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12:00 AM
the onebox is more effective IMO. Speaks louder than words :) (this is why I edited your post)
@daviesgeek I started with the Headfirst book.
Got a bunch.
12:30 AM
@daviesgeek I highly recommend the bicycle book
I have that and Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X and they both learned me a lot.
I'd never touched Obj-C before, but I had done a lot of C#/.NET.
5 hours later…
5:26 AM
@stuffe Similarly:
6:08 AM
@Moshe Okay thanks
@BrQAnt Will take a look at it.
@Moshe Thanks for that too!
1 hour later…
7:32 AM
iTunes Match has the concept of metadata uploaded, but no file content uploaded. Interesting.
At least I think that's the state it's in.
Efficient - it's how icloud downloads work for document storage. Meta first, content later, then content uploads and downloads etc can be prioritised if a user requests something out of order, as it were
it's just interesting to see grayed out songs in Music.app
Difference is iCloud doesn't grey out, just let's you think it's all there, then downloads on the quiet if it's only got the Meta.
Might have to try out this iTunes Match thing, e have it in the UK now.
what happens when your year subscription expires?
good question, I have no idea
I imagine that all undownloaded songs disappear from your devices.
I have no idea of what data retention is.
What happens if I don’t resubscribe after the first year? Will I lose any upgraded songs?
No. Any songs you’ve upgraded or downloaded again are completely safe. The only thing you lose is the central storage — iCloud will no longer stream or download matched or uploaded songs to your devices.
Seems reasonable.
7:48 AM
anything on your computer is fine
I was getting at cloud retention, anything you DON'T have backed up somewhere.
8:14 AM
3500 more songs until I can reopen iTunes and file a radar...
.o0O(such a weird expression)
8:29 AM
needs explanation, please. When I see ESD I think immediately of electronic software distribution (as in InstallESD.dmg) but the one question where the tag currently applies seems unrelated.
esound daemon
a (very old) remote sound protocol
I'll work on it in a bit.
also, that definition doesn't fit the question at all. ummm...
@JasonSalaz thanks.
I won't work on it, because I have no idea what it is intended to mean.
electro-static discharge
electrostatic discharge
I'm going to nuke the tag though. That's really overly-specific.
8:32 AM
@JasonSalaz +1
also, why aren't motherboard/logic board synonyms? (and which should be the master?)

 Better tags for Ask Different

ideas and criticism of the existing tags and proposals to make...
Also ^ is sad.
I think Logic Board is most prevalent in official Apple parlance, and should be the master of both and
@JasonSalaz can you think of a distribution-oriented tag that might apply to the following question? Or would this, too, be overly specific?
Q: What things are done by Install OS X Mountain Lion.app that are not done by InstallESD.dmg alone?

Graham PerrinRecommended Apple provides and recommends use of Install OS X Mountain Lion.app that is, "the app" – in its entirety. For Build 12A269 for OS X 10.8, the version of the app is 1.3.12 (351). Known Ignoring parts of the app – with InstallESD.dmg alone: installation may succeed. (The sam...

@JasonSalaz dunno about master but We are The Gods
For starters I would re-title "things" to "actions"
(That's my standard answer to people asking what the weather gods are doing for a camping trip this weekend … seems equally applicable here ;-)
just sounds less "hokey"
I think install is sufficient in this case.
8:36 AM
@JasonSalaz Yeah. In truth, I'm interested also in peculiarities that may arise some time after installation (when installation is without "the app") … but that would probably make the question too nebulous, would you agree?
yes, because actions before cause results after.
I'm pretty sure that the app bundle just makes it easily "openable", as opposed to to the InstallESD DMG. And there are otherwise no differences.
So, what things are done by Mountain Lion.app? Some app-level invocation, and that's pretty much it.
Not answering because I certainly don't know this for sure.
What the hell I can answer with a theory. Let's get some ups!
9:02 AM
@JasonSalaz I have wanted to ask this question for over a year, but too scared … half-expecting a flood of responses along the lines of, "Nonsense! I installed umpteen times without any problems, so working without the app must always be equal to working with the app!"
I'm surprised at your hesitation.
@JasonSalaz Heheh … surprised because it's me hesitating?
insofar as I wouldn't have dreamed that you'd have that hesitation
@JasonSalaz Stack Exchange is one of very few places on the 'net where I might ask a difficult question without fear of being browbeaten
well, that's my point :P
9:14 AM
@JasonSalaz also I have been occasionally watching, waiting to see what happens around people working without the app.
9:29 AM
Two releases worth of information makes the chances you'll find the answer greater, surely.
10:03 AM
@JasonSalaz hopefully :-)
4 hours later…
2:08 PM
@JasonSalaz Sad how?
2:20 PM
@stuffe I see your reputation is still in hot persuit of mine. And if I don't get an answer that actually works for my bounty, I'll have to give you another +100. So people, please, can someone answer this so I don't have to give stuffe the points? :-)
Q: Spotlight in upper right screen corner in Mountain Lion

Daniel LawsonIn the System Preferences panel for Spotlight in OS X 10.8, it claims "Spotlight is located at the top right corner of the screen". On my system, this no longer appears to be true; the Notification Center menubar icon has claimed that particular piece of prime real estate. There is precisely one ...

2:55 PM
@DanielLawson The answer you put yourself is what I was going to answer.
@DanielLawson It could be worse:
@DanielLawson I think think cmd-space is the only sensible way to invoke spotlight
I'm surprised no-one answered as per your blog suggestion re: hot corners and launchpad
3:12 PM
@patrix That's actually exactly what my top corner looks like — I quit Day-O just to see if I could get Spotlight back to the corner. If I can't get it there, Day-O goes back; I miss it.
@stuffe There's still time for someone to do that :-)
What's the delay on hot corners? It's something I've never used.
@DanielLawson Well, you asked for the upper right corner, not how to get it fast
@stuffe Instant
I never clicked on the Spotlight icon at all, cmd-space is the way to go
Much faster than Dock auto-hide
@patrix I disabled Command-space long ago (Tiger) because some other program I was using at the time wanted it, so I never got into the habit.
3:15 PM
@DanielLawson Time to find out whether you are a fast learner then...
Nah. I'll stick with my hot corner solution.
There you go, @stuffe
hot corner only works as an app launcher if you use launchpad tho. get in the cmd-space habit and you can use it for all searches
Hey, that isn't so bad.
:) ta
What fingers do you use to press ⌘ and space at the same time?
3:20 PM
( I only use it as an app laucnher too)
Middle left (cmd) and index left (space)
my dock has the finder in, nothing else.
i use spotlight to start everything. If I could get rid of the dock I would, other than the trash, it does nothing that expose and gestures don't.
I pretty much stopped using the dock except for dropping files into once LaunchPad rolled out.
LaunchPad with search — even better
ML rearranged my carefully crafted LaunchPad order, but with search, I don't care anymore.
I gave it the top left hot corner, like reaching for the old Apple menu as a launcher.
OK, Monday marks one year I've been on this site.
@Patrix are you one year as of today?
Congratulations on the yearling badge.
i must be close
@DanielLawson With my fingers in typewriter position, it's left thumb for ⌘ and right thumb for space
@patrix I like that. Less awkward than any other motion I've tried.
@DanielLawson yep, august 3rd.
3:30 PM
member for 11 months - how do you get the exact date?
congrats back to you, looks like you have been a bit more active (or successfull with your answers) than I
@stuffe look in your activity list
@stuffe If you click on "visited", I think you can see a history of days you visited.
@patrix is your avatar Hal from 2001?
@DanielLawson yepp
@patrix Thanks, although the three of us are all in the same ball-park in terms of reputation, and joined around the same time.
August 7 for me - 4 days - wow, we're all pretty close...
3:32 PM
hard at work then :-) speaking of work, holidays are over today and it's back to the office on Monday
@stuffe That's why I have more rep than you — I've been on the site one more day :-)
seriously, that's pretty ridiculous
how close those stats are
Look at @gentmatt, he's here for 9 months only
No kidding. Or bmike, who only joined three months before us.
Well, bmike is beyond anything anyway, I have no clue how he does that
@DanielLawson you have 50 points more, I wonder what my average points per day is...
3:37 PM
ballpark of 30
little less than that.
yeah, just mathed it - so basically you are doing 20 points better than me over a year ;)
(runs off to rack up 2 votes...)
A statistical dead heat.
Q: Choosing native screen resolution aspect ratio when screen sharing

stuffeI have two Macs both running Lion: iMac (early 2009, iMac9,1 with NVIDIA GeForce GT 120) MacBook Air (Early 2011, first of the new shape 11.6") I often screen share using the Macbook Air as the client, and presenting the screen from my iMac onto it. When this happens the original iMac scre...

This is my oldest question.
It also forms the basis of my next question :)
Q: Screen Sharing Virtual Display

stuffeOne of the great things about Lion was the Virtual Display, whereby when screen sharing you could login as a 2nd user rather than just take over the physical display. In effect it was like turning your Mac into a (limited) multi user system, whereby 2 people could simultaneously login and use it...

4:10 PM
It's gone, really?
@stuffe Still works for me (accessing from a 10.6 system)
Something tells me that 10.8.x will add the option to see the battery-life as time again. And Apple will again refer to this as an "issue". Just like they did with “Reopen windows when logging back in” in the 10.7.4 update: support.apple.com/kb/DL1525?viewlocale=en_US
5:07 PM
Does anyone here have experience using Scrivener?
It looks really powerful, but I'm curious if all the features slow one down when writing.
@patrix I was going ML to ML, so maybe a client thing, not a server thing.
@NathanGreenstein Bit much for me, bloat, or seems it, but people I know who have had actual books published love it.
That's sort of how it looks to me. I can see how it would be useful for managing longer stuff, but it seems like it would be a bit of a shock coming from Byword.
That said, Byword isn't great for longer documents and I'm not a big Pages fan, so it could be worth installing the trial.
What is your use case?
Mainly longer reports for school. Stuff with many outlines/resources/sections and multiple revisions.
5:23 PM
I can't tell if it lets you set up a project that has multiple documents, which is one of the things that I like about Scrivener.
5:53 PM
There should be a direct trial
@NathanGreenstein Yes, it does, I had a look
multiple docs in a project, differing status of each document (draft, etc), all the word count goodness - looks nice app - i actually own it (bought it on sale a while ago) but never used it yet. I have a weakness for writing apps.
@DanielLawson Sad because it wasn't getting love.
1 hour later…
7:33 PM
@brandon WRT apple.stackexchange.com/questions/59312/… Why not get a used mac that can't run Mountain Lion and run Lion server to share up as many shared drives as you care for Time Machine use?
@brandon - see above (the ping failed to connect to your account.)
Hey guys, boring question that's not worth asking on the site as it's opinion based (and DULL)
task managers.
What does everyone use? My criteria: iphone/ipad/mac apps, free sync ( don't mind paying for apps, not liking recurrent sync plans), simple categorisation/tagging tools, nothing project management style, but more options than Reminders
8:43 PM
A: How can I change the language for dictation on the fly?

qegalI found a thread in which the following Applescript was contained: tell application "System Events" to set p to (path to frontmost application) as string tell application "System Preferences" activate reveal anchor "Dictation" of pane "com.apple.preference.speech" end tell tell applicati...

Is there an alternative to this script, so that I will not see the System Preferences being opened?
@gentmatt Leave out the activate and try again. At least on SL/Lion that worked for "hidden" GUI scripting.
@DanielBeck Oh that's better already. But I still see the pop-up menu when the language is selected:
@gentmatt Have you tried moving the window off screen?
The location depends on where I had located the System Preferences window.
So, moving it off the screen is not really a solution.
9:00 PM
I don't get your point, but I tried moving the window before clicking, and that appears to be restricted to the screen bounds.
Yes. I noticed that too.
I'm trying out @Lri's solution now. But I have trouble getting it to work. It will take a bit more time.
@gentmatt use = instead of -eq
Now there's another syntax error. I'll have to learn a bit more about AppleScript, so I don't have to ask every time...
"Es wurde „then“, etc. erwartet, aber ein Unbekanntes Token wurde gefunden."
add a space before the semicolon
it's bash btw.
9:16 PM
@DanielBeck Ok. I got it working now. This is the first time I'm using a bash script. :)
How do I assign a shortcut to this?
@gentmatt Wrap in Automator service.
Ok. I think I know how to do that then. Thanks for the help!
You're welcome
9:50 PM
@gentmatt I hate that error!
Apple please approve the Coda 2.0.2 update quickly!!

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