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12:00 PM
@pixel What do you have against horizontal lines?
Some of my best friends are horizontal lines.
Nothing against horizontal lines, it was more of a gap containing the word(s) that would get me flagged
"Our support department is full of cupcakes" Awesome
yes, that's exactly what I was thinking
I love this game.
"Our support department is full of eagles"
Eagles, definitely not, they had the case sat with them for a week, the customer complained, I fixed it in 5 minutes
12:04 PM
@badp Isn't Evan Carroll the trolliest troll of all the trolls?
FIXED is the wrong word too, I enabled a sql job
"Our support department is full of @Wipqozn" Oh, how terrible.
in Ask Ubuntu General Room, 2 mins ago, by badp
  _   _     U  ___ u
 | \ |"|     \/"_ \/
<|  \| |>    | | | |
U| |\  |u.-,_| |_| |
 |_| \_|  \_)-\___/_
 ||   \\,-.    \\ (")
 (_")  (_/    (__) "
our support department is full of paper folding robots made out of folded paper
@badp You're such a cool cat.
@OrigamiRobot That sounds like a really competent support department.
I must say it's quite amusing to see all the people who don't realize Evan is just trolling them.
12:09 PM
@Wipqozn We are talking about a support department that didn't check the status of a SQL job
And I'm now certain he's the meta SO troll I was thinking of before.
in Ask Ubuntu General Room, 5 mins ago, by badp
  _   _     U  ___ u
 | \ |"|     \/"_ \/
<|  \| |>    | | | |
U| |\  |u.-,_| |_| |
 |_| \_|  \_)-\___/_
 ||   \\,-.    \\ (")
 (_")  (_/    (__) "
_ _ U ___ u
| \ |"| \/"_ \/
<| \| |> | | | |
U| |\ |u.-,_| |_| |
|_| \_| \_)-\___/_
|| \\,-. \\ (")
(_") (_/ (__) "
I'm so go going to abuse the dancing no!
WEll that didn't work.
12:11 PM
@Wipqozn fail
Q: Are there any mathematical tools to study ''RPG'' video games?

StéphaneLately, I have been interested in the various patterns I see in a genre of video games called ''role-playing'' games. I am analyzing very simple cases at the moment and I was wondering if there are books dedicated to the subject.

Wee, let's play bounce the question!
_ _ U ___ u
±  | \ |"| \/"_ \/
<| \| |> | | | |
U| |\ |u.-,_| |_| |
|_| \_| \_)-\___/_
|| \\,-. \\ (")
(_") (_/ (__) "
lol what
nope. I'm just a failure.
@fbueckert sounds fun
12:12 PM
Oh, wait.
@Wipqozn whitespace should be built up with alt+255
The question... uh, doesn't make much sense. It's really really vague about what sort of "math" he's studying about
Wait a minute... that question was from 10 months ago
Why is it here now?
@fbueckert Migrating a pretty old and crappy question from math to rpg and then to us , one of the worst migrations I've seen
12:15 PM
@MadScientist can it just be deleted?
@Wipqozn Ctrl-K.
@MadScientist Hence my joking about the question getting bounced. :P
Bounced from Math to RPG to Gaming... wonderful
Willie is a Math mod
"This comment is not eligible for voting or flagging" O_o I've never seen that.
@FAE Already deleted, probably
12:17 PM
@FAE I think I've seen that when it got deleted.
@MadScientist Ah, apparently yes.
this is why migrations should need to be approved by a mod on the target site.
@Wipqozn This happens in practice most of the time
If I'm in the middle of burning a tag, and there is one question left on said tag which was closed as off topic/not constructive/just generally closed and there isn't another suitable target tag to change it to, is it correct to retag it as or flag it asking for the question to be deleted?
In the moderators' room that most emphatically doesn't exist there's a bot that doesn't also exist. It pings all the mods of a given site on request. It's been made just for this kind of stuff
12:22 PM
@pixel Just post it in here.
10k+ users can delete questions, and there's normally enough of us in here to handle it.
Q: Are there any game crossovers?

ripper234I just found Wii Fishing (through an excellent episode of The Big Bang Theory), and a thought popped into my head - What if, while playing World of Warcraft, you could somehow play a subgame of Wii Fishing? So, a game crossover is a combination or embedding of a game within another game. I don't...

Q: Whats the best way to remove stickers from a game case?

Mr. ShickadanceThose annoying stickers that retailers like to place on game boxes, even if they are new. They become annoying and eventuall stick to other cases. So, what is the best method for removing these? Goo-gone? Heat gun? Windex?

@pixel This one needs 4 delete votes because it has such a high score :/
@StrixVaria my response to this breaks my new 'dont care about policy conversations' rule
@StrixVaria Surely a delete vote from you and me should be enough. After all, we're Wipqozn and Strix! If we think something should be deleted the site should just agree with us.
There's my implicit counter-delete vote :P
12:25 PM
@pixel It's not policy so much as just a built in part of the delete system. The more upvotes something has, the more delete votes are required to make it go away.
sp you need 5,000,000 more
@StrixVaria I know that, my response to that regardless would have broken my rule
It's part of the super sekkrit Make Wipqozn's Life Miserable button
It's usually only a problem when site policy changes.
@badp Is it next to the Ban Gnomeslice button?
@Wipqozn That one's on chat
12:34 PM
Oh wow
IRL Minecraft Jungle Tree:
@QAdley You should punch it for wood.
@Wipqozn No, you should climb the vines to the top and mine it from top to bottom
@QAdley use lighter to burn it down!
@QAdley Oh, right. Silly me.
@QAdley I saw that series of pics earlier today. There are some really nice ones in there.
12:36 PM
@PatrickStalder Flint and Steel
@QAdley Yeah even better.
@FAE Yeah, although I swear I've seen some pre-2012
@pixel You should take a break from the mass retagging for a bit. Give the front page some time to recover.
guys, one question: shouldn't be burninated?
12:39 PM
@Kappei This has come up before
@QAdley ok, that's why I asked
I think the consensus was that it was an acceptable subclass of minecraft questions, in which it's possible to have expertise, and be the basis of filtering
You could be interested in Minecraft, but not redstone, for example
Or Minecraft, but only redstone.
@QAdley Like me!
isn't redundant to have both tags in a question then?
@FAE Exactly. It has 26 followers.
If you leave off the master tag, people who are interested in all MC questions, including redstone, would miss it. You don't want people having to subscribe to every subtag for a game to get all the questions.
12:43 PM
right, it's a matter of research... ok, well, thanks for the answer
Oh snap
> Many FPS players are used to pool-type ammunition systems (e.g. in Left 4 Dead), which refill the current magazine directly out of an unsegregated pool of bullets. Arma 2 uses a more realistic magazine system. 19 You can only change magazines; you cannot refill them. When you reload, you place the fullest available magazine into the gun.
I've been wondering about that!
I just thought I was crazy, or the game was glitching
Hmmm, but in RL you can refill magazines, though it would probably take much longer than just swapping them, right?
I love that... "Game isn't working as I expected. Must be a bug."
@YiJiang I have no idea. I'm not a gun expert.
I want to file a lawsuit over the mental anguish I feel every time I hear about a stupid lawsuit.
12:58 PM
> The theater. Karpel claims it was negligent for the theater to have an emergency door in the front that was not alarmed or guarded. It's widely believed Holmes entered the theater with a ticket, propped the emergency door open from inside, went to his car and returned with guns.
Wouldn't he be allowed to enter with guns anyway?
I'm not all that familiar with American law, but aren't you guys super crazy about being able to bring your guns with you anywhere?
Also, @Sterno:
Q: Why will I not always be able to fully reload my weapon?

WipqoznSometimes when I go to reload my weapon it won't be fully reloaded, and instead will only be partially refilled (i.e. I can only have 2-bullets in my Makarov even though it can hold up to 8). I originally thought this was just a bug, but it seems to happen quite a lot. Why will I not always be a...

In case you didn't know.
@Wipqozn People don't have to let you have guns on their property if they don't want you to. Plus, assault rifles aren't legal
The only possible reason why they might be able to sue for that is if it's in violation of some fire code that might require the door to be alarmed I think
@Sterno I'm pretty sure they are.
THen again, I don't know much about American laws.
@Wipqozn Not if they're fully automatic
@Sterno Oh, so semi-automatic are fine?
1:00 PM
Didn't the news report that all four guns he used were purchased legally?
@YiJiang I believe so, yes.
The Federal Assault Weapons Ban (AWB) (or Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act) was a subtitle of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, a federal law in the United States that included a prohibition on the manufacture for civilian use of certain semi-automatic firearms, so called "assault weapons". There was no legal definition of "assault weapons" in the U.S. prior to the law's enactment. The 10-year ban was passed by Congress on September 13, 1994, and was signed into law by President Bill Clinton the same day. The ban only applied to weapons m...
> The Federal Assault Weapons Ban expired on September 13, 2004, as part of the law's sunset provision. There have been multiple attempts to renew the ban,[1] but no bill has reached the floor for a vote.
I may be wrong. I know my dad had a M16 a few years ago that was only legal when it wasn't fully automatic
But maybe that was a Wisconsin law rather than a federal law
Actually, maybe that was just prior to the ban expiration in 2004
@Sterno Most likely. 8 years really isn't that long in the grand scheme of things.
But regardless of whether or not they're legal, the theater can still say "no guns in here!"
@Sterno Okay, I was unaware of that.
I was under the impression that businesses had no right to do that.
1:04 PM
Schools, hospitals, and just about every government building ban them too
one thing I do know is I think you Americans are crazy with your guns. Just saying.
I own many guns, and somehow I've managed to avoid shooting myself or others!
@Sterno There are people with concealed weapon permits who are allowed to bring guns anywhere. The laws on that vary by state, I think.
The permits themselves vary by state
Some states you can just carry by default
Indiana I need a permit (which I have, though I never actually carry)
Wisconsin I don't need a permit at all
Although Wisconsin might be open carry.
It gets kind of ridiculously convoluted
Anyways, as I was saying:
13 mins ago, by Wipqozn
> The theater. Karpel claims it was negligent for the theater to have an emergency door in the front that was not alarmed or guarded. It's widely believed Holmes entered the theater with a ticket, propped the emergency door open from inside, went to his car and returned with guns.
I can see an argument for that.
1:11 PM
From what I'm reading, it sounds like a private business can say they restrict firearms, but it gets a little muddy if you want to try to legally challenge it.
although I assume if it was alarmed people would then complain about that.
It seems like a theater would alarm or guard the door to prevent people from sneaking in without paying, not the expectation that they're protecting against a massacre
It could be considered a breach in security.
I mean, if he'd come in the front, the shooting would have just started in the lobby instead. I'm not sure I see how it really helps
Other than, obviously, it helps the people in that theater room vs the lobby
With that said, if there are no laws they're not required to either alarm or guard the door he doesn't have a case but it would be a good reason to implement such a law.
1:14 PM
a business can decide who it wants to do business with. It can deny services to the shirtless and the gun-toting. It can't send you to jail for that though
@DavidB Indeed.
@DavidB businesses can't just deny business to anyone they want.
There are a limited number of reasons you can deny service to someone.
@Sterno That's true.
no Wipqozn. this is a free country. business's are free to not sell you something
@DavidB Unless it's deemed discriminatory (race, sexual orientation, etc)
hiring can't discriminate. but selling might be able to... I dunno
1:17 PM
@DavidB I don't think so
Q: Why will I not always be able to fully reload my weapon?

WipqoznSometimes when I go to reload my weapon it won't be fully reloaded, and instead will only be partially refilled (i.e. I can only have 2-bullets in my Makarov even though it can hold up to 8). I originally thought this was just a bug, but it seems to happen quite a lot. Why will I not always be a...

Q: How many fetish are summoned with Fetish Army

NachoI can't find how many fetishes are summoned when you cast Fetish Army. Is it random each time they're summoned? Does it depend on the caster level? Do they actually have limited life, or are they invincible the time they last?

We need RandomLegalBullshit.SE
I stand corrected... selling may not discriminate
Anyway, the part of the suit that really bugged me was against the movie itself for being too violent
but it still can be rule driven
1:18 PM
@Sterno yeah, that was just stupid.
@DavidB they can't discriminate against protected groups
Honestly, I'd really love RandomLegalBullshit.SE
@Sterno who would be the experts?
Every lawyer ever! From every country, state and municipality, since it would differ!
1:22 PM
@Sterno who would be the experts who would actually want to visit the site?
that site still couldn't tell you the Wisconsin carry licensing rules
question would be closed, too localized
@DavidB Clearly we need Wisconsin.SternosHomeTown.Legal.SE
@DavidB No.
That's not what too localized means.
oh? ok
A: What questions should be closed with reason "too localized"?

Joel Spolsky"Too localized" should be used for very tiny geographic regions or vanishingly small periods of time. It is used when a question cannot possibly be answered because nobody participating in the site is likely to know the answer, and even if it were answered, nobody else would care. For me, the ca...

1:26 PM
so Wisconsin doesn't qualify as tiny geographic area in humorous responses?
Don't go knocking the Dairy State!
Enough people misunderstand Too Localized that it's impossible to tell whether you're being serious or you're just poking fun at others.
Poe's law, named after its author Nathan Poe, is an Internet adage reflecting the fact that without a clear indication of the author's intent, it is difficult or impossible to tell the difference between sincere extremism and an exaggerated parody of extremism. The law and its meaning Poe's law states: The core of Poe's law is that a parody of something extreme by nature becomes impossible to differentiate from sincere extremism. A corollary of Poe's law is the reverse phenomenon: sincere fundamentalist beliefs being mistaken for a parody of that belief. A further corollary, the Poe Par...
context is : RandomLegalBullshit.SE, and you can't tell that's humorous in intent.. strange
@DavidB And ignored.
so strange that I feel trolled
1:31 PM
Man, we haven't had any flags in The Bridge in ages.
@Sterno There was a flag this weekend just gone by.
There were a few flags in fact.
@StrixVaria I'm so glad to see someone who knows how to use the "Ignore All" button.
More of our users need to learn to use that with people they don't get along with.
@Wipqozn I tried it once. It gets annoying because you see half of the conversation when they're talking to other people.
Lawyers aren't allowed to answer questions on the internet.
Ethics issues.
@Sterno I can imagine it does.
@Wipqozn I would star this without the caption.
1:35 PM
Any minecraft people around?
Need to run something past you as I write up What To Do About .
Is there any instance in which a question tagged and should not be tagged ?
@Sterno Yeah I tend to eventually un-ignore people with the feature and start trying to do it mentally if they get involved in an argument or something.
1:36 PM
@StrixVaria There you go.
@LessPop_MoreFizz No.
@StrixVaria Okay then. Off I go!
@LessPop_MoreFizz There is such a thing as cmp.
Creative multiplayer instead of survival multiplayer.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Just so you know, as of 1.3 (August 1st) SMP and SSP will be identical, as when playing a single player game it just runs a server privately.
@StrixVaria Oh snap! StrixVaria is technically correct. The best kind of correct.
1:38 PM
@RonanForman So... the entire tag will be obsolete in a week's time? Or do we still need to keep the latter tag?
We should probably use something like instead of specifying smp or cmp.
@YiJiang Well they'll be no bugs or features assigned to only one, and the anything else will be to do with any multiplayer game (such as port forwarding, server boxes etc.)
@StrixVaria I agree with this.
Actually, they'll still be questions about server mods...
1:41 PM
@RonanForman So ?
@StrixVaria I think so.
@StrixVaria well, you minecraft people need to sort out your own tag-garden then because it sounds like you've got issues.
The point is:
A: Player Two Press Burninate? Should we keep the [Multiplayer] tag?

LessPop_MoreFizzCOMMENCING BURNINATION. multiplayer - this tag is scheduled for burnination. However, there are a few special caveats: DO NOT remove this tag from any questions which are also tagged as mass-effect-3. There will be a request to rename multiplayer to mass-effect-3-multiplayer at t...

So now we also need a synonym.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I agree with your post and we can sort out the minecraft mess later.
1:46 PM
I should play some DayZ when I get home. I haven't played in quite some time.
woohoo. Yum Heart. Now I'm Emo Maggie.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I dunno what's the point for the minecraft change given what @RonanForman pointed out
The day where Minecraft and Minecraft-SMP merge is scheduled to be August 1st
I'll edit it now.
I'm not sure if that's true or not, but it's funny all the same.
> Special case to special case: For questions tagged , if the question is about running a minecraft server should be tagged .
2:14 PM
@Sterno bleh
Q: Can SCVs repair allied Protoss units?

Nick122In team games can SCVs, which can repair any mechanical structures a Terran has, repair Protoss units?

Q: Can Terran Medivacs heal allied units?

Nick122Can Terran Medivacs heal allied units? Can they heal Zerg units or Protoss units aside from themselves?

2:28 PM
@RonanForman do we only do questions about running Minecraft servers?
@badp I can't think of any other questions tagged with both minecraft and multiplayer that will still need a multiplayer tag other than running a server.
Anything about playing on one will be irrelevant next week.
Seth Rogers on July 23, 2012

The quality of the Q&A on Stack Overflow continues to outshine any other on the Internet – thanks to the awesome community. Like any community, unspoken rules eventually become expectations. In the previous post in this series, Joel talks about how the community developed its own set of rules and norms that new recruits simply don’t know about. When a new comer walks into the group and puts her hand up for a high-five and gets chastised by the group because they don’t give high-fives, she walks away embarrassed with head hanging low. That’s unfortunate. …

Oh, they used human to evaluate the friendliness. Well, that's one way to do things I suppose
@YiJiang Is there another? We haven't exactly invented computers that can understand human emotions in context
Well, they could do keyword matching or search for certain sentence structures
But that would be difficult to account for things like spelling and non-native speakers
2:42 PM
woo! Killed Mom with no hits taken + white heart untouched!
@YiJiang the real problem is that context is important for identifying snark
@badp congrats
@badp You're all about the matricide.
Ah yes, computers are wonderful at detecting sarcasm
@Sterno She never really dies
Anyone have the blog post about it being okay, and encouraged, to self-answer? >_>
2:44 PM
@Fluttershy Encyclopedia Stack Exchange
Joel Spolsky on May 21, 2012

Remember this old picture?

What’s that “Blog” circle supposed to be about, you ask? WHERE’S THE BLOGGING?

Since Stack Overflow launched, we’ve been trying to explain that it’s not just a Q&A platform: it’s also a place where you can publish things that you’ve learned: recipes, FAQs, HOWTOs, walkthroughs, and even bits of product documentation, as long you format it as a question and answer.

As Jeff wrote:

if you have a question that you already know the answer to …

Q: What are the best ways to lose a zombie?

AllovWhen starting up, you have no weapon and no mean to defeat zombies at all. Are there ways to lose a zombie aggro or multiple zombies, even?

Q: How can I get a lot of wool in Minecraft: XBox 360 Edition?

WikwocketI am embarking on a construction project that will require hundreds and hundreds of blocks of colored wool. Thus far, after all my adventuring, I have about 70. Is there a way I can practically mass-produce wool? I don't want to have to roam around looking for 500 sheep. Sheep seem to spawn and ...

@YiJiang Thanks!
Should I explore the entirety of Womb XL now that I've killed the Heart or go straight to the Cathedral
@badp do you have map or compass?
I've got 8.5/9 hearts, no blue hearts and 1/4th yum heart
I've already done the secret room
2:54 PM
@badp is there an arcade?
Just the curse room
@badp how about the hidden room?
I only have 5 bombs
I count more than a dozen possible spots
We should probably get rid of this:
@badp I would say explore if you think you can do so without losing much health
2:55 PM
Q: PC voice chat software

Bill AyakatubbyWhat are some voice-chat programs that people using when playing multi-player games on the PC? Since it will be used for multiplayer games, it needs to have a low latency, a small impact on my bandwidth (or ping) and should allow talking through a hotkey, rather than continuously streaming my au...

@badp have you beaten Sheol with whoever you're using?
This is Eve - if I get Isaac I unlock the polaroid
Also I should decide whether or not to swap the Fork for the Tick
@badp which level are you on?
nevermind, saw that
if it's just the hidden room go for the cathedral
the best you could get is an eternal heart
Well I'm one room away from 9/9 + 2 spirit hearts
(that may be useful depending on your setup)
3:06 PM
Sigh. I had to find the bad trip pill now
Now I want another dammit!
@Kappei I once got one of the rooms full of hearts while I had a temperance card. That was pretty useful
@badp do you have a temperance card?
Honestly I've found already a blood donation machine and it gave me the blood bag at the first try
Right now I hold a range down pill
you know they stack, right?
3:08 PM
Waiting to become a range up pill once in the cathedral
@badp wait, that happens?
@Kappei They stack? What does?
@murgatroid99 Bad pills become good
@badp blood bags
@Kappei I know, but here the blood bag costs one heart per use
@murgatroid99 didn't you know?
3:09 PM
So if I found another bad trip pill I'd be golden vs isaac
@badp why?
@Kappei I might have read it somewhere, but I didn't remember. I don't think I've ever brought a bad pill into the cathedral
The good version of bad trip is full health.
@badp wow, I didn't know that
even if it wasn't - bad trip turns into full health when you're down to 1 heart
aha! a spirit heart.
3:12 PM
@badp watch out, it's 1/2 heart, not 1
It'll be once I pick it up
at the end of the level
3:29 PM
so... fork or itch?
Taking 15% health off Isaac wouldn't suck
I still only can take 10... maybe 11 hits
@badp I would go with the tick. When you're in the fight, you won't have much chance to heal up with the fork
tick for me too
I got absolutely destroyed in this room
Down to 4 hearts, 5 after pickups
6 with the tick
7 with the yum heart
@badp what monsters did you get?
3:35 PM
I don't even remember now
Aw, this is a bad moment to drop the horn
I just realized I'm the Top User for the tag:dayz tag. Hot dog I'm handsome.
nope. I'm just a failure. - 3h ago by Wipqozn
@murgatroid99 wtf is going on? o.O
@Koviko badp is playing Binding of Isaac
@murgatroid99 Ah, okay.
3:43 PM
so I ended up exploring the whole place
I have 4½ hearts. gg
oh and the range down pill is still a range down pill
I'll have to use... LARGE WINDOW.
Q: Are there different types of zombies?

OrigamiRobotSome zombies stand upright and some are crawling around on all fours. Aside from aesthetics, is there any difference between these zombies? Are there other zombie types I haven't seen?

Q: How can I get around Agartha more quickly?

LessPop_MoreFizzGetting around in Agartha sucks. Sure, the various Solomon Island zones are varying degrees of convenient, but getting to the portals for Egypt is a hike, and Transylvania may as well be in, well, Transylvania. Getting back to the city portals is easy enough (just fall), but heading back out int...

@badp large window?
to slow down the game as much as possible
cough cheater cough
If I was a cheater I'd just edit memory and give myself epic fetus or technology 2 EVERY TIME.
Actually that doesn't sound terribly unfun... I only got to play with them once. :/
3:57 PM
Question! Is there any real reason to tag DayZ questions with ? I realize that Arma 2 is required to play DayZ, but... I kind of think DayZ is popular enough on its own to not require the separate tag.
The game's too busy giving me stupid crap instead
@Fluttershy Agreed. It's different enough from the base game I suppose to warrant not being tagged with the original game
@badp a couple of days ago I saw an amazing combo: polymepheus + technology creates a giant laser that kills most things in one hit
It's not the same as wrath of the lamb, which is an expansion pack more than a whole new game on the same engine
@murgatroid99 :(
The nicest find of this latest game was the parasite for the price of one container heart and trascendence later in the game in a secret room

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