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1:09 AM
Q: Who are not included in paap or punya system?

DevangPaap and puniya system is applicable to Humans being because we have the power of reasoning. So does that mean that who doesn't have power of reasoning are not judged in this system? For example - Animals, there are carnivorous animals they kill other animals for their survival. Killing other is...

3 hours later…
4:26 AM
As reviewed here, there are currently 147 questions which have only one tag in addition to the mythology tag. So, if mythology tag will be removed, those question will left with only one tag. In order to be sure that those 147 questions are properly tagged what we need to do is:
Go thorough each of 147 questions and add the relevant tags if possible and required.
Run this query and notice the questions with counttags=2 (third column).
Note that this doesn't mean that there must be no question left with counttags=2 i.e we will add tags to those question anyhow. What we need to do is go through those questions and look if any relevant tags can be added. If yes, then add it and if no then just leave that question as it is.
Once we will be sure that those questions are now ok, we can inform CM that we are now ready to burninate the tag.
4:46 AM
@Archit Nice answer! But a similar question was asked before too. In that case we should caste close vote as dupe!
2 hours later…
6:23 AM
Q: Best book with all Shlokas, Stotras?

HinduKidBest book/website(etc) with all Shlokas, Stotras and other songs..etc.. with their meaning in Sanskrit, Hindi, Kannada Or English..compilation of prayers of various Gods.

6:34 AM
Similar was asked?
Y'all use this comment whenever someone asks a question here?
You did not google this? — Wikash_ 4 mins ago
The question has 27k views in 6 years...
7:36 AM
@TheLittleNaruto oh ya I just saw a similar one was asked good it was closed
7:52 AM
@jokerdino haha
He might not have noticed that
@Archit Yeah!
Welcome back @Zanna How are things?!
8:06 AM
@TheLittleNaruto very good thanks! How about you?
@Zanna Yeah doing well! Thanks :)
Are you in India or UK?
@jokerdino btw I have flagged that message as unkind/unfriendly.
@TheLittleNaruto thanks for that
It's still a bizarre comment to make.
no problem :)
If everyone can Google their question, we won't have a need for any of these Q&A sites then.
Yeah right
8:13 AM
Besides, that question was made when the site was in private beta if I am not wrong.
I wasn't part of the site during private beta phase. So I am not sure.
Just trying to help create whatever content possible.
Yeah it is possible since the question is 6 years old and the site itself is 7 years
@jokerdino We are thankful to all the users who participated during private beta and made it possible to public beta. :)
Hope we will make it to graduation soon :P
It has a decent chance, yeah. Unless you shoo people away to Google haha
@Pandya Namaskar! Thanks for the update! I have checked few questions from top and edited some.
8:23 AM
@jokerdino that question is probably the top hit on Google now
@Zanna :)
my idea of hell is searching for something and finding only instructions to search for it again
@TheLittleNaruto I'm in India :) :) :)
@Zanna yay \0/
Stay safe!
With the intention of improving chatroom activities, I had posted this question: hinduism.meta.stackexchange.com/q/1872/647
Any feedback is appreciated!
If you already did not notice, please check the room info ^^
8:50 AM
oh the chat has to be on topic?
9:40 AM
@Zanna Yeah as much as possible! :)
10:35 AM
@Zanna That doesn't mean you should stop talking lol
@TheLittleNaruto Thanks :)
@jokerdino The comment has been deleted :)
@Pandya thanks!
10:51 AM
@jokerdino Btw, do you work at Ubuntu?
I see from the profile that you're developer for unity tweak tool!
@TheLittleNaruto I fear I don't have anything on topic to say!
If I am correctly remembered unity Desktop is discontinued and now Ubuntu integrates GNOME as default.
@Pandya No, just community member
@Pandya unity itself is dead :/
but the default desktop looks just like unity, even though it is GNOME
11:21 AM
@Zanna Btw, GNOME consumes much resources so I usually run KDE and MATE
@Zanna It's Okay! :-)
@Pandya Also please consider posting monthly rewards for previous months.
@TheLittleNaruto Oh! Actually it would be difficult to track the true winners since votes may have changed. (However will try to think of continuing that awards counting available votes)
@Pandya Great thanks! At least talk to other moderators. In case you forget they should be doing it.
Or may be you guys can do it alternatively
That is another good option
@Pandya I can see some good new users who are actively participating in chatroom and of course in main site too. This monthly reward will sure motivate them....
So I feel we should continue this..
2 hours later…
1:47 PM
@Pandya I've been a MATE user for years, but had to get a new laptop recently and since then I've been using Lubuntu
@Zanna Lxqt?
That may well be the name of some part of the system yes
very minimal desktop
Looks like a window desktop
2:15 PM
@Zanna Yes but sometimes I don't find cooler themes/fonts/colors with particular DE e.g. I tried Cinnamon but I didn't like it.
@TheLittleNaruto bhartiyadarshan.wordpress.com no longer exists :(
2:34 PM
@Pandya I love the MATE themes
2 hours later…
4:47 PM
Q: Do all followers of Ramakrishna Order take Puranic stories allegorically?

sv.This answer says: All these Puranic stories are taken from the book 'Hindu Gods and Goddesses' by Swami Harshananda. Swami Harshananda of the Ramakrishna Order is an Advaitist and does not take the Puranic stories seriously. The learned Swami gives several views regarding the meaning of the e...

1 hour later…
6:41 PM
Q: Should we close questions asking for "authentic" translations as opinion-based?

sv.Authentic text of Surya Siddhanta English Translation lists several English translations and then asks which among them is "authentic"? Now who is supposed to qualify any particular translation as "authentic"? The user posting the answer? And how do we determine if the user's opinion is valid? ...

7:04 PM
Q: New post lock available on meta sites: Policy Lock

Teresa DietrichWe have just released a new type of post lock on meta sites called the Policy Lock. This lock can only be used by our Community Team, and when applied to a question or answer it will prevent any edits from being made to the post by anyone (including moderators) with the exception of our Community...


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