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12:03 AM
Do I get a badge for having voted for all three winners?
@MichaelHampton nope
yay 2k rep finally and congrats new mods ;)
12:38 AM
So will we break the 4K Low Qualities milestone today (for varying values of "today" given timezones)?
@soandos Just found one of yours in LQ: superuser.com/questions/174350/…
7 days have passed since that comment - how long before we give up and recommend deletion?
@Paul, I don't see it
@soandos Sorry it was @slhck :)
@Paul lol
Easy to get confused with both names beginning with 's'
12:55 AM
2 answers. same person, and one question was split from another on my request >_>
hm, I need to work out how to get my computer to reboot itself every night.
@JourneymanGeek, scheduled task?
I actually should reformat the system but its shared :/
gaming performance sucks after its been running a day
and it takes about 5-10 minutes to get usable after i boot it, and none of the usual suspects can find out why
@JourneymanGeek This was one of the reasons I switched to linux primarily. It enabled me to keep a clean, minimal Windows install that I only boot to for games, and then spend the rest of the time in linux (helps avoid playing games when I should be working also) - so I haven't had to do a Windows rebuild for a while
Then I also have a Windows VM running on a server for those occasions where I cannot avoid Windows for work stuff
(so rdp from linux)
1:14 AM
Big congrats to @slhck @DanielBeck @OliverSalzburg
1:28 AM
@KronoS you around?
@soandos yessiree... what's up?
Mind if I ask you a c# question?
in fake programmers
2:01 AM
I'm loving the new mods
3:00 AM
@Paul: a good chunk of the issues i have is that its a install thats been used by multiple people since 07 ;p
Looks like someone has done a search for "Best ..." and issued non-constructive vtcs for them all
3:20 AM
@slhck For a bunch of low quality answers, you have left a comment asking for the answer to be expanded. I realise we have a meta in play to work out a formal way to deal with these, but what is the action for now? These will bubble up in the queue for others, and we can 'not sure' them until some time has passed, but then what - vote for deletion?
@Luke that was the meta I was referring to
Ahh OK :)
@JourneymanGeek As long as they don't have admin permissions :P
Gotta leave the review queue for a while. It makes me sad.
3:35 AM
Anyone see the new Internet Explorer 9 commercial? Just came up... It's weird
@Luke the more beautiful web one?
I never got that either
Complete with the comic book thing?
3:39 AM
IE9: "Don't accept standards being forced upon you, we will render the web the way it should be!"
@Paul Starred for truth
What are the odds of getting these two MD5 values for data that should be identical:

@soandos Wow
@soandos Wait, should be? :P
Should be?
3:42 AM
Only 2 bytes off...
@Bob jinx
@Bob, I am threading something, and its not working
If the data is different even by one byte the md5 should be dramatically different
so, to test if all is working well, I serialize the data, then take an MD5. The hashes match, all is good. If not, race condition still exists
@soandos Ah. You just introduced me to Parallel.For! :P
3:43 AM
@Bob that is what I am using
A third hash:
@soandos I know, I was reading the fake programmers' room
Now, I know MD5 is not considered cryptographically secure, but this is NUTS!!!
Must be a bug
3:44 AM
You sure the MD5 function is working properly? :P
And it's always the same 2 bytes!
@Bob, ripped it right of an SO answer ;)
@Luke I know, this is too wierd
going for hash number 4 now
Isn't there an MD5 standard library function in c#?
@Paul using it
3:45 AM
@Paul Maybe his installation of .NET is broken?
I'm more willing to believe that than so many hashes so close
@Bob, possible, but SO unlikely
Yeah, it is not possible that they are MD5s of either identical or similar data
Ok. I'm quite certain something is broken now.
I would suggest that the md5 is not working correctly but only updating the first few bytes of the variable
Have you tried some random string with that hash function, and verifying it with an external tool?
3:47 AM
So the trailing bytes are from previous runs
Try hashing "hello world" or something? :P
but I have gotten very different hashes (with different data)
Or put the text into an online md5 hasher and see what the real md5 is
3:47 AM
@Paul But ignoring the first?
       `FileStream file = new FileStream(fileName, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read);
        MD5 md5 = new MD5CryptoServiceProvider();
        byte[] retVal = md5.ComputeHash(file);`
@Paul I assume the data @soandos wants to hash is too long to easily copy/paste... perhaps not, but meh
@Bob, its about 101MB
Lets say that $md5 = "626411647cf4231f2af05b934ea791024625a", then the next md5 is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa but doesn't copy into the $md5 correctly so we end up with aaaaaa647cf4231f2af05b934ea791024625a
@Paul But the first character is the same?
3:50 AM
Getting a seperate MD5 tool
I dunno - this is speculation
Battery dying, so I'm off for the night. TTYAL
@Luke cya
Night @Luke
@Luke night
What is a good tool to do this? Fastsum is slow...
Seem to be getting a slightly different hash from another program
3:58 AM
How are you converting it for output?
I mean, from the byte array
in C#?
...we should probably move to the FP room :P
Yeah... I reckon it must be a bug futher along, not in the md5 routine itself
4:23 AM
@Sathya mornin
@Sathya hello (and good afternoon)
hey @Kro & @Bob
4:39 AM
Q: Best way to organize lots and lots of media files?

tsilbI have lots and lots of media files. About 6TB spanned across 10 physical hard drives on a personal file server. Security is not a major issue, but is being handled via other means. These files consist of video, audio, documents, and software/installers/ISOs/etc. By the purest of coincidences, ...

Hmmm... none of those are really good solutions
5:07 AM
31000 and counting... I've got way too much music
@KronoS share you library. (as in the artists & tracks, not the songs themselves)
@Sathya you mean export the song list?
@KronoS yes..
there should be a easier way to share your music collection. app idea
@KronoS This file is too large to preview.
That says it all.
5:13 AM
@Bob you should be able to download
it came out to be only 25000 songs afterall
@KronoS I'm just saying it's a good indicator of how large the list is :P
8.8MB list... holy ...
@Bob oh got it :)
You have a very wide collection :)
@Bob yes.. that is so true...
@KronoS blocked at work, will have to check later..
5:28 AM
@Bob wierdly enough, yes.
5:56 AM
Q: What will we do to promote Super User when Windows 8 is released?

Jeff AtwoodHistorically, new Windows OS releases result in a huge traffic increase for sites that have lots of Windows content. We saw it for Super User when Windows 7 was released, and Lowell at How-to-Geek said it doubled and tripled his site traffic. Which brings me to... So -- how is Super User plann...

I really need to get around to trying one of the previews
6:15 AM
@Bob yes you do!
as do i
Me too (oblig)
shakes his head
I had the CP for a bit. Been putting off the RP
there's a good chance the next system might run it though. I think i can get over my annoyance at the tabletified interface
I've been on the RP full time for a week now
pretty happy with it
6:25 AM
@Sathya The "What will we do with the preview tag" meta doesn't yet have an answer. I am wondering if we can identify questions that have a high likelihood of being relevant to the released version and tag those as 'not preview'.
@Paul: thats what i think is the sensible way to do it
@Paul we should start doing that.
I felt @Nhinkle's comment really should be the answer
@JourneymanGeek because then we can have a series of answers to questions ready to go
As things were we had a lot of win 7 preview questions that needed clearing, which was why i suggested the preview tags
I've been thinking/worrying about this too. Right now I'm thinking maybe we should remove the synonym, but not retag everything. Questions and answers can be updated to apply to the final release as necessary, and retagged as such. — nhinkle Jul 12 at 17:00
6:27 AM
@Sathya and if that activity was taking place with existing questions, we could identify the highest quality ones and do a bit of a tweet etc campain to build up search engine presence
@Sathya Yeah
Whenever I get my damn laptop back from HP, I'll be installing the release preview. Been running it on my desktop for a couple weeks now, but I don't use my desktop as much.
Right now if you do a "windows 8 questions" google search, SO is high, but SU isn't there. I realise that is an artificial search but still.
... actually, i could run it on a VM, and full screen it
Its not like i'm playing games on either of my personal systems...
next week tho, i haz exams.
@JourneymanGeek if you want to really experience it in full though, you need to run it natively.
Half the exciting features in Windows 8 relate to improved performance, better battery life, smoother graphics, etc. None of which you get in a VM.
Win 8 boots up SO fast now
6:33 AM
does anyone have any idea whether Windows 8 RTM will be available through MSDNAA at the same time as the regular (non-academic) MSDN release?
lol. sadly the only person i can ask is in austalia
@nhinkle: Well, new system will be up in roughly end august. I can probably run windows 8 on that
MAYBE if i like it enough, will try it on the lappy, which i need to wipe and install windows 7 64 bit anyway
@Paul "windows 7 questions" doesn't have SU on the first two pages. Heck, Apple's Boot Camp support is on the first page
@JourneymanGeek Why is it sad to ask people in Australia? Are we that disappointing?
@nhinkle Which is why I haven't bothered installing it yet
I don't really have a spare testing system right now, and the fact Win8's previews expire and can't be upgraded to release means I can't really risk trying it.
@bob word has it you can upgrade to the final release from the release preview
6:39 AM
@jokerdino is a sociopath xD http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2012-07/23/twitter-psychopaths
heh, better than being a psychopath ;p
@nhinkle o.O
For those of you who have been tinkering with W8, do you have a sense of what are going to be common questions? I am thinking if we have common questions already answered, we could start promoting those.
Someone mentioned that. I don't know who.
Might have to do some more research on that. But how much would it cost? That's another factor.
@Bob $40 upgrade
@Paul I helped with a couple "what's the diff between the different kinds" sorts of things. Part of the problem is that a lot of things don't run on RT, so that's a big question
6:40 AM
@Bob yeah you pay and upgrade.
might be back later
@Paul Q#1: Will my Win 7 drivers work?
(ans: I dunno. I've just installed W8. Booted once, heh)
oh wait, i forgot to check the results
@Sathya I am voting to close your chat message as not constructive
6:42 AM
@nhinkle Isn't that from Win7?
@Paul I'm expecting questions about the start menu :P
@Sathya It is a good point of course, lots of the common questions people will have would ordinarily be considered not-constructive for SU
@Paul sure, that's why I pointed that out. I'm pretty sure that's going to be asked few times at least
Q#2: How can I make Windows 8 look and behave exactly like Windows 7 (Q#3: .. Windows XP)
(because for some reason a lot of early adopters seem to also be change resistant, like a form of masochism)
Flash and browsers?
Q4: Can system always boot to desktop mode
q5: bring back start button
@jokerdino wdym
6:50 AM
@Paul: Funny thing is i made win 7 XP like at first. then i got used to how it was
hmm. 2 dollar headphones arn't too bad o0
@Sathya Does flash work other browsers or what? I heard flash was gonna be baked into IE.
@Bob they're doing it for windows 8
@nhinkle: which is a smart move
@JourneymanGeek indeed
MS is one of the few companies that's quite literally competing with itself.
6:55 AM
@JourneymanGeek That's news to me
Every set of $2 headphones I've bought here were horrible
Oddly enough, a fake iPhone headset for the equivalent of $3 (in China) is actually pretty good...
@jokerdino pretty sure it works..
@Sathya alright.
@nhinkle I meant, upgrade from Win8 preview to RTM... that blog only seems to mention Win7 to Win8...
@Bob I've heard about that somewhere else but can't recall the source
6:59 AM
@Bob: Got it off daiso. Its sounding almost decent, just a little base shy
(Japanese store, local varient sells everything for 2 dollars)
more importantly, they're comfy
needs a pair to throw in his bag, and use with crappy sources anyway
1 hour later…
8:21 AM
hi @Ninefingers
@jokerdino Morning, evening, afternoon or whatever time of day it is where you are :)
Evening. :-)
@jokerdino @hacktohell : I'll be tossing questions that need editing, but i can't be arsed into the new QNLT room chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/4231/superuser-qnlt
never mind.
I am coming a cross low quality answers from users with more rep than myself ;p
8:29 AM
@JourneymanGeek Uh.. how many users is that? :P
just a couple
at the moment? 5. I just snarky commented number 1 ;p
I disagree. The answer solves no ones problem. — Nifle 12 mins ago
I know the FAQ recommends asking questions based on actual problems that you face
8:32 AM
hmm superuser.com/questions/168740/… can't find the wiki page.
But... is that heavily enforced?
There's a whole lot of (quite good) questions dealing more with theoretical problems and just plain curious questions, some with very good answers
@Bob: yes and no, really depends on the mood of the crowd
needs a meta question
Actually, most of those not-quite-fitting questions end up on the blog
actually i need to poke mods about something
8:47 AM
Eh, conflicting opinions!
Q: Why was the question "Why are there 8 bits per byte?" closed?

Tom WijsmanTL;DR: I'm looking for opinions on why this question should be open or closed. Answer: I now understand why it has been closed: It is not a real problem because it has no practical use. Why are there 8 bits per byte? Why did such a valid and interesting question got closed? The user is...

Quite a few people seem to support amending the FAQ, and quite a few don't. Gah...
@Bob: bigger point. You can use the system to reopen a question, and meta to facilitate it
9:00 AM
@JourneymanGeek Hm?
9:13 AM
I mean to something being closed, not closed ;p
new shiny gold badge :)
@JourneymanGeek Hmwha?
that's what I did
I think the question is useful, but it doesn't fully follow the FAQ, so... bleh. There's a chance a mod will come along and nuke it, anyway.
@JourneymanGeek nice :P
I'm a third of the way there
nice. i am on my way to getting deputy soon-ish
9:30 AM
good morning everyone
wah. Blue name already :-)
@DanielBeck morning/evening, blue diamond guy
A: ubuntu 9.10 screen flickering problem on Thinkpad R31 with Intel 83830 Graphics

Yuhong BaoYou need to run mousepad as root, using something like "sudo mousepad" in a command prompt.

Hmm wtf?
@jokerdino what?
you mean you run mousepad as root? o.O
9:33 AM
What is mousepad?
normal mouse pad.
hold on.
mysterious text editors that i never heard of before
Xfce (pronounced as four individual letters) is a free software desktop environment for Unix and Unix-like platforms, such as Linux, Solaris, and BSD. It aims to be fast and lightweight, while still being visually appealing and easy to use. It consists of separately packaged components that together provide the full functionality of the desktop environment, but which can be selected in subsets to create the user's preferred personal working environment. Xfce is mainly used for its ability to run a modern desktop environment on relatively modest hardware. Xfce is included as one of the g...
9:35 AM
Still, don't see how that answer relates to the question...
I just disabled Flash's "protected mode"
every Flash applet is several times more responsive :|
The plugin container memory usage has also dropped by 20%
10:21 AM
random bumper sticker
@jokerdino yo
11:23 AM
@JourneymanGeek I actually spent lot of time trying to get XP to look like something other than XP - trying different shells. W7 was a bit of a relief.
11:38 AM
plus.google.com/u/0/photos/106187684082000485043/albums/… something i was messing with, storing spare screws in a spare drive sled ;p
@Paul: oh, little stuff like having non grouped windows and labels at first, then slowly easing myself into the proper win7 way of doing things
@JourneymanGeek I'm still going Vista style
small icon, group when full, labels visible... :D
11:52 AM
@Bob I agree we could be more clear about it, but you know the outrage when mods moderate popular stuff
Kittens have been killed for less
but then the popular stuff gets a free pass, which is kinda inconsistent
can someone please answer this for me ... superuser.com/questions/453325/…
What usually happens is we let the storm blow over, then closed behind everyone's back and hope nobody notices whistles
11:54 AM
@user481913 No. Just no.
@JourneymanGeek Oooh, one of yours in LQ :) superuser.com/questions/310734/…
@user481913 Thanks for the notification
@Paul I see lots of JG’s posts in LQ.
@user481913 Do you like Intel? Go with Intel. Don't like Intel? Go with AMD
@IvoFlipse I don’t like Intel because they support ACTA.
@IvoFlipse - what's better in performance ?
11:56 AM
@user481913 I would go with the one that has the nicest colour
please no sarcasm...
@user481913 Go for AMD.
just ned a quick serious answer...
@user481913 I didn't say performance, I only said: pick whichever company you like best
@user481913 Shape is important to me too
11:57 AM
if the difference is so small you can't tell right away, it doesn't matter
You'll never use your CPU at full power, ever
If you do, you wouldn't be nitpicking or you knew what you needed
@IvoFlipse - if i knew the difference i won't need you ppl :)
@user481913 I saying you don't need us
@IvoFlipse Whoops! I've brought attention to them... :\
Go for AMD. Because they are not Intel.
@Bob Don't worry, I do think a lot of them should be allowed, we just need a way to make them not attract 30+ answers
11:59 AM
In any case, there's enough of that type of question that removing them all could make this seem like yet another help forum :P
The easy way is to slam everyone who doesn't write a whole damned Wikipedia article about it
@kinokijuf not a particularly good reason..
@Paul:link me and i'll fix em if i can
@user481913 There's no good reason
One of our goals is to build up a nice set of canonical answers to turn to anyway
12:00 PM
@Paul: I can't fix that, sadly
@JourneymanGeek No, not enough info in the original question
@kinokijuf: Link em, if I can fix em, i will. I won't even get mad
@user481913 You do have to make your own choice. You can take a look at some benchmarks, though they aren't exactly accurate with real world use. You might also want to consider price.
@JourneymanGeek I am inclined to vtc the original question but I don't have close votes (and the op is gone by the look of it) - on the other hand, it would be a cool question to have been able to answer (my jabber server is set to 100 offline messages). On the other hand the user is probably a user not the server admin.
That particular AMD processor has a surprisingly low result... Once again, these are not accurate in real world use.
12:04 PM
@Sathya lol does it mean you run the mousepad as root? :p
@user481913 Here is what to do. Say "heads AMD, tails Intel", then flip a coin. Just before the coin lands, you will hope it will land a particular way. Choose the one you hoped for.
@IvoFlipse Any highly voted question is going to get a lot of exposure and a lot of answers, though. As you said, whether a question is from curiosity or a real problem doesn't determine the possibility of a single complete technical answer, though I admit real problems are more likely to get such answers.
There's also the problem with these questions often not being reasonably scoped..
Thanks a lot Bob , what's wrong with you people ..? excuse me but your knowledge is useless if you have super high egos and cannot help someone with a simple question.. i just noticed i'm probbaly in the wrong room.... not sure but i just clikcedon the chat link in the comments to the question...
edit --- not you Bob i mean the other ppl here...
12:06 PM
@user481913 Calling people out is not the way to get a good response
@Paul That's if you're deciding between brands ;)
If you're deciding between specific CPUs, they are somewhat comparable
@user481913 Please don't be rude.
@IvoFlipse i was wondering what word ends in not..
@Bob Probably the question should be edited, such that the general blabla remains, but at the end there's a more specific question
@jokerdino nothing
@IvoFlipse yeah. later figured it was a formatting issue.
just woke up; grr
12:20 PM
oops. wait. did i post the election results on the wrong thread or what?
12:32 PM
Woohoo I did it
I made my first ever bitcoin
Crap, I have only made 0.99636688 of a bitcoin, I got .005 from elsewhere. False alarm
how long did it take you to get an almost bitcoin, paul?
lol someone does not like me, I am getting downvotes on really old questions xD
And one of the questions is kinda dumb ;p
So is copying and posting stuff from msdn allowed, I am editing a link only answer and adding more info to it as directed by @JourneymanGeek
1:06 PM
@wullxz About two weeks :)
lol, isn't worth it, is it?
@wullxz With an nvidia GPU, and nvidia is not at all good at bitcoin math (compared to amd gpus)
@wullxz But my goal is simply to make one, so thats nearly done
1:41 PM
Two weeks with a GPU for a coin ? that sucks
2:06 PM
@HackToHell it would take a couple of days with a high-end AMD gpu I reckon
There are far more efficient ways to make bitcoins, I am just fooling around
iirc, making bitcoins is not profitable, you will end up spending more on power
2:24 PM
I read that the frequence of newly generated bitcoins decreases with time. that means: it once WAS profitable but it's no more.
SE seriously needs a site for shopping recommendations.
Too many shopping questions are getting closed
@DanielBeck are you there?
@kinokijuf Yes
@DanielBeck then explain this
Q: How can I always run the command prompt as administrator?

KevinAs a developer, I often have the need to open a command prompt for various purposes. For example, I use iisreset to restart my local web server. I typically open the command window in one of two ways: Press the Windows key, type "cmd" and press "Enter" While in Explorer, hold shift and right c...

2:34 PM
@kinokijuf I don't see anything that needs explaining.
@HackToHell Well, the idea is you need to paraphrase it, its a bit of a pain in the rear
@DanielBeck what do you think iglvzx should suggest to me?
also, shopping questions don't stay relevant so don't work well with the Q&A format
A different approach helps, SE is different from other sites, an unique shopping site can be created.
@HackToHell: Its one of the few things that would work better as a traditional forum IMO
2:40 PM
@kinokijuf Posting the suggested prank question. Note that my suggestion was a joke and it was made clear by others afterwards that you posting that wouldn't be appreciated.
@DanielBeck unfortunately, i’m not a native english speaker
and did not quite understand what iglvzx wanted me to ask
my cat kissing ash ;p
except both seem to be sleeping
2:56 PM
Well, i must say - getting your wisdom teeth removed SUCKS.
Mine's still growing and it occasionally hurts like hell.

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