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12:19 AM
I'm only sad that I can't see what happened to that post.
12:56 AM
Q: Is it almost-prime?

infinitezeroSandbox Definition: A positive integer n is almost-prime, if it can be written in the form n=p^k where p is a prime and k is also a positive integers. In other words, the prime factorization of n contains only the same number. Input: A positive integer 2<=n<=2^31-1 Output: a truthy value, if n is...

It's been way too long since I last had a message on the star board. :(
1:12 AM
The Starboard is not sought after, only found.
1:39 AM
Hey @JackDouglass, my message over on TopAnswers is a legitimate request for account recovery.
1 hour later…
2:51 AM
Hurray! I earned wEWnthusiast!
wBTW today wIW spilled some tea on my keyboard
and it likes to automatically press w now
Sounds like fun.
@HighlyRadioactive It sounds like your keyboard is enjoying the tea!
@ATaco what
@petStorm lolol
@HighlyRadioactive Unfortunately, your keyboard absorbed all the tea after you typed this message. It's begging for more!
@Razetime Hey, I was wondering whether someone else would answer the factorial challenge in Pip if I waited! :D
Here's a tip: the version with a takes input from a command-line argument (TIO). That is the most common input method in Pip; q is less convenient because you have to assign the value to another variable if you want to use it more than once. Not a problem for this challenge, though.
3:07 AM
I hate Python, Perl, PHP, Pascal, PostScript, PowerShell, ... and of course Pip.
By Pip I mean Python's package manager.
Since Pip Isn't Python (and Pip Isn't PHP, Pip Isn't Perl, etc.), you should love Pip if you hate all those others. ;)
Pip Is Pip
But it's also true that Pip Isn't Pip.
pip install pip lol, how do you do that if you don't have the package manager?
Apparently you use curl. Though it automatically comes with Python for the most part.
dnf install pip :^)
I mean, that's how it's been suggested to install pip... the method described on the pip website.
3:19 AM
@petStorm That part is autogenerated, I guess. The official doc says otherwise.
You do use pip to upgrade pip though
@DLosc I was looking at golfing languages and somehow Pip made sense lol
like, the sytax didn't have some crazy infix prefix stuff going on
and most of the examples were understandable
also, factorial builtin haha
I can't imagine having a Factorial builtin in a non-math focused language.
(With exception to libraries)
Didn't even design support for Suffix Operators for Funky2.
(Wouldn't want to confuse a! b for a!b now would we?)
whats funky2
you guys make a ton of languages
3:30 AM
Part of the fun of Codegolf.
Funky2 is a psudo-practical language I wrote to try my luck at it.
The child of Funky, which had one too many design issues.
@Razetime That was the goal. Glad to hear you appreciate it. :D
I'm (slowly) working on more of a tutorial-style introduction in the GitHub wiki, if you're interested in giving that a look.
I was pretty much using that lol
I'm working on Documentation for Funky 2 right now :P
3:33 AM
@petStorm Is that your language?
@Razetime Ah, cool. That motivates me to put some more effort into expanding it.
@Razetime Yeah, that right, I made the language.
kewl, where's it hosted
@Razetime The Nineteenth Byte (You didn't get rickrolled by my link, ugh! :( )
anyway,maybe I can help with writing a tutorial once I get to making more complex algorithms
1 hour later…
4:58 AM
Why is doc writing always so draining.
explaining things is hard
"Hmmm, How many methods do I need to document. Ahh, all of them.
also that
5:42 AM
Ah yes. Within the last day GitHub's .NET SDK no-longer supports netcore3.0
2 hours later…
8:08 AM
How does that affect your ducs exactly
@ATaco does it help with automatically adding symbols?
Language was written in netcore3.0, Had to update because my last push broke the actions.
8:25 AM
boooo github
I mean; it's technically my fault for not specifying the netcore version correctly in the first place.
so, it works on your pc?
are we still on for Language of the month?
I've found a decentralised twitter: twtxt.net
It's epic
like diaspora eh
8:33 AM
I like this place
absolutely no nonsense
It's perfect
You mean here in TNB?
followed ya
@Lyxal Hyperlink seems broken.
no, twtxt
@Adám huh, works for me
maybe you need to have an account or soemthing
@Adám are you sure? I just copied and pasted the URL. twtxt.net/user/lyxal perhaps.
8:34 AM
@Lyxal No, I mean the "I’ve spread the word about this site!" link.
@Adám it works now
bless up is a custom award I think
@Razetime ah
It's like reddit gold or something but with a different badge
I've gotten normal gold before
8:40 AM
That's the post
yeah it was cool and all that but reddit got very very boring and annoying after a year
I post rarely nowadays
@Razetime it's only been a few hours and I've gotten 3 twt followers
SE should allow us to link our twt accounts instead of twitter accounts if we prefer
yeah but will that actually happen
1 hour later…
10:01 AM
@Lyxal 5 now
1 hour later…
11:08 AM
I do not understand this twtxt website. If Twitter released their source code, would it suddenly become decentralized as well?
1 hour later…
12:37 PM
its supposed to be hostable by anyone thats pretty much it
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

simonalexander2005Keep the symmetry SANDBOX: I am aware that the language in this challenge, as it stands, is quite... fluffy. If anyone could help me firm it up, I would be grateful. Also, would this be better as a cops-and-robbers style challenge, where the cops are trying to make the output more symmetrical, an...

12:57 PM
no, I can't access the channel, and I have too many languages on ym plate
@DLosc how do I access elements in a list of stinrgs?

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