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8:00 PM
^^ I'm using bobblie shapes instead!
8:25 PM
@people who are good at Statue Park - anyone available to help a poor, stuck, little yellow crown?
what's going on? having trouble constructing?
no, solving
go ahead
pentomino set
please remind me of the rules
8:33 PM
place given set of pieces into grid. pieces cannot touch at an edge. unused cells must be connected.
Ah, thanks
Something I see is the the bottom-left must have the I
I'm not sure how to use that
It must also have the W or the V
what about the top right then
top right corner cell can't go straight down
8:35 PM
what pieces can it be?
oh it can only be a V, right?
because a Y would isolate a cell, and I is not allowed
seems so to me
okay okay I can make some good progress now
I think
solved it with that observation - thanks!
9:29 PM
Travel from the top-left cell to the top-right cell as follows. Each step you take must be to a cell that's adjacent (horiz. or vert.) to the one you're in. Each step you take must be to a cell you haven't visited already. A number along the top adjacent to a vertical gridline, or a number along the left side adjacent to a horizontal gridline, indicates the number of times you'll cross that gridline. A number along the top adjacent to a column of cells (not a gridline), [cont'd]
[cont'd] or a number along the left side adjacent to a row of cells, indicates the number of gridlines that you'll cross within that column or row. || This particular example is easy, but I wonder what y'all think of the genre.
Hm, on my screen, I can't see the horizontal gridline near the 2 in the middle of the board. Pretend it's there. :-)
looks hard at first glance, but if I had time I could probably figure out the basic deductions
Pinging @Deusovi, whose thoughts I'd especially be interested in, but also the rest of yours.
presentation-wise, might help to have dots on the center of each grid line?
then it's just "the number of dots in its row/column that are crossed"
oh, nice
as for the actual puzzle, let me give it a shot
9:35 PM
(I don't think the "4" clue is necessary in this example.)
@Mithical re the recent spate of finding a book title matching an author name with an initial letter: The No-Cake Cookbook by N. & N. Chagiga
I... have absolutely no idea what you're talking about TBH
See "the Official Book Puns for Puzzling Stack Exchange" on the starboard
The first half of my sentence, or my book title and author name?
both actually
people were finding book titles and matching authors' names with an initial -- see chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/55851474#55851474
so I thought of an example, based on אין אין אין חגיגה בלי בלי בלי בלי עוגה
9:43 PM
@msh210 you're right that the 4 clue is unnecessary - pretty easy puzzle, but could lead to some interesting logic? I'm not sure - I'm not too good at loop logic (or, well, path logic) myself. and genres that have these "number in a row/column" don't often lend themselves well to larger puzzles (though that may not be an issue)
reminds me of the genre "snake", which is similar but has additional path restrictions
@Deusovi yes, similar
@Deusovi I'll see if I can make a harder one. (Or at least one with a more interesting final answer. :-) )
But not tonight.
don't work from the answer!
yeah, yeah, I saw
Thanks for the feedback! Would appreciate anyone else's, too.
Re the C4, I wonder whether "'s throat cut by" can mean "has inserted, immediately after the head,".
it seems hard to restrict things based off of total counts alone, but it might be workable? I'd bet that with more narrow clues (with numbers that only apply to part of the row or column?) it would be easier to construct more interesting puzzles
so maybe placing some numbers in the middle of the grid could work
...wait I think I'm just describing Castle Wall now
which is also similar
or maybe instead of "how many dots are crossed", "how many red dots are crossed"
9:53 PM
ah, that could work too
@Deusovi yes it is
Perhaps if I familiarize myself with known puzzle genres, I will find reinventing the wheel less interesting. :-)
(to be clear I'm not saying that this similarity is bad, or trying to put your idea down -- there are three logic puzzle genres literally called "Icebarn", "Icelom", and "Icelom 2")
You can make new things just by mashing old stuff up - like my tetromino minesweeper! (Which I'm sure someone thought of before)
I think you can definitely get more 'mileage' out of having both types of row clue, and would be interested to see what else can be done with it
sorry, by "both types" you mean...?
9:58 PM
clues aligned with cells and clues offset from cells
ah, yeah that's not something I see in either of the genres you've linked to
right - Snake just counts number of used cells, and Castle Wall just counts things aligned with cells. I don't think I've seen both used together, so I'd be interested to see what can be done with that
I also like the "number of red dots" idea - maybe multiple different dot colors could lead to some interesting logic too
@Deusovi yeah, I haven't tried that at all but probably will when I have a chance to revisit this
thanks again; gameN
10:13 PM
What does gameN mean?
game night, I believe
Today I learned
"good afternoon/morning/evening/night", a greeting someone in here came up with years ago to not have to worry about timezones
Good General Time Of Day to you :p
How is your Non-Specific Time of Weekend going so far
I should be working on useful stuff, but my fingers move of their own accord and open up my Statue Park solving sheet... HELP
10:20 PM
mine's going pretty well! don't have much to do over the weekend so I'm just relaxing and playing some puzzle games
bobble unfortunately i cannot help you here
That moment when you're trying to be productive but your hands force you to open Minecraft of their own accord
I relaxed and cleaned the apartment a lot today so I've also had a relaxing day in general :)
Did you work on the bobblies?
Unfortunately no, still haven't been able to block out a few hours to sit and sew. I've just been powering through chores and paying bills
Any C4 progress?
ooh, good reminder. If I do some chores my mom will be happy.
<leaving for chores>
Chores are important
I think there's a 24 hour time window on clue dropping, so I'll be back in 5 hours :p
10:25 PM
@Sciborg i have some ideas, but none of them seem to work
What are your ideas so far? I'm curious
It will help me know what kind of hint to drop
"ere" + "d" (before + 500), Quee(-ns), maybe furthermore (-Q)ue(-e). "Badly" maybe "ill", or anagram indicator, as well as "shaken"
I think I know what kind of hint I'll do first
I mean, I think either "shaken" or "was badly shaken" has to be the def, but maybe there's something very clever going on that I don't see yet :) I only found a book called "Queen's throat", but nothing else that would fit for a def at the start of the clue.
10:39 PM
is that face happy, angry, or what?
Was going for a maniacal smirk but I was probably better served just tossing the purple demon emoji in there
it looks red to me, not purple
Ah, I'm on mobile sorry
Point is: maniacal smirking
is there background music?
I'm tempted to say Moriarty's theme from those Sherlock Holmes remakes
10:43 PM
can you truly say you're a Moriarty-level villain?
that would require a clue that lasts like a week
Probably not, I'm like his intern
how long do his interns live?
looks nervously at office door
... I suggest you start looking for a more stable job/employer
Hey, at least my apartment is bobblie-free... for now
They'll probably return someday though...
10:48 PM
they never left
they're in the walls
they're in your pipes
Oh God I knew I heard scratching
they're watching you
No wonder I haven't been able to make another puzzle, they've sucked all my puzzle juice again
Feb 14 '17 at 16:57, by Techidiot
@dcfyj Why not Gamen then?
See surrounding context
Now that makes sense
10:55 PM
@Sciborg Oh no you're playing mind games :P That comment makes me question everything about the CC xD
evil laughter
wait Lukas are you dead because now you have "x" eyes
did Sciborg kill you?
hang on... I think I've missed something
Oh hello! :D
10:57 PM
I love your puzzles, I haven't seen you in chat before
Thx and I pop in from time to time :):)
Rabbit's Favorite Beverage is still adorable and I love it.
aww thats nice
I really appreciate it :):)
Was just looking at that one today, I haven't figured it out yet :D
10:58 PM
so who killed whom?
I made a really wild C4 and I think I've killed @LukasRotter
@bobble sci sus
I see...
Hmmm... Lukas seems unhappy
10:59 PM
If you want I can drop the hint now, 20h is close enough to 24h
we must revive him
Voldy, you got any dark magic?
Sure I got tons
but gimme a good reason to revive him
Wow, tough bargain
I mean you are He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named so I guess that does make sense
11:00 PM
I can edit your picture so you're wearing a bobblecrown
who me or sciborg?
^ (that's a good reason)
ok me i guess
It is a great honor to be bobble-fied
a deal!
11:01 PM
okay, give me a few minutes
k :):)
so... in the meantime
how r u all?
Having a great Saturday, thank you :) hope you are too!
Yes, me also!
I love me a good saturday
anyone know why this is called "the sphinx's lair?"
I honestly don't know, I think the Sphinx is just a mythological riddle creature so it kind of stuck.
ohhh thats a good reason
11:03 PM
But Deus or mods would know better than me
right but that makes sense; the sphinxs riddle
A: Rename the Green Llama!

user20The Sphinx's Lair I guess nobody liked puce...

because it was the most highly voted answer in the poll to name the chatroom
ahh cool
11:04 PM
who was user20?
do you get pinged every time someone says "mod"?
He can feel the call of when someone says Deus, it's a Beetlejuice thing
nope I just happened to get back around that time
the most beautiful thing ive every seen
11:05 PM
It's fine art
i guess im reviving lukas now
hang on...
avada kedavra
wrong thing
Isn't it Revivify?
11:06 PM
now I'm burning in hell. thanks.
lol oops
That is... interesting
Hey North :)
I think we all are after looking at the extremely cursed image above.
@Sciborg Definitely not
11:07 PM
(burning in hell, that is)
Gimme two secs
Cursed or beautiful
The effects of Avada Kedavra are permanent
yes yes it is art
check out my new profile pic
11:08 PM
@NorthLæraðr unless you have plot amour + old magic mumbo jumbo
i appreciate it bobble :):)
@bobble True. You're a Hizard, Warry
11:09 PM
You're a unit of power, Harry.
I'm a *watt?*
my physics teacher loves that meme
if u dont mind me asking, what grade are you in
11:10 PM
High school senior
or anyone i guess
oh neat
High school junior :D
sorry your senior year is during covid :(
internally dying
11:11 PM
Hey, we at least have a chance for a real graduation!
@Voldemort'sWrath ummm... none :D
Deus and I are the old folks (grad students)
msh210 is an old geezer
11:11 PM
@Sciborg Pretty sure Gareth is an old geezer too
Yeah, Gareth is a geezer for sure
everybody's an old geezer depending on how you look at it
Jul 26 '19 at 5:51, by Alconja
I'm starting to think Gareth has a superpower where he can make up words to suit his C4s, then somehow inject them into the timeline fooling everyone into believing they're real... He clearly can't manipulate memories, only physical artefacts, which is why they always seem so obscure/archaic.
Yeah, RIP my C4 if Gareth happens to take a look at it
11:15 PM
If I had to guess, I'd say Gareth's ~42 years old. I don't think that's an age I would call an old geezer, but I guess it depends how you look at it, as Voldemort has noted :)
Old geezer confirmed
I stand by my convictions
yes :):)
aight well im gonna get out
nice talking to you all
11:17 PM
Nice seeing you :)
thx bobble for the awesome profile pic :):)
see you!
Also, I'm happy to not have been a senior last year because I don't want the last day of in-person school to be my last day of in-person school. Because most of that day was everyone panicking. And panicking. And panicking.
Yeah. End of college for me was a panicky time.
11:19 PM
We moved out basically with 20 minutes notice, so roommate and I were flipping out scrambling to pack boxes
We found out we wouldn't be coming back to school right before lunch on the last day of school, so the last half of the day was really weird
Yeah, schools did not handle it well at all.
And we didn't get a graduation ceremony either :(
Basically just got a diploma in the mail lol
It was a huge bummer
11:22 PM
I found out on ... march 16th? (also, high school so far has been entirely online)
Hopefully schools figure things out so you guys can graduate high school properly. At least an online ceremony or something
online for me too, though there's talk of a verrrry slow return (like 1 day a week) if cases stay low
that is verrrry slow
I've been back in hybrid for... three weeks? A month?
@LukasRotter As it happens I'm older than that, though not hilariously older.
11:25 PM
Told you he was an old geezer :p
so... 45
let me guess ...... 47
Side question: how did your schools do grades for last semester? My school ruled that you couldn't get a lower grade than 3rd Quarter, but since I got all As that quarter nothing I did really mattered grade-wise.
@bobble It was either P/F or grades, but your grades couldn't be lower than third quarter
My college did pass/fail, where you could choose to pass/fail a class instead of getting a final grade. I chose to pass one of my classes because I was gonna get a C- otherwise
11:28 PM
well, it was a pass!
Barely but yes :p
@bobble I don't recall
It was just a wild semester overall, it was not how I pictured my senior year ending at all. Probably not how you guys pictured your year either
not at all
I thought "ooh yay there'll be this middle school graduation thingy" but that never happened
it was just a drive-by graduation instead
@merrybot like a drive-by shooting?
11:34 PM
My middle school graduation involved listening to a bunch of people speechify for an hour about how the school was a great, tight-knit family while wearing nice clothes that were much too thick for the heat.
I... would not repeat it
@Avi yes but with teachers and not guns
pew You get a graduation! pew You get a graduation! pew They get a graduation! pew pew pew Everybody gets a graduation!
@Avi n-no wince
If it was a religious-school graduation, that's a pun
11:35 PM
@bobble it was not :p
@merrybot not actually shooting guns, more like shooting graduation certificates
out of a very high speed printer
beware papercuts
finished my fancy html IPA consonant chart website.merrybot.repl.co/ipa.html
I'd suggest adjusting the colors - there isn't great contrast between gridlines and center cells
i can try that :)
You could also try making each row a different color, for easy scanning
11:38 PM
you could also label impossible phonemes
as per wikipedia charts
@Avi good idea
you could also put random images of bobblies
just for kicks
how about now @bobble (i am restricting myself to these colors)
except that the text is now harder to read
will fix right quick
11:41 PM
@Sciborg I only saw this now, but yes, I would appreciate it since I'll got to sleep soon :)
no that's terrible
@bobble how about now?
is contrasting enough now
5 stars
seems like it's harder to read for me
you can change back if you want
yeah i will, but i will try & add some bobblie images
11:45 PM
@LukasRotter Very well I will drop the first C4 hint, 21 hours is close enough :)
C4 Hint #1: The definition half of the clue is at the end.
didn't we already figure that out?
There were people questioning whether the last few words were secret wordplay, so I wanted to clarify that they aren't to avoid frustration.
And the first clue can't be a big clue :p
hmmm... if "before + 500 hundred" is indeed "ere" + "d", the only 7-letter word I can find is "wavered", but that doesn't go well with Elizabeth :( Also, no idea how "attendees" could possibly fit into all of this yet, except a simple "A" somewhere :/
synonyms of attendees all seem too long, even "guests"
could be just "men"
11:56 PM
this is you?
@sciborg ??
@bobble i doubt that
this meme might be too dead, drat
I mean metaphorically
never mind
@Sciborg don't worry, I don't get memes like ever
11:59 PM
I'm used to my Discord group chats where no meme is too dead to reference :p
unfortunately this is not Discord
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