days ago
I forgot about that
I cannot comprehend Retina
it's never too late to turn to the dark side learn some regex
I had 99 problems, but then I used regex. Now I have ^\d{3}$ problems
@hyper-neutrino why the <s>s</s> tags
---strikethrough--- strikethrough
I've had to type that so much, Im adding it to the chat commands userscript
7:44 PM
@StackMeter it's a joke about regexps being bad
@Wezl lol
@cairdcoinheringaahing yeet
@hyper-neutrino If you're on CGCC, you've already turned to the dark side
@user that is true
the only exception is if you were always on the dark side to begin with :P in which case you didn't technically turn to the dark side
Q: what are some commonly linked pages here? The abbreviations page, what else?
@hyper-neutrino Oh right, my first programming language was Khan Academy's subset of JS :P
@rak1507 Interesting link
aaaa how do you markdodwn
@rak1507 [text](link)
@user D:
7:50 PM
thank you
I always forget
@hyper-neutrino Turn that frown around
goddamit you beat me to it
@hyper-neutrino same
@cairdcoinheringaahing That's better!
I hate it when people make emoticons (emojis?) rtl
7:52 PM
apl emojis
@user :():
emoticon = text that looks like faces when put together
emoji = one unicode symbol designed to represent a face
i think my most starred message is me correcting conor over this lmao
@StackMeter I'm not sure what expression that is, but I would not want to meet that person irl :P
@hyper-neutrino Ah, thanks
Now excuse me while I forget this in three seconds :P
8:05 PM
face made
Fricking college board doesn't support Ubuntu 20.04
Just 18.04
Am I going to have to run a hecking VM to click a button to agree to the ToS?
I updated ATaco's chat commands userscript to include shortcuts to some useful links. Anyone who wants it can download it here
It seems Lyxal has a catchphrase
@cairdcoinheringaahing do you actually have a copy of taco's chat userscript though
i can't seem to find it anymore
liek the thing with /o_o and using ^^ to reply
8:22 PM
oh cool thanks
0/10 didn't make it .user.js so i need to manually copy paste it
I forgot what the . thing was supposed to be :P
Well, I installed an Ubuntu 18.04 VM
And it still thinks I'm on an unsupported device >:|
I hate websites that send different content dependingon your User-Agent
Just give me a fricking dropdown menu
I guess I could try Chrome, maybe that sends more details?
Nope, still doesn't work
Have I mentioned how much I hate college board
@RedwolfPrograms Rings a bell :P
Hopefully I don't have to download that malware in order to take the tests I paid $140 for
Not like I really have a choice though
8:45 PM
2 days ago, by user
This is why you use Windows
I guess I'll have to pirate windows 10 then
Actually my laptop was originally Windows 10, so it's not even really piracy
It might even recognize a hardware key or something and not even ask me to activate it
I wish all widely used software was forced by the law to support all major platforms (I know it's unrealistic, but still)
I hate it when something's just for Mac or certain Linux distros and not for Windows (although it's probably a bigger problem for Linux users)
I think education software should be legally required to support all major platforms...
@user It's more often Window's fault if software only works on Linux though
@hyper-neutrino Java ftw :)
windows and iOS aren't free so only supporting them is kinda troll (at least, I think they're not free?? idk)
8:49 PM
Windows isn't free
i can understand video games only supporting windows (it's more or less why i still have windows on this computer)
@user it practically is
It doesn't care if you pirate it
It just shows a little thing in the bottom corner of the desktop
Oh nice
I mean, uh, that is interesting but it will never be of use to me because I have morals.
monetarily it's kind of free, but only because then it'll get you to play candy crush saga and stuff
my uni stuff all runs nicely on both windows and linux; granted, it is just websites and we don't have to download malware or anything to write our assessments and stuff
8:52 PM
Unfortunately college board's been really shady about trying to detect VMs in the past, and I'm not risking thousands of dollars, so I'm going to have to buy a 128 GB external drive probably and dual boot it
Oh frick the exam's a week away
I think most schools/colleges are reasonable about that
Guess not then
our cs course provides us with a linux server to SSH into and actually it's significantly nicer to use linux for the course
I've only heard of a few people whose schools made them download that Lockdown Browser thing
@hyper-neutrino Oh nice
it is my personal opinion that for most classes, if you need your students to download a lockdown browser thing or something like that, you are bad at writing tests
8:54 PM
AKA you are college board
The labs at our school disabled the terminals :(
some classes like bio might have exceptions where memorization is actually important but like for math if you're testing people's ability to memorize you're probably doing it wrong
tbf there's Wolfram Alpha
my Math 148 course actually allowed us to consult anything, including wolfram alpha, math.se, asking friends, etc, as long as we wrote our solutions in our own words and demonstrated understanding of the content in our assignment submissions
we didn't have tests, we just had 5 assignments worth 20% each
That makes sense
Although 5 assignments doesn't sound like enough
8:56 PM
granted, there was definitely pretty large margin for cheating in that sense. though my mark was still garbage lol. but i think it's definitely a better system than forcing people to install malware to write a test lol
yeah 5 assignments made it quite stressful since each one weighed so much
still not as much as finals lol. i don't like how a 3-hour final can be worth 40% of your entire term's grade, and 40% is low lmao
We used to have finals at my old middle school (only took them once before moving to the States) and it sucked if you were feeling down that day, because then you'd do poorly on 2-3 tests that were ~30% of the entire semester's grade
After about a half hour of digging through college board's industrial scale sh*tpost of a website, I think I've determined that I don't actually need to download their app
@cairdcoinheringaahing I feel like returning a boolean and using booleans in $L$ might be a bit simpler
@user How would that work?
I meant returning False means you don't count, True means you do (instead of 0 and v+1)
9:10 PM
How would you figure out the current count? Tracking the previous True rounds?
nvm I didn't read the spec properly :P
@Delfad0r Good point, I've updated to reflect your comment :P
I'm not sure I understand how the lists work. If the ith element always corresponds to the same bot, how is the list reshaped as bots become "out"?
Not sure about that tbh
Maybe have a dictionary?That might be cumbersome, though
Also, "out" feels like too much like "disqualified," at least to me. I was pretty confused when I read that you want to get out (or am I still misinterpreting it?). A word like "free" might be clearer
9:16 PM
"safe" maybe?
I've left a link to this convo so I can find it later, I'll work on the koth later :) Thanks for the feedback tho
You're welcome
I can't wait to unleash Crab upon this one
I love how it's even tagged [off-topic]
The question is literally tagged
@RedwolfPrograms >(
9:18 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Mmh, let me check if you got the link right... ;)
@Delfad0r I've actually included both links to be helpful :P Can you find the TIO one?
i increasingly agree that MM should require >1 rep
Woops, I just got rickrolled :/
Weird :P
@hyper-neutrino You got ninja'd by Redwolf in the comments btw :P
9:21 PM
my comment says "there are comments discussing how this is off-topic"; that would not make sense had redwolf's comment not existed already, hence it was not a ninja, but rather that i saw his comment and added on as a result
@hyper-neutrino It's alright, just accept it and move on :P
Looks like HN is in the denial stage
@hyper-neutrino sounds kinda sus tbh
redwolf's comment is infinitely more helpful than mine
Good, good, accept their superiority
I'm tempted to post "Press Enter and find out" as an answer :/
9:23 PM
does coco village avis have a mall in it?
@cairdcoinheringaahing Redwolf pretty much said that already, so...
I thought it'd be an ad or something but ddg doesn't produce any helpful results
Neither does Google, actually
@user Oh, you duckduckwent it?
shakes head
Wow, 7th grade me really knew how to draw a cube
9:27 PM
What's the extra line that isn't connected to anything?
The rest kinda makes sense, except for that
It is connected to something, it's just that the wrong part is drawn
When you got too close to the cube the lines would try to draw behind you, and end up going to weird points on the screen
I just found a Scratch project of mine that claims to be a CNN, but it's literally just (r, g, b) => r*w1+g*w2+b*w3+bias
I don't even know if it qualifies as an actual neural network since it has only one pixel of input and one layer
I think it technically still is?
Oh cool, looks like I made an AI then :P
9:37 PM
@user The Singularity is near
10:20 PM
@RedwolfPrograms seems like a happy little accident to me
Wow, I just took a test where there was a question with two right answers
A math test
Which one was more correct?
They both resulted in the exact same graph
I was going to say "sure the answers might both be right but one may be more correct" but they seem to be the same thing
I don't know if the Elo list is accurate
Because it's not including any answers from 2021
I searched the query results and the latest answer is somewhere in 2020
Meaning that the results aren't actually for April 2021 but for a period between 2016 and 2020
I kind of want to make my own script that does something similar
Mostly for fun
10:26 PM
So, CMQ: Should the Elo SEDE query start at April 2021 if I'm getting the results for April 2021?
It should use the most up to date answers
So should I modify the query to select answers after a recent date? And if so, when do I make the starting period?
Why not just use all the answers
No, the query should download all answers before the previous Sunday (the last time SEDE updated)
@RedwolfPrograms because it doesn't give me all the answers
It only ever gives me 50k max
10:32 PM
@hyper-neutrino On the other hand, a 1 rep user just posted a MM question which is actually good
@Lyxal Imagine not just using a modulo on the ids to get them in four groups
Made by spent-way-too-much-time-doing-random-stuff-with-post-data-gang
@cairdcoinheringaahing not modifying the start date doesn't actually include recent answers though.
Just download them in groups then concat the CSVs
I kind of don't think Elo is the best rating system for golfiness anyway
A good system would weight all challenges equally, which the current one seems to do, but it should also take into account how much the answers win by imo
If, say, Husk gets 4 bytes, JS gets 400, and C gets 4000, it shouldn't be equivalent to 4 bytes for Husk, 10 bytes for JS, and 14 bytes for C
I think I've designed a scheme to rate the languages, now I just need to get some code working to parse the answers
10:51 PM
The gradscript may be of use there
I should be able to do it without too much trouble, all that should be necessary to handle is the headers
@cairdcoinheringaahing yeah. which is why i still don't think a >1 rep limit is necessarily good
it's not too hard to banish spam and crap especially with SD
but if a legit 1-rep user has something they need help on it's annoying if they can't get it
there really isn't that great of a way to solve it, but that's just true of all spam, lol. if there were a neasy fix, SD wouldn't be needed or so important
@hyper-neutrino SD = spam detection?
smoke detector
Close enough
10:58 PM
it is a third-party (unaffiliated w/ se) project that basically scans every post and edit on SE and checks for potential spam using a shit ton of regexes and other intelligent detection
Sorry to be somewhat off-topic and slightly inflammatory, but the newest post on MM has reminded me why I dislike religion. Read anything on this question on Islam.SE about a man struggling to reconcile his sexuality with his religion. I'd expect a site on the network to actually provide the kind of high-quality answers we generally expect, not the preaching BS and genuinely offensive remarks that are caused by the religious beliefs of the users
I don't mean to offend anyone, or their religious beliefs, I just wanted to vent a little bit and complain about something on the network :/
Islam.SE almost had to get shut down a while back due to how divisive it was and how much hatred and negativity it was producing (or at least, CMs had to make several posts on its meta about it). Of course, this is not representative of Islam as a whole, and I respect everyone regardless of their personal belief. But I agree - I think religion should be a spiritual guide and not a set of rules to discriminate by, and I have no respect for people who use religion as a justification for hatred.
11:00 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing It's totally all right to dislike the parts of religion cause people to do dumb/hateful things
@user Yes, but it can be a thin line between disliking parts of the religion and offending people. As an atheist who doesn't want to offend people, I try to be as conscious of that line as I can be
Isn't the right approach here to simply flag and downvote them and move on?
I'd do that if it wasn't +43/-1 (and if I had 125 rep on Islam.SE). Clearly, the site wants it
@cairdcoinheringaahing imho it's alright to offend people if their views are outright irrational and they're being hateful on purpose, as long as you don't do it for the sake of angering them
@cairdcoinheringaahing Hopefully the mods don't
11:16 PM
In lighter topics, I think I managed to (somewhat) break my tag wiki writers block :D
@user you probably should have added some sort of restriction saying that only songs found on Genius before challenge posting can be used
@Lyxal The Once-ler song isn't on Genius
@Lyxal Why?
Also, please don't give me any more notifications on that GitHub issue
@cairdcoinheringaahing it is
There's this, but ehhh
11:21 PM
That's where I got the lyrics from
@user Yeah, @Lyxal, I'm closing it and it's staying closed.
@Lyxal You can make your own songs or modify them, it doesn't have to be from a real song at all
@Lyxal Are you telling me you don't know it off from heart? :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing oh I definitely do
I just wanted to get the official line
11:31 PM
CMQ: What's a good way to prank someone (assuming you know they'd be okay with it)?
@user rickrolling
Uncooked pasta underneath the toilet seat
@cairdcoinheringaahing .... that's very oddly specific
You sit down and it sounds like you cracked the bowl :P
11:32 PM
still very oddly specific
Note to self: don't mess with caird. And if you do, do not allow them access to your bathroom
Installing a custom keyboard on their laptop that sometimes replaces spaces with (not to mention I find you quite dislikeable)
Alternatively, (got this from Captain Underpants) ketchup sachets, folded in half, underneath the toilet seat :P
Is this really atomic code golf?
11:33 PM
I think I'll go with rickrolling :P
@Bubbler I rejected the edit, but WW approved it :/
Can I have an F for that person's dignity? :P
@Bubbler I've rolled it back, I don;t get how it could even be [atomic-code-golf]
I think whoever edited it felt NEWS could be considered atoms
I was about to edit it out along with optimization manually...
11:37 PM
whoops, sorry :(
No problem
I just thought it's a good opportunity when it's already bumped anyway
So, I thought that rolling back approved edits undid the +2 edit rep (which is why I think it was better to rollback, then edit more), but apparently not
dang why does the factorial of 100 gotta be so long?
Well, at least it is under 200 digits (100! < 100^100 = 10^200)
it doesn't play nice with code wrapping though
which is sad
11:41 PM
Ah, ok. If the post author rolls it back, it does remove the +2, but only if the OP rolls back, not if anyone rolls it back
I did a smart
I did a much smart
What was the smart?
Instead of having to download 240MB of answers and parse the CSVs, I just used some fancy SQL from the internet to only keep the first line
@RedwolfPrograms You keep stopping me from getting the 1 review I need for Reviewer ;P
and I plan to keep doing it :p
11:54 PM
and i plan to join the people stopping you ;p
Hmm, wait, if I crossed out the :p too, does that mean I'm joking about joking about it, and therefore do actually plan to keep doing it?
It would be fun to see how long the LQP reviews can line up at times that I'm asleep :P
@RedwolfPrograms No, it means the person the emoticon represents died in a gruesome accident where they were sliced in half
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