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7:35 AM
@barbarabeeton they are conjuring something, that I'm very sure of!
1 hour later…
8:38 AM
Any idea why \left \right for curly braces don't seem to work anymore in MathJax? For example $$\left{\frac{1}{2}\right}$$
Is there any alternative?
@SanchayanDutta You need \left\{, with the brace escaped
@JosephWright Aha! That's apparently not a necessity for the ordinary paranthesis. :)
@SanchayanDutta No, because { .. } has special meaning to TeX
Do you also happen to know how to scale $\mid$ and $\nmid$ as per the size of the expression? Using \large doesn't work well
@JosephWright I see, right
$$ B_n = \left \{\begin{pmatrix} a_1 & b_{1,2} & \cdots & b_{1,n} \\ & \ddots & & \vdots \\ & & a_{n-1} & b_{n-1, n} \\ & & & a_n \end{pmatrix} \mid b_{ij} \in K, a_i \in K^\times\right\}$$
I'm trying to scale up the the \mid in the above expression ^
@SanchayanDutta One for @egreg ;)
9:01 AM
Heh, np. I'll wait. Thanks for the help
@SanchayanDutta in latex you could replace \mid by \middle|.
@HaraldHanche-Olsen ooh
9:22 AM
@UlrikeFischer Thanks, gotcha!
@SanchayanDutta I think I have already done it. Let me look.
@SanchayanDutta If $$ means you're doing it in MathJax, no way you can.
@egreg Yes, I was typing up an answer on Math SE using MathJax. Thanks for the help anyway. Ulrike's suggestion should suffice for now!
@SanchayanDutta does \middle work in mathjax?
@UlrikeFischer Yep, it does
@egreg ^^^
10:16 AM
> Possible cancellation of TUG'20

It will not come as a surprise that we have to consider cancelling the conference this year, due to the global virus situation. We don't have to make a final decision just yet about July, so we aren't. We expect to do so by the beginning of May, if circumstances don't dictate an earlier decision.

If the conference is cancelled, all registration fees will be refunded. We do not have the resources to hold an online conference.

Meanwhile, since we understand that no one can reasonably make travel plans at this time, we are pushing the principal conference d
10:34 AM
@UlrikeFischer any thoughts on github.com/latex3/hyperref/issues/141
@DavidCarlisle ooh tally ho
10:50 AM
@DavidCarlisle, @UlrikeFischer (others) Thoughts on ^^^ welcome
11:04 AM
@JosephWright no examples of including metapost postscript? :-)
@DavidCarlisle Hah!
@DavidCarlisle In the UK-TUG lessons, we kept graphics pretty simple, so I've extended a little
@JosephWright options]
@DavidCarlisle Fixed
@DavidCarlisle we should ask Frank. I don't know why he used e.g. \def\capitalgrave{\@tabacckludge`} instead of \DeclareTextCommandDefault{\capitalgrave}{\`} for the unicode engines, but it feels like a bug.
@JosephWright graphcicx <---
@JosephWright in \includegraphics[height = 0.5\textheight]{example-image} might be better to wrap in center (or use \noindent) as a common error is to do that with 1 instead of .5 and find it doesn't fit
11:12 AM
@DavidCarlisle OK, will do
@JosephWright \setbox0 in a text for beginners ???
@UlrikeFischer Where's that??
@JosephWright on the "more" page.
@UlrikeFischer I was just going to moan about that.....
@UlrikeFischer Ah, I've not got to the 'more' page yet
11:14 AM
@JosephWright in the more examples you don't need mwe package and I would use \newcommand*{\vcenteredhbox}[1]{\begin{tabular}{@{}c@{}}#1\end{tabular}} if we need a definition but better I think would be to use adjustbox and specify vertical centering
@JosephWright oh that wasn't you?
@DavidCarlisle or \raisebox{-0.5\height}{...}
@UlrikeFischer then we could have a paragraph discussing the position of the math axis:-)
@JosephWright ah just checked th elog.
@DavidCarlisle No, this is all imported stuff
@DavidCarlisle Haven't got to \newcommand yet so ...
@DavidCarlisle or introduce \dimexpr ;-)
11:42 AM
@UlrikeFischer, @DavidCarlisle Take a look at 'more-07' now
@JosephWright :-)
@JosephWright should something be said about file names with letters with funny accents and similar?
@JosephWright nd{figure} (in the H example)
@UlrikeFischer I'm not sure: perhaps
@Rmano Fixed
@UlrikeFischer, @DavidCarlisle I'll mention making new types of floats
got a conf call in a few minutes back later
11:56 AM
@JosephWright In view that the windows situation is rather messy here (as seen by the luatex discussion) a bit warning is probably sensible.
@UlrikeFischer OK
@UlrikeFischer I've revised 'more-07' a bit more
12:13 PM
@JosephWright looks quite good, and I learned a new package ;-)
@JosephWright typo in the link to the ctan page of trivfloat, there is a missing f (not at home, so I can't fix it atm).
@JosephWright you have a typo in the trivfloat documentation. Section 3: "The new environment scan" instead of "The new environments can".
12:39 PM
Oh! Confess, who's behind this one? twitter.com/latex_bot
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz -- One always suspects that of bunnies.
@SanchayanDutta -- \large is usually applied to the entire text, and would trigger an error if used in math mode; \big and friends apply to the math "fences".
1:08 PM
@barbarabeeton ooh a bunny plot
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2:18 PM
@DavidCarlisle Don't blame me :) ... when I did, the tests were already broken :( and they used mkctan's brute force to avoid the problems...
Nov 8 '17 at 21:24, by David Carlisle
Sep 5 '16 at 15:54, by Paulo Cereda
8 secs ago, by Paulo Cereda
8 secs ago, by Paulo Cereda
8 secs ago, by Paulo Cereda
49 mins ago, by egreg
Aug 2 at 12:55, by egreg
Jun 12 at 17:55, by David Carlisle
@egreg excuses excuses
@PabloGonzálezL Fedora 32!
@DavidCarlisle ooh
<(o )___
( ._> /
@PauloCereda Nice :)
@PabloGonzálezL ooh a duck
@PauloCereda is that something a bit like Windows 10 ?
2:24 PM
Bonjour !!
@AlainMatthes hi
@AlainMatthes ça va?
@AlainMatthes Hola :)
@PabloGonzálezL I made an update of tkz-tab (J'ai envoyé un email)
@JosephWright yes but complicated situation for old people in Paris
@JosephWright and you ? Are you alright ?
@AlainMatthes Yes, OK here, working from home
3:17 PM
@DavidCarlisle better :)
@AlainMatthes coin coin ! :)
@JosephWright ooh Français
3:46 PM
@yo' What's the recommended way to look at package documentation on Overleaf? I was expecting search in the Help menu to behave like texdoc but it doesn't.
@AlanMunn We usually simply recommend ctan or texdoc
@yo' You mean texdoc.net?
@AlanMunn yep (sorry I should have specified, forgot it's the program too :) )
@yo' boo!
@yo' I see. Is there a link anywhere prominent? It might be useful.
3:47 PM
@PauloCereda quack!
@yo' ooh reverse greeting
@AlanMunn I think there's not. Thanks, I'll make a note about it
@yo' And I would suggest the link to texdoc.net rather than CTAN, because that avoids people thinking they need to download packages when they don't.
@AlanMunn good point!
@AlanMunn thanks again, I just made a note about this and we'll check the options.
It hasn't come to my mind that we could also run texdoc ourselves, but I'm not sure how much it's worth it when there're two good services that provide it.
3 hours later…
6:40 PM
@yo' Well, the nice part about running yourself is that it will automatically match whatever version you have in the VM...
@Rmano well, that would be very tricky.
@yo' Ah. I toght that you could just run texdoc in the VM of the user and show the resulting PDF...
@Rmano how about simply using an hyperlink to this message? :)
@Rmano well, you can do that yourself as we do not block you from running anything :-) But the point is that you have to consider this from so many perspectives that are not this simple :-)
@yo' Yep, I see ;-). Maybe @PauloCereda is the best option in the end... ;-)
6:45 PM
@Rmano ooh
@Rmano on plums, with baked potatoes?
@yo' oh no
(sorry, just had a simple and delicious dinner with just baked vegetables and camembert, so I'm inspired :-) )
@yo' yeah, going to prepare dinner now --- it's my task at home. No ducks today, will prepare a nice pasta.
2 hours later…
9:02 PM
@AlanMunn -- Language marches on ... bostonglobe.com/2020/04/29/nation/…
9:47 PM
Hi guys!
I have a long-expression in latex like $\begin{align} A &= x^{y}\left[ x + y + xy + x^2y^3 + \mathcal{O}(A,B,C,xA,xB,xC,xyA)\right]\end{align}$
I want to move the $+\mathcal{O}(....)$ part to the next line just after the $=$ sign
any ideas?
Heyo@CaptainBohemian! long time!
@BAYMAX just type \\ before +O
oh ok! thanks!
@BAYMAX You need to put some commands for the length of blanks, like \quad if you want to align +O with something; what commands to put need trying.
10:00 PM
I am using \quad but then it moves nicely but I am facing problem with the [ ] brackets
as they go invisible
$\begin{align} A &= x^{y}\left[ x + y + xy + x^2y^3 +\nonumber \\ &\quad + \mathcal{O}(A,B,C,xA,xB,xC,xyA)\right]\end{align}$
$\begin{align} A &= x^{y}\left[ x + y + xy + x^2y^3 \nonumber \\ &\quad + \mathcal{O}(A,B,C,xA,xB,xC,xyA)\right]\end{align} $
do you mean [ ] doesn't appear after compiling?
I have never encountered that kind of problem though I often needed to break long formulas and align them after breaking. But I don't usually type \left[ and \right]. I usually just type [ and ].
hmm it's ok
10:33 PM
@BAYMAX hmm you'd already asked here?
yeah but
could not get across so tried to ask in main!
@BAYMAX why do you have \left there at all there is no good reason to enlarge the brackets in that case
actually A, B,C
have big expressions
like $\sigma$
@BAYMAX sigma isn't big it's just an S in Greek:-)
I tried to make it a simple case here without typing all the big expressions
10:36 PM
@BAYMAX but anyway you can use \biggl[ as I said on the main site.
ya I tried \Big
and it was fine for me
should I delete the question just that to avoid duplicates?
@BAYMAX don't use \Big use \Bigl and \Bigr
@DavidCarlisle ya u r right! I did exactly, just flipping the keyboard
@BAYMAX it should be closed as dup of the one I gave I suppose, but the answers there suggest breqn and nath (interesting but hmm experimental) or using \left{ \right. (normally wrong)
there is an answer
You can't.

You can use some thing like \biggl, \biggr, or \left.\vphantom{...}\right). For example:
by Leo Liu
10:40 PM
@BAYMAX yes but the actual code doesn't suggest that but using left right and vphantom (which is sort of Ok but...)
@BAYMAX it'll do though, so ys close yours as dup
oh ok, if u like I can add there as an answer illustrating only the use of ''\Bigl'', \Bigr
how to code the inline

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