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some of the bike lanes in my city are divided by those stupid retroreflective plastic things and a mini-curb on the ground which just makes driving more stressful even when there isn't a cyclist and makes it annoying for both parties
Here cyclists are treated the same as cars and other vehicles, but sometimes they decide to go from "I'm a car" to "I'm a pedestrian" when it suits them
I once drove past a cyclist in a 60mph limit country road, hedges on both sides, blind corners. It was stupid to be driving there, let alone cycling
bike lanes should be grouped with pedestrians because cars have the least control, and also the danger level of a bike-to-pedestrian collision is WAY lower than a car hitting a bike
@hyper-neutrino Those are generally ok if you allow plenty of road space for cars so they aren't cramped by the bike lane
12:01 AM
Plus a pedestrian has much more incentive to be careful of cyclists than a car
Unless the speed limit is something like 25 mph, cyclists (at least non-professionals) should stay on the sidewalk
yeah. usually there's enough space it just makes me really nervous because in case the cyclist swerves there is no way to avoid just running them over
also pedestriants and cyclists can get out of each other's way in a split second situation a lot more easily than a car
also the even better thing is when there's a right-turn lane and the bike lane goes between the right-turn lane and the rightmost straight lane
(Also, imagine being old enough to drive lol)
so in order to turn right you must cross the bike lane and be careful not to have the habit of not checking your blind spot when you keep right into a new lane
I'm not sure how common large, multilane roundabouts are where y'all live, but have you ever seen a cyclist on one of those? It's incredibly dangerous
@RedwolfPrograms 18+ gang :P
12:03 AM
what's the UK age limit for driving, 18?
We can start learning at 16 and pass a test at 17
@RedwolfPrograms Isn't it 16 in Texas too?
I'll be able to drive in about 6 months, yeah
Here in the US you can start learning at 16 and pass a test whenever you have 60 hours completed
we don't really have multi-lane roundabouts but we do have a road with 5 roundabouts in a row
would screenshot but that might give too much info about where i live
12:04 AM
@RedwolfPrograms nice trick to save Arnauld 3 bytes!
So long as you're 17+ here, you can take a test whenever you want
@user I thought it was 15 in the US?
@cairdcoinheringaahing No minimum number of hours practiced?
@cairdcoinheringaahing idk, I tried taking the knowledge test when I was 15 and 9 months, but they didn't let me
Came back when I was 16 and they were fine with it, though
in ontario we can take a G1 test at 16, and the G1 license lets us drive with an accompanying person who has had a G license for at least 4 years, and a year after having the G1 (or 8 months if you went to a certified driving school) you can take the G2 test, which lets you drive alone (but you still must be accompanied to go on a highway), and within 5 years of getting the G1, you can take the G test which gives you the full license
12:06 AM
So long as you have a provisional license (which you can get at 16 by filling out a government form), you can take the written test, then, if you pass, you can take the practical test
@cairdcoinheringaahing Actually, you're right, you can take the test at 15 and 9 months
Not sure what went wrong the first time hen
CMQ - what's the fastest you've driven
@hyper-neutrino Here, you can get a provisional license at 16, then start learning and take a test at 17. If you have a provisional license, you can drive supervised by a driver who is 21+ and has a license for 3+ years. you can't drive on moterways tho. Once you've turned 17, you can take the theory and practical tests. Pass both and you get a full license
@hyper-neutrino 110 mph
@hyper-neutrino 60 mph, because a car was honking at me :(
12:08 AM
Germany's wild :P
ah germany. figures
The limit in France IIRC is 130 kph (90 mph), and I've hit 100 mph there
12:09 AM
fastest i've gone is 120 kph because it would've been dangerous to go slower. the speed limit was 90 btw, but traffic around me was going so fast that being slower would've been more dangerous
Germany (on the autobahn) is crazy and I never want to drive there again
fastest i've gone while in a car is i think around 160 (also in germany) with my parents driving ofc
@cairdcoinheringaahing Bonjour, je voudrais signaler un crime :P
@hyper-neutrino When I did a german exchange, my partner's mom hit 200 kph on the autobahn once and I was the most scared I've ever been in a car
The speed limit on all the highways nearby is just 55 mph, I think it's time to move to Germany
12:11 AM
@user ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Now that brexit's a thing, I doubt I'll ever be allowed to go to France ever again :P
imagine just being able to casually drive into so many other countries. it takes around 2 hours to get to the next country and then it'd take well over a day to be able to get to another country after that
@cairdcoinheringaahing lol wtf o.O
@hyper-neutrino I drove from Austria to the UK in one day back in February, which went through 6 countries (Austria, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Germany, France, UK)
@hyper-neutrino America -> Canadia -> Russia?
@hyper-neutrino Yep :P
@user Canada -> USA -> Mexico
@user mexico. i don't think you can drive to russia
12:13 AM
@hyper-neutrino Easy, get on a ferry :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing the scale of things really is different. i fell asleep on a highway when we were on vacation in arizona once and i woke up like an hour later and we were still on the same highway and maybe passed like a city or two
@hyper-neutrino I hope you weren't driving
> 100 years is a long time to an American, 100 miles is a long way for a European
@user i was, i've mastered the art of sleep-driving
Holy frick y'all need to slow tf down
12:14 AM
@Lyxal Especially caird's partner's mom
@Lyxal we are talking about going at high speeds right now though...
idk if you were referring to that or the speed of chat / the transcript
@hyper-neutrino you wouldn't get away with those speeds down under
well now my joke which was never funny is even less funny :(
@Lyxal You don't know the terror of hitting 200 kph. Be thankful :P
Relative to the center of the earth, we're spinning around pretty fast. Probably broken the speed limit a bunch of times
12:15 AM
We pretty much have a 100 kph limit at the max
but do people actually drive at that speed
I mean, we have a 70mph limit here in the UK
@hyper-neutrino On freeways, yes
120kph is average on the 90kph-highways where i live
People here drive above the speed limit (55)
12:16 AM
Everywhere else is 50/60
i usually go 60 when the limit's 50, unless there's nobody nearby in which case i can just drive at the actual speed
We actually respect the law here
I think the fastest I've driven here was ~80 on an empty motorway in the middle of nowhere
How do y'all manage to go at/below the speed limit without having others tailgate/honk at you?
@Lyxal Ironic, given Australia's founding :P
12:17 AM
well if everyone else obeys the speed limit you don't have to worry about that
They don't :\
the only time i always go at the speed limit even if there is traffic around is in school zones
otherwise driving at the speed limit really is just too slow, both for what i feel and especially for what everyone else around me feels
The weirdest sensation is the transition from highways (60/70 mph) to cities (30 mph)
@user Get into a different lane and shake your head when they go roaring past you
@cairdcoinheringaahing oh yeah i agree
after getting onto the straight part of the ramp accelerating from like 40 all the way up to 90+ feels really weird
the other reason i need to go so fast is cuz otherwise i can't get onto the highway because i need to be at least as fast as the traffic in the rightmost lane, and that's already the slowest lane, which is going at like 100-110
@hyper-neutrino Nah, that bit;s fun :P I was talking more about when you've spend hours on the highway, then move into the city and 30 feels like 10
12:22 AM
people here neither care about the speed limit nor the fact that the left lane should be passing and the right lane should be slow
wow imagine using physical roads
people go at like 110 in the right lane and then just drive in the left lane going like 120-130
@cairdcoinheringaahing it's fun :p still not too used to it, i've only gone on highways a few times
Imagine driving on the right hand side
Made by non American gang
@hyper-neutrino The trick: everyone else is an idiot, you can only trust yourself to be a good driver
honestly yeah. i almost got into a crash a bit ago cuz a car was coming up on an intersection with its right blinker and slowed down so i was about to turn right (red)
12:24 AM
If you imagine that every other driver is a toddler whose never driven before, then you become much better at handling the times that other drivers behave like toddlers :P
fortunately my mom noticed that they weren't actually turning they just slowed down at the intersection for literally no reason and never turned their right blinker off for the entire time
@hyper-neutrino Wait for the wheels to turn, then pull out :)
@cairdcoinheringaahing hahaha, good tip :P
How many of y'all actually have full licenses?
12:25 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing yeah, it definitely wasn't a good idea on my part, i'm definitely remembering that from now on though :P
I've kinda stolen my parents' car, as they work from home and I use it to go wherever I need to, so I'm the only driver :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing :clap:
@hyper-neutrino What's even worse, is that if they hit you, you're in the wrong ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
(sorry for the pings)
@cairdcoinheringaahing yeah. i mean granted, just cuz someone has their signal on doesn't mean they're gonna turn (opposite isn't i think) so it is technically my fault
in any case. the only way to avoid danger is to be careful yourself. you can never trust other people to do stuff right :P
12:27 AM
CMQ: what's your least favorite road structure when driving, and why is it roundabouts?
@hyper-neutrino but what if I don't trust myself?
@hyper-neutrino hills
oh yeah hills suck too
@hyper-neutrino narrow roads
12:28 AM
I drive on the clutch a lot, and hill starts are annoying to judge whether I can pull away on the clutch alone, or if I have to use the handbrake
my parents apparently were driving up a hill once (in the US, i think well before i was born) and someone on the opposite side was passing so they ended up just barely being able to avoid crashing with three cars in two lanes squeezing just past each other. really hate people as idiotic as that
Ez fix: drive auto
@cairdcoinheringaahing ^
Real men drive with a gearstick larger than the car and with a clutch pedal made out of pure fire
@hyper-neutrino actually I've changed my mind. My least favourite road structure is the car itself.
fair enough lol
12:31 AM
@Lyxal Disagree. I have nothing against cars themselves, it's their fleshy brains inside them that's the issue :P
What the hell kind of car are you driving?
Cars don't have flesh brains so what the frick?
I meant the humans, but alternatively, I live in the Cars universe
12:33 AM
I'm typing this with my front wheels
No. I don't need that image in my head.
Don't do that to me
@hyper-neutrino here they have put in so many roundabouts that do not by any means need to exist and every one of them has been some kind of multi year project despite each of the roads being one lane in each direction
IMHO, reject cars and skim rocks across lakes instead
reject rocks and skim cars across lakes instead
reject both and skim rocks across cars (that's how you get arrested for property damage / vandalism! :D)
12:37 AM
Y'all got it all wrong
CMM: Do we have a consensus about necro-bumping old meta questions to fix/improve them or their tags?
@hyper-neutrino Clearly you should skim lakes across rocks and cars
@UnrelatedString roundabouts are just rather unsafe IMO especially for pedestrians and cyclists so like traffic light intersections are just way better
@cairdcoinheringaahing necro bumping?
Bumping old posts
12:38 AM
My vote is that it's okay
they tried putting roundabouts in the neighborhood where i used to live, replacing the 2-way stop signs, just to slow traffic down. it didn't go too well when school buses tried turning left and found that roundabouts of that size are... impossible to go around as a long school bus...
also people kept turning left. i don't know if they went through with it or removed them but it was just a huge waste of time and money
roundabouts are great on like
medium-large roads
not a single one of these roundabouts is on a medium-large role
and there are a ton of prdestrians and cyclists around here
we also have some awful traffic lights but that is a different problem
I like roundabouts on 4-way small intersections, so long as they don't have something obscuring in the middle
honestly IMO roundabouts that aren't like large 3+ - lane traffic circles with a lot of exits don't make sense especially when both directions are busy
i think there are three different roundabouts in the immediate vicinity of the high school
12:40 AM
like if only one direction is busy and the other is a minor road, just put a 2-way stopsign
My goal is to one day have a picnic in one of those large roundabouts with grass in the middle
That'll be the time that someone insists on driving directly at it at speed
another thing i hate - buses when i'm biking. they are faster than me so they will pass me if i'm ahead of them by only a bit, but then they will stop at each stop for long enough such that their average distance covered is actually lower than mine. so i end up having to stop behind it a lot and usually i'll just find another route or bike on the sidewalk/trail to avoid having to stay behind it and dealing with exhaust
12:43 AM
Just catch the bus lol
which isn't that safe especially since my route home from school went right near the university where the trails have a lot of people, so often i'd end up just having to deal with it until the bus gained sufficient distance
Imagine knowing how to ride a bike
usually i'd just slow down and let the bus get far enough until it turns off to another street
This conversation is still going on?
I left for a while lol
Yeah pretty much
12:45 AM
People have opinions relating to roads :P
unless someone with something on-topic shows up it'll probably keep going for a while until something interesting derails it or we go off on some tangent and forget about the original conversation :P
cars, driving, and roads tend to bring about some strong opinions especially since a lot of it involves the city's choices and thus the government :P
Yes thank you computer for not actually turning on but just showing the Microsoft logo
Never mind the fact I need to use you for doing uni work
And never mind the fact that you've just displayed the logo for a minute now
imagine needing to do uni work. this post made by just finished my last final today gang
windows is a meme
imagine needing to do uni work. this post made by not in uni gang
@Neil Still got outgolfed by 30+ bytes though :p
Oh actually it was less than 30
12:51 AM
> Code Golf Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for programming puzzle enthusiasts and code golfers. It's built and run by you as part of the Stack Exchange network of Q&A sites. With your help, we're working together to build a library of programming puzzles and their solutions.
I'm getting better! :p
our tour page probably shouldn't say "is a question and answer site" if we're not a Q&A site
Pretty sure you can edit that, as a mod
I think we should have a clearer distinction from the rest of the SE network, what do y'all think?
I can edit it
should I put it onto meta?
Yeah, I'll write up a draft answer
12:52 AM
Probably put it on meta and we can vote on wordings
also, we still need to discuss the tour page's featured question - fibonacci sequence still cannot be featured, and there are a couple of things that need to be discussed, changed, considered, etc
Okay there we go
Finally got the surface on
since this is a much quicker change, i'll get this up first and get a consensus and change it. after it's a bit less active i'll bring up the topic of the featured question again on meta
might require a CM to force edit it, and there are several potential issues with that too
Maybe ask a CM if there's a way for them to select the post, avoiding the restrictions?
We are an unusual site, if it isn't much and we provide them with a URL already, they're more likely to do it
Sandbox posts last active a week ago: Best Rolling Ao5
1:03 AM
yesterday, by hyper-neutrino
maybe we should set up a room or some channel to prioritize and coordinate getting quality feedback to new users so they don't get a poor impression of the sandbox. not sure how practical smth like that could be
Should we make a meta post about this?
It seems like a good idea to me
(and we should totally call it the Guild of Reviewers)
Yeah, can't be a bad idea
Worst case scenario is that no-one wants to take part
I see nothing that could go wrong with it, like caird said worst case we waste the 3 minutes spent making a meta post and making a chat room
I can maybe make a chat bot to post new sandboxed posts, and sort of do what OSP does but more often
i'd be happy to set that up, or if one of y'all want to do it go ahead
@RedwolfPrograms isn't that just NSP
But better!
1:07 AM
or do you mean frequently post links to recently (but not new) sandboxed posts that haven't gotten adequate attention
NSP but without the hour long delays :P
@RedwolfPrograms Having a bot which posts recently (i.e. within a week or so) active posts that have say <3 comments, or a score <3 could be helpful
Just not in this room
Yeah, I'll start on that I think
one of y'all want to set that up? if not i'll go do it right now
1:08 AM
The API lets you get comments and score, so shouldn't be an issue
@cairdcoinheringaahing catija said that she could probably do that though she'd need to go talk with some other people to confirm that. the thing is the formatting might not work out well if we use a question that isn't formatted to their restrictions
@hyper-neutrino Run the fibonacci question by her, see if it is well-formatted?
also, the other thing is the brainfuck answer; we've already had complains about putting "fuck" on HNQ before, we should probably avoid bad impressions on the tour page. there might be a way for them to block that if they're going to manually edit anyway, and it's also not like the tour question actually has a link to the question itself
We could just edit it to brainf***
i already talked to her in TL about that exact question; the main issue is just the bullet points, which i can probably edit out if needed, but more so the headers that pretty much all CGCC answers have, which isn't allowed
idk what the selection criteria is for answers. the current accepted answer cannot be selected due to length, so the system will automatically select a valid answer and pretend that's the accepted one
1:10 AM
Could you at least ask her to remove the current one and replace it with the generic unicorn placeholder?
I'd rather have a useless example than a closed, vlq example
the what placeholder now
IIRC if there's no questions that fit, sites have a "unicorn" placeholder
i mean, i could always select another question in the meantime until we figure out how to get this one working, like codegolf.stackexchange.com/q/209579/68942 or smth
ah, fuck. the criteria will select the brainfuck answer...
should i censor its header?
Just do that, yeah
1:14 AM
it selects this and this
TBH I don't really see a problem with having a brainfuck answer in the tour
anyone with any sense will understand that it's a language, not an offensive term, and it's the classic esolang
In fact, my answer proposing the fib question literally says it's a good thing
catija did mention that we might want to avoid a question with "brainfuck" as an answer even though it is a legit language name since it might not be ideal to show on the tour (paraphrased), and another mod did also agree with that, but i'm undecided
if you're going to use CGCC, you're going to see a fair amount of that anyway. censoring it from the tour might give the wrong impression that we actually care to censor it, lol
1:16 AM
lemme just find the MM post so you've got something to cite :P
alright :P
also BTW re your meta answer, the perl answer will not be shown, because it is too long
Isn't it the accepted answer tho?
too long
the system instead pretends the brainfuck answer is accepted
the number of votes is fixed to 14, 3, 3->4 + accept anyway
The more we dig into this, the more I think it's broken :/
@hyper-neutrino Here you go
there is certainly a strong correlation with the amount of meta activity and the amount i realize CGCC has a lot of things incompatible with SE lmao
1:19 AM
But also, this isn't even a CGCC thing
The criteria for the Tour question are just ridiculous, and the system is clearly broken
I'd complain on MM, but I've been surprisingly active there recently
oh i agree with that
IIRC code blocks are actually generally disallowed too. We have an exception for that
actually, we also have an exception for question length, which catija kindly helped me with. the question, post-render, can only have up to 400 characters in it. ours is, as of recently, 800, just so i can get this question up
5 mins ago, by caird coinheringaahing
The more we dig into this, the more I think it's broken :/
Is a 400 character long question ever good on any site, other than SO?
Is an SO question with 400 characters and no code blocks good either?!
1:25 AM
"What does the "yield" keyword do in Python?" has ~3000 upvotes last time I checked
it requires both short question and short answers. both of which are generally bad
that's the preview i see when selecting it (i edited the answers to say bytes instead of whatever else, to go with modern standards)
@hyper-neutrino TBH those are both still good example answers
that's what i actually see on the tour page
3 mins ago, by caird coinheringaahing
5 mins ago, by caird coinheringaahing
The more we dig into this, the more I think it's broken :/
Keep exposing problems, I want to see how deep I can nest that message :P
Irritatingly, the answer after the Haskell one (by votes) is by Jon Skeet
It's his only answer on the site, and it's to a classic challenge that would IMO help engage more newer users if shown in the Tour :P
:o huh
if i remove the current question, it just automatically chooses the top one, instead of giving a placeholder
which happens to be "tips for golfing in vyxal" right now
which is very unrepresentative of our site since tips questions are like the one exception to our rule that we strictly host competitions
1:31 AM
Do not choose that, we'll never hear the end of it from Lyxal :P
@hyper-neutrino yes
This is good
this is so annoying lol
Holy frick you actually did it
the tour page just won't update to what i edited the question and answers to
Well at least I screenshotted it
1:32 AM
idk if it will auto-update later either or if i'll have to manually edit it to the same thing later when cache updates or something like that
> Get answers to practical, detailed questions
Focus on questions about an actual problem you have faced. Include details about what you have tried and exactly what you are trying to do.
Q: Tour page summary - we're not a Q&A site

hyper-neutrinoHere's what our Tour page says right now: Code Golf Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for programming puzzle enthusiasts and code golfers. It's built and run by you as part of the Stack Exchange network of Q&A sites. With your help, we're working together to build a library of program...

@cairdcoinheringaahing site can't be reached, is that part of the joke?
Okay how come I can click on the links and tags on the tour question but I can't upvote.
Okay wtf
What I wouldn't give to go to SE HQ, book like a 2 hour meeting and just go over with a member of the dev team every minor change I'd like them to make for CGCC
1:35 AM
Konami code?
What the hell is that logo?
That only happens if you enter the Konami code while on the Tour
From an old SE page
The <3 has the title text Because we care
@cairdcoinheringaahing how did I manage to do that on mobile?!?
I didn't even have my keyboard open
1:36 AM
> Ask questions, get answers, no distractions
Yeah, cause I#m never distracted when I go to CGCC
And because this isn't chit chat right now
well the chat is for chit chat. but main site shouldn't lol
If I was at my computer I'd dupe hammer this as solutions to the 3rd linked challenge can be trivially modified to output the sum instead of the product. — Shaggy 1 hour ago
That's 2 different users who want to dupe hammer a question as a dupe of 2 different tasks :P
I agree with Shaggy's target choice more
The biggest difference is that the product one has negative numbers
I think that'd break the regex based answers in JS
1:40 AM
a decent number of answers are using the summation formula instead of just range-sum
@hyper-neutrino So we have 3 users with hammers waiting around for someone without a hammer to VTC as dupe so that we have backing :P
I personally think this can stand as a challenge of its own because of the summation formula allowing a lot of non-golfing answers to do clever things with it.
I'm happy to wait for a couple of other users to vtc before closing it tbh
I'll just make it a dupe of both if it does get closed
If enough people think it should be, it will, but I personally (right now) disagree with closing it.
granted, submissions from that one can be trivially ported to add instead of multiply. but the positive restraint here and the summation formula allow new answers such that not all answers are trivial modifications from the old one
On the other hand, I don't want a bunch of "do x and sum" challenges that are dupes of previous "do x and product" challenges, justified by this one staying open
1:44 AM
...I just noticed my answer to that question is invalid oops
It just outputs the interval not its sum
How did nobody notice this (including me) [facepalm]
lmao. i was wondering how you were outputting the sum, honestly..........
i just assumed it was some inline-mutation JS trickery since i don't know it well enough to understand your code
I don't bother to look at other people's answers if they're not low rep users
@cairdcoinheringaahing that's a good point
1:46 AM
@RedwolfPrograms I like that Arnauld stole a golf from you but didn't notice that :D
That makes getting outgolfed by so much even more embarassing lol
Maybe Arnauld can't even read or write code that isn't insanely well golfed :p
arnauld's buffer is too small to hold that much code in it. that's also why his code is so well-golfed all the time - to fit within his brain's internal JS interpreter's buffer :P
How many times do I have to say this? Arnauld is a machine learning AI that is designed specifically for answering code golf questions in js
@RedwolfPrograms If you want to set up something to post Sandbox posts for discussion, I've made the room here
also lyxal how did you find that room so fast
Because I went to all rooms and saw it
1:52 AM
oh lol
Q: Introducing The Guild of Reviewers - Better Sandbox Feedback

hyper-neutrino(Thanks to Redwolf Programs for the name!) In a recent discussion about the info box and linking to the Sandbox for new users to use it before attempting to post their first challenge, we noted that sometimes the Sandbox can be unpleasant to use, especially for new users, as things get forgotten ...

oh that was fast, thanks NMP
Got to go for now, I should have the bot finished tomorrow or maybe Monday
sounds good, thanks for setting this up!
interestingly, links and tags in the tour page question work, but you can't go to the question or the users
2:54 AM
that's what I said.
I think I've made a simple cookie-preserving web request API for Node.JS
That'll be important for the chat bot
3:17 AM
i can't tell if organizing this much meta activity recently is making me more tired or excited - on one hand it's great to see more community events and organized changes to the site, but especially since stuff isn't as easy to do on SE as i'd like it and i have to keep communicationg stuff with TL and whatever other complications keep happening, it's hard to imagine how hard mods on more active sites must have to work
maybe i should heed jnat's advice more - keep my activity a bit more stable instead of going off on random bursts of motivation, just to avoid all chances of experiencing mod burnout
@RedwolfPrograms wait is there actually no easily available JS API/framework/whatever to just like
make requests and keep cookies, lol.
if it's a chat bot and not a feed i'd be willing to work on one, though you probably have it covered anyway. there's a python module that i stole from caird's OSP that does work, so i could build it off of that, unless you already have something else to work with
oh man 8d wide putin slaps
as does muffin song in 8d
very cool
i don't quite understand 8D lol
like how can it have 8 dimensions not just 3
can pls explain
honestly i dont know
except for the fact that it feels like the music runs around your head
3:27 AM
mhm. like that just seems like 3d sound effect lul
and it sounds like you don't actually have headphones on
@hyper-neutrino I disagree with the name too
it doesn't really make sense, but it sounds good
i don't rly care about the technicality because it sounds very nice so i'll accept it :P
3:41 AM
I have 14 tabs open currently, plus 7 more pinned. 1366x768 is not being nice to me right now.
Okay I closed 8 of them lol
4:04 AM
Oh wait my cookie-handling fetch ignores the domain of the cookie lol
So a cookie set by one site will be the same cookie used by every other site
Better fix that
that's rather inconvenient
I'll implement domain and just ignore path, I can probably trust SE to not CSRF itself
Finally, bronze ascii-art badge
ayo congrats :D
4:20 AM
in celebration of this, I am announcing a 100 rep bounty for a BQN answer to my latest question
4:50 AM
Yay, I finally figured out how to get my bot to log in properly
nice :D good to see it's progressing well
> <title>Human verification - Code Golf Stack Exchange</title>
Well that explains some things
That's the page being returned lol
oh. F
@cairdcoinheringaahing Do you know about how long I need to wait to avoid being CAPTCHA'd?
I remember that being an issue with your OSP testing
4:58 AM
just wait like a minute or two
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