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3:09 AM
Anyone heard of "Rebbe Douglas"? judaism.stackexchange.com/q/17698/759
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4:11 AM
Q: Why do my PDFs from Hebrewbooks.org get cut off?

YDKMany posters on our site use hebrewbooks.org to reference sources. Recently, the PDFs from Hebrewbooks do not display correctly on my PC. Initially, I can read an entire page, but after a couple of clicks back and forth, the same pages display a white, blank bottom half. My PDF reader is up to...

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6:48 AM
@HodofHod You around?
9 hours later…
3:29 PM
@DoubleAA I am now...
3 hours later…
6:26 PM
@AdamMosheh If I could nominate you I would! As a matter of fact, I look forward to your participation and constructive commentary every day.
@AdamMosheh Perhaps you haven't demonstrated too much knowledge of language in this site per-say, but I know more about you than you think, Adam, yet less than you'd expect.
7:22 PM
Q: Bounties on Meta?

Adam MoshehSince we are always trying to improve our site, why don't we give people an incentive similar to the bounty system on the main site in order in order to give people the opportunity to work harder to improve our site's features?

8:10 PM
@HahuGavra "more about you than you think, yet less than you'd expect" - What is that supposed to mean?
@AdamMosheh I think it means that @HahuGavra is having a grand old time messing with your brain.
@HahuGavra (My apologies if you meant it seriously.)
@HahuGavra - A demonstration of knowledge of language: The word per-say is incorrect. Instead, per se is the proper and correct spelling of that terminology.
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