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12:19 AM
@RonanForman Not too bad. @FAE plays on US Servers without any issue.
12:34 AM
Q: how to remove spiders in skyrim?

tobiit is possible to kill 1 spider by clicking while on console ... but i tried to kill all kind of them at once . so i created a batch file like this : kill 00023aaa kill 00023aac kill 00041fb4 kill 00023aab kill 00023aad kill 0003a1e0 i placed their base ids but it doesnt work , all i can ...

Just found out Path of Exile has an open beta weekend going on ... anyone here tried it? Installing the game now (though OB ends in a few hours :( )
Is that an actual Magic card? :)
can someone tell me which game that is: youtube.com/watch?v=GzSutV3tHOA&feature=player_embedded
@ayckoster Hiya! ^_^
12:43 AM
its tmnt something on some console with fightsticks ^^
@ayckoster Uhh - I'd guess 'TMNT: Turtles in Time' if you can believe the title?
yeah for snes?
@Alok Yes
hmm idk if that shouldn't be for snes; just wondering why you think its something other than what the title says
That brings back memories of actually playing some turtles game on an snes clone ages ago
well i thought it would be some kind of subtitle for the video
should have checked first ^^
12:46 AM
Anyway - off to try Path of Exile, it just finished install. You play D3 too, did you try it?
or not; it is installing now and will likely take forever :(
no i did not.
but i am relieved that my madcatz te stick works with the old snes emulators :)
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2:19 AM
Dracula's Castle is getting on my nerves.
2:37 AM
Q: Left 4 Dead 2 Official Dedicated Bugging Going Black Screen

defayeError! Variable "$blendframes" is multiply defined in material "particle/smoke1/smoke1_add_nearcull"! Left 4 Dead 2 Official Dedicated Bugging Going Black Screen As the keywords suggest, when starting a game, the game goes black. If you whip up console, there is this error. Which I know other ...

Q: How can a barbarian deal with the elite affixes?

StephenWhen I was levelling my demon hunter I was able to use vault to quickly get away from an area where damage was happening or smoke screen to break freezes and jailer cages. I've had some difficulty with arcane, jailer, frozen as they can really stack up quickly. I do use ignore pain to great eff...

3:07 AM
Q: i played mid against a ryze (as kassadin) and got destroyed

Bs Mapplesi started out alright but he kept stunning me and htting me with skills, getting me below half hp with one combo. it got really bad and he was doubling my CS. any advice?

Quiet night...
Well, you gave up on DayZ
@OrigamiRobot Damn right I did. I'm actually just about to head to bed.
@SteveV. Hullo.
In the past, there was the option to make an answer 'community wiki'. Then something happened and CW became discouraged. Anybody know if that's a hard-and-fast rule or just a strong suggestion?
Because I have a question in mind that I think would be best if answered CW-style.
3:18 AM
@SteveV. The community wiki option is still there. I'm not entirely sure how best to apply it to a question, though... There was a blog post about it somewhere.
Grace Note on August 19, 2011

When you mark a post community wiki on a Stack Exchange site, that means …

this post can be edited by anyone with 100 reputation

this post does not generate any reputation for anyone when upvoted or downvoted

The main advantage of community wiki — more editing — was nerfed when we introduced suggested edits. With suggested edits, anyone, even an anonymous user, can edit anything — so long as another experienced user reviews and approves their edit.

This leaves many wondering — what’s the point of Community Wiki? …

/me reads
Hurmf. Questions can't be CW anymore, but answers still can. That's ok, that seems to be what I need.
@SteveV. What question are you wanting to ask that might need CW'd?
And keep in mind that the questions themselves still need to be good questions; making the answers CW does not mean you can ask a list-type question.
In Payday the heist, there's a part where you have to listen to a doctor describe the symptoms of three patients to find out which one is infected. The dialogue that plays is different for each player.
The question is going to be "what are all the various dialogue lines that indicate infection?"
Hmmm. That might not work then.
@SteveV. I think that would still be ok. I'm pretty sure asking for a finite list of things in a particular game doesn't fall under our list question rules
3:25 AM
@SteveV. This could still be answered by a single person, I would think... Part of me thinks that type of "list" would be allowed, but I can't really say for sure.
@Fluttershy " The dialogue that plays is different for each player"?
@SteveV. That sounds OK; list-type questions are usually discouraged due to the question being crazy broad. Such as, "What are all the dialogue lines in this game?". That would be a very bad question.
Yeah. "Moreover, if you don't trigger the alarm in a multiplayer game, each player gets a different dialogs from the doctor. For instance, during our last game, I heard that patient A was bitten by a monkey, but my friends heard that he came back sick from abroad. "
I honestly wouldn't even CW it. If you're wanting to add to the answer yourself, you could a) Postpone asking until you have compiled all of the dialogue, or 2) ask it, and if no one's answered it (completely) by the time you are able to, self-answer. =P
@Fluttershy It sounds like a huge pain to answer the whole thing alone
3:27 AM
A: Is there a way to identify the correct patient in the No Mercy level of Payday: The Heist?

AntoI'm pretty sure there isn't any. It seems to be exactly like the "find the chinese guy" objective in the Green Bridge mission: you have 3 locations and one of them is chosen randomly at the beginning of the event, without any way to predict which one. The 3 locations are hermetically sealed; it...

A: Rewards from Mutually Exclusive Factions in Morrowind?

skovacs1No. There is no single list that compiles it all, but I'll do my best to make you one. Thankfully you are only concerned with "the three Great Houses of Telvaani, Redoran, and Hlaalu" and Vampire Clans as typing up the full list for every faction in the game exceeds the character limit for answe...

@Fluttershy I guess it could be done alone
....holy wow
Yeah, that'd be a bounty answer for sure.
That was an answer to a year and a half old question. =P So, you may not get quick answers to your question, @SteveV., but you will eventually get a complete answer. I'd say ask it, and don't bother with Community Wiki.
And on that note, I must sleep. Told my girlfriend I was going to bed a half an hour ago because of work in the morning. x_x
Thanks, sleep good
3:39 AM
Oh, hey. New Growlanser is out on Tuesday.
4:10 AM
Q: What dialogue lines indicate the infected patient in Payday: The Heist?

Steve V.In Payday: The Heist, the No Mercy mission requires you to identify an infected patient among three possible options.. According to this answer: each player gets a different dialogs from the doctor. For instance, during our last game, I heard that patient A was bitten by a monkey, but my friend...

Q: How to force controller IDs in Windows 7?

GideonSo I have a media/gaming box set up, along with some hacky bluetooth/dualshock 3 drivers for primary controllers. It actually works pretty well as it is for singleplayer or two-player games. The issue comes when I plug in a third and fourth controller, which are wired USB deals (an Xbox 360 Wired...

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6:13 AM
Q: Do medic and ammo bags run out after a certain number of uses, or after a certain amount of health/ammo dispensed?

Steve V.Payday: The Heist contains medic and ammo bags which replenish health and ammunition, respectively. After a while, these bags become depleted and vanish. I haven't been able to figure out if a bag disappears after it has been used a certain number of times, or if it disappears after replenishin...

Q: How can I keep machinery components from breaking under stress?

jsnlxndrlvI'm attempting to construct a very-large sliding-block device in Little Big Planet 2, but every material I've tried to use—glass for less friction, sponge or pink/orange foam for minimal weight, metal for structural integrity, cardboard and wood just to exhaust the options—the result is the same:...

7:11 AM
Hmm Path of Exile was more fun than expected
Not as streamlined as D3 imho; but involved enough to where I played it around 4 hrs till beta ended, and didn't get bored at all ... should be good to try for a while once CB ends imho
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8:19 AM
Q: How to accurately find quest NPCs?

DavidYellI'm getting very frustrated with playing Fable 3 as I find the quest tracking system and map to be very unintuitive. Is there any way to find quest npc's other than marking the quest as active and teleporting near them? Sometimes I find that it teleports me quite a long way away from them and th...

8:49 AM
Q: When is a persona's mutation target determined?

kotekzotI'm trying to get the rare major arcana personae only accessible via mutation. The problem is that there's only a 15% chance of these special mutations, and most of the time the persona will mutate into a regular minor arcana persona (e.g. Wong Long will mutate into Dagda instead of the desired S...

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9:49 AM
Q: How can I backup my games saves in Windows XP, Vista/7?

Aamer AlduaisAs the question stated, just how can I backup my game saves? I play lots of games some of them are using the following directory in Vista/7 %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Mygames\ Like Skyrim, however, where to locate the rest of the games? I don't mean all of them just the most common locations of...

10:05 AM
10:22 AM
Q: Will players be able to play the same class in a coop game in Borderlands 2?

theoriseIf I play a four player game with friends in Borderlands 2, will two of us be able to play the same class, or will all four players have to be one of each class?

Q: How do I force shoot in Jagged Alliance: Back in Action

Ilya MelamedIn one of the tips on the loading screens in Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, I says that some materials that don't allow a line of sight can be penetrated by bullets and that I should command my men to force shoot. How do I force shoot?

Watch out for that stuff. ;)
Ubisoft apparently installs a rootkit with all its uplay games. Lets any website do whatever with your pc. Oh dear. http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=4311264
Q: How Can I Skip Skill Animations?

YuckI noticed that I can skip the animation for Baldren's Shield Bash skill, but for others I can't. Is there an option somewhere or does something else allow me to do so?

10:55 AM
Image not found?!?!?!? IMAGE NOT FOUND!?!?!???!!?!?!?!
11:27 AM
I can't stop
Damn you Ask REddit. Damn you!
> I also recently had a date with a girl that kept asking me where I lived. I skirted the question time after time. Eventually she said "I want to surprise you by making you breakfast one day! If I know where you live, I can let myself in and cook for you." Basically, she was going to break in to my house while I slept and cook me breakfast. And probably murder me.
that's not one of the better ones, but it's short and easily copy-pasted into chat.
I just like the last sentence.
Step 1: approach female slowly from behind while breathing heavily through your mouth.

Step 2: nervously extend clawlike hand to her whilst clutching a sweaty piece of paper with your name and number hastily scrawled upon it.

Step 3: force said scrap of paper into hand of aforementioned female while staring at ground.

Step 4: retreat ten paces and hide in nearest dark corner, still breathing heavily through mouth.

You're as good as laid at that point my friend.
re: just say hi to pick up females

"Oh, um...hello."

Awkward lingering eye contact followed by silence

"They said this would work on Reddit."
11:46 AM
@Wipqozn I blame Twilight.
@MartinSojka I blame your mom. Burn.
> Set up a camp nearby the woman in question so you can sit and watch her. Be territorial about it! Some guy walks by? Clock him in the jaw. Assert your dominance.
That one is pretty good too.
Mine: I thought that English was the language of New Jersey when I was a kid. Other states had other languages. In New York they spoke Spanish. When I found out my grandparents lived in New York, I asked my mom, "But how do they talk to people there?"
> Being genuine is always a good idea. Letting a woman know that you noticed her and that you found (blank) attractive, "could I take you to dinner to get to know you better?"
> "Hey... I don't mean to be rude, but I was just passing by and I couldn't help noticing that you have a really attractive blank. May I fill that in for you?"
Hey I just met you,

and this is crazy,

But I've got a gun,

Get in the trunk.
12:03 PM
I'd ask a question about gaming mice, but it'd be closed. So anyone got any suggestions fo r sites I can read for reviews?
Q: How can I backup my games saves in Windows XP, Vista/7?

Aamer AlduaisAs the question stated, just how can I backup my game saves? I play lots of games some of them are using the following directory in Vista/7 %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Mygames\ Like Skyrim, however, where to locate the rest of the games? I don't mean all of them just the most common locations of...

This seems way too broad
@fbueckert Yeah, looks like it is. Espcially considering how different games save things in different places
The answer is "Same way you do for all of your system (you do backup your system, right? Right?!?), unless you save it 'in the cloud', in which case: Sucks to be you."
@MartinSojka HP cloud?
12:21 PM
So, is asking how to import borderlands save data from xbox to pc a valid question for arqade?
@TylerShads Sounds like you need a modded xbox in order to do that, no?
Q: How to micro Tanks with Marine / Tank properly?

ayckosterEvery unit in Starcraft has to be microed differently. For Marines there is Stutter Step, Focusing and Marine Split. But how should I micro Tanks with Marines. I am most interested in the mechanics. How many Tanks do I leap forward at once, depending on how many I currently have. What is the...

@fbueckert Not necessarily. There's a way to get ME saves onto PC from xbox without modding anything.
It's how I got to play ME3 on my PC
@TylerShads Then I'd say it's a valid question.
12:36 PM
@fbueckert If that was the case then the answer would just be "You would need a modded xbox".
@Wipqozn Which isn't much of an answer, really.
There's nothing wrong with asking a question where the only answer is "The only solution to this problem involves violating the TOU" (or something like that)
@fbueckert But it's an answer.
The point is that we don't forbid questions just because there is no solution, or at least not one we can give. That may be an indication that there is something else wrong with the question, but that's not a valid close reason within it of itself.
@Wipqozn We'd have to protect the question, so that others don't spell out how to go about it.
@fbueckert Only if someone does.
We don't need to do it in case someone does. Protection is meant to be something to do retroactively, not proactively.
@Wipqozn ...I think you have your terms mixed up. :P
12:40 PM
@fbueckert blarg I say, blarg!
@Wipqozn This coming from the guy who bothered me about a lot? :P
@fbueckert BLARG I SAY!
@Wipqozn I understand that terminology
Q: Is it possible to import Borderlands save data into the PC version?

TylerShadsWith the release of Borderlands 2 imminent, I would like to play it on my PC. An issue occurs, however, as I played the original on Xbox and would like to import that save data into Borderlands 2 when it comes out. Now, as good as this game is, I do not want to buy it again and play through i...

Q: Dwarf Fortress: Goblin in Cage

VectaI managed to catch a goblin in one of my cages and now he's just sitting at the entryway to my fortress. I've tried to disarm him with d-b-d and d-b-c with a garbage dump zone nearby but my dwarves just ignore him. I've also tried throwing him into my pit but (which is my ultimate goal with him)...

1:22 PM
Q: Is this an easter egg or some strange modifcation

caminoI just played TES:Skyrim again using the Steamworkshop. I mostly installed cosmetic mods like HD textures, realistic water and the Ridgeview Housing, plus a mod that promises to add more enemies to the world. the following section might contain spoilers related to the thief's guild questline ...

Q: COD - I can run a local server but not an internet server

differenceIn cod 1.1, I go inside "Start a new server". If I set "Dedicated" as "LAN", and start the server (after choosing the settings), the green console box is displayed. If I check the status there by typing "status", I can see that my server is running. I can join it by starting the game and going in...

1:55 PM
Q: What items work with Witch Doctor's ultimate ability?

DiabloMonkeyI know you can activate Shrunken head before channeling the ultimate to prevent most interupts (there are a few superior magic stuns though). But what about Assassin's Shroud? Can it be used immediately before/after activating the ult to be invisible? What about the Void Talisman, can it be ac...

@FAE: Scumbag Guild Wars 2. Having so many interesting classes. I'm back to considering the Guardian as a launch class again (would swap out engineer).
@Wipqozn lol
Orcs Must Die 2 comes out today. I suspect it will keep me at least slightly busy until Legends of Pegasus is released.
2:25 PM
Q: Should I Re-Program the Geth Heretics?

desaivvIn Mass Effect 2, Legion says I either re-program the Geth Heretics or destroy them? How does this affect Mass Effect 3?

2:44 PM
Bah. Stupid Sharepoint junk! Give me an error message I can use! "This operation could not be completed" tells me nothing! Nothing, I say!
@fbueckert Wait, if something is just against ToU, that means it's not illegal, right?
So why would it matter if we have the process here?
@Koviko We try to stay away from the whole piracy debate here.
@fbueckert Oh, that relates to piracy?
I never knew what the whole modding thing was about.
I assumed it was CPU/GPU related.
Also, my Xbox is a piece of crap. I prefer PC. :)
@Koviko It's an extremely grey area. Technically, it's illegal, due to the DMCA. So, we don't discuss it.
@fbueckert Ah, okay.
2:57 PM
@fbueckert And because the DMCA is only applicable in certain areas, we also try to avoid it because it's too complicated to be like "Okay, well it's illegal in this country but legal in that one" and ugh it's just messy.
@FAE Extremely so. Doesn't stop people from trying to argue the point, though.
@fbueckert Few things stop people from trying to argue, haha.
@FAE There was one answer a few weeks ago where the user went, "This might be illegal and get you banned, but..." and proceeded to spell out how to do something. Can't remember who it was.
That irked me a little.
I don't recall seeing that one.
It got modded heavily; after receiving several downvotes, the user deleted the answer and re-posted it without modifications to shed the downvotes.
3:00 PM
hey everyone - don't want to derail the current conversation, just wanted to answer questions regarding the possible mists of pandaria sponsorship if anyone has any
Q: Reflection on contest frequency, and possible Mists of Pandaria promotion

LaurenEdit: Just read through the chat conversation between @LessPop_MoreFizz and @Mark Trapp and it seems I was a little unclear. When I bring up the promotion in conjunction with the MOP 25-man beta raids, I meant a question/answer contest about MOP in general. That is, we wouldn't limit the contest ...

@Lauren I stay away from WoW, so in relation to that, I have no opinion. Overall, though, more contests are always a good thing.
@fbueckert haha i think "more contests = good" is a popular opinion
glad you feel that way
@Lauren Wouldn't it make more sense to hold a contest during the initial release period? I feel like the quality of traffic and also the Q/A content will be higher then.
@Lauren Well, it's basically, "You're going to give us stuff for doing what we're doing anyways? Where do we sign up?" :P
@Kotsu well the idea is that we have the potential to capitalize on all of Midwinter's stream viewers during the beta raid
they will see our ad embedded in the streams, and will be more likely to come visit our site if there's a contest/prizes on the ad
additionally, getting the content up ahead of time means it's there when the game is released and people are searching for it
i.e. they might find us in google searches
3:15 PM
@Lauren I see - I'm not too familiar with how the WoW beta process works (i.e. how many people are in it), but I'm just curious how constructive the content would be during the contest period, especially if not many SE members are part of the beta.
All in all, it's great that there are so many contests as of late, you all have been doing a great job.
Doesn't that go against our 'beta content is speculation' rule?
@RonanForman so in general we don't like beta content?
@kotsu there's at least a million beta keys in circulation.
@Lauren Depends on the size, and how likely it is to change.
@ronan no it doesn't. Not with an open beta that's this widespread.
3:20 PM
@RonanForman Yeah, but strangely dota 2 questions are allowed.
We stay away from closed betas.
@LessPop_MoreFizz ^
@lauren feel free to ping me if you need me to pipe in on this subject, but I'm only kind of half here. Currently rearranging wires on a car and waiting on a phone call.
@LessPop_MoreFizz k, I just wanted to try to explain my reasoning for wanting to do a promo during beta
@Lauren I think either option is valid, if MOP is open beta then it's definitely a good idea to work with that guild and capitalize on their traffic while you can.
3:25 PM
Also, @fae and @fbueckert the DMCA is us law, but it's reverse engineering clauses are mirrored in 95%+ of countries thanks to WIPO. Unless we're really concerned with providing legal-in-Cambodia solutions, the fact that 'laws vary' is not a good reason to allow content that borders on DMCA RE violations - especially when the primary purpose, spoken or not is piracy.
@lauren feel free to link the conversation I had with Mark on the subject as well.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Neither of us were saying that it was a basis to allow.
Yeah, I see that now, it's just an argument I'm tired of hearing, since, in reality, DMCA is often just shorthand for [insert WIPO-compliant law against reverse engineering of encryption/copy protection in the jurisdiction of your choice here.]
It's a moot point that the DMCA specifically is US law, and bringing it up just wastes everyone's time.
@Kotsu yeah I get the idea from them that there's a lot of excitement around their beta raids, so
@Wipqozn GW2, my must make list: warrior, guardian, necro, elem. my maybe make : engi, rogue. my no interest: mezmer, hunter (pets = yuck). have not decided races yet.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'll add it to that meta post
3:36 PM
Has anyone else emailed KatieK? Did they get a response?
@LessPop_MoreFizz Don't really care to argue a side we're both on; essentially, piracy is off-topic.
Also, @Lauren, notice the most starred item in the side list there? hint, hint :P
@fbueckert the gaming branded t-shirts?
@Lauren That's the pinned message.
I was more meaning this:
2 days ago, by fbueckert
Convince SE to foot the bill for a giant meetup in Canada for Arqade users.
Although, that's far off base what you're in here for.
@fbueckert interesting
do you have a proposal for whta would go on at this meetup/is there a meta post with more details?
3:51 PM
@Lauren So far, not really. Just something I threw out last week, and everyone went crazy on it.
I can try to figure something out, though, if there's a chance of it actually happening.
@fbueckert well the chances of it happening would depend on what you'd like it to be
i love the idea of you guys organizing a meetup for Arqade
and we'd probably be able to work something out where we provide food, drinks, etc
check out this blog post:
Boo Canada.
Laura Dobrzynski on March 26, 2012

Last year’s Stack Overflow Meetups were a success, with over 2000 people participating around the world. We’re happy to announce that the Second Annual Stack Overflow Meetup Day is April 28, 2012.

Because the Stack Exchange network grew so much over 2011, we’ve decided our Meetup day should grow, too. This year we’re calling on every hacker, programmer, or designer in the Stack Exchange tech community to meet up with other users, say hello, and maybe learn something. Whether you’re a member of Stack Overflow, Server Fault, Super User, Programmers, Ask Ubuntu, Game Development, or any other technology-themed Stack Exchange site, we want you to be a part of this event.* …

if it was somethign similar to that, we could probably make it happen
Always with the Canada.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Lower cost of living, plus, no lawsuit-happy individuals!
3:55 PM
so what i'd suggest is read through that, come up with an idea of what you want to do at the meetup, and either shoot me an email or make a meta post and ping me to let me know you've made it
then i can discuss with my team
@Lauren The big problem is, Arqade is scattered to the nine winds on the globe; travel expenses are going to be huge. That'd be the biggest problem I'd foresee.
@fbueckert yeah, that's why i'm thinking more along the lines of the "meetup everywhere" - but I don't know how concentrated people are
that is, if there are enough in a certain area to hold meetups
because we won't be able to cover travel expenses
@Lauren Heh. Well, I'll see what I can come up with. That's what we needed to know; everyone's on their own to get to one, but you'll provide stuff at some of the locations.
@fbueckert Why's everyone have to be so far awaaaaaaaaaay.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Hey man, don't knock Canada. We're your beautiful, peace-loving neighbours to the north who will kick your ass if you forget that. ;)
3:59 PM
@FAE Why do you have to live across the pond? That's your fault.
@fbueckert Stupid SOs living on the wrong side of the ocean...
@FAE <insert sarcastic response here>
I'll dump a meta post later today, and see what the response is. We might actually be able to organize something or other.
@fbueckert @annalear I'm not allowed into Canada.
@LessPop_MoreFizz That's a shame. Why not, if you don't mind me asking?
4:02 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Well, the meta post can discuss where we'd want to have it. I just suggest Canada because that's where I am.
@annalear something about suspected weapons smuggling.
Generally, I think most of our members are in North America. For those unable to pay for the full cost of travel to wherever we decide to have this, we can probably arrange for car pooling and such.
If someone has to stuff @LessPop_MoreFizz into a trunk/duct tape to the grill, I bet we could make that happen.
4:26 PM
@fbueckert Shoudln't the admins be able to tell that exactly (potentially weighted by activity, however you measure that)?
@LessPop_MoreFizz What, just "suspected"? Rookie. ;)
@MartinSojka We talking about SE admins here?
4:54 PM
Jul 9 at 1:35, by OrigamiRobot
I like your cat.
@OrigamiRobot Whoa, deja vu... :)
Q: The Great Arqade Meetup! - Part 1

fbueckertPreface On Friday (July 27), I threw out the idea of arranging a meetup for us Arqadians (bad pun, I know). Based on the response I received, most everyone is in favor of doing this. To make the planning a bit easier (and so we don't overload a single meta discussion with everything), I'm goin...

Begin going crazy. :)
Q: Super Smash Bros multi-round games with friends

TMPMe and my friends like to play a game we made up called around the world. Basically you have 1 life, playing with 4 people at a random map. After each round only the winner can change their player. You play until one player has made it through all the characters. I was wondering if anyone had...

Q: The Great Arqade Meetup! - Part 1

fbueckertPreface On Friday (July 27), I threw out the idea of arranging a meetup for us Arqadians (bad pun, I know). Based on the response I received, most everyone is in favor of doing this. To make the planning a bit easier (and so we don't overload a single meta discussion with everything), I'm goin...

@fbueckert Arqanoids
@OrigamiRobot We could pun that ALL day.
4:57 PM
@fbueckert Arqanoids is the clear winner and anyone who disagrees is a @Wipqozn
@OrigamiRobot I like my pun better, and everyone who disagrees is an @OrigamiRobot.
@fbueckert Right, everyone who disagrees with you is awesome
@OrigamiRobot Tell you what - we'll use your pun on Part 2. No need to keep re-using the same one over and over.
@fbueckert Unless that's what we call ourselves.
5:20 PM
seemes in my half awakeness of last night, I ordered some new harddrives to help with recording :D
*torto- wait wha,t arqade meet-up?
I may need to take a gander...
but my vote is for Canada
tortoise swoosh
@Wipqozn Please man, no foul at the meeting
I wonder if this is worth it.
Probably not, since I still have one I bought months ago for like $20 that I haven't used at all.
Also, Steam key for Krater: Collectors Edition is 25% off. $14.99
5:43 PM
I play every Kairosoft game for too long when I first get it
@Macha New one come out?
Dunno. One was featured on the google play store, so it might be new to Android
Pocket Academy
@Macha Oh, that one's been out for awhile.
Newest one is Sushi Spinnery.
Oh, kk
The sad thing is that they're probably the only company making tycoon-style games anymore :(
I'm actually a bit behind on their games. Haven't played any since Mega Mall. I've played Game Dev, Hot Springs, Mega Mall, Grand Prix and Pocket League Story.
@Macha Grand Prix is still one of their better ones.
5:51 PM
Grand Prix Story was my least favourite :P It just didn't have any replay value IMO, but I can't pin down why. Game Dev Story didn't have much replay value either, but it was a lot more fun that Grand Prix Story.
@fbueckert Makes me realize how much I'd rather play games than travel.
Q: In skyrim, how do I get my companion to unequip this armor?

JoshSo I picked up Mercurio, a mercenary mage, at the inn in Riften. We were on a quest with a lot of loot, so I had him carry some things for me. This just happened to include a full set of steel armor. So he decided to equip it, as companions often do when you hand them armor. But he won't uneuip i...

@Macha Grand Prix has more replay than most others; the challenge of choosing which part and vehicle to bring over was genius.
@MarcoCeppi You here?
@RonanForman o/
6:00 PM
@Koviko So, we can cross you off. :P
@fbueckert lol yezzir
@MarcoCeppi My key thing still isn't working on the server, I've been using James' password.
@RonanForman Okay, lets fix that. I've got some time
Give me a min to log in
Also, which user are you logging in to right now?
@MarcoCeppi I was using Go1 I believe.
@RonanForman okay, cool
@RonanForman try to log in with the key now
6:06 PM
What was the issue?
The key was on the wrong account
What account was it?
Odd, I tried that too, nevermind, it works now.
6:08 PM
@fbueckert I feel stupid. How do I add a pin to the map?
Also James was asking where the RAM disk scripts where.
@StrixVaria click edit
@StrixVaria Click edit. The top of the map then has a little pin icon.
@RonanForman /etc/init.d/<name-of-server>
mainly, minecraft-ctw, minecraft-go2
The problem is, you guys don't have elevated enough privileges to edit/copy them
6:10 PM
you have access now to edit them
still can't copy them
@MarcoCeppi ! Can someone make rooms on the mumble again? There's still just a root room...
@murgatroid99 I've accidentally called my pin Nottingham, how do I edit it?
@FAE Yes, let me fix that on the server while I'm here
@RonanForman just click the pin while in edit mode
Nevermind, got it.
6:12 PM
@MarcoCeppi Woo! I have no idea who has admin privileges for that but it's uh, kinda frustrating.
@MarcoCeppi If you give me ALC access again I'll do it.
@FAE currently, no one has admin :\
@MarcoCeppi Oh :(
but I'll re-add you all as admin
Q: Runescape Sizzling Summer offer?

FendiJust wanted to know if anyone has an idea regarding this offer. When they state "Over 1 MILLION XP", does that mean you will be instantly rewarded with alot of XP once you upgrade to members ? Or are they referring to new quests and other means to achieve more xp ? Regards

Not sure if this is too localized
6:16 PM
@murgatroid99 This is a policy that bugs me...
It makes me feel like this is a site to find answers
But not to ask questions.
@Koviko What use is the question once the offer is over?
@Koviko I only think it might be too localized because it's about a one-time membership bonus that will most likely be completely unhelpful to visitors after September
@fbueckert The question will be so far into the pile of questions by then, so who cares?
That's what I mean. Why does every question have to be helpful to everyone?
@murgatroid99 I don't think this is too localized. It can definitely help tons of other people during the course of the event.
6:18 PM
Why can't we ask a question that would be helpful to us?
@StrixVaria that's why I asked (and answered the question) instead of voting
The way I do it is: If the question can be found without searching specifically for it by the time it's out dated then it's too localised.
A: What questions should be closed with reason "too localized"?

Joel Spolsky"Too localized" should be used for very tiny geographic regions or vanishingly small periods of time. It is used when a question cannot possibly be answered because nobody participating in the site is likely to know the answer, and even if it were answered, nobody else would care. For me, the ca...

@StrixVaria Right, I remember that. I just wasn't sure what counted as too small of a time period. I won't vote to close
@StrixVaria That sounds more like it.
Otherwise, we'd be in a big issue with games like WoW that change all the time.
6:22 PM
And the guy just edited his comment in response to my comment that was in response to the original comment.
Answers for WoW question become outdated all the time.
@Koviko the only reason I thought this one might be different is because it's guaranteed to be useless in a couple of months.
@murgatroid99 I think a couple of months is a wide enough space in time that it's an acceptable question, and this question doesn't meet any of the other guidelines for "too localized" either.
@murgatroid99 Depends on what we mean by useless. There could be plenty of people looking to see what the policy was after it's over.
I already decided not to vote to close, though. I did my part :P
6:26 PM
@Koviko I guess. I would be somewhat surprised to see that. I'm not going to keep talking about it because we all agree on what to do
@murgatroid99 I don't think I'd be, considering the answer. Someone would say "Hey, I only got 700,000 after it was over. What gives?!"
By the way, is RuneScape still going strong?
Q: Diablo 3 Wizard Skills/Build

TMPI have recently switched from Diablo 2 to 3 and the new way the skills evolve is messing with me a little (automatically things unlock on certain levels versus in the past choosing what you want to add levels to). Due to all skills having comparable levels now, it is easier to bounce around in w...

Q: Runescape Sizzling Summer offer?

FendiWhen they state "Over 1 MILLION XP", does that mean you will be instantly rewarded with a lot of XP once you upgrade to members? Or are they referring to new quests and other means to achieve more XP?

@FAE @RonanForman Mumble is fixed
You can create rooms, enter them, etc
@MarcoCeppi Yay, thanks!
I'll be around more often now, you guys can feel free to ping me if anything blows up
6:32 PM
@Koviko I'm not really sure. I still play, as I have for years, but they seem to be getting more desperate with membership promotions and microtransactions. I don't know if that's because they are losing people or because of the new management as of a couple of years ago.
@agent86 If someone gives me an XBL Points card as a gift instead of an actual gift card, they are officially OFF the 'I will be nice to this person' list :D
@James They'd be on my, "Hey, you didn't even bother trying to figure out if I own this system or not, so you're an idiot" list. :P
Google made me want to look up Olympic fencing. I'm going to be honest, I was expecting sword fighting.
@Koviko Fencing uses rapiers more than swords; all lunging, less hacking.
Instead, one of them charges the other for a few seconds and then the crowd cheers.
I have no idea what's going on.
6:43 PM
@James duuude, I <3 xbl points.
@agent86 Weirdo :)
although I tend to ask for amazon GC's because people tend to be OK with buying that, and I can just trade it in for diaper money if I want something not-on-amazon
getting cash or a check means I've got to go to a bank :(
@MarcoCeppi Ah HA! Where are the RAMDISK scripts for launching the minecraft servers!? I peered all around and was unable to find them.
@James hey, I just spent like $20 on XBLA games a couple of weeks ago, and I'm loving every second, so shush :P
@James the ramdisk scripts are just sysv5 init scripts, so...in a sense yes?
6:45 PM
@agent86 ... On what?
I do the bing rewards thing pretty frequently, which is $5 or so every month worth of points.
@James Fez and quantum conundrum
@MarcoCeppi Ummm.. Huh?
@agent86 Fez any good? My interest kind of waned in it taking years to come out.
@James the scripts in /etc/init.d/minecraft-* are for starting and stopping the servers ( and taking care of backups, ramdisk, etc)
@MarcoCeppi Ah, thanks :)
@James you should just be able to type "service minecraft-ctw start"
6:46 PM
@James it's... interesting. it's got some weird platforming puzzles, which is one aspect, and then some myst-level puzzles for breaking codes and such
where start can be start, stop, restart, status, and a few other things
@MarcoCeppi we added in an UHC server
@MarcoCeppi Mumble crashed, did you give me access?
@RonanForman yes
@James yeah, that's the current problem. You'd have to copy the init script for minecraft-ctw and make it like minecraft-uhc but you don't have permissions to create files in /etc/init.d
@MarcoCeppi Yeah noticed that, and they use commands I have to su to use.
6:49 PM
@James yea, I was working on a way to not have that problem
@MarcoCeppi You only gave me access in the 3rd folder, rather than root.
@FAE @James If you join the server I can mod you.
@RonanForman Mumble? Sorry man I am at work and do not have that on the this system :/
@James Tried out any of those Atelier games yet?
@James You're already registered anyway. That's all I needed.
@fbueckert Notta, Picked up Prototype 2 though, but spent all day yesterday playing kerbal space program :D
6:57 PM
@James That's a fun little game. :P
Also, you picked up Prototype 2, and didn't think to look for the Atelier games? I'm disappointed.
@fbueckert Are they on Steam?
Q: Do I have to pay taxes on earned Microsoft Live Points?

Salman ParachaOn http://rewards.xbox.com/earn/ I have many ways to earn points for doing some specific action. When I use these points to purchase an item from XBOX live will I be charged a tax? Or are earned points tax free, when used to purchase something from XBOX live? I know when I purchase points a tax ...

@James Oh. Right. Forgot about that.
Alright, never mind. No longer disappointed.
@fbueckert hehe, All in good time man. I am sure when I am in Cehnehdeh I will just swipe them as us americans do ;)
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