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12:00 AM
@badpDr It being the time since @GraceNote's departure.
For the record, I was not indecisive. I was just... uncomfortable.
It's a half hour drive on a typical day. It's been a bad winter.
You're back!
At any rate, I'm a whizz at writing, not English, so I wouldn't necessarily know the loan word unless it was Auburn
Oy, @Fallen, what color is Arda's name? ~
Just in the chat here? :o
@FallenAngelEyes Het was dus de bedoeling dat ze de link zou leggen naar Arisch
12:08 AM
No, I mean, in Dutch. It's Ariën
Oh, hey, game dev Noctrine is here. Hi @Noctrine, how relevant. ~
It's not a colour, at any rate.
@Arda Aaah
@ArdaXi Tsk, I did make the link, but Ariel would've made for a much better meta game.
And nay, 'tis not a color, just a name
Zelfs in het Engels is dat toch nog relatief simpel, dacht ik... ook al scheelt het in het Nederlands maar één letter.
12:10 AM
But is it indicative of a hair color I can use, @Fallen? ~
Q: Can I save him?

FabianIn the beginning of Dragon Age 2 your brother dies in one of the first fights. Is there any way to save him or is this a scripted event that can't be avoided?

@GraceNote Hello grace, I'm relevant?
@Noctrine Hehehehehehehehehehehe
@GraceNote Lijkt me wel.
Eh... it should be.
I love the power being a polyglot gives you.
@GraceNote "Fair."
12:11 AM
Google gives the first result for your first sentence as "CRIMES OF THE CENTURY"
This adds a whole new level to the concept. Wonderful. ~
Well, that fits.
@FallenAngelEyes Vertel het haar nou maar ;-)
Hehe, I said "haar"
Okay, that's only funny in Dutch. Moving on.
nice unintentional pun
...I never would've made that link.
But blonde it is. So long and straight. ~
12:12 AM
I told you I sucked at riddles.
@GraceNote Right. Blue eyes too.
and a fish tail
I was kinda surprised, my colleagues were rather quick to make the link.
@badpDr Huh?
So, let's see...
39 mins ago, by badp, Dr.
user image
As a blonde, ringlets would've been sooo much cuter, though. Almost fitting, too.
12:14 AM
Thanks a bunch, @Arda ~
You're... welcome?
I figure your voodoo doll is ready now @ArdaXi
@badpDr But I'm not- I give up.
I don't think a voodoo doll would be successful if I made it in this fashion
12:19 AM
@GraceNote In what fashion?!
Oh, come now, you haven't figured it out yet? ~
Well, kind of.
Hey, you didn't figure out mine either.
Things I learned in Magicka today: Cast a fire shield on yourself before using Summon Phoenix.
It all started when I thought about asking questions not to remember a game, but just to see if Chad Birch or someone else may have played such awesome games of my youth
And where does my preference in girls come in?
12:23 AM
That then led to the "Identify THIS!" game, which is a game about identifying games. Then that led to...
Gaming Stack Exchange - The Dating Sim.
Wait.. what?
You know what I love about Gaming - the Spoiler markdown >!
Which I originally doted on the hilarious concept of getting flags by answering ridiculous ITG questions, but then I found a much more humorous pursuit.
I'm not even of legal age in most of your countries.
@Arda: In the US, it'd depend on the state.
12:25 AM
Q: Worker rush: Why do people do it?

tenfourWhy do people worker rush (right when a match starts, you send all your SCVs/probes/drones to the opponent's base to attack their workers)? I have had this happen a couple times in 2v2 matches, and it just ended in messy games where they either lost immediately or lost eventually. I would never c...

@ArdaXi Every dating sim needs a token young girl.
@GraceNote And where do I come in?
@badp Now you put the spoiler in the title, but that is your responsibility now ;-)
Y'know, I don't even know what Arda looks like offline but now I'm forever going to think of him as a perky, young blonde.
@Fabian 'spoiler' tag for spoilers in titles :P
besides the question mentions he dies early on
12:27 AM
@ArdaXi ツンデレ
I have no warm side.
I'm all Tsun Tsun and no Dere.
@badpDr But the question mentioned it only in a spoiler, if you think that spoiler is okay I'm fine with it.
@Fabian I think a lot of questions spoil in a way or the other
I just tried to not spoil much in the title itself
See, that's what makes you so fitting to the archetype. You can't even acknowledge your endearing side. ~
12:29 AM
@GraceNote What endearing side?
@ArdaXi "Comments don't need to be correct to be upvoted." "I think Mana has thoroughly proven that." ...Ouch. :(
The cute, blonde endearing side. ~
Wait a second, @GraceNote, I don't like where this is going, considered how much cold Arda sends my way!
Oh man, are we talking about Arda's super secret life as a teen idol?!
@GraceNote I have a blonde side, which is, you know, the outside, but he's not cute or endearing.
12:30 AM
There's always ways to change that ~
@Mana A mermaid teen idol.
@GraceNote Why are you...?
Dear god that photo. That photo.
@ArdaXi Why not? ~
12:32 AM
@GraceNote Because I'm fine the way I am?
Why is everyone always trying to change me? :(
Grace was talking about your warm side, which means it's yours already, so there's not much to change.
@badpDr The ratios could change.
They won't, though. shifty eyes
So uhm. Yeah. Hi. How's it going?
@Mana Freaked out.
Understandably, that photo scares me too.
12:36 AM
By @GraceNote
@Mana I know the truth of a fair-haired Mars-headed mermaid is a big one to swallow
@badp only slightly
also that's Mars?
I just thought it was like a thing. A ball thing.
@Mana Yes. My avatar is Mars.
1 hour ago, by Arda Xi
I like Mars. :(
12:37 AM
oh, I see.
The... red planet, you know?
The red planet with a lot of yellow on it, a black stripe and some green splotches too?
@badpDr The green splotches are my name...
I'm uh. Not quite buying it.
12:38 AM
Who woulda thunk!
Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun in the Solar System. The planet is named after the Roman god of war, Mars. It is often described as the "Red Planet", as the iron oxide prevalent on its surface gives it a reddish appearance. Mars is a terrestrial planet with a thin atmosphere, having surface features reminiscent both of the impact craters of the Moon and the volcanoes, valleys, deserts, and polar ice caps of Earth. The rotational period and seasonal cycles of Mars are likewise similar to those of Earth, as is the tilt that produces the seasons. Mars is the site of Olympus Mons, t...
Kirk's Soap is the article image for Mars?
I was confused by that too.
I can't really get much more confused at this point.
Could be worse
You could have learned that Grace might actually be human after all
although it's a bit far fetched
12:41 AM
> för i mina ögon är hon alltid en bot
> "A super assassin idol who can sing, dance, and assassinate. She's pretty famous in the Netheruniverse, and her catch phrase is 'Are you prepared for your beautiful assassination?!' She's very optimistic and positive, but a little selfish."
...Dammit @Arda
Now it's stuck in my head :(
Sounds pretty not-human to me.
@Mana I know!
12:43 AM
@badp I dunno man. I can't really take you seriously when you're staring at me like that.
@Mana Says you?
...Am I prepared for my beautiful assassination? When she asks me, will I really be ready?
sighs, sits on floor I just don't know. This is really heavy stuff.
@Mana I always am.
Hah, Arda's a fat mermaid teen idol.
12:46 AM
yay, flag weight of 300
I feel important
I only have 185 :(
Clearly I'm heavier than you
This does leave me wondering. Whatever is a dating sim anyway?
A decision tree where you win when you hit the "ZOMG ROMANTIC FRENCH KISS" leaf.
That sounds unfun.
12:50 AM
That's where most dating sims stop and where... other games start.
Pretty much. Also you're surrounded by a harem of girls or guys.
The middle ground isn't very interesting.
They all like you. A lot.
It's very good for one's moral, usually.
@Mana Hmm, those Japanese thingies do have a thing for counter-realism, don't they?
Maybe for you. :D
12:51 AM
Typically you just moved in, so they haven't had the chance of knowing you.
@Mana That's a compliment to me :)
@badpDr Oh, that explains it.
I guess the game teaches you how to lie from start to end
There's the rare occasional scenario where they all have actually just moved in with you
because they think they're your twins/their dad is a demon overlord who wants them to marry/you own an onsen
not even kidding right now those are all Actual Dating Game Scenarios(tm)
Oh wow.
Where do you see your own flag weight? :o
12:54 AM
@Fallen In your own profile
User page.
@FallenAngelEyes On your profile page, if you're special enough
@badpDr Can you see yours?
I can see all of those who are special enough
But can you see yours?
12:56 AM
@Raven Isn't the point of the spoiler tag to hide title spoilers?
So, you don't have to be very special.
a surprising amount of people isn't very special.
I'm 'special', not special.
Oh, I see, the bad kind of special.
12:59 AM
Anyway, since when is @GraceNote a game dev?
:O Grace is a gamedev
I didn't know!
Woah, it's @Noctrine. Hey Noctrine.
Lol, Hey. I was gonna jump in but i'm a bit late now. Was going to say what a coincidence a friend of mine wants me to write a layer ontop of unity for making Visual novels, but he doesn't have a plan of how he is going to pay for the art assets :(
And wait, woah? I'm around every so often >>
1:04 AM
:( I don't see you
Gah, I suck. >.<
Guys, I realized what the lazers are charging for!
Raven's at 19.8k!!
1:23 AM
the lazers aren't nearly as charged as required for that!
Oh man badp.
I mean, it takes quite the lazers to trust somebody
I just found out about private chat rooms on SE. Crazy stuff. But you know, I kind of wonder, how would you find them again if you lost the URL?
hell, after all the lazers I took, you still don't trust me :(
once you're granted access to a private room they show up amongst all other rooms
that makes sense
1:30 AM
so, now that arda is a mermaid. We need a shore.
I am not a mermaid! I am not a perky blonde! I am not female!
We need to organise that Netherlands meet-up so I can at least prove that penultimate point to @FallenAngelEyes.
Of course, seeing as we all know that Arda is a pathologic liar, we can only conclude that @arda is a perky blonde female mermaid.
I'm pathologically a lot of things, but I'm not a liar.
fallen is cool enough he'd lie for you
1:33 AM
@badpDr I said prove to, not prove via.
@Arda Only the penultimate point? So you're not going to prove to me you're not female?
it's okay Arda, it's our little secret now
@FallenAngelEyes at least Wait... what? You realise what you're asking here?
Wait, that sort of proof would likely require pants removal. That's... that's not right.
@badpDr I'm a she :)
it's not letting you look at his tail it seems
1:35 AM
@FallenAngelEyes Alright, fine. (Wait, what's close to both the Haarlemmermeer and Delft? I suck at topology)
@fallen you mentioned that, yeah
awkward dead turtle
A'dam's not far for either of us
@badp: Then why've you been calling me male pronouns? >>
@mana I heard arda likes turtles.
@FallenAngelEyes Amsterdam is pretty much next-door to me, but isn't it relatively far away from Delft though?
1:37 AM
Speaking of Dutchies, where's @alexanderpas been? :o
room topic changed to The Bridge: of Gaming's StackExchange™ AlienOverlord AskQuestion™ mothership, wherein we speculate upon Ardas phylum, gender, and hair coloration. The lazers are at maximum charge, and aimed squarely at the Stars next to everything Arda says.
@Arda Yeah, true. Uh... Leiden then I think?
@FallenAngelEyes Hrm. Never been there.
i'm on a mobile, so I'll goof up here and there
I've at one point... almost been there.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Again, it's preferred hair colouration.
Not my own. Although it happens to coincide.
1:39 AM
I like it as a city. Grote studentenstad, net zoals Delft.
I suppose. No idea what to think of as a 'studentenstad', but that's just me being naive and all.
> The greatest thing about the PC: nobody can stop anybody from making things for it.
> The worst thing about the PC: nobody can stop anybody from makings for it. For instance, a device that lets you smell World of Warcraft.
Decent amount of nightlife, noisy people on Thursdays, in general a very visible population of people 19-25
"student's stadium" of course! They take the freshmen and make 'em do laps around the place. Mermaids included.
@FallenAngelEyes Ah, I see. A good place to make me feel really young.
@badpDr You translated stad as 'stadium'?
1:44 AM
'translate' is a big word.
Delft and Leiden both have fairly prominent universities (though of very different types) so there seems (at least to me) a lot of similarities to the city and how it "feels," for lack of a better way to put it
@FallenAngelEyes Yeah, I know what you mean. I've just never been to one.
Not enough to notice the atmosphere, anyway.
@Arda Ah, gotcha
if I wanted to translate I'd have rather tried 'state'
@badpDr Ook verkeerd!
1:45 AM
I like how it's 3am for almost everybody involved here
@badpDr Tja, je bent er gewoon niet heel erg goed in.
Haha yeah
@Arda also, what do you mean by "almost been there"?
@FallenAngelEyes Err, there's this train line that goes from Hoofddorp to Leiden through Nieuw-Vennep, and I was kind of tired...
@fallen what have weekends got to do with anything :p
Haha gotcha
@badp Weekend in Dutch is just weekend ;)
Oh, @Arda, I went and saw the Maeslantkering on Sunday
I didn't realize we lived so close to it; it's only about a 20 minute drive from my house.
For some odd reason, I thought it was in the northern area of the NL, like in the Ijsselmeer somewhere >_>
1:49 AM
I've been there once... all I saw was a big white structure that could move.
Anyway, speaking of the fact that it's almost 3 am for most of us, I think I'm gonna try to sleep.
The little information center thing was pretty neat, for being free and all. We also had really tasty pannenkoeken met spek there.
@FallenAngelEyes Oh great. Now I'm going to sleep hungry. ;-)
Pannekoeken? Pannenkoeken? I keep forgetting which the newer spelling is...
The latter.
(@badpDr Bacon pancakes)
1:51 AM
@Mana Seriously, they're delicious
(sad stomach is sad :( )
'pancake'? Okay okay I give up you keep speaking mermaidese
Alright, leaving for real now. (In a metaphorical sense, I'm keeping the tab open.) Night.
1:52 AM
oh I actually guessed right this time
And remember: Don't star anything while I'm gone!
Not starring it. Nice attempt, trying to get our stars.
Well not this time.
Reverse psychology, thou art... oh hey, it worked. Yay!
Dutch pancakes are thinner than American pancakes, they're kind of halfway between American pancakes and crêpes.
1:54 AM
so I never thought we'd allow mermaids. Wanna change the policy?
@Mana I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean.
@badpDr We had/have a no Mermaids policy?
@Raven If you're talking about an earlier ping it was in regards to that one question
no, but we can change to have one.
the dead brother one
1:55 AM
@Mana Yes, I got that. I didn't understand what you disagreed with, however.
@badpDr But I don't really feel like making a policy that excludes @arda
that just seems mean spirited
@Raven idk, if it's tagged spoiler do you need to remove spoilers from the title? I remember badp mentioning before or something that you don't, or maybe it was that the spoiler tag is used when there's a spoiler in the title?
we'd need a second mermaid.
I can't really remember.
Titles should never contain spoilers if they can help it. Vague is best, in that case.
1:58 AM
@rven the whole point of [spoiler] is allowing spoilers in titles, so that we can have good titles instead of safe titles
True. Since the majority of our traffic comes from Google I think the title being specific is important.
not to menyion, 'save' is generic, what are you saving from?
Anyways bbl
also, all questions are spoilers in their own way
2:02 AM
Honestly, I really don't think the question he asked will get that many hits
finally this one spoiler covers something early in the game.
sure, the second game.
2:37 AM
Q: What kinds of items can I use a Reset Stone with?

KatieKWhat kinds of items can I use with a Reset Stone in Alchemy? Can the stones be used to de-volve any kind of item, or only special ones?

Q: Help needed to find out a name of a retro game

mr.bI am trying to find one old game, if I remember correctly it is from the end of 80's, or even early 90's. Game is adventure genre, about a guy (with a rangers hat, in some red jacket, if I'm correct), who progresses through a jungle, jumping over a rolling tree logs, collecting something, avoidi...

Haha, saw that last week, thought it was hilarious
Honey Badger > *
3:12 AM
g'night all
3:28 AM
Yes. @Arda, I'm a game dev. Not a very active one, at the moment, since my employed job is outside the gaming industry, but I squeeze out extra time to work on my current project, which is a platformer.
Hmmm. I need to think of a better link than the one I'm using in my comment on this question:
Q: Is there easy way to use all digit buttons with left hand?

MetaIntro I play RTS (starcraft 2 specifically) and now realize that I want to use more then 1..5 digits to bind my army / buildings / etc. Problem I cannot precisely hit 7..0 (neither ctrl+7..0 nor shift+7..0) keys without looking on the keyboard (my right hand controls the mouse of course) Questi...

Any suggestions?
(What's there is the first hit on google for 'how to grow bigger hands', and the google suggest results as I typed 'how to grow bigger' were... what you'd expect.)
@LessPop_MoreFizz Penny Arcade strip about the XBox controller, perhaps?
can someone here help me with a question??
@cyberroger Maaaaaaayyyyybeeeee.
What kind of question, @cyberroger?
3:33 AM
You're not in the right room for that question I'm sorry to say...

 Ask Ubuntu General Room

Normally: General discussion around Ask Ubuntu, Ubuntu & offic...
^ they might be able to lend a hand though.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Esto, though not fully applicable, but I still chuckle on it. penny-arcade.com/comic/2001/8/29
@LessPop_MoreFizz sorry
This room is generally where the folks from the Gaming stack exchange site hang out. And talk about video games. And nonsense. And the terrible mod that @arda will someday unleash upon the world.
@cyberroger No worries. :D
@GraceNote A classic, though I was trying to avoid the xbox controller angle.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Very tried, that is true.
I will need to ruminate on this. But first, I must drive to the airport. Back in a bit.
3:53 AM
@Grace Does your platformer star a ninja assassin robot idol?
4:29 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I wouldn't worry, the "LOL HUGE LIEK XBOX" meme has been dead just long enough for an ironic reference to be effective.
4:51 AM
Q: Help identify an old Monster Truck Racing Arcade game

GrantHey everyone, the details I can remember are the following: What I am 100% certain of: Monster Trucks Commonly found in pizza shops Top down view 1-4 player Joy stick (and maybe two buttons A and B) per player Possibly in the game: NOS/speed boost customize your Truck (Shocks and Wheels) Tha...

5:04 AM
Q: Using ps3 controller on pc

bronzebeardAre there some good drivers that are available to make the ps3 controller work with window7 ? Also, can I use it via wireless ( i am guessing by setting up an adhoc network )?

5:46 AM
Q: Diabolo requires "Run as Administrator" to connect to battle.net

If I wanna play Diabolo connected it requires me to "Run As Administrator". This irritates me a lot, because I perceive it as a security risk. I suspect there is a possible registry fix to get it to run as a normal user. If you know of one please let me know. Thanks!

2 hours later…
7:58 AM
Q: Starcraft II vs Warcraft III engine

ShikiDoes anyone know about the common stuff in the two engines? I mean.. if you take a look at the two engine, they do the same. Okay it got an overhaul, but nothing extraordinary (look at COD1 and COD7. Same Quake 3 engine with some fancy stuff). Same cartoon like unit graphics (though you can blame...

1 hour later…
9:07 AM
Q: Red numbers in DF stock overview?

TimTo get an overview of my stocks, I can go to Status (z) - Stocks. There, I see the amounts of most goods, but I also see some numbers in red. Some are smaller and some are larger than the amount I have. What do the red numbers mean?

9:42 AM
Hah! We have more outspoken badges than SU does!
3 hours later…
12:16 PM
Q: Is there a way to put alot of things in a fridge in an easy way?

AndyOr in any container for that matter? after harvesting i always end up having to drag every item in one by one. Also, is there a way to group the same item? after dragging and dropping if i miss it forms diffrent stacks at times. It seems so trivial but I haven't found a way to do it yet.

12:36 PM
mouses over flag button
I'm kinda surprised (positively) that no one complained about it
What a scandal it would be. A MOD'S MESSAGE FLAGGE--oh
hm, broken link for me
1:10 PM
@Mana ␈
Q: In Batman Arkham Asylum, does the game continue after the story finished?

TZHXI'm currently playing through this game (bit late to it, I know) and am wondering if the game will allow me to go back to previous regions and find all the collectables (Riddler Trophies, etc) after I've completed the story - or if I need to do these as I go through the game?

I wonder if, had I asked the dating sim question on the site, I would get something more accurate than this

In which the individual merits of dating sims are discussed.

12 hours ago, 5 minutes total – 18 messages, 3 users, 0 stars

Bookmarked 18 mins ago by Arda Xi

@ArdaXi probably.
although... experts in dating sim games... hmm...
@oak - ...drat, he's not here
1:37 PM
@badp some things are better not contemplated
Do we have to keep changing the description of this room?
Probably not. But it's exciting!
@RonanForman We don't have to, and you don't have to breathe.
I'd rather continue doing both though
1:52 PM
@RonanForman We change the room description to ensure that it stays up to date with the latest HOT TOPICS of conversation.
I say we keep changing it. In fact, let's change it right now

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