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2:01 PM
Q: How do I find mods for Civilization 5?

ManaI've been interested in playing mods for Civilization 5 lately. How do I go about finding them? Does there exist a maintained database of Civilization 5 mods?

Eh. I couldn't think of any filler for the content. But I think this is a valid question.
@Mana no sooner than Dec 14th I think
I have no idea whether it's wrong, but I really don't like the "does there exist" construction.
I wish there was some sort of edit quality metric ...
@Arda True.
I guess 'maintained' means you don't want the inbuilt one
2:03 PM
@Mana Of course it's true. Did you think I'd be wrong about my own feelings? Don't answer that. Especially you, @badp.
@ArdaXi All the time
logic and feelings don't mix up
@badp Well actually I put that word in there to indicate that I did want the built-in one
I sort of assumed that database would be maintained automatically
@Mana By "maintained" I assumed you meant "there's an editor vetting out mods so that the quality ones come out from the cruft"
Either way I nixed the last sentence.
@badp I more meant up-to-date
@Mana We know. We don't really pay attention to what you type anymore.
2:05 PM
Well the word's no longer there. Movin' on, movin' on.
Will it blend?
What would happen if you blended @Mana?
well, fire and cold cancel out ...
There's no blender capable of blending those glowing horns.
2:06 PM
life and arcane cancel out ...
so the blender would explode.
Oooh ooh ooh can I try?
gets his blender
No, we just have one blender.
I have my own.
Maybe I should go back to my old display pic. I was so much more mysterious back then.
2:06 PM
yeah, I just took it for the community.
Guys! We now have a blender!
@badp No, not my crappy one. My good one.
Let's blend shit.
takes some game-recs
Oh, I also have this industrial-sized shredder
That might work better.
picks up @Mana
I don't think Mana can fit in the paper slot
@Mana stares
Q: Modern Warfare 2: Prestige Titles

AnzeoHi all, I've recently picked up on MW2 again and am planning to go prestige soon-ish. I've stayed at lvl 70 to complete achievements like headshots etc (as I already had quiet some progress on them). I know there are prestige specific titles, some are related to a specific prestige stage. My qu...

2:08 PM
@badp What part of industrial sized did you not understand?
@badp :(
@Bob You were my favorite ServBot. Always.
@badp Could you press the button? @Mana is kinda heavy.
I'm not partaking in your murderous mermaid instincts.
Could a mermaid do this? kicks @badp
Come to think of it, @badp, how does my flag weight measure up in regards to the average?
2:10 PM
We all know mermaids have feet on the ground.
or well, whatever metric we use to say "your flag weight is chill bro"
@Mana I don't think @badp is allowed to tell you. So he probably will.
@Mana Outstandingly.
Oh cool.
Told you.
2:13 PM
I don't see what's the problem in encouraging good behaviour, and no, I'm well in the clear with that.
None. You're just not good with secrets.
There are secrets and secrets.
And you're no good with either.
So you say.
Then there are the secrets that are too secret for you to even admit the existence of
2:15 PM
@badp Do you catch my drift now?
@badp Comment? Migrating?
@ArdaXi No.
what just happened.
@ArdaXi It's 'oy.'
2:20 PM
Nothing waves hand
@YiJiang No it isn't.
A: The Many Memes of Meta

The Renamed ExceptionMeme: Oy Origin: rchern Cultural Height: TBD First Seen: MSO Chat, probably in The Tavern Background: Not completely known. Some believe it is the Jewish / Yiddish phrase "Oy Vey". Others like Michael Myers believe "It's 'yo' backwards. [Because] everything is backwards in Missouri.". "Oy" mo...

A: How exactly do the tracer pistols work?

vartec Darts can be fired either from the pistol or as secondary action by the Apache gunner with if he has alt. weapons selected; Darts work with RPG-7, Carl Gustav and Apache's Hellfire; Darts do NOT work with laser guided missiles: M136, stationary AT, UAV's Hellfire; Missile guided by dart will fly...

@YiJiang Yeah, see, I don't visit MSO. As such, I do not care for its memes.
I feel like this could use a brief introductory sentence, like "A few general points:"
is it worth making an edit?
2:24 PM
It's already at the top of the homepage, so go now or "never". It's certainly not bump worthy
@ArdaXi MSO is the national capital; we also make up chat memes
Remember @Mana though that the user may still be retouching the answer
so maybe wait for the 5 minute window to close
@badp True.
@Mana Think before you edit.
@Arda :( I do...
2:25 PM
Well, you know, since you weren't gonna edit anymore.
If I wasn't thinking before I edit I wouldn't very well be asking if I should edit here, now would I?
You could be a Hollywood editor. Edit first, ask questions later.
"Wait, you mean that question really did also include Two Worlds 1?"
In a way I'm kinda glad that the gaming related questions tag set has stopped working
before it advertised stuff like apple.stackexchange.com/questions/9075/…
that is the first time I've seen the Apple site design
That was unexpected. Why do they get an unofficial domain name :(
2:29 PM
Because they came up with one
also, it's not unofficial
@badp Because Apple will sue the hell out of them if they use Apple ;)
Didn't webapps have one?
2:31 PM
someone should register 8bitlavapwnpwniesbossstagesixforhelp.com
@badp Not bought yet... hrmp...
dear god pwnpwn
that was the worst
worse than SaveMyPrincess
A: Suggest a domain name for this site

badp↑↓↑↓←→←→abab↩▶.com a.k.a. XN--ABAB-FT8AAFAKBGB80AS41C.COM Available!

the best
Jul 16 '10 at 17:10, by MatthewMartin
XN--ABAB-FT8AAFAKBGB80AS41C.COM has a lot of advantages. It is unlikely to be confused with any other URL, except maybe XN--ABAB-FTBAAFAKBGBBOAS4lC.COM
I don't get the Rich B meme on MSO
2:37 PM
aka Geoffrey Chetwood
at any rate his prolonged suspension kinda killed it.
@badp If you look at the actual records still available on the site I would put Evan ahead of Geochet
@YiJiang That's not who Mana asked about.
The only Chetwood exposure I've had was during that day he was on chat
@badp Just wondering why he isn't set in the collective memories of the Meta unicorns like Geochet
He was quick to label me a fool etc.
Also Evan is my favorite troll
2:40 PM
@Mana He's popped up on Gaming yet?
@YiJiang No.

Agree or die

Feb 15 at 20:49, 7 minutes total – 26 messages, 5 users, 0 stars

Bookmarked 9 secs ago by badp

This was like the first time ever I talk with him
I need some bacon.
On a second thought it might be a good idea to not give Arda a role model. Unless I did want him suspended.
Choices, choices.
Huh. Interesting guy.
2:47 PM
Q: Questions about after the game ends... but *NOT* about what to play next!

Grace NoteYesterday, Steve V marked a series of questions with after-the-plot. A good tag, but there was a short discussion in chat as to whether it should be renamed to something like post-game, which is a more common monicker for gameplay after the "resolution of the main plot". But post-game specifical...

Oh, there are actually two Chetwood memes on MSO:
A: The Many Memes of Meta

Jon BMeme: SO Mafia Originator: Unknown Cultural Height: Throughout 2009 Background: Originally known as the TDWTF Mafia, the SO Mafia is a group of users led by HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED who hang around on IRC (#somafia on slashnet) deciding which users get to live or die. They quiet the voices by...

The other one
@Bob As a side note here, how did that tag get named "after-the-plot" and not "epilogue" in the first place?
@Powerlord it was too simple I guess
@Powerlord epilogue implies related to the plot
Granted, the only game I can think of that calls it an epilogue is Lunar 2: Eternal Blue.
This sparked great discussions with many arguments.
2:56 PM
Q: Please clarify the link in the StackExchange UI that goes to your profile.

Kent FredricIts entirely possible I'm the only person on earth who didn't realise this: That "logged in" part is actually an active area. To me, despite the fact it looks visually the same as all the other links, the writing itself doesn't convey that it does anything. It looks for all the world like...

Yet another question from the feed of irrelevancy.
smacks Arda BAD ARDA. BAD.
Yay, time for my monthly 30 minute meeting about what technologies the .NET devs are going to use in projects going forward.
@Mana Why me bad? Ow! Ow!
powers up the shredder again
@Mana No really, what did I do?
I posted "no opinion" then deleted it so nobody could vote on it.
2:59 PM
goes undelete
MSO is not irrelevant. If anything it is most relevant.
If something big happens there
it affects all of us
@Mana This particular question is irrelevant.
As was the last.
yeah but
You're a disgrace to the indecisive Mothman party, @Brant! You should be more assertive of your unwillingness to make a decision! Or at least sleep like the Chicken Club.
3:00 PM
Hey, what do you know. I actually managed to not talk about @GraceNote while she was away.
Oh. Never mind.
Oh man.
(Did that happen on purpose)
@GraceNote WHY?
my cat is so dumb. Why is she stretching so that both one of her legs and her tail goes right underneath my chair wheels, so if I adjust myself I hurt her? :(
It doesn't make sense.
@Mana because that optimizes the amount of concurrent scratching per time unit at the little cost of some extra risk
cats are very aggressive min-maxers
3:04 PM
Cats would make excellent gamers now that I think of it.
Quick reflexes, aggressive style, quiet hunters, awesome lurkers.
Are you sure none of you here is a cat?
Corpse campers.
looks suspiciously at Grace
@Brant Yeah, well, they do play with their preys and can camp adequately.
They don't spawn camp tho, or hold grudges.
at any rate - later.
what no why
badp I'll miss you :(
@Powerlord Grace addressed your comment in the question
@Mana I'll make it quick
3:16 PM
@badp Pruned the list from 15 down to 10.
3:35 PM
Q: How does mana regen work nowadays?

Mag RoaderI'm an 85 Discipline Priest with mana troubles healing heroics. I was wondering how mana regen works exactly. It used to be like this You regenerated mana at certain a rate (based on Spirit and MP5). If you cast a spell, the rate would drop significantly and stay that way until you had not cas...

@ArdaXi > * Please find the next top tag without an excerpt
The list wasn't exhaustive
@badp It had 5 entries that already had excerpts
gaming.stackexchange.com/tags/controllers/info ← plz to doublecheck against the meta discussion
I think this was consensus
The Kinect controller is not handheld
I know
but it's hand controlled :P
...like a scanner, probably
okay, changed.
4:08 PM
In space, no one can hear you scream... except in bad sci-fi series.
Speaking of which, apparently it is possible to make something turn into plasma with lasers. I thought that was only possible in old sci-fi.
Is it possible to have laser guns yet?
On a side note, having much more caffeine than one is used to does nasty things to one's sleep cycle.
@Powerlord I never would have guessed
The sad part is, before I started cutting back at the beginning of this month, that was my normal daily amount of caffeine.
Instead, I was up until past 5am... and got up for work at 8am.
On the other hand, I beat Zelda: Phantom Hourglass for the second time ever.
and then started Spirit Tracks for the second time ever, since I still couldn't fall asleep.
Fun fact: It's apparently against the MSDN license to play games on a copy of Windows you get through MSDN.
4:25 PM
What do you do if you're developing a game?
@Powerlord dammit.
@sjohnston That's different, as you're explicitly allowed to test your products using it.
I find it amusing that my employer paid for my $12k/yr (USD) subscription, but I need a separate Windows license to play games. :D
Well, $12k is the list price... I doubt they paid anywhere near that.
Oh wait, $12k is the initial price, it's $3,799 per year list price.
Well I don't recall the MSDNAA license having this restriction
@badp That's because it doesn't.
Cool! subscribes for life to university
4:31 PM
Yes, you read that right. The paid MSDN subscription terms are stricter than the MSDNAA subscription terms.
wait that's not actually cheaper
@Powerlord MSDNAA is giving things out for free to "hook up" students on the MS platform
creating lock-in and ensuring future profit.
or so do the marketing heads think.
or so do I think the marketing heads think.
or so do I say I think the marketing heads think.
or so you believe I said I think the marketing heads think.
:O Skyrim
Aww, that doesn't get oneboxed either.
4:51 PM
@Brant Reasonable.
5:26 PM
Q: Minetracks and Redstone - preventing the the track to fix itself

fjdumontThis is a current minetrack setup. The red marked part is supposed to go up, such that it works as a booster. On the left handed side you can see a wire going to the other track that is behind the booster - when it gets triggered (as in the image), the booster track resets magically resets and d...

@Grace rousing more interest attempt -- success!
at least I'm more interested now. Whether or not I'll come up with any improvements...:(
Evening all
@badp Because Stack Overflow is a cool place that we all have roots in.
@RavenDreamer Congrats on 20k, btw!
33 messages moved to Programmers
5:39 PM
@Brant I must be dreaming!
(Wait, that's not the entire TF2 Spy quote... can't remember the rest)
@badp You missed a message so I look awkward and out of place.
@Mana Now you look cool and precognitive
If you're about to imply that this is always the case I will arggggggggh
Playing the two DS Zeldas back to back makes me realize how similar the two are.
5:42 PM
@Mana You have to admit you walked into that one. :P
World map divided into four sections... central dungeon with the maps to unlock said sections...
@Brant It was intentional so it's cool
Oh. I guess I was the one being played, then.
At least the sucky roll control changed after Hourglass.
shrug No worries
Yo @bwarner.
5:46 PM
Hey @instanceofTom
came in here because of your chat bomb on programmers
@badp stares
Wanna calculate how much hitpoints of damage I caused? :P
I'll estimate it at around 900, in a scale from 1 to over nine thousand.
Nice sense of tact.
5:48 PM
@Mana Well, one of the two discussions has survived
So now we have the general Civ 5 mod question, which is fine. But I still don't think the Spy one should've been closed. A simple "No" should've been sufficient.
If he had asked "Is there a mod that adds a new civilization" where the answer is "Yes, hundreds of them" I would've been for closing it. But I don't see that we have to equate those two questions together.
@bwarner It's like game-recs, which we close no matter of how many answers are there
@bwarner Where do you draw the line?
5 mods? 10 mods? 50 mods?
5:55 PM
Also, just because I can't find it doesn't mean there's none
I think if it were phrased as "I want to have Spies in civ 5, is there a mod I can install for that?" it would be fine.
Maybe I didn't look well enough
@Mana 635.
Maybe one will soon be made
@Brant That's a game-rec too.
As I understand, the argument for closing them is that while they have a single answer, they are in danger of becoming a list because people keep adding additional examples. So let one person give the person the answer they want, and then close it.
5:56 PM
Let's not start over with mod-recs just because the subject matter isn't a game but a mod on top of a game
@bwarner Wait, what's the single answer?
@Brant That's exactly what the question was, other than the asker was silly enough to ask for a list of all of them. I would've just edited that part out
@badp The answer is either Yes it exists, or no it doesn't. Whether it is yes, there's one, or yes, there are 500, we shouldn't have to list them all.
I think [*-rec]s where the number of reasonable answers is pretty much 0 or 1 are acceptable. That's basically what [identify-this-game] is.
(And yeah, I know ITG is a whole other can of worms)
@bwarner "Can you tell me what time is it?" "Yes."
In this case the actual answer is "No, there are no such mods", because the modding tools aren't yet capable of creating something like that.
Technically a perfect answer, but a disservice to the asker.
5:59 PM
@Badp How is that worse than refusing to answer the question?

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