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12:00 AM
There'll be some overhead even though you're doing it in parallel
@rak1507 If you say so. All I know about O notation is that my programs sometimes are expressible in it and it tells me that they're inefficient
@RedwolfPrograms Surely everything can be O(1) with enough cores?
No, not really
12:01 AM
I'd imagine a lot of crypto stuff is specifically designed to be hard to parallelize
everything can be constant time if you place bounds on the size of the input
Well...technically yeah :p
Is it really constant, though?
@UnrelatedString Oh wait, you mean the input can only be one specific number?
@RedwolfPrograms KDFs (key derivation functions) are like that
12:02 AM
"Calculate the number of permutations of a list with 9 elements in it, in O(1) time"
@user no, as in the notion of asymptotic complexity doesn't even exist if you have bounds on the size of the input
but yeah the case where an algorithm can be replaced with a lookup table is also there
Then memory/storage complexity would become more important
Which bogosort needs none of
@rak1507 Oh yeah? Well, Chuck Norris can do it in O(0). He knows the factors before you give him the integer.
@RedwolfPrograms Doesn't it have space complexity n?
At least?
12:04 AM
It does?
the most time efficient way of storing an algorithm is in a table, but the most memory efficient is storing the code
oh yeah aren't there also some crypto things which are designed to take strictly constant time to counter side channel attacks
@RedwolfPrograms It has to hold the new randomly generated array in memory, right?
@UnrelatedString But you can't do that for things that can have an arbitrary number of blocks
12:05 AM
Unless you just shuffle the original array, I guess
Man, it's too easy to get CS nerds to discuss something :P
Yeah, I guess O(n) in worst, just since it has to store at least some of the list
@RedwolfPrograms yeah, it's meant to be constant with respect to single inputs of some sort
@cairdcoinheringaahing now try to make them do something..
cannot be done
12:07 AM
But you could implement shuffling randomly in a way, if it knew the length beforehand, where the average memory compexity would be closer to O(n/2) I think
@ngn I'm not that persuasive :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing This one probably. All the methods are pretty poorly implemented. However, it's also tied for "fastest answer I've ever written."
@RedwolfPrograms that's just O(n)
@ngn what do you mean, spending large amounts of time in internet chatrooms is definitely a productive use of time
@ngn The closest I've got is by saying "This is , so the shortest code in bytes wins"
12:08 AM
Actually now I'm wondering, what's the lowest memory complexity to shuffle an array?
If you can recieve the elements one at a time and know the length already
@RedwolfPrograms Gotta agree with Unrelated String. Although actually it could be O(1)
@RedwolfPrograms All you need is a temp variable, an index, and the length, I think
But if you store the whole list, it's at least O(n)
if we're talking memory complexity wouldn't storing the index require logarithmic space
@Lyxal Would you mind awarding this bounty so that I can start WW's bounty?
@RedwolfPrograms I was only counting extra memory aside the pointer to the array, but then yeah, I guess O(n) is the best you can do:(
12:10 AM
Not necessarily, if you can receive the elements one by one
Bruh, just only accept single element lists. O(1) guaranteed
@RedwolfPrograms If you receive the elements one by one, how do you shuffle them?
@cairdcoinheringaahing This is genius!
if you have to store a list of length n then wouldn't that alone take space proportional to n
Pick a random index, then either wait until you get that item, or if you already have it discard it and output it
oh so it's like
12:11 AM
That at least lowers the constant
Maybe makes it slightly less than linear
Not sure
@user People have claimed so, but I'm too humble to let people other than me say I'm a genius :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing Done (Lyxal won the bounty on the robbers thread)
> people other than me
@user ...I read the wrong username :/
So you yourself say you're a genius? Yup, that's totally humble :P
@user I stand by what I said :P
12:12 AM
exceptionally so
Sorry, then. You are the furthest thing from a genius, @cairdcoinheringaahing. There, is that better? :P
I'll give a 50 rep bounty to anyone who can figure out the memory complexity of my method of shuffling an array :p
@user Perfect :P
@RedwolfPrograms Could you explain it a bit more? It's unlikely I'll get the bounty, but I'd still like to try to understand it
By the way, thanks, caird coinheringaahing
12:14 AM
So, you receive the elements like a stream, one at a time
Then, you pick a random index
2 days ago, by Lyxal
@LuisMendo no, thank you for the high quality answer that won you the award.
If you've already got that item in memory, output it
Otherwise, keep inputting into memory until you get that item, then output it
Wait, you'd need to keep track of the used indexes :(
@cairdcoinheringaahing Thank you (btw I'm not as humble as you, so feel free to call me a genius :P)
@RedwolfPrograms What happens if you lose a previous element?
Like if the index you get is 10 and you discard the first element. How do you get it back?
It doesn't matter since I just realized my idea wouldn't work
Oh ok
How about 50 rep for everyone in this chat then? :P
12:18 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing I will in a bit
Actually I do it in a few hours
@Lyxal user beat you to it :P
Wait you did it?
Dang it
> The current winner is Dennis's Jelly answer at 3 bytes
How am I supposed to compete with that?
@Lyxal I got the usernames mixed up :/
Don't. (btw this was a response to "How am I supposed to compete with that?")
@cairdcoinheringaahing I don't know, but I have a long history of Brachylog answers
12:20 AM
@user There is a "reply" button :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing wait until a new golflang makes it a builtin
@UnrelatedString I've always wondered about the efficiency of Brachylog answers
@cairdcoinheringaahing I didn't think about using it because your message was right above
Being declarative, they don't seem as though standard O notation would work
Actually, I think I could make my algorithm work in less than O(n) memory complexity, it would just be very biased
12:21 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing The evaluation strategy is still performed through classical computation'
[Golflang that was totally not created specifically for this], 0 byte
Yeah, an empty file just happens to solve this exact problem in my new golflang that I totally did not create just to beat Dennis here.

Solve this question
@cairdcoinheringaahing what question btw
also the constraint propagation only goes so far so even when you're only working with single integers
@rak1507 The abundant numbers one
ofc there's no notion of a constraint once you aren't doing math
12:23 AM
there's probably some language with a 1 byte divisor sum builtin
or an is abundant builtin
anything with strings at all is some or another degree of pure brute force
Ugh, of course score:n means "posts with a score of n or more" in the SE search, rather than "posts with score of n"
and choicepoints are tried in a deterministic order
I think Ash can get three bytes in that challenge too
@cairdcoinheringaahing But you can just do score:n..n, right? Whereas score:n..infinity would be harder
12:25 AM
score:n.. works for "greater than or equal to n"
Oh ok
time to downvote them all to be evil
Hey, I don't tell y'all what to do with posts, I just provide them :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing when none of those are mine 😢
@rak1507 good luck doing that in one day.
12:27 AM
@Lyxal Time to write a bot
mod flags to ban
That's probably the fastest I've seen a message get that many stars
not to brag but I was the first to star it
Nov 12 '15 at 22:26, by Doorknob
okay seriously stop abusing stars
@Lyxal the last query should contain three of my highest upvoted answers
That hit ~50 within an hour
12:28 AM
What did Doorknob expect?
The temptation is too much
@UnrelatedString Don't worry, only 2,733 posts to upvote :P
people star messages a lot more in here than the apl orchard it seems
or other rooms
We have 28144 messages that have been starred
That's a lot
general chat has no obligations to remain serious
I sense a pun in here relating to stars but I can't quite find it
12:30 AM
I'm starring to see why, they're all awful
these stars are the only ones people here see because they never go outside
I'm getting starry eyed
Actually, scratch that, that's not really relevant here
Just from a quick search, we might actually have the most stars of any room
@user ---
@cairdcoinheringaahing honestly makes sense
@cairdcoinheringaahing Third time's the charm
12:32 AM
this must be one of the most if not the most active room right?
I'm star-ting to think it is
I'm sure the SO ones are more active
considering the other sites on the network are actual q&a affairs
@user I already did a star pun with the word start!
Well, I guess SO is the brightest star, if Stack Exchange sites were stars
No wait, that's an analogy
12:33 AM
It was the most active by far before the Monica incident
What determines the starboard's order?
@RedwolfPrograms I'm just not creative.
Previously, I've seen 30+ users in this room. 14 (rn) isn't a lot
@cairdcoinheringaahing Fun fact:
Q: Which post on SE chat has the most stars?

Rand al'ThorIs there any way to find out which chat post across the entire chat.SE network (all rooms, all users) has the most stars? I solemnly swear that the intention of this question is not so that I can find it and clear the stars on it.

It's such a shame I discovered cgcc so late, I was definitely interested in code golf 3 years ago or so but just never came across it somehow
I wish I'd been more active when I first joined
12:36 AM
@rak1507 Man, I've said the same thing so many times. 2014-2016 looked like the height of this site
Guess we'll have to strive to change that :D
I tried writing an answer, but couldn't think of the best thing to say, but I do have this: I joined after you 'went dark' and so never really knew you as a mod. However as I read about the history of PPCG more and more (I cannot tell you how many forgotten chat transcripts I've read), I came to realise just how active you were, and I think that you stepping down as a mod is a great shame. I really hope you keep golfing and stay active here (come join us back in TNB when you can!) — caird coinheringaahing Feb 21 '18 at 23:02
I think I discovered the tips pages because I'd use them, but I don't know why on earth I didn't look at the main challenges
Guess CGCC will have its ups and downs
I wasn't joking back then. I;ve read basically the entire chat log
12:38 AM
I've read a lot of the APL one and some of here
Oh man, I just realised I have more rep than Alex. That feels weird :/
CMQ: When did you join CGCC?
The same is true to a lesser extent for the APL orchard, a few people who were active in the past aren't active any more and it's a shame
I joined on my old account about three years ago I think
@user View your profile, hover your mouse over "Member for" and it'll tell you, to the millisecond, when you joined
12:39 AM
@user well my first answer was in September
@user This account? 12th of March 2017. So, 4 years ago, in 12 days time :P
Check out this. It gives you a full breakdown of your rep gains, day by day, along with rep totals for various intervals at the botton
wow if I'm reading this right I visited every day in january
I joined SE in September of 2016 with my old account, but just lurked on CGCC. I don't think I ever even made a CGCC account.
57191715: I joined about 8 months ago, and my first answer was sometime in July
@rak1507 May 14 2020 was the last day I didn't visit PPCG :P
12:41 AM
I've got 198 consecutive days
Having the mobile app has some advantages :P
Looks like you could've gotten multiple Fanatic badges
> Visited 1171 days, 290 consecutive
since september 1st I have 18 missed days
which is exactly 10%
12:43 AM
@user 2015-08-26T01:59:37Z
I've got about 106 consecutive days, and it looks like I didn't come here November 14, 2020
@cairdcoinheringaahing How do you get milliseconds?
@Adám By misreading the timestamp
Cool. Will do.
12:44 AM
How many profile views do y'all have?
83, you?
@RedwolfPrograms 7546
12:44 AM
@rak1507 Since Jan 1st 2020, I have 14 missed days
@RedwolfPrograms 6713
@cairdcoinheringaahing I think you need golfaholics anonymous
@rak1507 My record through 2019 was pretty bad
I missed a ton in early 2020
Maybe 10 days per month
Does my dog look squashed to anyone else here?
12:46 AM
It's normal everywhere else
@RedwolfPrograms 992
@user just a year ago, but I still have the audacity to use TNB like a mature person
@RedwolfPrograms pathetic
@user just almost 3 years ago
@user first answer was on a different account but this account was created on feb 6 2019
As in next month my account will turn 3 years old
12:50 AM
sorry, I am being an idiot, anyone know why this doesn't work? staxlang.xyz/#c=%22%26F%25
trying to simply get divisors
@Lyxal Happy cake day in advance?
@RedwolfPrograms 2403
CMC: How many people have you reached? (~)
12:51 AM
@user 230k
@rak1507 I think the quote is starting a string literal
@UnrelatedString quote?
@user ~1.5m
@rak1507 i actually ran the code and the quote is definitely starting a string literal
I've only reached about ~83k :\
12:51 AM
oh, it linked wrong
the code is meant to be :d
I've seen every day of the last 1.5 years
I suppose they actually mean M and not m.
12:52 AM
@user ~150k
Somehow I've reached more people on CGCC than on SO, even though I've been a member there longer
@user same.
@rak1507 I think it's outputting the list of divisors as a string
1 Mperson ("megaperson") = 1×10⁶ people and 1 mperson ("milliperson") = 1×10⁻³ people, I presume.
12:53 AM
forget how you get around that
I've never seen a milliperson I guess a milliperson would be too small...
@Adám I think you're forgetting the quantum is 1 person :P (unless I'm not using "quantum" correctly)
I'd like to know how they compute the "reached" numbers. They seem exaggerated to me.
@Adám I think your answer gets all the views of the question if its score is high enough
that is a good question
12:55 AM
@user 373k
@Adám Supposedly theyre underexaggerated
ooh yeah that makes sense
Who has a ratio of (product(code_points_in_username) - (profile_views * upvotes_cast * downvotes_cast)) / nth_prime(consecutive_days) closest to a square number? The difference for me is 168299831824500
@RedwolfPrograms Give calculator program psl
Q: We're working on a new stat to help convey the reach of your posts here

JaydlesWe've got a new statistic on the shiny new Profile Page Prototype. It's not perfect yet. And we did a pretty crap job of explaining what it's all about! Let's talk. What you do here isn't just about solving one person's problem. A while back, a user contacted us about his friend's account. His f...

12:56 AM
CMQ: how many github followers do you have
Supposedly, the population of Antarctica would be appropriate to measure in millipersons per square kilometre.
@Lyxal 14
@Lyxal easy, 0, which is how it should be
12:56 AM
@Lyxal 2, you and Wezl :(
Then how do I have 108?
Wait not Wezl
@Lyxal 32
@user yeah I don't follow people (usually)
12:57 AM
> If anything, the reached indicator is probably more on the conservative side than anything. You can go through 5 or 6 results in the top 10 of searches in way under the amount of time that would actually register
What exactly does following someone on GitHub do?
@Wezl Me neither
@user shows you stuff they do and all that
@RedwolfPrograms imagine having less than 10
Made by 100+ gang
12:58 AM
followed a friend of mine and the home page shows me when he forks something
CMQ: how many linkedin connections do you have
Oh ok
Imagine having a job
@rak1507 I don't use LinkedIn, boomer
don't need a job to have linkedin
12:59 AM
@rak1507 What is this "linkedin" you speak of?
@Lyxal I'm literally younger than you
It's useful if you have a job, though
@rak1507 93, but I intentionally avoid connecting to people I don't know IRL.
@RedwolfPrograms made by me and redwolf gang
@rak1507 A boomer in spirit, then.
12:59 AM
@user harsh!
@RedwolfPrograms *cries in Gen Z*
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