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12:26 AM
Q: V fgner lbh va gur snpr

marsnebulasoupWhat am I? Frequently I appear, Not just here, Applesauce I make, Did that hold you up? Vulnerable I am, Annoying I can be, But required I am, To hide what could ruin, A soul's own zeal, For what is frequently here.

Q: Who took Gwen's purse and jacket?

Chris Steinbeck BellThe puzzle is as follows: Four sisters went to the movie theater. While leaving the venue each one of them took by mistake the purse of another sister and the coat of another different sister. Maria took the coat that belongs to the sister whose purse Jenny took, while Jenny's coat was taken by ...

2 hours later…
2:12 AM
@Deusovi like you read my solution sheet! :)
to be honest, i didn't want to attack that one until i read Lukas' rot13ed comment -- after that i figured i could analyse it. tried a few different methods of displaying what was going on before landing on that one
nice puzzle, though!
It was intentional to make it feel more difficult than it actually was...
yeah, i figured it was! just had no idea how much more difficult it looked than it was
I wasn't sure if I'd frightened everyone off ^^;
The only real way of getting the input order would be to use your knowledge of the answer... so I didn't really expect anyone to do that...
3:00 AM
ho boy, may have overdone it for the fortnightly challenge :P
is there a pre-defined template for those types of questions?
3:15 AM
nvm, just stole an example for the last one - please excuse the lackluster clues, that was a lot to write! O_O
are users supposed to update the FTC meta answer themselves, or do mods do that?
Q: A Cryptic Tale Indeed!

DmihawkAn entry in Fortnightly Topic Challenge #46: "Tales From the Cryptic" We begin with the most abnormal, rosiest fables of twisted form, driven into the heart of endless deed. It is a dark fate, to condemn those least messed up Nearing a brief coma, a being with no boy is going east out of a recur...

day has been ... goodn't
3:33 AM
@Dmihawk users edit the meta answer themselves, but I've just added you in so you don't have to
thanks @bobble! <3
as an aside, why is your chat parent user set to SO and not Puzzling?
uhhhh, I'm guessing because I joined SO before PSE?
does it make a difference?
it took me one extra click to get to your Puzzling profile from chat
one extra click
how dare you
right, how do I change that?
3:36 AM
click on your avatar, and click on "user profile"
in your profile information, under "parent user" click "change"
then type "Puzzling" in and select it
this is also an opportunity to fill out your chat user's "about" field - just click "edit"
done x 2 :)
hehe thanks
"resident kiwi" lol
did you see my Making Of?
yeah it was good :)
3:40 AM
2 hours later…
5:48 AM
@Deusovi thanks for the feedback, I didn't realise flavour text was a no-no in CC's (was trying to make it as "story-like" as possible)
also a recurring table = PERIODIC (ddef)
besides the CC-related issues (and my inability to spell millennium it seems), what did you think of the puzzle?
6:05 AM
@Dmihawk haha
6:15 AM
@Dmihawk i thought it was nice! i've seen similar 'cryptic clues give other cryptic clues' puzzles before, but haven't seen that combined with a story
6:26 AM
'cryptics leading to cryptics' --> 'meta-cryptics'?
@Deusovi thanks :) glad you enjoyed it!
6:48 AM
arrrgh i just spent hours designing my first-ever grid deduction puzzle, a really nice little Nurikabe with all kinds of neat deductions and i was so proud of it and i was doing some test solves to make sure the solve path worked well... and then i realized it has two solutions (┛ಠ_ಠ)┛彡┻━┻
oh no :(
and it was so pretty and now i have to redo like half of it :p
oh well, it was fun to make
your FTC entry was really neat, by the way! i just saw it today
You can always force a solution with a dot or a black cell :P
i'm having to rework one of the corners and the deduction path a bit, but i think i've managed to fix it :P
thanks @Sciborg :)
7:42 AM
Look at my new hat! It says it's a secret hat. Dunno how I got it
Balakaikala is what they call it
8:19 AM
Hey @jafe
9:12 AM
^ result of video feedback
You should see the live shot. Waves below keep crashing.
While the bow above does ripples.
That must've been very disturbing
9:19 AM
Hey, only pixels were disturbed. No live animals.
Dec 15 at 12:17, by Gareth McCaughan
CCCC is Cryptic Clue Chat Chains! Latest clue is ⤴/⤵ there! Join the fun! See Deusovi's Cryptic Clue Guide and GPR's Archive & Statistics of past clues.
Hope someone pins this
Me too
Where is the current C4?
puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/106035/… Update for this question: Hexomino is officially the new Deus
(not so fast, thinking)
(oh, for that question, oof)
(now going back to my playpen)
9:54 AM
@Deusovi I'm having some problems
I was working on my next Shikakui Hebi puzzle, but I can't get the border numbers to show
Penpa sucks
It's really confusing
penpa is pretty complicated, yeah
Any other sites that you reccomend?
not sure what you mean by "border numbers" exactly, but if you want to place things on edges or corners of the grid, click the "border" button on the top
9:57 AM
It's on, yeah, but well, it doesn't work
I want the puzzle nonogram like, because I'm getting rid of the arrows
But when I tyr to put a ten, it gets cut off
CCCC: Ms Fanning's right to interrupt playing Codenames (10)
cut off?
oh, do you mean cut off on the top?
by "border" you mean on the outside of the puzzle, not in between cells
10:01 AM
alright then - go to "new grid", and you can add whitespace rows and columns there
@Anonymus25 , you don't have to rely on others' software
so if you wanted, say, a 5×5 nonogram like this (except with only the 5×5 square actually drawn):
you'd set it to 6 rows and 7 columns, with 2 whitespace on the left and 1 whitespace on the top
That might actually work! Thanks!
no problem!
Fkking @Deusovi one of these days
10:04 AM
One of these days i'll make a puzzle directed at only you
Until then, a lot of days
exciting! i'm looking forward to it
You've already solved so many directed etherward
Couldn't be better
part of the fun of PSE is that every puzzle is directed etherward, whether you want it to be or not
I wish some hadn't! And those made it more fun.
For a solution to be precisely pointed is exquisite.
While a puzzle to be unwarranted makes it fun.
10:09 AM
By the way, jafe's C4 seems obvious, though I can't quite put my finger on it
Plus, it seems like he wants to play Codenames
Who is Fanning? Elle?
Guessing Elle, because right of L is semicolon
Whoa, semart
or M
Can fool me
Left of L is K
one way or another
10:29 AM
@jafe MEGASECOND (=Ms), fanninG inside CODENAMES*
Very clever!
yeah nice!
@jafe Ankoganit got your C4
@Anonymus25 thanks, they already pinged me so no need to ping again though
@Ankoganit that's correct
Your turn, Anko
But please, not another Ms. Fanning clue
10:36 AM
CCCC: Part of car exhaust (4)
@Ankoganit, just to tease, car exhaust is "vent." how much less could it be?
Looking forward to find out.
clearly it's an &lit for arex, a car part i just made up
Probably a ddef, cuz "part of car" is also tire, which is a synonym to exhaust
10:45 AM
What? Why the exclamation mark?
@Anonymus25 you got it!
Excitement. Can't help it.
Uh did you solve the clue without realising
Now I have to make one. I'm not very good at it. sigh
10:46 AM
@Ankoganit Yep
This will take some time
Free spirits!
@humn not much less, as you can see now that it's solved :)
10:47 AM
CCCC: Google flap let medicine (6)
I dunno if this one is illegal or not, hopefully it is
Don't say "easy"
Too late to delete though
@Anonymus25 if you like, I can
10:50 AM
If this one turns out to be illegal, I'll try again
Uh, @Anonymus25, i shouldn't either
Q: Four-and-twenty songs baked in a wall

msh210The list of twenty-four songs below can be partitioned. Each partition is of four songs. The six rules of partition membership are related to one another: specifically, they can be thought of in such a way as to be disjoint, in the sense that no song (not even one that's not on my list) can be in...

What's that knocking on our doors?
What door?
Door of perception
10:53 AM
Literary reference
Got it
5 mins ago, by Anonymus 25
CCCC: Google flap let medicine (6)
Please pin it
? .... working on it
10:55 AM
The Doors of Perception is a book by Aldous Huxley. Published in 1954, it elaborates on his psychedelic experience under the influence of mescaline in May 1953. Huxley recalls the insights he experienced, ranging from the "purely aesthetic" to "sacramental vision", and reflects on their philosophical and psychological implications. In 1956, he published Heaven and Hell, another essay which elaborates these reflections further. The two works have since often been published together as one book; the title of both comes from William Blake's 1793 book The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.The Doors o...
@Deusovi BIG NEWS: Innocent person, still not understanding CCs, solved the C4
Huxley et al were ingenui
@Randal'Thor, we need a side rail
Two reasons: First, don't wanna be noticed. Second, wanna be noticed.
11:05 AM
@Ankoganit I still can't believe it, but I am insane
Insane with knowledge, precedent, potential.
But don't take my word!
Play along with my guess.
As this levels. @Anonymus25, please join the fun at chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/39978/the-troll
Q: Running Out of Time

Puzzle PrimeYou are playing with the black pieces and you know you have about a second before you run out of time and lose the game. There is no time added to the clock and white has plenty of time left. What move do you play?

11:32 AM
@Gareth McC, did we already get beyond this? Randomness is as good as orthogonality in high dimensions.
Perhaps in ways you'd be pleasantly surprised.
In ways i'd like for you to contribute.
@GarethMcCaughan is the ping
You too, @Anonymus25
It's a joint effort
(Just that i know Gareth . . . would know)
@humn What are you talking about, anyways?
How random bits are just as good as a Fourier transform in general practice
Not for spectrum analysis, for information
I have no idea what you're saying
11:36 AM
i wonder if many general practicioners agree
I'm one of them
and, yeh
@jafe, are you at least suspicious?
This is a way of understanding information that will come out.
I'm serious. Spectral analysis has two legs.
One leg is visual/aural spectrum.
The other is transformation from one grid to another.
That transformation allows us to perform tricks.
Ooopsie, "those transforms"
Okay then.
This mightn't be the right moment but just wait. We're gonna figure out how to transform information into progress in real time.
Numbers and letters are stepping stones.
(signed, technical editor)
[oh oh, thought it was at the Troll, bye]
12:01 PM
By the way, it really does take a worried whatever or three:
^ from my Mom before anyone above was even born
^but,,, that's one ingredient
Well, I am coming up with a better C4 soon, but until then, this current one is hopefully legal
Plus, I don't like the surface
Can't help that
Again, ingredient upon another. Some drown out others.
On a good day.
@Anonymus25, ever seen colorful Mandelbrot sets? You remind me of the person who brought color to that.
That person did!
I was there.
The fkkker broke what was working in the attempt and success.
. . . not the whole story . . .
12:27 PM
@Anonymus25 FERRET? To Google something is to ferret it out; FRET means to "To make rough, to agitate or disturb; to cause to ripple" which I guess is to flap? and ER is (sort of) medicine
Ooopsie, soon as i tried to delete that actually made rough sense
not completely comfortable with the interpretation
12:58 PM
@Anonymus25 Actually, shortened versions work too. I think @xyz will get user xyzzy provided xyz is at least three letters and there are no other users (in the room? recently in the room? ever in the room? I forget) whose names begin that way. So I got one ping from humn's comment and one from yours.
...and has been in the room in the past 48 hours.
1:54 PM
Q: A No-Sensa Test Question

DrDWhat is in the blank box? Why? Pick from one of the five options.

2:19 PM
Q: My prefix is the ruler of all our lives

risky mysteries My prefix is the ruler of all our lives. My suffix hints us thrashing knives. My infix before the fire was a cane. My whole pretends that it's insane.

3:11 PM
Q: These equations are unsolvable!

Beastly GerbilI display to you a set of 5 equations that cannot be solved. I want you to find the solution: $B + C = 1$ $B + C + F + G = 4$ $A + B + C = 7$ $A + B + C + D + G = 3$ $A + B + E + D + G = 2$ Times ticking, don't wait around! What is the solution to the above equations?

4:03 PM
@Mithical hiya, how's things?
@msh210 Things are thinging
@Mithical you have a lithp now?
Base is in semi lockdown
@Mithical *bathe
4:13 PM
@Mithical security or plague?
At least one active case
good health to him/her and good tidings to you all
heh something the cryptic-clue lovers will like that I just saw on Facebook:

(But first a bit of background. There's a game called Govende. It originated on Usenet but is now played on Facebook. It goes like this: Someone asks "What's a [whatever]?" and someone else answers with a humorous answer and a followup question of the same ilk. And so on.)

Someone answered "What's a chef?" with "A blind chief."
that's a good one
4:56 PM
Q: Colors to victory!

SomeoneI am unable to produce images for colors. How? This is the closest I have: maGenta Green yelloW darKgreen orAnge purEred(#ff0000) blaCk crimsOn whitE Hint?

5:06 PM
@msh210 That reminds me of an ancient pair of jokes. "What do you call a deer with no eyes?" "No idea." "What do you call a dead deer with no eyes?" "Still no idea."
5:45 PM
Works better if you're British
@GarethMcCaughan :-) But Mithical's right.
6:02 PM
morning folks :) happy final day of the Gregorian calendar to those who are in an applicable timezone!
i come to you from the past, then
time travel music
cue Doctor Who theme
6:13 PM
ah, forgot to ask beforehand: is there some procedure for posting a puzzle to the main site that's already been solved in chat?
i don't want people to look through the chat transcript and cheat their way to the solution
6:39 PM
no, it's generally just an honor system
should i note it in the question itself?
@bobble you can but i don't think it's necessary
@Anonymus25 hope you mean "hopefully it isn't [illegal]"
I've seen a few times that someone asks a question on PSE and includes a few spoiler-tagged hints. Invariably, a veteran comments saying "why so many hints? Give people a chance first". This irks me, for two reasons: (1) Posting so many hints, and in spoiler tags, is a sign that the person did his homework: he looked around the site, saw that that's how questions look, and followed suit. Such behavior should be [continued]
[continued] lauded, not criticized. (Yes, he didn't click through to the history of the question to see when the hints were added. But I really think that's much too much to ask of anyone, certainly a newbie.) (2) What's wrong with hints at the outset? If you don't want 'em, don't unspoilerize 'em. SE is meant to be a repository of questions for the long run, not just for immediate use. If the hints might be added eventually then there's no reason not to add them immediately.
The problem is when people put important information, required to the solve, in the hints
@bobble That I agree is a problem. But that's not what I'm talking about.
6:49 PM
New users who post a bunch of hints immediately are especially prone to this, because they figure that people can just look at the hints when they get stuck
@bobble Ah, I see. But I'm pretty sure I've seen commenters complain also about the very fact that there are a bunch of hints added immediately.
good point - i know i'm guilty of having done that
i usually try to phrase it as "people don't usually give hints immediately" rather than "you shouldn't give hints immediately", but i'm sure i've slipped up before
I admit that I don't have to best memory of my commenting, but I remember that at least several times my comment was in response to a new user adding hints after ~hour of no activity that they can see
People are solving in the background, but they think "hmm, puzzle should've been solved by now" and start throwing out hints
Agreed that I usually try to phrase it as "this many hints is unusual" when the question was originally posted with a bunch of hints
@Deusovi or maybe I'm being too sensitive on their behalf
even if so, probably still a good thing to keep in mind
1 hour later…
8:20 PM
Q: Nurikabe: A Gentle Walk in the Hall of Giants

SciborgThis puzzle is a Nurikabe that is designed to be a gentle introduction to the genre, with a learning curve of progressively harder deductions. It is encouraged for first-time solvers and those who want to try learning the deductions necessary to solve these kinds of puzzles. It's also my first gr...

@Sciborg Nice job on the Nurikabe...gentle, but non-trivial! A great solve.
Thank you! :D i am really glad people enjoyed it even if it was a tad easier than most grid-deductions.
I tried... I got to about Deus' 3rd picture before he posted his answer, and I started as soon as it was posted :P
9:11 PM
Q: A square in the plane with 4 vertices of the same color

ThomasLEvery point in the plane is colored either red or blue. Does a square in the plane exist such that all four of its vertices are the same color?

1 hour later…
10:38 PM
@msh210 Nope
1 hour later…
11:48 PM
wow, Stiv nailed D4 O_O

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