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5:19 AM
Q: What is the Significance of Billy's Comb in Carrie?

TomDot ComBilly Nolan is a resentful, vindictive and abusive teenager who supplies Chris Hargensen with Pig blood for a prank that occurs within Carrie, written by Stephen King. King writes several passages relating to Billy's possessions, actions and circumsntaces. Below are some of these passages ( in ch...

5:44 AM
Q: Understanding the second section of first part of Burnt Norton by T.S. Eliot

KnightThe first section of first part of Burnt Norton seems to be focused on "time", although it is too abstract and as I say "beyond my perceptible sense" but in the least we understand the topic and the narrator. However, the last few lines of the first section Down the passage which we did not take...

6:08 AM
Q: help identify YA horror mystery book with mentions of witchcraft and Joan of Arc

Jen ZipperI'm searching for the title of a book I read in the mid 2000s. Based on pop culture references in the book, it was set in Canada during the 80's and/or written by a Canadian author (possibly written in the 80's as well). I had taken it out of my elementary school library (again, in Canada). I see...

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10:25 AM
@Bookworm Hi @Knight, we don't create tags for individual poems, unless they were published individually as book-length publications. Instead, we just use the tag.
@Tsundoku Okay, I will keep that in mind from next time.
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12:10 PM
According to the moderator analytics page, last week (Week of Mon 10 Aug 2020) we had more questions (38) than in any other week since the site's early days in March 2017.
(There were a couple of weeks this April-May with 37 questions, and the figure of 38 may include some closed questions that will be roombaed later. But still.)
12:44 PM
Q: Short story about a drug addict in a prison in Mexico

zovitsI remember reading a short story on the internet a decade or so ago. It was told in first person, from the perspective of a middle class (male?) in the USA, who had some kind of medical problem that was treated with legal opiate patches. One day he finds that he can get a much better effect if he...

1:15 PM
@Randal'Thor We're at a QPD of 4.8 at the moment, which we also reached on 5 and 9 May of this year, the highest values I have in my spreadsheet.
I think that's not bad for the middle of August.
1:29 PM
This search on fr.wikipedia finds articles on 20th-century French novelists containing unsourced statements. The French Wikipedia has no category of literature in general.
Here is a similar search for 19th-century French novelists. As you can see, Roman numerals are still useful.
@Tsundoku Hi
Hi. Norton still smells burnt, I guess ;-)
I really don’t know why the prom have that title, who is Norton and who/what is burnt
But I have come to ask for a different thing :-)
Can you please explain me the description of that sailor in Odyssey (by Homer) when he calls out the spirits from underworld?
@Knight Burnt Norton was a house.
1:40 PM
@Knight I'm not sure what you mean. Odysseus visits the underworld at some point and speaks with the seer Tiresias. I don't know what sailor you are referring to since Odysseus and his crew were, in a way, all sailors while trying to get home.
@Tsundoku Oh sorry it was Odysseus only. Why that episode is so important?
What actually happens in that conversation?
I don't remember, but you can find part of it here. He talks to a number of people, not just Tiresias, who warns him about certain dangers, but also people whose death is not mentioned in the Iliad (e.g. Achilles).
Okay I will read about it.
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6:35 PM
Q: How did Flaubert show in Bouvard et Pécuchet that history repeats itself?

TsundokuThe French Wikipedia article on Gustave Flaubert contains a section on Bouvard et Pécuchet, the author's unfinished novel. This section contains the following unsourced statement: Critiquant les idées reçues, Flaubert montre que, contrairement à ce que pense Hegel, l'Histoire n'a pas de fin, ell...

6:45 PM
@Bookworm Surprisingly the first question about Flaubert on this site.
7:25 PM
Q: I would like to identify a specific part of Ibn Khaldun's Muqaddimah

InstantonI would like to identify the passage from the Arabic original text of Ibn Khaldun's Muqaddimah whose translation is the following one: However, I am only a beginner in Arabic and I cannot find it :-(. It corresponds to Chapter 38 of Book 6 (the quoted translation is this one: http://www.muslimph...

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9:55 PM
Q: Short Story About a Mystical Bog and Illicit Affair Involving a Professor

CouchFortIt was in an anthology of short stories published prior to 1999 and written by a woman, maybe with the first name Anne, but I'm not certain. I recall her going into detail about beetles copulating in the woods but that's as much as I remember. I just loved the pacing and tone of the story and Goo...

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11:35 PM
Q: Are Barnes & Noble editions of public domain works of reliable quality?

Sven3BIf I buy a "Barnes & Noble Classics Series" edition of a book that is in public domain, can I be confident that it is "correct," in the sense of being unabridged, un-bowdlerize, and identical to the original? Answers to the likely follow-up questions: Why Barnes & Noble? I have a gift card. What ...


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