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6:00 PM
I had the most useless 504 in history - it said I had to be allowed to leave class when distressed and sit in the front if I asked and provided a reason. As if a teacher wouldn't provide for that.
@Sciborg i really don't have a [relevant thing] apart from stuttering occasionally, but stuttering is hardly relevant to this
@PrinceNorthLæraðr thanks :)
My 504 is basically just accomodations for my visual stuff and letting me wear earbuds and/or leave class if sensorily freaked out, which didn't really come up in my computer classes since we just sat quietly and wrote code most of the class time :p
to make it worse, every assignment assigned is due that day at 11am because 11am is when the class ends ... this is just stupid
I also have some.. uh.. very uncomfortable memories around learning that my 504 existed.
6:04 PM
504 as in disability accomodations.
> 504 plans are formal plans that schools develop to give kids with disabilities the support they need. That covers any condition that limits daily activities in a major way.
> The 504 Plan is a plan developed to ensure that a child who has a disability identified under the law and is attending an elementary or secondary educational institution receives accommodations that will ensure their academic success and access to the learning environment.
> They’re covered under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.
I guess could apply for some 504s (I have pretty severe case of ADHD, but my medication helps a lot - also my arm)
6:06 PM
But my accomodations were pretty simple, they were basically "let them sit in the front of the class to see better and sit quietly sometimes if they need to, but otherwise they're good"
@bobble :(
I think your parents have to do it - at least, I had one for a while that I didn't know about
seems reasonable
@bobble I'm sure my parents would do it if they felt it was needed- but Idk, it's always been more of adjusting rather than needing to accomodate
In my case my parents worked with me on it, but yeah, I know some kids didn't really know they had them and that's a bummer to find out :/
6:07 PM
and i doubt there is a 504 for "can't translate sentences in 10 seconds or less*
If anything, teachers sometimes tell me I can't do stuff bc of my arm, and I just look at them and I'm like "watch me"
Example: PE push-ups
I did the most in my period once
I learned that I had a 504 when I got pulled out of PE to go to the counselor's office (which I am terrified of), and saw my mom & teachers & counselor in a serious-looking conference room
I love that
Oh dear :/
@Sciborg 49 push-ups. I was upset I couldn't hit 50 :P
I can do not the most
6:08 PM
I can do... maybe 5 and then I have to lie down. Lol
@Sciborg Lol, it's all mental. I'm rather very stubborn if I'm trying to prove something
I absolutely love the mental image of them being like "you can't do it" and you just stand there and go like "watch me"
Example 2: I was initially denied from going into a military summer camp bc the admins thought I couldn't keep up with the physical activity. My mom berated politely challenged them and I got in. By the end, I managed to surpass most of the other kids physically and also learned to climb a rope.
one more - on the left
"You can't do it" Watch me
6:11 PM
"I don't need two arms to kick your ass"
@Sciborg right since who kicks with their arms? :p
@Sciborg Ahahahaha
That's an amazing quote, I'm making that my life motto
Also that's going on my list of favorite quotes :P
this conversation in a nutshell: schools are stupid sometimes
I want to sit down and write a whole bunch of them for your debut action movie "North, Prince of Pain"
"debt" hm
6:14 PM
Typing with cold fingers is hard okay
might i suggest gloves /s
laughs in Michigan weather
leaving to concentrate on schoolwork
weather update: matt is no longer crying so that's good
Seeya bobble :)
Matt you can have some of my (slightly chilly) virtual hugs too
6:18 PM
thanks and also brr
Enjoy my lack of apartment heating sucker
@Sciborg Can't relate- SoCal
@Sciborg :(
The cold never bothered me anywayyyyy
6:22 PM
what have you done, i have let it go stuck in my head now
Let it gooo, let it gooo, become one with the high-ass power bills
How's the connect-wall solving going?
Couldn't figure out a solution so I took a break to write you one-liners
@Sciborg Ah, I see.
"Here, let me give you a HAND" crazy one-arm karate flip
6:27 PM
"I've got five fingers, and all of them can destroy you"
"Need a shoulder to cry on?"
@Sciborg energy company be like: I don't care, how cold it is / just pay us nowwww
"I push it to my LIMB-it"
And I picture your rival being an evil karate lumberjack since you are, after all, a tree.
6:30 PM
@Sciborg indeed
I'm dying here
You're making me snicker randomly in class lol
we can make a religion out of this / no don't
Wait Sciborg, can I see what you thought the categories were?
Maybe I can give some more vague pointers to everyone
I had the one Deepthinker got correct, then "has multiple Forms" (Calyrex, Aegislash, Arceus and Xerneas). And I thought I had the third one, but then you told me the second one was wrong and it made my whole answer fall apart.
I'm going to make some clarifications for Aegislash and Arceus actually bc I think those are going to unnecessarily throw people off
6:34 PM
I was so sure of the Forms because there were exactly four of them, but that was probably just a coincidence
assignment: highlight the verbs in your sentences.
me: ok then I'll highlight them black. /s
My third category was tentatively going to be "Pokemon that have unusual evolution methods" but it didn't fit super great with the first two anyway.
So yeah, I basically was on the wrong track but it seemed to fit super well at the time lol
Q: You're given the following list of numbers

GlorfindelYou're given the following list of numbers: 10, 16, 20, 21, 22, 30, 32, 33, 34, 36, 41, 79, 82, 111, 148, 153 Hint 1:

There's a very good reason why you'll need Bulbapedia, unless you know everything about every single one of those Pokemons
Four of them have the pokedex color yellow, but that's probably a coincidence
6:41 PM
I had noticed that as well, but it did feel coincidental.
Unless... it's not?
TIL spanish has a separate verb almorzar meaning "to eat lunch" specifically
as opposed to breakfast and dinner?
afaik yes
@LukasRotter That's a coincidence, yes
@JohnDvorak edit: nope
6:44 PM
... as opposed to eating non-food?
by the way, North, did you use the google-docs table thing to make your image grid?
weather update: time for lunch
@bobble Yup :)
6:53 PM
Also, I got two questions in the weekly newsletter! First time for me I think :)
(yes, I get the newsletter just to see if my questions are in it)
There's a weekly newsletter?
@PrinceNorthLæraðr well, duh, I mean without an arm you're lighter than others so it's easier </joke>
Yep, go to your profile page -> edit profile and settings -> email settings -> community digests
@PrinceNorthLæraðr tanks u
bobble will also leave for lunch now
6:57 PM
see ya!
bye bobble
Okay, whew, I thought there was an error in my Pokemon puzzle
@Sciborg quick clarification about arceus
7:52 PM
The (now closed) question which linked to a 43-minute video has 2 upvotes. Seriously?
@bobble why
8:08 PM
There were a bunch of connect walls asked recently - mine is one of two recent ones which were solved
8:35 PM
@Sciborg Crrraaapp i found an error in my puzzle
Argghh one of the Pokémons fits in two categories. Gah!
As long as no "swaps" can occur, it's fine
but if there's any way to organize into 4 groups that is wrong then that is bad
8:52 PM
grrr repl.it does not want to work today
9:06 PM
Q: Professor Panini's Password

Rin's Fourier transformYou should have woken up this morning squealing with excitement. As a historical phonology student, you will be among the select few accompanying the renowned Professor Panini on one of the first linguistic research expeditions by time machine. You know the map of Tyre and the Phoenician alphabet...

Sciborg, I saw you joined Lit!
slightly excited hm
9:55 PM
@Ankoganit ooh the "sandwich method" (and yes I very much agree with that as well; affirmation has great importance)
@matt yeahhh.. undeniably trash :((
@oAlt thanks for the sympathy :) like that's just stupid
10:10 PM
@Deusovi this this this. Not all areas have developed stable, high-quality internet. Hopefully matt's teacher becomes more understanding.
yea np
10:25 PM
@oAlt well and I can't translate things in 10 seconds. apparently my teacher doesn't understand that
yeah... that shouldn't be a requirement
10:41 PM
@matt you have to complete the translation within 10 seconds, or show a sign of life within 10 seconds?
10:55 PM
@msh210 sign of life, but still
North, my theater kid friend approves of your song choice
11:16 PM
@matt "siempre digo no se'
but yeah online isn't necessarily the best environment to learn Spanish imho
11:37 PM
@Avi 100% agreed
11:55 PM
@bobble Eyyyy
It's a tad difficult, but I like the challenge, I guess

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