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12:14 AM
Q: Do effects that activate on a critical hit still activate when the hit is against an opponent wearing adamantine armor?

RallozarXI know from this question a critical hit on adamantine will still hit, but I was curious if the critical hit no longer being a critical hit affects features or feats that depend on it. An example that came up recently in a kind of pvp session is I had adamantine plate armor, and my friend had Gr...

12:32 AM
@nitsua60 Long Live the Moose! @Rubiksmoose Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely
@MikeQ Trooth!!!!!
@Himitsu_no_Yami No, you copy one from one and paste it to the other , and it exists in both. Don't delete either until you are content with the changes.
The roll20 tutorial in The Masters Vault is a great way to start.
@Himitsu_no_Yami The Masters Vault is free to down load into roll20. Give it a whirl Our group had fun with it.
I will find you a link
@Himitsu_no_Yami Here is the link
It's also a good intro adventure; tuning it for 1 person may take some doing. Or, have AB play all of the characters! :-)
Learning together can be fun
12:55 AM
@KorvinStarmast First stop Stack Exchange ProTem Moderator Council. Next stop: the world. [evil laugh]
@Rubiksmoose Muahahahahaha! Ya gotta have goals, man. ;-)
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2:09 AM
Q: How can I show the effects of illusions in Roll20?

PyrotechnicalMy players are approaching a battle with Fraz-Urb'luu, who will have prepared the battlefield in some manner using an effect like Mirage Arcane and several other illusions and deceptions. Given that I anticipate some characters having the benefit of True Seeing and others will not, is there a wa...

Q: Does Faerie Fire provoke a saving throw?

Josue Pineiro MunozDoes the 5e D&D spell Faerie Fire provoke a Dexterity saving throw? Part of the description states: Any creature in the area when the spell is cast is also outlined in light if it fails a Dexterity saving throw. It does not state that the creatures in the area of effect must make a save. ...

2:26 AM
Hi everybody!
2:38 AM
How's life going?
I bought fifteen copies of One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich for the kids in my calculus class today.
So, clearly not all is well with me?
Sounds like an adventure
3:25 AM
Class Modifier Module for Dnd5e (WIP) by Gabe James Games is a work-in-progress module for D&D 5e that presents options for character creation based on class without race.
4:05 AM
@BESW I can't quite tell what it is. Is it racial-type abilities folded into classes, or is it another axis of customization (separate from both race and class)?
(I've run 5e just not using races, and the only sticking point was that some players missed the second axis of customization.)
It's a replacement of race-based ability stat bonuses, instead assigning those bonuses based on the answers to a set of class-based questions about your character.
So based on class but giving additional choices.
You can see the example page in the link: you choose barbarian and then answer questions about whether you're a "stalwart titan" or a "vicious combatant" (+1 Con or +1 Str), a "ranged hunter" or a "charge ahead" kind of fighter (+1 Dex or Str), and whether your defensive tactics are more based on getting out of the way or enduring the pain (+1 Dex or Con).
Any other racial features are left unchanged, it just rips out the racial essentialism of tying ability stats to biological heritage.
Hmm. Interesting.
It doesn't add or remove any of the mechanical customization of the core system, it just shifts the source of ability stat bonuses from race to class.
If you're interested in that sort of thing, you might also want to keep an eye on the progress of this project.
Personally, since I'm not tied to an essentialist mechanical system like D&D, I plan to use The Hundred Thousand Cousins or something very similar if/when I next have a campaign which tackles that kind of setting.
4:58 AM
@BESW is this "official" of fan made?
Not official.
I know that since it's still in progress it wouldn't be official. I just meant is this something that WotC have come up with
Gabriel Hicks is an independent tabletop & video game designer.
Ok, cool :)
5:33 AM
@BESW There's also Reimagining Racial Ability Scores by James Haeck, on DnDBeyond's blog
Summary: Remove racial attribute modifiers. All humans get the (other) benefits of Variant Humans. Mountain Dwarves get extra damage to replace their extra + to strength. Half-elves also choose one elf trait. All characters then get a +2 and a +1 to assign as appropriate.
Office ringtones
- Me: Old "Bell" ringtone
- Boss: a recording of morning birdsong
- Coworkers: "Trapdoor" theme song; Swedish Heavy Metal
OMG, Trapdoor! I had the game on C64 long before I ever saw the TV show
My ring tone is the Brunnen G fight song from the opening of Lexx, and my notification tone is the ticking rhythm at the beginning of Tool's "Eulogy."
(like many TV tie-in games of the time, it was really hard)
5:51 AM
Haha yeah that was my reaction when I first heard the ringtone :P
@BESW Well that's kinda cool :D
My ringtone is Telephone and Rubberband by Penguin Cafe Orchestra (as featured in the movie Malcolm, and sampled in In The Meantime)
My message tone is a short part of The Specials - A Message To You, Rudy (the brass section from about 0:10-0:12)
@Ben Relics of a very different Era of BESW.
Bringer of Era-Surfing Wisdom
6:24 AM
@KorvinStarmast If you mean rolling the d20, then yeah, I think a lot of DMs run it this way. Mainly because it's no fun to get virtually no use out of your defining subclass feature (the reason most players who pick Wild Magic sorcerer do so). But it is definitely dependent on your group being okay with it.
@Someone_Evil Rage? though usually only once a fight :P
@BESW There are some gems like that thread that are worth braving Twitter. I am very bad at not reading the replies, sadly... It's a bad habit of mine 😬
@Ben Same. We discussed this back when the change was made :P Convo starts here:
Apr 11 at 22:08, by BESW
room topic changed to TRPG General Chat: Main chat room for tabletop role-playing games [dice] [pen-and-paper] [roleplaying]
I guess it was not so much a conversation on the topic as it was people commenting on the change as they noticed it :P
@Zachiel Sometimes I remind my DMs of this stuff as a player... at least, when it seems like the DM isn't realizing a thing they can do.
@Rubiksmoose Google results suggest this is a frequently asked question... Time to ask on SFF? :P
6:44 AM
@MarkWells I don't DM/haven't DMed since my players finished the D&D Starter Set campaign, but yes, I did very occasionally remember the cover rules. I think most DMs don't know the rule or don't remember it most of the time. I think @KorvinStarmast is probably the only game I'm in that does regularly use the cover rules in our Ghosts of Saltmarsh game.
@V2Blast This is why I curate the Fabulous Firehose!
@NautArch Yes, by default a creature just imposes half-cover per the cover rules, though the DM might treat a combination of multiple sources of cover as 3/4 cover
Free D&D stuff update: Friday's and today's free things are just DDEX 1-12 and 1-13. (I suspect I know what tomorrow ill bring.) And coloring pages for a xorn and an ettin from the 1979 AD&D Coloring Album.
@NautArch Roll20's freely accessible content is also limited to the SRD, which means no EEPC content or other freely released supplements (or UA playtest content) - but it also means that anything that has been errataed since 2016 has not been updated on Roll20, except presumably if you buy the PHB/DMG/MM.
@NautArch Despite having used it almost exclusively - or maybe because of it - I have a ton of minor annoyances with the platform that have collectively made me sort of resent it. There's a lot of useful functionality, for instance, that's just poorly advertised (if at all). I've never used Roll20's audio/video chat - only Discord for voice. The lag has been especially bad lately.
7:15 AM
@V2Blast Lag with Discord? Or with Roll20?
@BESW I certainly appreciate that XD
7:35 AM
@Adeptus the latter. though Discord's had a few one-off issues lately for me
Also: Congrats (again) good sir @Rubiksmoose, may you serve us well. :)
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8:40 AM
Q: Does the Shield spell block the Jim's Magic Missile spell, the same way it blocks the Magic Missile spell?

AnthonySince the description of the Jim's magic missile spell (Acquisitions Incorporated, p. 76) states that it is an "improved version of" the magic missile spell, not a different spell, does the spell get nullified by shield the same way normal magic missile does?

[squints at nearly-finished Goblin Court revision]
Suddenly I want to try adding basketball initiative to this.
@BESW whuh?
@BESW lol
@AncientSwordRage I'm working on an update to Goblin Court and just as I'm finishing it up, I got an idea for adding a spotlight control mechanism.
Basically, if you fail a roll you get to narrate your next action immediately; but if you succeed, then the spotlight passes to someone else.
Normally basketball initiative has the next action pass to a teammate or an opponent, but GC doesn't really have that kind of setup.
@trogdor Thoughts, Troggy?
@BESW Ahhh nice
9:01 AM
@BESW oooh that kind of basketball initiative
for some reason I didn't think of that
and yes I think it's actually perfect
one of my biggest problems running it was making sure everyone got a turn
/me shakes its cephalothorax disapprovingly at 'one dice'.
2 hours later…
11:00 AM
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica shake it if you've got it
The Stack and its pluralisation bugs . . .
11:56 AM
@nitsua60 That wikipedia summary doesn't seem like any calculus class I remember.
12:07 PM
@Ben \\oo/
12:32 PM
@V2Blast when we first started using r20 in 2014, the video and audio stream was really good, within a year and a half, we had switched to skype, which itself stinks, we did Ventrilo for a while, and now are on discord.
@nitsua60 Good choice. His follow on "The Ivankiad" wasn't a bad sequel.
@BESW I like where he's going with that.
@Adeptus I've seen that idea kicking around for quite a while, I wonder when and if they'll "go live" with it.
1:10 PM
howdy howdy
1:23 PM
@Someone_Evil Ha! I like how we both wrote softer versions for the spell effects question :)
@V2Blast Yeah. At this point, I'm not moving away from it until i'm done running the content I purchased. But it's frustrating. I wish there was a dndbeyond tie-in with it so that the characters on there can either be imported or used on dndbeyond.
1:48 PM
@BESW That's beautiful! I love it.
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica I concur with your shaking ...
Starting up Dead in Thay tonight.
@NautArch can you do me a quick favor? can you C&P the text for the Salt Marsh Marine background and email it to me? Can't get on DDB; seems I have forgotten Twitch password.
@KorvinStarmast yup, gimme a sec.
@NautArch Thanks
2:01 PM
@KorvinStarmast Do you want the suggested traits?
@NautArch Yes please
@KorvinStarmast done.
@NautArch Muchas Gracias, amigo! :)
@KorvinStarmast De nada!
3:03 PM
@JoelHarmon It's a strange new era.
@KorvinStarmast The kids were talking about how strange the passage of time is for them these days. So I'm sending it to them. Hopefully it's not a monumentally-bad decision.
@nitsua60 Have you been to Art OMI in Ghent?
@NautArch I've never been to the Continent!
Just one of the little islands perched off its cold northwest corner =)
3:21 PM
Do I need more coffee? Im talking about ghent, NY...
@NautArch Oh, I thought you meant Belgium. I didn't know NY had a Ghent =\
Then, also: nope.
Also-also: you may need more coffee. But I can't advise you on that from here =)
Ha! It's pretty neat. Kind of a Storm King...but not quite as good.
But big open spaces and a small parking lot. If lot is full, then you can't come in.
@NautArch Storm King's amazing, so I'll take that recommendation.
Don't know if they'll let in my license plates these days, though =(
On that tower shield: is a speed decrement sensible? (I mean, I don't want to brainstorm someone's homebrew for them, but if you've got a big, bulky, 45-lb thing you're lugging around....
@nitsua60 It's NY. I've got mass plates and they let me in :) No one is actually policing hte lot, though. There were folks parked where they shouldn't be to 'get in'.
@nitsua60 Speed decrement is an interesting option. But I think it'd need to be pretty big to counteract the AC. Maybe even half speed.
Yeah, speed is one of the spots where you can add "penalties". But I'd be careful with adding bonus for penalty options as a general design line
3:31 PM
Oooh. Or maybe you need to spend an action/bonus action to 'plant' the shield for the extra ac...
but then it's getting complicated
@NautArch Tower Shield. Be a Tortle.
I've never really gotten the love people have for tower shields. Are you-all really fighting where there isn't a tree or some rubble or a barbarian to duck behind?
(Though it might take more than a bonus action to plant the barbarian. And they're notoriously bad at staying put.)
I'll admit my historical knowledge is shakey, but isn't the big thing with tower shields shield-walls, which require many participants(?) to be effective?
Phalanx? They're effective in large scale open warfare, supposedly. Dunno if it still makes sense in a dungeon or against a dragon.
@MikeQ You want to get them clumped together fore most efficient use of breath weapons. This of course, is from the dragon's perspective.
4:18 PM
@Someone_Evil Yes. In a nutshell.
But the other thing is that you use the tower shield to hold off the foe while you now and again reach around it and stick him with your gladius or your pilum, usually the former.
I'm now wondering how I'd want to represent such a tactics in D&D (or eq.) and I don't think I want to bind it to a piece of a equipment
4:40 PM
More DNDBeyond.com access for Stackizens! Anyone that would like pretty much full access to DNDbeyond.com materials can create a character here. Enjoy!
Q: Can a Wall of Force be made portable?

aaron9eeeGrog the Conqueror wants to sack an enemy city. He has his battering ram ready to go and wants his Wizard to use Wall of Force to create a roof over the ram by resting the spell on top of the frame. The part of the Wall of Force's spell description in question here is: It can be free floatin...

@NautArch I never got these, is it for a campaign or just handy for people?
@AncientSwordRage Just handy for people!
@NautArch 😍
5:11 PM
@AncientSwordRage give one to @V2Blast, too :) It's my sharing account, but their content :P
5:41 PM
Good point on no written requirements, but as a DM I wouldn't let people interact with stuff that require hands if they have no free hands. THere are also no written requirements that you can open a door with no free hands... — NautArch 29 mins ago
[Wonders the last time @NautArch cared for an infant...]
@nitsua60 about 5 years ago.
But still pretty sure my infants couldn't open a closed door even with hands.
5:57 PM
@V2Blast 😍 for you too
@NautArch You can open doors with feet and elbows
@AncientSwordRage unlocked doors that don't require any interaction, yes.
6:40 PM
@KorvinStarmast What was that free standing shield for reloading a crossbow behind? a pavis? Those were pretty big and heavy, but weren't required to be used en masse to be effective at their purpose
Pavise with an e apparently.
7:00 PM
Q: Casting a spell and then preparing a new one while the previous is still in effect

Miguel BartelsmanClasses like the artificer can prepare a new spell list in 1 minute, can an artificer cast a long-duration spell such as false life (1 hour), and immediately prepare a new spell list while retaining false life's effects?

@GcL that was as much a portable earthwork/bullwark as it was a shield.
@GcL Hmm, I am forgetting a word here: there was in medieval siege warfare a wooden wall, sometimes with wheels, that would be moved about the battlefield and archers wouls shoot from behind it. Two or three people could fit behind it
Sometimes you need a bullish outlook on wark-ing off enemy arrows.
I think I learned that word back in 8th grade due to a project we did on the story of Joan of Arc ... and I can't dig it out of long term memory
War wagon?
Siege wagon?
A mobile embrasure... seems like there should be a word for that.
7:16 PM
@GcL There was and I can't seem to recall it. Not war wagon, not siege wagon. Man portable by two or three men.
One of these, correct?
It's a "mantlet"
That sounds right! Mantlet. @GcL Thanks!
I don't think I'd ever seen the term until now. Today wasn't a total waste!
@GcL Your humble servant thanks you ...
7:31 PM
Mantle of Mantlet (Wondrous item) While wearing this mantlet you can use your action to speak its command word. When you do it becomes a mantlet in a space you can see within 10 ft. The mantlet it a Large object which grants 3/4 cover to creatures behind it.
@Someone_Evil Homebrew?
@KorvinStarmast I just wrote it one the spot, yes
1 medium creature or three small creatures?
@Someone_Evil (I like where you went with this)
@KorvinStarmast Oh, there's the issue of multiple things occupying the same space etc. I imagined it creating like a 10 ft. wide wall (thus large). I suppose it also needs an AC and hit points?
8:02 PM
@Someone_Evil HP yes, AC yeah, like a door does. Immune to piercing?
2 hours later…
9:56 PM
@NautArch If you've never operated the doors to your home with one foot while carrying a child... man, I thought I knew you.
Kickstarter: Ancestry Awakened by Pirate Gonzales Games. Brand new ancestry options for 5e, including a new system for creating and designing ancestries! With cultural consulting by James Mendez Hodes.
10:30 PM
@nitsua60 yes to the handles...never could get the knobs. Failed the dex check.
11:00 PM
@Himitsu_no_Yami How're things going?
> tuning it for 1 person may take some doing. Or, have AB play all of the characters! :-)
Learning together can be fun
I'd be OK with that, with The Masters Vault or whatever else we play, if you are. I often get too hung up about my character - having more than one to bounce off each other is easier.
11:13 PM
Q: Are these two homebrew shields balanced?

NathanSI remember being impressed with this question, although it was closed as too broad for asking about too many things in one go. I left a comment at the time about asking less, and coming back to this later, I've decided to have a go at asking this. Note that I've also taken a look at this question...

11:54 PM
Roll20 is doing a "learning Roll20" stream on the D&D channel right now, mainly showing how to create a campaign and set it up, create characters, etc.
Seems worth watching if you are new to DMing on Roll20, or even to playing on Roll20 :)

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