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2:07 AM
@TylerShads - dammit - did I miss one???
It is also a hard question to answer .... and the answer that's been given is unconvincing
2:52 AM
Q: Was Alfred in on Bruce's plan in The Dark Knight Rises?

stevvveNear the end of The Dark Knight Rises, Alfred is fed up with Bruce's inability to let go of Batman and quit despite Alfred asking him to ("I've buried enough members of the Wayne family"), so Alfred leaves Bruce. In the final moments of the film, we see Alfred, sipping his drink in Italy, as he ...

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11:05 AM
Q: Why didn't Bane reveal to the public that Bruce Wayne is Batman?

Vijin PaulrajIn The Dark Knight Rises, Bane publicly reveals the cover-up of Dent's death and disclosed all the crimes were made by Harvey Dent. Further, he reveals the role of Commissioner Gordan to cover-up Dent's crime by his letter, at that moment why didn't he reveal Bruce's secret as Bruce Wayne is Bat...

2 hours later…
1:31 PM
@tylershads @iandotkelly since yesterday, our questions per day went from 5.1 to 5.6 on A51
Q: Evidence for and against the ending of Dark Knight Rises

DForck42I've heard a few people mention that the ending of Dark Knight Rises, where Alfred sees Bruce and Selina at the bistro in Italy, was just a dream. When I watched it I thought it was really happening. What evidence is there for and against this being real/imaginary?

2:18 PM
@tylershads @iandotkelly i finally got my first gold badge on movies!
@DForck42 bout damn time :P
@TylerShads :-D
@tylershads did you see that my mask question has a crap ton of views?
now i have, good onya
in other news, @iandotkelly has a long way to catch up to me now, BUWAHAHAHAHAHA
in other other news, I HAVE NO NEWS
@TylerShads about 500 rep
@TylerShads same
Ever do desktop customization stuff?
like rainmeter and the such?
2:24 PM
@TylerShads nope
damn, its...odd and I wish I had more graphic design patience
@TylerShads heheh
All I have now is a kingdom hearts CPU metre/clock and a batman start button, but I've seen some sick shit
i need to get my laptop fixed...
@TylerShads nice
Whats wrong with it?
2:28 PM
@TylerShads needs a new harddrive
Get a nice SSD in there
same form factor, and allows a faster startup and you wont have to worry about spinning parts anymore
i dropped $300 and replaced my xbox 360 instead of getting anew harddrive
my consoles are full of dust, ive stopped caring about console gaming in the worse way
@TylerShads :-D
@TylerShads i don't buy much of the major releases anymore
i use it for movies, netflix, indie/arcade games
2:30 PM
for instance, minecraft is addicting
@tylershads this is the laptop i have
If you don't care about space, you can get em even cheaper, consumer SSDs are going down to $1 per 2GB, still $1 per 1GB for some, though
how can i tell if my laptop will take sata/ II/ 1.5Gb/3/6?
newer one like that should handle at least SATA2
since SATA3 is new, it would be spouting it, so assume 2 unless otherwise stated
so sat II is the 3Gb?
er, kinda
2:42 PM
welp, i'll save the drive. dunno if i'll be able to afford it, kinda behind on my bills and i have a tux to pay for next month
but i did just get a raise so that'll help
bills > toys
@TylerShads yes
@tylershads what's your opinion on PNY ram? newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820178335
Don't have an issue w their flash drives
kingston, g.skill, crucial are all good too
@TylerShads true
g.skill is more expensive though, probably for a better cas
2:48 PM
i'm looking at these. which one do you think you'd go with? newegg.com/Product/…
There's not much difference here other than brand, so I would honeslty go with the PNY one. I've never had a bad stick of RAM.
@TylerShads okey dokey
so, when i get bills and everything fixed i'll be upgrading my laptop for epicness
still not sure if it'll run diablo 3 though. graphics cards are my weak spot in hardware knowledge
honestly, if you want a nice beefy game machine, a desktop would be more suitable
but they're expensive...mine was $2k >.>
i like the versatility of a laptop
@TylerShads i know, but i'm jsut not interested in having a desktop at home anymore
then your problem lies in your graphics which aretypically un-upgradeable in a laptop
2:57 PM
and i won't be that heartbroken if i can't play diablo 3
GT 330M should be able to run it in at least low settings
@TylerShads yup. like i said, still not sure if the graphics on the laptop would handle diabo 3. tried to look it up but it's all greek to me
I look in movie's chat room, and y'all are talking about computers. Movies aren't computers, except Tron.
3:00 PM
Ohh, that one too.
Thats what happens when the users are programmers/sysadmins/IT/helpdesk/computer-pokers
@TylerShads i think the site is handling most of hte batman discussion at the moment
I could start talking about gaming, and lose you both
3:02 PM
@TylerShads depends on the kind of gaming
Good gaming
plants vs zombies is a great game
Not Error 37:The Game
the last major title i bought was halo: reach
oh geez
3:07 PM
@TylerShads Hey, I play games.
@TylerShads the hell?
In theory at least, there haven't been many recent releases to entice me. I'm just working through the Ico/Shadow of the Colossus HD release to pass the summertime.
Lies and deceit, you'r ea scifi mod, you just play DnD in the corner and hope that phillip k dick visits you
@DForck42 my friends were bored one night and realized how much they hate reach...so they ate it
@Keen yeah,waiting on Darksiders 2 and lots of indie games.
@TylerShads that's just silly
also, i like reach
My friends are almost as crazy as I am
3:09 PM
i dont' care for the health thing, but the maps are a far cry better than halo 3
I found it meh. I have one friend that hates it, but went and preordered the collectors edition fo 4, even though he hated 3
@TylerShads he hated 3, 3:odst, or reach?
@DForck42 3 and reach
odst was good, did what it was supposed to
@TylerShads ahh
and omfg @Nobby is here /hide
3:10 PM
Hi kids
hey @nobby
How are you oh reputation overlord.
Thought I should poke my head in and see what's goes on in this wretched hive of scum and villainy
That rep score is bizarre - guess I have too much down time
of course, you catch us at the one time where we're not talking about either movies or the site itself :P
3:12 PM
@TylerShads lmao, yeah
Normally, its just the mods and @Keen pretends to like us
@nobby nice rep cap, looks like you've done it thrice now
Also, I can tell from your answers you're very on the fence with how TDKR went.
@TylerShads heresy!!!!!!1!11!
Not entirely :P
3:18 PM
OK - I'm back. Sorry. My IP has crapped out - switching today.
@Nobby fun
Oh, and don't talk to me about TDKR... LOL
tyler was accusing you of being a heretic
Not heresy, opinionated
Its a great end, but that doesn't mean its not without its faults.
It just blows my mind that so many folks think it's an amazing film - I like to think I know a little about great films - perhaps I've deluded myself all this time :D
3:20 PM
@Nobby i haven't been calling it amazing
Perhaps I'm still exhausted from ragging on Prometheus ;)
very good, yes, but not mind blowing amazing
No, not you guys - I mean in general.
@Nobby that's what i figured
the problem is that people has no sense of proportionality with their words anymore
I think it's a damn good effort at completing the trilogy. Definitely not as good as TDK when it comes to overall story and riddled with holes. But at least there's no emo-bruce dance like a certain other super hero trilogy
The prison Pit is where I have most of my problems.
Anything involving it, really
3:22 PM
Yep - I see words like 'perfect', 'masterpiece' yadda yadda thrown around, and I'd say it is far from it. Good point though Tyler - it does complete the trilogy very nicely.
@TylerShads yeah, it really muddeled the movie
I want to try that coconut, water and push-up training regime.
@Nobby lmao
But honestly, that's what I wanted. I wanted Nolan to finish it, and do it well. And he accomplished that. I feel that Ledger's death severely crippled that story both with the expectation of his role and the fact that he couldn't use the Joker again.
@TylerShads yeah, it really did
it drew a nice little box around the movie and said "nope, can't go here again"
3:24 PM
True, but Nolan also crippled the film by making Bane such a neutered dog. I get that Joker wasn't going to be topped, but this character development was very dull.
He captured his cruelty well, but could've done so much more with him
Like a motive. A real motive. Even a non-motive like Joker...
i really enjoyed the first fight scene, where selina led him to bane
when the background music stopped, or at least when you finally notice it, it tells you that shit just got real
@DForck42 That was well done
i was like "oh shit, they really are goign to break his back"
3:26 PM
and as far as a motive, while it makes sense with the twist, at the same time, the twist doesn't make sense due to his blind loyalty.
I agree - which made the second fight a bit silly.
I found it silly only because it wasn't isolated.
but when they get into the building and he just starts pounding on him, that was great
i did think it was great that he got stabbed
A literal back-stabbing.
but they should have played that up more, because by the time he got to the bomb it was like "wait, i'm bleeding? no i'm not!"
oh, and did anyone notice that he killed the truck driver?
3:28 PM
Oh man - I have to go - would love to stay and chat but I've got two little kids climbing all over so it must be Dora the Explorer time... I'll look out for the chat room again - cheerio chaps.
and thalia?
I do love how he traveled from (supposedly) south africa to gotham (which is assumed to be NY) in a day
@Nobby have fun with that :D
@DForck42 I noted in a question that he killed Dent, and someone pointed out he technically killed Ra's as well.
Fun ain't the word
@TylerShads i honestly dont think he did. remember, this movie spans 3 months
@DForck42 but when he finally gets out, its about 1 day before the bomb is set to blow
implied, at least
3:30 PM
@TylerShads unless you consider that his timeline isn't a direct correlation of the timeline with gotham
there's only two real spots where the timelines converge on the tv
well at one point it says "day 84", then sometime after he breaks the tv
after that it's individual contest
@TylerShads hmm
you have seen it more than me
but anyway, i realyl don't care to poke big holes in movies
i enjoyed it, and that's what ultimately matters to me
oh i know, but when the point of discussion comes up, im going to discuss it :p
I can name a few giant holes in TDK but it still remains one of my favorite movies
@TylerShads i think people's favorite is when he says the girl and leaves the joker in the room
@DForck42 oh yes, GLARING
hell, there's a giant one in the first 10 mintues
3:35 PM
@TylerShads it's a movie
i swear there are a couple of questions up that i really want to answer with that
Every analysis question
@TylerShads no, just the ones that are about plot holes or about things being possible
there's a difference between wanting to understand a character, and questioning how something is possible in the context of reality
i suppose
this is the one i want to say it to the most
Q: Why doesn't Bane just detonate the bomb?

CasebashWhy does Bane talk about giving Gotham to the people if he intends to blow it all up. Why doesn't he just detonate the bomb right away?

it's a movie, it'd be boring ot jsut blow up gotham and be done with it
I can defend it this way: If Bane's true intention is to just destroy gotham, he would have, the Joker, would have.
tbh, i dont like your question here because it seems too...discussy
Q: Evidence for and against the ending of Dark Knight Rises

DForck42I've heard a few people mention that the ending of Dark Knight Rises, where Alfred sees Bruce and Selina at the bistro in Italy, was just a dream. When I watched it I thought it was really happening. What evidence is there for and against this being real/imaginary?

i might be being very critical, however
maybe flourish it with "has nolan commented on it" type of deal
3:41 PM
@TylerShads i'll close it, but only if we close this one
Q: In Prometheus, is Meredith Vickers a human or android?

Evik JamesWhile I was watching Prometheus this weekend, I initially thought that Meredith Vickers was an android, like David. They never made it perfectly clear that she was or wasn't human. They did hint at both though. 1) Peter Weyland, the old trillionaire, did say that she was his daughter. He could ...

good point :P
I guess its just the way its worded that dissuades me vs the android one
Again, I'm probably just being an ass XD
Just as we're talking about the stabbing
@TylerShads heheh
Almost had a big fat spoiler in the title
@TylerShads huh?
4:03 PM
bruce stabbed by miranda
@TylerShads ahh, it didnt' post to the room yet
Admittedly, I'm as guilty as anyone else when it comes to posting questions that are just extensions of my own pettiness when it comes to plotholes.
It can make for some interesting answers and content at times
True, and I do love a good discussion - but most of them are not a good fit for the site... or are they? Dun Dun dahhh.
if its pure discussion, no. Analysis is murky like that.
we haven't had anything outstanding that is terrible at least
4:11 PM
Q: How did Batman survive when he was stabbed?

Vijin PaulrajNear the end of The Dark Knight Rises, Batman was stabbed by Miranda. After a while Batman took his bat and flew away to detonate the bomb. Then at the end of the movie he was at the dinning table with Selina Kyle. How does it possible to Batman to survive when he was strongly stabbed by Miranda?

This discussion links back to: meta.movies.stackexchange.com/questions/508/…
aye, waiting to see what they have to say after this recent one
@TylerShads i've already pestered annalear about it, someone else's turn?
@DForck42 it'll be 6-8 weeks, like everything else
oh god epic rap battles is on spotify, time for some awkward eyes towards my desk
@TylerShads lmao
4:25 PM
Ahh, this connection is killing me.
What do you have?
@Nobby heh
I have to use Rogers (being stuck in Ottawa) but I'm switching to Bell, whom I have heard are equally crap, but cheaper.
It's doing my head in because I'm trying to upload a screener but the IP keeps crashing so it never goes through. But enough of my woes :)
and I thought american internet was bad
or are you just in a part that sucks
4:28 PM
i'm in the overlook hotel, participating with the writers
@Nobby - I know what you mean about plot-hole questions. I watched 'in time' over the weekend (and regretted it, a truly awful movie) - and it has a massive plot hole in it - but a question about it would almost be pointless.
All work and no play makes DForck42 a dull boy...
@iandotkelly i like that movie
That said - I still stand by my comment on the meta site about deciding what what more important - quality or traffic.
what plot hole are you talking about?
4:30 PM
Seriously .... oh well.... it was ok up until the point that he goes on the run
When he has 105 years on his clock, bets 250 years - and has 20 second left
@Nobby From a business perspective, Traffic is what matters to SE. Whereas a community standpoint, quality is better. We individually try to ensure that everything has some resemblance of quality. Though I do wish to nuke identify with a passion, it attracts new users.
@iandotkelly dafuq
@TylerShads It almost warrants a new site "Plot holes and Continuity Snafus'
@Nobby area51.stackexchange.com
I tried there - the ones I joined died quickly.
they need to release this A52 thing soon, just taking a look at the fornt page and they have at least 10 sites in beta for almost 2 years...
4:35 PM
@TylerShads yeah
honestly i think the problem is that, they're completely hands off with a new beta site
which, imho, is the opposite of what they need to be doing
if literature had gotten some resemblance of support from the top, it would probably still be open
I believe it
@DForck42 Agreed
the site actually picked up when they started the contests
but after they stopped traffic plummeted, and never picked back up
4:38 PM
People like free stuff
I would love to give out prizes for Totw, but don't have the funds myself.
@TylerShads yeah, same here
@DForck42 - I agree too - but its not a bad business model they have here - the community propose sites, staff them, use them - some live some die - they don't have to pay many people - a problem with loss making startups
@iandotkelly i'm not saying that they need to have extreme oversight, but it's none-existant, until these self-evals started
Yeah, and what exact purpose are the self evals?
For us to make sure we're moderating the site to ap oint where we're proud of every piece of content?
4:40 PM
@iandotkelly so that we can annihilate self qna questions? ;-)
We know what is right and wrong about the site - far more than the analysis of a few random questions
Q: How long did it take Bruce to recover?

chuacwIn Dark Knight Rises, after Bane defeated Batman, he snapped Batman's spine, or at least sprained it seriously. In the pit, we see someone push his spine (or something) back in. How long did Batman spend in the pit (in order for him to recover)? The pit wasn't mentioned as Lazarus pit, was it? ...

Like this one? @DForck42
Q: What is Scott Pilgrim's motivation for fighting Gideon the second time?

TylerShadsAfter his demise to Gideon towards the end of the movie. Scott is trapped in the deserted sub-space world, left to contemplate his mistakes for, seemingly, eternity. However, he suddenly remembers that he has an extra life that grants him a do-over of his failures. The question here is why? ...

@iandotkelly And it's not like we're asleep at the wheel. Maybe not as active as SO mods, but we're pretty damn good at catching things while all being in the same time zone
Though, you 2 are an hour behind me, if I got my zones right
I am in Eastern
DForck42 is in Central
where you are is still eastern? hm
4:46 PM
FWIW - I think they would be better served giving us some actual oversight - maybe a staff member for 2-3 days a month - to get to see how the site works, how we moderate, suggest improvements.
Maybe ...... its not that I think we're broken though - more that I think the self evaluation is utterly pointless
I think we have areas of improvement ... many
@iandotkelly yes
Hey, when did @TylerShads - get to over 6k??????
Damn that Dark Knight .....
A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away
4:56 PM
Not seen it yet (going on Friday - could not find babysitters earlier than this)
You'll love it
I hope so - liked the first two
My litmus test for movies and recommending them to people, is my girlfriend.
If she likes it, and its a 'geeky' movie, then anyone will like it
she hates superhero and nerdy-style movies
but she LOVES the batman franchise
Ahh ok
not as much as me, but enough to like them to see them
it was actually her idea for us to see it opening day, 12 hours after I had seen it xD
4:58 PM
@TylerShads nice
I've always liked Batman more than other superhero movies for some reason - never particularly liked Superman
I like the fact that its a bit grittier ... even the Burton era movies
Superman is too clean cut .... too overly nice
@iandotkelly new ones are supposed to be edgier, if i understand correctly
Its also because he is the most believeable super hero out there
True - no super powers
@DForck42 - I hope so
If not edgier, at least an internal struggle of being human.
5:06 PM
@TylerShads yeah
I have confidence in it. Just feel the movie is going to be pointless if they're just going to go and reboot it again for Justice League
Unless this is the start of justice league
"Although Christopher Nolan has been rumored to be director for a Justice League film,[29] Nolan himself wishes to keep the Superman and Batman series individual as he is involved in the making of both the next Batman and Superman films, "
2 hours later…
6:42 PM
Is this question, movies.stackexchange.com/q/3406/297, one for the "long answers" banner? The first answer is not too profound.
@GertArnold i wouldn't say the answer is bad
@Keen what comments?
we only throw that banner on questions that become problems
Or cant be explained by nothing other than references
6:47 PM
@TylerShads Indeed
@TylerShads Maybe I should ask djmadscribbler to elaborate a bit on the coverage in the books.
Wouldnt hurt
@TylerShads You're right, it doesn't :)
7:24 PM

Dear friends of the theater, we will be closing our doors August 19, 2012. It has been great fun serving you the past several years. We have done well with the theater, operating longer and with more success than previous operators in recent history. We have no lack of customers, or shortage of business. It is simply timing.

The upcoming transition to digital projection w...ould require both a significant financial investment, and a legal commitment to operate in this building for several years. We have had ongoing issues with both the run-down facility and the manage
dunno which is worse, that or having an independent theatre selling out
@TylerShads both?
Our one theatre used to be that after 4pm, no one under 18 was allowed in. Made for an amazing atmosphere
@TylerShads neat
Until they got bought out by Rave motion pictures, prices soard by 500% and now is a shit hole to all the prosti-tots
7:34 PM
@TylerShads fun
Not at all, it had the adverse effect of getting the surrounding stores closed because people stopped shopping there due to all the idiot kids hanging around
only things that are open now are a pancheros and applebees
used to have a few awesome music stores, a borders and some other family run businessess
@TylerShads sarcasm
that sucks though
and now it will happen to you. The street rats will come, the bodies will burn, the sky, filled with the lament of the silverbourne. The end of the world, was never so bittersweet.
@TylerShads they're shutting down completely
Whats sad is I bet there will be a big brand name theatre that they were trying to get to buy them out but instead waited for them to close to get the building cheap
7:45 PM
this is the... third... theatre in that spot
i doubt anyone will be interested in that spot anymore
building manager f**ed themselves
oh wow, is it building 13? :p
@TylerShads huh?
oh, the theatre, right
i dunno, i think the building manager/owner just sucks to be honest
wouldnt surprise me
from the sounds of it they've had a hell of a time with the property
it's part of a strip mall in a smaller town 8 miles north of the capital city
is the area bad?
7:56 PM
@TylerShads nope, nice area
there's not a lot to attract people though
ah, i see
chinese restaurant, country restaurant, curves, dollar general, couple of video stores, tanning booth
nothing overly compelling
looks like DKR just barely squeezed our TDK by 2 mill for opening weekend
The shooting didn't exactly help
no it didn't
how many shows were skipped?
not sure on that, but pulling of advertising plus peple just scared to go
8:03 PM
@TylerShads yeah
dont't hink it mad a $47 million dollar difference though
I beg to differ
at the very least, it cost them about 10mil
I find it sickening that twilight, spiderman3 all beat iron man 2
@TylerShads heheh
are these numbers adjusted for current $?
@TylerShads i believe so
would be interesting tos ee how old movies would stand up if theatres were as popular/accessable as today
@TylerShads from my understanding theatre patronage has been on a decrease for the most part
couldnt tell from the numbers
gotta be related to digital services/ticket prices
8:11 PM
@TylerShads yes
and quality
Though, most good films are ignored box office wise
fight club, donnie darko, etc
8:48 PM
Q: Why does cheryl change her name often?

MorpheusIn Archer season 1 why does Cheryl (shown below) change her name quite frequently? She goes by Carol, Carina, Crystal etc. in the first few episodes.


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