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10:59 AM
Well! Well! Well! Look who is here..
The great bravest mightiest king TheLittleNaruto
11:28 AM
No Salutations? Better I should ask my question. :P
@JourneymanGeek Whatever :P
I was trying sendmail command to send a mail.
After pressing ctrl+D it doesn do anything
no error, neither any mail received
I found a harddrive with an windows7 system. I can not decide what to do with it. Installing groovy or use it for an adventure with arch.
Try WSL; before that install Windows 10
no i used windows for over 20 years(windows xp). I can not handle it.
11:41 AM
assuming you have a licence and/or are able to upgrade :D
pick an os, install kvm or virtualbox, run another OS :D
@nobody Thence you should go for WSL
Windows 10 -> WSL
where you can run Linux in parallel to Windows
My neighbour has windows10. Whenever i try to help him I get migraine
I have been using Windows 10 for more than 1 years that too for development.
Didn't face any issue so far that would get me migraine
I can not handle windows. It is to complicated for me. I 'm not accustomed with it.
Where is this @Kulfy person when I need him most ๐Ÿ‘ฟ
@nobody Then I would recommend Ubuntu 20
Only for the splash screen, it's classy one.
11:47 AM
Maybe i can verify this way my workaround for bios mode.
workaround for bios mode? What does that mean?
there is something off with ubiquity. I have groovy in virtualbox. and it was complaining because of missing efi filesystem even I verify it was started in bios mode.
12:41 PM
Hey moderators! @jokerdino @Mitch @ThomasWard @Zanna
1:23 PM
Do mods have the ability to hide a specific tag from showing on the homepage?
The ones under the "Explore our Questions" title: https://i.sstatic.net/LZ6aS.png
@technastic_tc what's up?
@Dan doubt so, what's the cause of concern here?
no concern, I just wanted to see if it's worth posting a meta question about hiding version tags from the homepage
i guess no point doing that since it's not possible anyway lol
Do you guys have any idea why Stefano Palazzo is no long a moderator?
@technastic_tc Stefano stepped down years ago. Everyone is free to choose to step down. Some people write a post on meta saying goodbye and giving reasons, but others don't.
@technastic_tc can't tell the details but he was inactive for too long
1:36 PM
@terdon He was moderator even in October.
@terdon he stepped down??
There doesn't need to be a "Reason", sometimes people just move on and don't want to spend much time here any more.
@jokerdino No, sorry. My bad, I was thinking of the other mod with an Italian name.
Who'd stepped down just before Tomas and I were elected.
@terdon Luis? Bruno?
And that's a Portuguese name, but that's my memory for you.
@technastic_tc SE recently updated the moderator agreement. Some mods may have chosen not to sign it and were de-modded by SE a few weeks ago.
@skullpatrol Faded giant was never a mod here.
yes, I know. But not here
I didn't know anything about him so yeah
1:40 PM
@jokerdino You might know them as Loooong
Quite a few mods across the network were de-modded because they didn't sign the agreement. I know of at least one, who just let his modship lapse. Not because he objected to the agreement, but because it was a good opportunity to step down silently and simply.
Will meta make those stats available?
Should I ask?
@jokerdino So you mean you know the details and are you under an NDA?
@terdon hmm..
can't tell when I don't know the details lol
He did not sign the new mod agreement, that much I am sure of
@skullpatrol You could, but I don't personally see any point in it. I mean, what would you learn if you got a list of mods who didn't sign the agreement?
@terdon Will there be a notice period?
1:45 PM
@technastic_tc NDA!? Good grief! Let's not blow things out of proportion.
@technastic_tc ???
@terdon ok.. Sorry.
NDA = No data available
the question does not arise XD
@terdon The proportion of dissatisfaction
SE announced the new mod agreement what, 6 months agoi? A year ago? All mods were given a long time to sign it. A few months at least. We were all warned that not signing it would mean that we couldn't continue being moderatos (being a mod requires the agreement).
After the waiting period ended (some time a couple of weeks ago?) SE demodded those mods who hadn't signed the new agreement.
1:46 PM
@terdon better purpose is to know if all the sites are adequately modded
@terdon Before SE de-modding mods, they should be informing the mods and expecting a reply within a certain notice period right? Or will they de-mod immediately if they don't sign the agreement?
@jokerdino That is up to the individual sites. Many aren't, of course, but asking how many mods didn't sign the new agreement won't help you know how many sites need more mods.
@technastic_tc They did, that's what I said above. They gave us several months.
@terdon ok..
@technastic_tc they gave us like 3 months. They reached out to those who had issues with it personally, and tried hard to resolve them
what was the difference between the old and new agreement?
@Zanna oh..
@jokerdino lol..
1:48 PM
about 10 paragraphs hahaha
I mean the new one was quite a bit longer
Q: The new moderator agreement is now live for moderators to accept across the network

CatijaToday, weโ€™re announcing that the new moderator agreement is live and the existing moderators are being asked to accept it. This has been a great collaboration to get from a draft in November 2019 to the final agreement in July 2020. Itโ€™s gone through several phases of review internally, including...

A: Diamonds are not forever

skullpatrolThere is no answer to this other than pure outrage.

@technastic_tc There are 5 points listed in the comments
Is the mod agreement open for public to read?
Yes, of course.
1:55 PM
@technastic_tc yes
Do share if possible.
@skullpatrol Read (past form) them.
Of course, it was right there in the meta post I linked to above.
1:57 PM
@Zanna Atleast it's smaller than privacy policy of companies.. lol..
Moderator agreement is different from privacy policy.
@jokerdino yeah.. I know.. I'm referring to privacy policy, terms of use agreement which users agree for using any company's product (Not referring to SE in particular)
@technastic_tc the mod also deleted his account
@technastic_tc like where you scroll all the way to the bottom and click agree without reading anything?
license agreement haha
2:01 PM
@Zanna yeah.. that one..
@Zanna lol
The size of the previous agreement looks way too small in comparison to the new one
@terdon I didn't check.. my bad..
@terdon hmm..
Loong leaving chemistry.se was a huge blow to the tag, because that was his specialty
I thought nuclear anything was physics territory :)
It usually is, but he did work mostly in radiation chemistry also
@terdon how many (typo)
the ones having elections
2:18 PM
@Zanna ?
the sites that need more mods are the ones having elections
@Zanna ok..
@Zanna the word elections reminded me of POTUS election..
I don't know how many though... I mean I don't know how many mods each site has and needs. I think only Catija knows that
@technastic_tc haha you're not alone
2:35 PM
@technastic_tc I know why he's not a mod anymore. But I'm not allowed to give details.
and lets avoid politics here, okay?
I don't feel that asking about a moderator quitting is politics in any way. But opinions do vary.
17 mins ago, by technastic_tc
@Zanna the word elections reminded me of POTUS election..
no but that reference pulls up 'politics' the moment you mention it
never said the mod quitting question was politics ;)
oh.. okay..
@ThomasWard :)
@ThomasWard If you don't mind, what do you exactly mean by "not allowed"? Is it because of moral reasons or something else?
sips coffee and quietly chooses to vaguely reply
lets just say I know things that aren't public knowledge about the internal workings of moderatorship ;)
that's all i can say on it :)
@technastic_tc in general, whenever a mod knows something about a user that isn't public knowledge to everyone, then the mod will not share it. It's just basic decency and respect for privacy in most cases.
2:43 PM
@terdon Fine. I'll shut my mouth.
lol, feel free to ask. Just bear in mind that often we won't be able to answer for the simple reason that some things are simply not ours to share.
Not because of any legal threat or anything, simply because if you tell me something in confidence, then it is not my place to share it with anyone else.
@terdon got it!
Is the date of quitting public or private?
makes sense
@technastic_tc it's safe to assume that if they didn't make a post about it publicly on Meta about quitting or such, it's private
(which answers your question outright)
... aaaand i'm out of coffee, time to brew more
So if I look into stats, I can conclude that date of quitting must be somewhere between October 7 and November 6.
@ThomasWard ok.
2:58 PM
Sleepy :/
@Kulfy Is that your dog?
> I am a 5 year old pug
From my profile ๐Ÿ™ƒ
haha Aman..
3:50 PM
@Kulfy Alive?
By any chance did you read my issue with sendmail?
he ded
seems like it
@Kulfy Do you copy?
Guess we lost him...
It is unfortunate.
I don't use sendmail :)
I just send the mail from browser
No problem
Should I post on main site?
Yes. Why not?
4:02 PM
4:15 PM
@Kulfy I feel that way like your picture shows. My back kills me.
sad life :(

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