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6:59 AM
Anyone here?
@Mr.Wizard yep
for a few minutes more
Hi @belisarius :-)
11 hours ago, by Szabolcs
I need to log off now, getting married tomorrow.
@belisarius Seriously!?
A marriage is never serious. But it does not have a cure
7:07 AM
Feeling a bit sardonic are we? :-p
Anyway, I wanted to ask: I was installing LevelScheme and I noticed that they changed the structure of the package such that one must add . . . \LevelScheme to the $Path. I find this much less convenient that simply putting the folder LevelScheme in \Applications.
after a few divorces, it's inevitable :)
Do you see any benefit to the new structure?
@belisarius I'm sorry, honestly.
@Mr.Wizard Well, that is the way most well developed software do. You install where you want, and then you add the path
@Mr.Wizard Why?
@belisarius I wish everybody found their perfect soul-mate, true love, etc. I'm still looking... :^)
@Mr.Wizard Oh, well. Some people are fortunate. Other get married.
7:12 AM
@belisarius So this is standard for Mathematica packages? The few I've used have been the "old" method.
@belisarius I think you've earned another profile quote.
@Mr.Wizard No, I wasn't talking about Mma packages. Most software I mean. You install anywhere, then link via $path
@belisarius On a PC I haven't had to mess with path since DOS.
It is much better than forcing you to install in a predefined location
But (with the old method) you could put the LevelScheme folder in any directory in $Path and it would work fine.
Wait until your \App disk is full
and you'll see the benefits
One app, one path :)
7:17 AM
LevelScheme only takes 6MB extracted, so it's not likely to be a problem. Further as I just stated with the old behavior you could pick any directory in $Path or add a new one if needed. I still don't get it.
Anyway, I "fixed" the problem by making an init.m in the package root and filling it like this:
 ToFileName[$UserBaseDirectory, "\\Applications\\LevelScheme"]

@Mr.Wizard Oh, I didn't get that the previous behavior covered both alternatives.
Can you foresee any problem with that?
nope, seems right at first sight
Everything should still end up in the same context, etc., right? No internal linking issues?
I don't think so. If there are internal linking issues it is because they are using some non standard addressing. I bet it will work ok
7:21 AM
@Mr.Wizard Nights!
@belisarius see you later. Rest well!
2 hours later…
9:13 AM
@szabolcs what are you doing on-line? Shouldn't you be getting married? :-O
2 hours later…
10:49 AM
later today ...
3 hours later…
1:45 PM
@Szabolcs In that case: Congratulations! \o/
3 hours later…
4:55 PM
anyone around?
@belisarius sort of
@acl hi!
what's up?
or where you just idly wondering if anyone's around?
The nails problem guy changed the scope completely. I wonder what we should do about it
@belisarius I was playing with the question
5:03 PM
@acl Well ... now it has changed a lot
@belisarius yes, it's a different question
@acl I asked him to split them,
it is not an update
and it is not answerable at all now
no, I was writing a comment to that effect actually
What do you want to detect now? Nails painted as fingers?
it is crazy
it's underspecified. can we assume anything? are they always going to be the same colour? the same size in the frame? the same orientation? the same shape? can even the white balance be assumed correct? it's wrong in the example
it's too general as specified, I think
5:08 PM
@belisarius Tell him to keep his original question here and ask the rest on dsp.se
@R.M I don't think so. The "rest" is not answerable in dsp. Perhaps in AI
I wrote a comment there
Well, wherever. I mean, it is beyond the scope of a Mathematica help site
or AN: Artificial Nails
I need a routine to find the nails in this
5:10 PM
@R.M I asked him to split the question. Let's see if he does it. Then we could migrate the second part. I he doesn't, I will vote for closing
"can anyone help?"
@acl nice example >)
@acl pfft. amateur
You both are nailed pros
The things I google for just to make a point on the internet...
5:12 PM
@R.M cheating, the photographer used a very wide lens and got close to make them look big. they're not that big
@acl I would not date her, wide lens or not
@belisarius I just googled up that lady and there were comments to the same effect (if more explicit) underneath the photo
and some interesting speculations about what effect those nails might have on various activities
the internet is amazing
and how about this
@acl I can guess a few examples ...
@acl really disgusting
@acl she needs to trip and fall.
Make my nails vanish?
A: How to implement a similar of photoshop's "patch tool" function?

belisariusAs you already have the barcode position, you could generate a mask automagically and perform a Navier-Stokes Image Restoration. Example in Mathematica:

5:26 PM
navier-stokes eqns with applications to image processing? I have to read that
5:44 PM
@acl The paper I linked there "shows" why the incompressible fluid eqs and the intensity of an image both follows the NS equation
2 hours later…
7:59 PM
@belisarius yes, it seems intuitive
@acl Mma can do it all. Even against thermodynamics :)
Q: I'm trying to solve a very simple heat conduction differential equation with NDSolve in Mathematica, but the solution I get is quite strangeā€¦

xzczdThis is a very simple one-dimensional solid-phase heat conduction differential equation, here is my code: a = NDSolve[{D[721.7013888888889` 0.009129691127380562` tes[t, x], t] == 2.04988920646734`*^-6 D[tes[t, x], x, x], tes[t, 0] == 298 + 200 t, tes[t, 0.01] == 298, tes[0, x] == ...

8:17 PM
@belisarius lucky I wasn't drinking anything when I saw that!
@acl hehe
8:45 PM
@acl How do you find things like that? lol
@Mr.Wizard Too few questions here and he decided having a manicure was a good idea to spend a Saturday

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