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Q: At which levels, if any, can a Warlock use a Spell Scroll of 6th Level or Higher?

XiremaSuppose for the sake of argument a Warlock of indeterminate level finds a scroll of plane shift. Plane shift is indicated as being on the Warlock's spell list [PHB, pg 210: Warlock Spells], so would this Warlock be able to cast the spell through this scroll [pending a successful Spellcasting Ch...

12:51 AM
@Someone_Evil Only the Essentials Kit physical box set has included a DDB code. No other physical D&D products have included DDB codes (though I'm sure DDB would like to make that happen). The Beadle and Grimm's "platinum edition" luxury box sets (by a third party) include the physical adventure, a DDB code, and physical maps and handouts from the included adventure, but those are pretty pricey.
@AncientSwordRage As Someone_Evil said, they're separate products. DDB is owned by Fandom, and is a separate company from WotC, owned by Hasbro. There's an explanation of the distinction and their business models here. That said, you can manually recreate most official options as private homebrew if you're willing to take the time/effort.
Alternately, you can buy just the parts of a book (e.g. races/subraces, subclasses, magic items, monsters, spells, etc.) that you want to use in the character builder and the other toolsets on DDB; if you decide to get the full book later, its price is discounted by the amount you've already paid for the parts of the book you've already bought.
@V2Blast You just have to name them something very different :)
@Medix2 I think some system-based shenanigans on SE's part are involved in doing that for the posts.
@NautArch No? You can name them exactly the same, as long as it's private. You just can't publish other people's content (among other things) as public homebrew. Your own private homebrew is automatically shared with anyone you're in a campaign with on DDB, even without any kind of subscription.
@V2Blast oh! that may have been it.
I really wish I could help a user out with their questions, but I just don't understand the system enough to do so.
but they're painful for me to read
1:10 AM
I am reading a really good short story anthology right now, called Mother of Invention, its a bunch of short stories about AI and robots, and it challenges the ideas that so often these sorts of stories are focused on cisgender men. I've read the first three stories, and they've all been really, really good. goodreads.com/book/show/40723086-mother-of-invention
@doppelgreener I vaguely feel like there's a separate 5e question about that same thing, but maybe I'm just misremembering.
@V2Blast I think that was the Usain Bolt question for lowest level speed equivalent?
And by the way, if this question gets reopened, I hope that bronta\osaurusanswer returns.
Q: What is the lowest level at which a human can beat the 100m world record (or: the presumed human limit) without using magic?

Mars PlasticOptimizing a character build for ridiculous Movement in order to break the sound barrier or even the speed of light is a well-tried source of fun with numbers in DnD. Such speed optimizations usually incorporate lots of magic and possibly additional help by allies. But I'd like to learn more abou...

well, i butchered that edit
@NautArch Uh... the message relevant to the one I'm responding to is this one:
5 hours ago, by NautArch
Should this question get the 5e tag?
Which has nothing to do with movement/speed.
@V2Blast well, i'd like to the brontosaurus again anyway :)
1:34 AM
@BESW wait what now?
@trogdor Something about the way you can see that the clouds are three-dimensional as they pass overhead, so you can tell they're drifting around the curve of the globe?
@kviiri Sounds about right:
Circle Limit III is a woodcut made in 1959 by Dutch artist M. C. Escher, in which "strings of fish shoot up like rockets from infinitely far away" and then "fall back again whence they came".It is one of a series of four woodcuts by Escher depicting ideas from hyperbolic geometry. Dutch physicist and mathematician Bruno Ernst called it "the best of the four". == Inspiration == Escher became interested in tessellations of the plane after a 1936 visit to the Alhambra in Granada, Spain, and from the time of his 1937 artwork Metamorphosis I he had begun incorporating tessellated human and an...
@BESW ah ok
I've never tried to see that the earth was round, I've always just believed it
Also if i look up at the sky now I also can't compaire it to other places because I wasn't paying that particular kind of attention there either
@trogdor Do not try and see the earth, that's impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth: the earth is round. Then you'll see that it is not the horizon that curves, it is only yourself.
If you've got good eyesight and low air pollution, the simplest way to see it directly is to watch tall ships on the horizon; you see the bottoms of them are hidden by the horizon while the tops are still in view.
1:41 AM
@Yuuki is this a reference to something?
The Matrix.
@BESW I mean, my eyesight isn't the best XD
@Yuuki aaahhh ok
@Yuuki there is no earth
@NautArch yeah, i'm tired of all these flat earthers compromising on the real truth, i'm the only one who sees the reality of things: i'm a null earther
1:43 AM
@Yuuki shadows on the wall.
Well technically there is an Earth, we just aren't presently on it
Also does anyone have the program to download language skills, I would totally love that thanks
@nitsua60 Love your treasure hunt for old logos!
@NautArch It's probably rep-abuse, to offer a bounty on a question that I'm seriously intending on not awarding. But I'm not too worried =)
@nitsua60 flagging for a mod
also trying to find logos
@NautArch declined it.
Honestly, two minutes' on google/WP and I could do it myself, but maybe someone out there's looking to hit Epic?
1:53 AM
@V2Blast very insightful, thanks
@nitsua60 what's epic? and got one.
@NautArch oh, c'mon... you think that cropping's worth 100pts?
@NautArch 40 repcaps, IIRC?
<humblebrag>been a while since I got it</nothumblebrag>
@nitsua60 psh. I didn't even know I had it :P
Sandy Pug Keyboard Sale! A sale hosted by Sandy Pug Games. Each item 50% off! or buy everything for $14.99! My keyboard is dying and I need it to do all the stuff that I do! Pls buy my games so I can buy a keyboard and keep making games + good tweets!
@BESW What is all this stuff?
2:03 AM
It's TRPGs by Sandy Pug Games. You can read about them on the sale page, or in this twitter thread.
@NautArch I (finally) picked up Legendary when they pushed the change to questions' value and retroactively applied that. It felt kinda cheap.
Homebrew stuff can be really unbalanced.
Imaginarium by momatoes is a cooperative storymaking game for 2 to 9 players, where you build a story through the revelations of the major arcana. Taste the storytelling secrets of tarot through a sandbox RPG that isn't afraid to throw twists at you. Easy setup, no-holds-barred setting creation, freedom to build your story...if the tarot cards are amenable to your twisted plans.
@Yuuki Food for thought in my world I'm building...
@Joshua homebrewing is hard
2:16 AM
Somebody's idea: artifact that can make temporary objects real and change the underlying identity of a polymorphed object or creature to match its current form, several times per day. Even though it can't make magic items permanent, if you can't break a campaign with this you're not trying hard enough.
@Adeptus oh, credit to @BESW for pointing out that essay to me
Oh, if we're talking about that, I'll also re-up my mention of Carly M. Ho's The Thousand Cousins as my favorite fantasy setting in terms of handling orcs and other humanoid "races."
@BESW I may have to pick this one up, it seems quite intriguing
2:32 AM
I wonder what effects it has on someone's psyche when, in a world everyone has powers that are supposed represent your character, their power is either copying someone else's power or negating powers. Like what would it do to you to realize that your special ability is copying what makes someone else special or making other people not special?
<del>Morning</del> Afternoon all
<s> wait... like this? </s>
I dunno.
@Yuuki I believe the canonical answer is that you're shaped like a friend? youtube.com/watch?v=aPouHBYs6IY
@Ben three hyphens
3:05 AM
like dis
We got there in the end
3:29 AM
So, I got two days off this week! I used one to visit family in Brisbane, and the other to add to one of my stories. My short story about time travel now has a "Chapter 1".
[Spreads hands] "The existentialism in time travel"
3:40 AM
Anyone got any recommendations for a program/website to build city maps with? I'm working on a campaign that mostly takes place inside of a single city
I'd be inclined to pick an appropriate historical city that has maps in any of the increasing number of museums and archives that have made their collections available to the public online.
4:20 AM
@BESW and anyone else who would like to help - I want some feedback on my ideas re orcs for my worldbuilding... is this the right venue for that or is there somewhere else we should take it?
* want would like <- I don't mean to sound demanding
@Adeptus if you don't think its apropos here, we could use the NAB, or just ping me in PM on Discord if nothing else works, I'm eager to hear what you've cooked up
4:38 AM
@Adeptus Either the NAB, a separate chat room, or Discord. I can't guarantee fast replies though.
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@V2Blast Just wanted to say I'm glad you took a shot at that Drunken Master Monk question. I saw and wasn't sure if I was ready to write an answer linking together eight other posts with differing opinions on the timing of bonus actions, whether there's a distinction between taking and using an action, the meaning of "immediately after", and how Crawford weighing in (and reverting prior statements) affected that all
I may still end up writing a big long post discussing all the angles I see in the question but I'm glad somebody took a shot at what I would've called a mess of disagreement.
1 hour later…
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@Adeptus Chat is fine too, whether you use this room or you make a dedicated chat room for it.
@Medix2 tbh I think it's a waste of effort to try and re-answer questions that have been addressed elsewhere in your answer to this one... to the extent that such issues matter for this question, just link to the existing question(s) and summarize their consensus (if any) instead of trying to reanswer the linked question here. (I'm just going off your description of your approach in that message, I haven't actually looked at your answer if you've written one :P)
8:45 AM
@V2Blast Oh yeah that's actually a really good point. Hmmm, yeah I could (and probably should) do that. Well, assuming I do anything, since I'm liking your answer more and more
9:15 AM
man, reading the 1e DMG sure is a blast from the past
> "The less intelligent players who demand to play monster characters regardless of obvious consequences will soon remove themselves from play in any event, for their own ineptness will serve to have players or monsters or traps finish them off."
@Carcer Definitely not promoting a toxic gaming culture x)
9:34 AM
Maybe the real friends were the monsters we killed along the way.
Vaudeville Summer, a sale hosted by lampara games PH. Each item 20% off! or buy everything for $40.00! Get some tropical games for some ice-cool discounted prices to beat the sweltering heat. Buyers will also get a sneak preview of an upcoming mega-setting: The Heat Haze Boy and The Monsoon Girl! This sale has a playlist.
(Lampara Games is a friend, I helped them with a couple of the games on sale!)
Ooh, a sale with a playlist? Interesting
Yeah, a lot of creators are taking advantage of how itch allows Spotify embedding.
9:57 AM
love me some 5e "Your elf character has a variety o f natural abilities, the
result o f thousands o f years o f elven refinement."
10:08 AM
> Community PSA. DDB currently has a sale advertising $8 off any book with the code NOTTHROWINGAWAY, which is already pretty cool, as there are some books that are only $9.99. But I wanted to test it on some other books I had in my cart that were only $1.99 or $4.99. Turns out those were FREE
10:21 AM
@AncientSwordRage does the code work once?
10:34 AM
@AncientSwordRage also, doesn't seem to work anymore, the lowest that those get is 1.99.
10:51 AM
@kviiri that's just the most egregious part of an entire page about why monster characters are stupid and humans are best and only idiots would want to not be a human
11:01 AM
@Akixkisu Not sure, I've not tried it
11:14 AM
It seems the lowest that the final total can get is 1.99 but adding in any book that is less than $8 still lowers the total by the full $8 meaning you can add all sources that cost less than $8 to further lower the price on something else. Feels like exploiting an oversight on their part though
Oh, so it applies once per entry?
Once per source book entry
Individual monsters and things like that don't count
Yup, that seems iffy that you can basically buy all less than 8$ books + 1 30$ book for a total of $3.94.
11:31 AM
alternatively, defeat capitalism comrades
@Carcer also very true.
Mythic Odysseys of Theros for $3.94. sounds like a good deal.
And since pre-orders make books successful you even do something for the company ;)
12:11 PM
The #TTRPGSafetyToolkit has received some quality of life updates! KiennaS details them in this Twitter thread.
1 hour later…
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@Carcer Unlike 3.xe tools for templates and the LA, 1e didn't have a tool that mechanically fit the monster PC in. The general guidance was "give it a try" ... the author was very explicit in establishing that the world (or at least their world) was humano-centric. That's hardly toxic if everyone playing the game is human. What's been interesting to watch is how over the years people have pushed the edges of the box outward effectively. The box isn't square anymore (if I may offer a pun)
The people in that box are still plenty square, in my experience
I'm not sure I've ever played a gnome.
I think I've played all of the other "standard" races.
@goodguy5 I did in 1e, an illusionist. But I have since decided that gnomes were a zero value addition to the game. (But I didn't start thinking that way until kender happened ...)
@KorvinStarmast my first character (ad&d) was an illusionist!
... but that did not stop me from making an NPC gnome druid for my brother's campaign since 1) it fit what my brother is doing and 2) there is a gnome colony n(settlement?) on the major east/west trade route.
I think my DM "illegally" let me play a half elf illusionist/rogue
1:21 PM
@goodguy5 Illusion is great narratively, but a pain in the but mechanically
color spray was so good, though
And yet, minor illusion is a favorite cantrip of mine.
@goodguy5 oooh yeah
heh, my warlock has minor illusion and prestidigitation; pact of the tome has some neat features, loving them
I do not miss at all the old style of low-level wizard (and most non cleric casters) play.

"your options are to: Participate in 1 combat and then take your ball and go home for the day, or nag the party into finding creative solutions to problems when they just really want to kill goblins"
@goodguy5 I threw a lot of darts from the back row
You were only as far away as the back row? Brave.
I think I had a cross bow? Or maybe an atlatl?
1:25 PM
@goodguy5 I never got proficient in cross bow as a wizard in 1e...
My job was to cast sleep when a mob showed up.
hrm.... maybe I'm misremembering, then.
I wish I had that character sheet.
can you be proficient with a crossbow?
(Also, I tended to Charm Person an enemy fighter, and if they saved I had a fighter working for me for a few weeks until they got a save again
@Carcer I don't recall being able to
my reading of 1e so far seems to suggest that it's not possible to gain proficiency with weapons off your class's permitted list at all
@Carcer Yeah, same
1:26 PM
Sling! That's what I used!
Does 1e do anything better than 2e?
Of course, if you were an Elf Fighter/Magic User, you could use a long bow ...
@Akixkisu good question. It got people playing the game.
@Akixkisu no. that's why they released a second 'e'
and that moreover you can't even use weapons not on the list, except that there's a note in Unearthed Arcana that says you can pick up and use anything, but you can't keep it if it's not on your list
2e was an attempt to clean up a lot of the messy bits.
@Carcer You get non proficiency penalty for using a weapon not on list, which is a lot of minuses to hit for a wizaqrd
1:28 PM
I still play 2e, with that one friend, maybe once in two years.
@KorvinStarmast I think the wording in the actual PHB is a bit ambiguous about this
I have no idea how the rules work, because by now almost everything that we use is homebrew.
there is a nonproficiency penalty, but of course that applies even if you are using a weapon on your classes' list that you haven't taken proficiency in yet
The table is explicit. -5 penalty for MU and Illusionist for using non profieicney weapons
my point is that it is possible to not be proficient in a weapon that is on your permitted list
you definitely take a penalty with weapons you're not proficient in
1:29 PM
@Carcer That's also true for a Ranger
the contentious point is whether or not you can use weapons off your permitted list at all
@Carcer And a Fighting Man
I think we are arguing at cross-purposes
@Carcer The answer is : yes you can. been there, done that. But perhaps that's because our DM's would shrug and laugh at us: sure, attack, here's your -5.
I do not doubt that is how you played.
I am trying to determine what is actually expressed by the wording of the rules
1:31 PM
@Carcer Your are looking for a granularity that isn't there, and I think the legalism you are using is a 3.0 era anachornism being shoe horned into 1e.
my impression is that by a straight reading of core 1e you can't use a weapon not on your permitted list
Not how I read it, but I am good with your reading. (and it makes to me thematic sense)
unearthed arcana adds a general note to the classes and weapons table that says you can pick up and use any weapon even off your list, but you can't keep it to use later
@Carcer I see what you mean. UA was an attempt to clarify an ambiguity in that case, perhaps.
Almost like "improvised weapons" in later editions
(UA was also a hot mess; the only thing I really liked about it was weapons specialization)
I think that the way they implemented cantrips was awful
Wait, how many different things have been called/abbreviated UA? I only was the 5e playtest and a 3.5 book
1:34 PM
The 1985 book published by TSR was called Unearthed Arcna
@Someone_Evil "Unearthed Arcana" in newer editions is specifically named so as reference to the 1e sourcebook of the same name
It was an expansion/splat to AD&D 1e
yeah, the original 1e UA was meant to be playtested and approved material that you were encouraged to simply start using in your 1e games
in contrast to the current use as an umbrella for playtest material
maybe that could be taken as a subtle dig at the quality of the original UA
@Carcer I am pretty sure that UA 1985 was not playtested. EGG put it out in a rush while in the middle of a fight for control of the company, which he lost.
Quite a bit of the stuf I had seen in Dragon, though.
@KorvinStarmast well, maybe not playtested, but at the least "someone had a good think about it"
the forewords suggest a lot of it was collated from Dragon and individual games, and that yes it did get a bit close to the wire near the deadline
1:52 PM
I wonder how much money DDB is going to make from "exploit" sales that would have never ended in realised sales otherwise.
What do you mean by "exploit sales" in this case?
@KorvinStarmast DDB has a sale that deducts 8$ flat per sourcebook in your cart, even those sourcebooks that cost less than 8$ (like the Yawing Portal chapters) with a minimum transaction fee of 2$, so you could buy a core rule book for essentially 2$.
@Akixkisu that's cool, I guess.
but I now understand the point you were making :)
@KorvinStarmast I have always been intrigued by the difference of unrealisable sales and "stolen sales" when it comes to that kind of stuff.
2:18 PM
I don't know how I stumbled across this dice question, but I'm desperately trying to find a unique answer.
Q: How can the probability of a fumble decrease linearly with more dice?

HimmatorsI'm working on a simplified RPG system that uses only D6s, and I want a mechanic for fumbles/critical fails. Depending on how good the player character is, they have 1-5 dice to roll and they have to beat a difficulty set by the DM. I thought it would be fun to have players fail if they roll all...

If I turn an answer into a community wiki, do I lose the rep?
Actually, nevermind. I'm doing it anyway :)
@NautArch you keep it.
But you don't get any new rep, aside from bounties.
Which is always tansfered to the original author.
@Akixkisu yeah, i'm cool with that. No longer want to deal with updating the AL +1 question/answer.
@NautArch upvoted ;)
@Akixkisu you bastage
2:31 PM
@NautArch closer to that answer with a score of 50 badge that yo still get to enjoy ;)
now i task you with updating it ;)
AL already causes me enough pain in my life :D
@NautArch I went through the same thing with the playable races question. But then even while it was CW I kept getting people pinging me rather than editing it themself, so I went ahead and reclaimed it. At this point I almost wish it were easy to go ahead and disassociate from the post. I'd gladly give back all the rep and badges if it meant I didn't get needled every time WotC releases another race that I don't like.
Random statement of the day:
Mars is inhabited entirely by robots
@nitsua60 Yeah people just don't like editing a post they didn't write originally, CW or not. That's why CWs kind of suck. :(
2:35 PM
@nitsua60 Yeah, I really dont want to keep going through the files and updating.
I opened up the latest and left me more confused.
AL is basically a different system.
@nitsua60 And even if people just edit it and you own it you still get notified right?
@NautArch I haven't even looked at AL since whenever they rejiggered it into TP and AP, and now my FLGS has closed and I've got more players and GMs than we can run and schedule games for... I doubt I'll see AL again at any point.
@CollinB well, not entirely true. 1)We don't know what we don't know and 2)there are signs that there may be organisms.
@nitsua60 huzzah!
@Rubiksmoose Yeah, but at least then it's just one ping. Rather than now, where I get a comment-ping, I go and comment back "that sounds great, but I don't have that book, can you edit it in?" and then I get another ping on the edit. #highrepproblems
2:39 PM
@nitsua60 I wonder if you made it CW and put a comment on there saying "please, please just edit in the new stuff as it comes out. The original author does not have the sources or interest in maintaining this answer."
@Rubiksmoose I'll try that. And flag the other comments for deletion so it's just that one up.
@CollinB I know a guy at JPL whose family (out of a feeling of environmental responsibility) makes do with one car. He has a bumper sticker saying "I've got more cars on Mars than on Earth."
@NautArch Seems like it's worth a shot at least!
I'm glad that I have the infrastructure that allows me to make due with no car.
@Akixkisu ahh so you own the infrastructure!
I need a few words about that....
2:46 PM
@goodguy5 The best I have so far is "If there is exactly one die showing 1"
If I could figure out the odds of a straight, I'd try that
@AncientSwordRage It is quite public, no need to hesitate ;)
@Akixkisu I only wish to own the memes of production
@goodguy5 a straight on Nd6?
@nitsua60 yes
@goodguy5 for this you get 1-(5/6)^n, right?
2:51 PM
if you say so lol
@goodguy5 hrmm... I was about to go for a run, but that's interesting....
@nitsua60 yes
I don't think that's quite right
oh wait, I see now. maybe
Hrm, odds of getting a straight go up as you get more dice.
Nope. Because the probability of getting a straight on 1 die is 100%.
I was going to separately make 1 die require a 1
2:58 PM
If you can get higher odds than that, I'm meeting you in AC next week.
I mean, theoretically, if I can get higher odds than 50%, I'm doing alright
I'm getting at a first pass P(straight on nd6) = n!(7-n)/6^n, for 1<=n<=6. But I haven't thoroughly checked it at all, really.
that looks right
I get [1 0.277 0.111 0.0556 0.0309 0.0154] as probabilities on n, then.
Yea, I think I'm going to post "exactly one 1"
3:13 PM
I can't discern what you're telling me
oh, I see. that's at least 1 1, right?
it's just an anydice program that does odds of exactly one 1.
no, only one 1
it counts the ones and there must only be one
did I misunderstand how rolling two dice works?
I don't know
wait, why isn't it just (1/6)(5/6)?
3:18 PM
@goodguy5 No, the dice are unordered
@goodguy5 Because either die would work
ah ha
thanks, team
@Medix2 double ah ha!
Hmm... I'd be interested in a mechanic where you roll a group of different-sided dice and have a different outcome depending which dice has a particular number.
3:21 PM
This dice question has ... A lot of answers. I might do math to see which answer best models what the OP wanted
Like "roll 1d4, 2d6, 3d8, 3d10, 3d12, 4d20. Find a dice that rolled a 1. If that dice is a d4, X happens. If that dice is a d6, Y happens... etc."
Actually, what would be the odds on getting any particular dice?
@Yuuki The poor poor d14, d16, and d18 are crying in a corner
@Yuuki What do you mean? Like getting exactly X on a d4 at the same time as Y on a d6? (1/4)*(1/6)
I've gotten zero work done all day wracking my mind for this dice problem
Q: Can one wear another creature's skin as a disguise?

EthanI want to create a character that can wear the skin of his victims to infiltrate their ranks. Optimally this would be a robot - a warforged-type character. Is there a way I can go about this?

@HotRPGQuestions uh oh, looks like a time travelling robot question
3:28 PM
@Yuuki How do you choose a if you get more than one 1? Rollers choice or choose a 1 at random?
@goodguy5 Are you trying to exactly match the OP's values? You'll have to use more than just d6
@Medix2 nah, just close enough 6/36, 5/36, 4/36, 3/36, 2/36
Those values don't work?
what do you mean?
Are you trying to get 6/36, 5/36, etc...?
3:30 PM
MarkWells did it
@Medix2 Like roll a collection dice. Assuming you get 1, what are the chances that it's a d4, what are the chances that it's a d6, etc.
yes, I know and I upvoted it, but I don't want colored dice or orientation
@Yuuki well, depends on the set of dice you rolled to begin with
@goodguy5 Oh yikes, no distinguishing dice... Hmmmmmm, time to think about this for the next eon
3:33 PM
The first answer I thought of doesn't exactly work (because it's not all d6).
Include a "power die" or something similar.
power die value of 1 fail
1 die = 1d6 =16.67%
2 dice = 1d6,1d8 = 12.5%
3 dice = 2d6, 1d10 = 10%
4 dice = 3d6,1d12 = 8.33%
5 dice = 4d6, 1d20 = 5%

not perfect, but I like that, but it's not all d6
Oh and you want all d6 as well... I might just go look at the tables of possible rolls and pick from those
I quit
3:51 PM
You can't quit! You're fired!
I actually might throw that answer on, now that I think about it
It's interesting, imo.
wonky logic ahoy:
A: If a body possessed by a user of Magic Jar is Feebleminded, and the possessor leaves the host body, who was Feebleminded?

PureferretMind, Body and Soul are not neccessarily connected The text of the Soul Jar spell says that: ... your soul moves into the target’s body, and the target’s soul becomes trapped in the container. The nearest comparison I can find is that of the lich, that stores its soul in a phylactery. Fr...

I would really like something concrete about this now.... because after looking into it, there's a lot of questions I have
@AncientSwordRage Soul Body Mind etc... Are horribly undefined in 5e, we have a few questions where that comes up like raising dead people and possession and resurrection too probably. I applaud your attempt but damn if the whole question/problem isn't riddled with confusion and "incomplete" spell text
@AncientSwordRage DMG 24 is the best information for 5e exclusively.
@Medix2 100% this.
4:07 PM
@Medix2 Something something high level spells and/or DMs tool spells
@Medix2 yeah! You're telling me...
@Akixkisu is that page 24?
@AncientSwordRage ye, the Raising the Dead section.
@AncientSwordRage Unless they've published 23 DMG books without me knowing about it
@Someone_Evil shrugs
@Someone_Evil You didn't get the memo?
4:41 PM
Tried to find a few mythology books at an antiquarian bookstore
Did not find, does this mean I need to visit querian bookstore next?
Maybe you'll find better selections at a pro-quarian store
At the very least, you should visit a quarian store.
No wait, that's astrology not mythology.
4:58 PM
TIL a question is still in the "Active" tab if the activity was deleted
@Medix2 Often to the confusion of newer users, because it refers to activity they don't get to see
@Someone_Evil I realize I have no idea whether a post's timeline looks different to new users
@Medix2 The timeline only shows information you have access to. So 1k for vote summaries to include both up and down, 10k for deleted and I think for reviews to show up(?)
@Someone_Evil Yup, just checked. Though oddly enough I could see that a review started just not the results
5:20 PM
Q: Beginner looking to clarify how hiding works

Andrew StephensI've just bought a starter set, and struggle a little to understand the concept of hiding. Do I roll a d20 + DEX (stealth) when I first want to hide, and note down the number. Then, for each turn that a creature is actively looking, roll a WIS (perception) for it and compare this against the writ...

huh... thought I heard a ping
I want to post something in the recent problematic group question but I'm very afraid it will sound horribly rude
Is it a loud fart noise? That might sound rude.
I just suck at guessing how people will interpret what I say and know what I want to say, just not how ...
Well, if you have an answer and you think it's a good answer, you could post it and see how the community responds.
5:28 PM
you could also try it here
@MikeQ What's more rude, a loud fart or silent but deadly one?
depends on if they can find out it was you
^this guy farts
I just ... The person seems decided upon quitting and I'm worried there's just some miscommunication. I suppose I'm moreso baffled people would hear their GM say to not discuss something as it causes them great discomfort, and then proceed to continue talking about it
you have no idea. I fart so much.
5:32 PM
@Medix2 There is likely more than we know going on. We're only getting one side.
@NautArch Yeah, and they've now replied to my comment. Very squarely puts it in the "obviously sensitive topics" category
But miscommunication or not, it seems like a hard line has been crossed for OP
I'm actually really uncertain about whether it's better to end it digitally or in person.
@NautArch I think it depends on what kind of person you are, they are, what the relation is like, and how often/whether you meet outside of game time
@Someone_Evil yeah, it can go south either way
@NautArch Well, there's only one way to go south (unless you're at the true north pole)
5:46 PM
@goodguy5 Wait until the magnetic poles flip again
@Medix2 patience is a virtue
@Medix2 at that point, the statement will be equally true, just for different reasons
@goodguy5 "There's only one way to go south" vs "There's only one way to go, south!"
There is more than one way to go east though
Had an amusing discussion with my tabletop humans last night. One asked what is the most trustworthy race in D&D. Elves? Halflings? I suggested contract devils.
5:54 PM
Trust is a multifaceted concept :)
@MikeQ yeah, devils are pretty trustworthy. Anything Lawful you know what your'e getting.
Another answer was golems, however based on what we've seen, an uneducated adventurer with a half-baked logical paradox can trick a golem
I trust a bank to adhere to contracts but not to mean particularly well to me. I trust my friends to mean well to me but not to follow agreements made without fail.
I think devils and halflings are subject to similar dichotomy
> Me? I'm dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly. It's the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they're going to do something incredibly... stupid.
I do love that quote
Hrm.... I just realized my Junimo never took off his hat. I must have forgotten to hit the "Save" button last time I changed it.
6:12 PM
@Yuuki Yeah, something along those lines. Or those diabolical strategists who one can trust not to act on spite alone: just make yourself too expensive to bother, and you can trust them not to do it.
If I could get a few of the higher rep users to take a look at this. If you think that I dropped the dupe hammer inadvisedly, please tell me. Mine was the second vote, aftger Miva, but as I have dupe hammer that closed it. The OP doesn't agree with the closure and is being very polite about it.
@kviiri @NautArch @goodguy5@MikeQ @Medix2 @Someone_Evil see above comment
@Yuuki your opinion also solicited
@KorvinStarmast I think the dupe is right. The now community wiki answer just needs to be updated.
From what the user is saying in comments, maybe redirect them to a question on English.SE
They also asked about this as a comment in the current answer, and my reply was basically if they're asking if the rule has a rule to support it. which is odd.
it's the rule.
What I am afraid that I did originally was reacting based on content and the title don't match. The question seems to be season 9 specific; that specificity may suffice to make a distinction? I don't want to do wrong by intuited, I believe they are asking in good faith and are being very correct in providing feedback in comments.
6:24 PM
@KorvinStarmast The linked question is supposed to be current, and if it was it'd be a dupe.
Just needs to be made current.
<finger on nose>
<fingeroffnose, stop touching face!>
If it isn't a current, I think intuited's disappointment/concern/frustration is valid. If it were current for season 9 then the dupe is valid. What you are telling me is that since it has not been updatged, I really should have not duped this?
I just touch other people's faces until the corona thing is over with. (That also helps them maintain distance)
@KorvinStarmast It needs to be updated, but it is a duplicate. It's just not providing the necessary info. They could put up a bounty for it, but now that it's a community wiki, that's kind of odd.
speaking of @nitsua60 Can you not give me the repcaps and I'll ask you to provide it an unnamed chatizen at some point in the future when I feel they've deserved it.
@NautArch OK, now I am confused. If it does not have an answer covered in the question how can it be a dupe?
Their question is whether the word "includes" means they can choose their +1 from outside the list shown (such as an Eberron book). The old question asks what the +1 rule is. So they're very close. Maybe dupes.
6:29 PM
@KorvinStarmast Because the question is a dupe. Both are asking what is included in +1. But the answer isn't updated to the current season. So the answer is now out of date. BUt once it's relevant, it's correct. SO question is a dupe, answer is incomplete.
@NautArch Bounties don't count towards repcap if that's what you're referring to
OK, with the can of worms I have opened, I guess we can all go fishing.
@Someone_Evil no, the repcap thing was for Nits' bounty. I was thinking of bountying my own now wiki answer, but that wouldn't actually net any bounty for anyone (but me?)
@NautArch What do want bountied? I can drop 100 on it .... do you mean the dupe we are discussing?
@KorvinStarmast No, i'd want Nits' question on +1 bountied. But I"ve got the answer that needs updating, but have since moved it to community wiki.
I gues someone could write up a new answer to maintain across each season.
6:32 PM
@NautArch OK, so if I bounty the Q we are pointing to ... NITS original question, that does the trick?
On my way.
@KorvinStarmast I...think so. Someone will either need to submit a new answer for the bounty or update the community wiki answer. At which point...I get that bounty? I dunno.
@NautArch Done!
@KorvinStarmast okeydoke! We'll see if that does the trick.
I'm still kinda disturbed by the Buffalo Bill question.
@NautArch I nearly posted that comment as an answer ... 8^o ... but decided that good taste will, for once, prevail.
@KorvinStarmast It was a great comment.
6:48 PM
@NautArch I had an answer a while back about "serving them with a nice chianti" and it got a few up votes, and a few down votes ... hehehe, bad taste in humor, I live it!
@NautArch hah, I spelled Chianti incorrectly! Corrected
@KorvinStarmast downvoted :p
(i didn't)
Q: A dupe target with an incomplete answer: is this dupe designation mistaken?

KorvinStarmastOne of our users has asked a question about the PHB+1 rule in Adventurers League(AL), but is specifically asking about some ambiguity regarding season 9 sources. The title looks like it fits another AL PHB +1 question begun previously but that Q&A has not been updated as the new seasons emerge. ...

@KorvinStarmast At least with this sort of stuff I've often seen the question closed as a duplicate and told a bounty would be a good way to get the duplicate to update given the change in time/rules
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