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12:00 AM
@Lazers Screw you Lazers ... want that DLC Naow!
@Lazers My word. That's quite a lot of capitals.
@Wipqozn It Is Indeed. I Like Talking Like This. It Makes Everything You Type Look Like The Title Of A Book
Augh, that looks awful
No. I can't do it.
@Wipqozn grumpface
12:10 AM
It just looks too bad.
Hehehe :P
@Wipqozn It looks terrible
@AshleyNunn It's so hard not to make a "Your mom" joke right now.
@Wipqozn grumpface again
This is me pretty much.
Except with more than just that's what she said.
12:14 AM
@Wipqozn Yeah...I tend to do stuff like that a lot
12:28 AM
Q: Crusader Kings 2 mod game of thrones not working

dan_vitchI installed the game (through steam) version 1.06b on windows 7 x64. i downloaded the mod and extracted contents to mod folder. I open the game and check game of thrones and it crashes. I found on the internet that mac users were having similar problems and tried there solution of changes the .mo...

@spugsley @OrigamiRobot @Room at large - how do I use a trinket in wrath of the lamb?
@RavenDreamer They are always on.
12:43 AM
Can someone tell me why BoI is that enjoyable to play multiple times? Because I see that it actually needs multiple playthroughs, but you're still having fun :o
@Alok Yes, yes, and yes.
@Alok Perhaps it's because the game is based on skill, and so you every time you play you get a little better and you derive satisfaction from the fact that you've made it further this time
Also, the DLC was on sale for 0.74
@RavenDreamer Yes, 74 cents is quite a good deal
I'm just annoyed that you can now never go back to the original game
1:11 AM
I think I ask at least one KH question every time I end up playing XD
I hate Theatrhythm style drawings, even this one of Link - the eyes just creep me out
First Wrath of the Lamb playthrough and I'm effectively immortal.
I think.
Cursed Skull + Scapular
Oh. I suppose I could crash.
That'd make me not-immortal.
omg fuck you Ben and Jerry for making Phish Food ice cream
1:28 AM
@spugsley what is that?
@AshleyNunn the best ice cream in the fucking world
@spugsley What makes it awesome?
@AshleyNunn marshmellow cream, fucking chocolate fishies, caramel, chocolate ice cream O_O ARGHHH SO GOOD
@spugsley O.O WAAAANT. I have never seen such awesomeness in Canada, and now I am sad.
@AshleyNunn come visit. I will get this for you
1:31 AM
Q: Is there any way to skip cutscenes?

Ashley NunnI die a lot in Kingdom Hearts, especially during boss battles. Is there any way to skip the cutscenes that often occur before them? I am tired of seeing the same cutscene four or five times while I struggle with a particular boss.

@AshleyNunn you can get phish food in canada
was the first place I ever had any
@spugsley Are you luring me with ice cream? (Heck YES, lemme just pack XD)
Pass on where, I don't know your silly Canadian company names :P
other than Kraft ofc
and Wendys
plenty of places in NB sell it for sure
Maybe I just live in a crappy part of Ontario that does not get Phish Food awesomeness.
I'm stuck in limbo. If I take damage, I get knocked back to the next room and earn a soul heart.
Haha, it's beat boss, or give up.
I can't lose.
1:38 AM
phish food is the quickest way to gain weight
more addictive than crack
"Oh I'll just have a little" turns into empty tub turns into walking to the shop at 1am for another
Hey, I have no shame. I would be okay with this.
Mind you my nanaimo bar frozen yogurt is not half bad
oh good lord.
It only took me 17 tries to beat Monstro II
And Mom can't deal enough damage to instant kill me either
1:55 AM
@RavenDreamer I had that combo once. I eventually lost to Mom somehow
Hello, World!
Q: How do I deselect the Housing Tools?

C. RossIn Terraria, which I just started playing it seems to be hanging on the "Housing Query" tool. Once I select it, I can't select anything else unless I completely exit the game. What can I do to deselect it?

Also, what is the character limit on an answer?
Practically infinite.
30k or so
@RavenDreamer 2.3k so far, and I'm only on boss 4/~13... I think I can make it lol
2:03 AM
oh god
finally beat mom
at least 20 min
Well challenge 3 was complete!
@QAtash waves
Oooh, my rep righ tnow is 12,421. Palindrome rep!
Telling a group of people on the internet what to do? This'll end well!
@RavenDreamer Hey, a girl can dream that some day, someone will listen to her
Oh holy crap I AM SO lost right now. Every room in this area looks THE SAME
It doesn't help that it is kinda dark in here :(
2:19 AM
@AshleyNunn Where are you at?
@QAtash The cave of wonders, in the dark bottom water area
I keep going around in circles
Not sure I remember that well enough to help :/
It's okay. I have a walkthrough so I can use that to get out of here, because I suspect I need to be back up top, if I can ever get there.
bugged quests :(
2:43 AM
KH just froze :(
@QAtash o.O I never had that happen
@Shinrai Nor have I, but I apparently just found a crash bug
@QAtash how is that even...o.O
I'm on a black screen, and there is still the ambient noise of birds and such, but no music and no loading :(
@QAtash That sucks :(
What area are you in?
2:45 AM
@AshleyNunn You don't have to worry about it freezing on you. I take excellent care of my games. =P
Also, yay for also playing Kingdom Hearts. You have good taste.
Also, the reset isn't working
@Fluttershy Good to know, but I am past the point he is, so I should be safe
@QAtash Psh, I have amazing taste ;)
2:46 AM
@QAtash That strikes me as a console issue rather than a game issue.
@QAtash Do you now?
@QAtash How did you reply to yourself? O.o
@AshleyNunn Kingdom Hearts 2 is my favorite game. So, um, yeah. I do.
@QAtash I am still working on the first one (obviously...) so I can't judge your taste ;)
@Fluttershy I don't know. I actually replied to ashley lol
2:47 AM
I'm also way overlevelled for Tarzan haha
maybe that had something to do with it?? I doubt it though
Should've saved :(
I pay no attention to things like that - I am such a button masher. I think I have used my magic like maybe a handful of times.
@QAtash Aww boo :(
Yeah, that sucks.
There's a reason I play my PS2 games via emulators these days
(well, okay, also that the PS2 looks awful on an HDTV, but besides that)
@QAtash I really think it's more of a console issue than a game issue, seeing as the reset didn't work.
2:49 AM
@Fluttershy No, the reset button worked, but not the reset combo for the game
Oh. Okay... That's a game issue.
@Alok It's not the only criteria per se, however, it's totally orthagonal to all other criteria, which are simply the criteria by which we determine whether any question is good/bad.
Good things about being overlevelled: don't have to worry about killing for exp, and what you do have to kill goes down quickly
Any other criteria that might apply to a 'list' question, (such as being a list of too many things to reasonably fit in one answer, as was the issue in the SWTOR question), is simply a problem of asking a question that's too broad, in much the same way that asking "How do I play all the classes in Diablo 3" is too broad. The problem isn't that the questions answer is a List of Things, the problem is that the question is insufficiently focused to be answerable.
@QAtash This is true. I am still pretty struggling, but I suspect that is my playstyle more than anything. I kinda lack finesse.
2:52 AM
@AshleyNunn KH was the first RPG I ever beat and it was because I powerlevelled early
The specific issue of lists without a clear boundary, by contrast, is a problem of maintenance - specifically they just aren't a good fit for our engine because we don't have any good mechanism for properly ensuring that they are kept up to date and maintained, nor is the inevitable one-per-answer that happens useful - it just creates very noisy answers that distort the reputation economy for no reason.
@QAtash Nice. The number of games I have actually completely beat is rather small, and mostly consists of Zelda titles.
I might be a bit of a Zelda fangirl. Maybe.
So, moving on to a different but still very SE-Arcanay stream of thought...
Given that game identification is off-topic, I would think that font identification is even less so. Sorry! Check out the FAQ and feel free to ask any other questions you might have that would be a better fit. — Matthew Read 8 hours ago
I'm... not actually sure I agree.
See, the thing is, the problem with game identification is it's 'can you identify this thing I'm describing that I may not fully remember.'
You're essentially playing charades and entirely reliant upon the askers capacity to conjure accurate and recognizable details.
Whereas, this question is 'Here is a thing. Look at the thing. Do you see the thing? I would like to know what this Thing is Called."
@AshleyNunn Started many, but never actually finished any zelda games
And, well that has none of the problems that ITG actually does.
(A similar case could be made for allowing questions about 'what is this song in the credits', or 'what game is being played in this video clip', and honestly, I am perfectly okay with both of those two. They are asking for identifications of concrete identifiable things that can be referred to.)
2:57 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I am perfectly fine with these for exactly these reasons
Am I wildly off target here?
Or should I be writing a bloviating Meta post?
@LessPop_MoreFizz I agree with this. That's why I didn't vote to close
@LessPop_MoreFizz I see your point, but I feel like many will not...
Is it my imagination, or do arcane mobs drop their arcane beams a lot more frequently than they did, say, a month ago?
Ok so in the event that a quest bugs out, one possible solution is to petition a GM, who will manually progress the quest for you
My particular GM hit the button too many times though so I skipped two stages
3:09 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I concur that it seems fine. It's way more concrete
@pixel For the quest that bugged for us yesterday, I was able to fix it by accepting another quest then restarting that one.
It restarted the tier, and reset everything properly.
@StrixVaria this particular quest was a click something on the ground quest, like another quest that you haven't got to you, allows multiple people to use the same quest items at once
Couldn't cancel it because its the main story line quest
(in both instances)
so for this quest you have like an alphabet on the floor, and every symbol was lit at once
which isn't supposed to happen, and prevented you from clicking on any of the letters
@LessPopMoreFizz I have 100% maxed out assault rifles, should I start on blood now?
@pixel or Fists, your choice.
Fists have more direct heals if you want to go that route.
As well as HoTs.
Blood has shields.
would it be silly to complete the whole of the inner circle before specialising further?
@pixel Depends: How important is the fact that you are playing a very sophisticated Story Based Dress Up Simulator to you?
Because filling in the Inner Ring gives you lots of cool new coats.
3:13 AM
Every time you finish a weapon on inner ring you get a new coat
It's not very important but more coats is more coats
AR's gave you a camo coat
Blood gives you a cool looking button down thing
oh thats where I got that from
Blades gets you a track jacket
Fists gets a pretty baller hoodie
A: "Here is a thing. Look at the thing. Do you see the thing? I would like to know what this Thing is Called." A plea for sanity

LessPop_MoreFizzWe shouldn't be. Simple rule of thumb for identification questions: You must be asking for the identification of a real actual thing that somebody else can look at. Examples of acceptable formulations: "What is the font in this screenshot?" "What game is being played in this Youtube video?" "W...

3:15 AM
pistols gives you a jacket
@QAtash I finished most of the ones released on handheld, and Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, and the original.
@pixel That question is linked in my post.
WHEEEE finished Agrabah!
I liked that question though
nearly got my third epic
I have not been farming pvp every 30 minutes all day
3:19 AM
@AshleyNunn Oh, I forgot Wind Waker. I did finish that one
@pixel I like it too.
no I meant the pokemon question
I like your title though
@QAtash It still annoys me that Tetra went from kickass pirate to bleh boring Zelda. I mean I get that it wouldn't have been proper Zelda without, well, Zelda, but Tetra was just awesome
@LessPop_MoreFizz I would have called it a "Kill Bill" jacket
@AshleyNunn Wind Waker was my 2nd favorite! =D
3:21 AM
@Fluttershy :D Most people hated the art style. I loved it. What's your first favourite?
As did I.
@AshleyNunn Ocarina of Time, obviously. =P
@AshleyNunn whaaat? the art is amazing in that game
It's also my second favorite Zelda game
(Behind Link's Awakening, natch!)
@Shinrai oh man Link's Awakening. The first Zelda game I finished without my dad's help. :D
@Fluttershy Ocarina of Time is awesome. I always wanted to get an Ocarina and learn to play the songs from Zelda.
@pixel So did I.
@AshleyNunn I have one! =D And I can play Epona's Song... sort of.
3:24 AM
we all need more sanity
@Fluttershy I have THE BIGGEST JEALOUS right now. You have no idea.
@pixel Stand in a green beam?
sorry, I've never lost that much sanity
I don't need any light in the darkness
@pixel I miss that fight.
3:26 AM
@Fluttershy So. Awesome.
That fight is completely dead, even really bad players can force it now
Even if my role in 'The Hard Part' was 'put the tank on follow and then mash the Fan of Knives key as fast and often as possible.'
@pixel :(
US 12th.
@AshleyNunn I like it. =3
@LessPopMoreFizz was before my time, I started playing WoW around the time the Lich King was added
@Fluttershy I am pretty much jealous.
3:27 AM
Got world sub 60 on tier 11 though
@pixel Tier 11 we were solidly US top 10 IIRC.
I know we were US first to finish the meta achievement and get fancy dragons.
10 or 25?
good :)
@pixel Pfffft '10 man progression'
3:28 AM
hey 10 man was actually harder in t11
so badly tuned
yeah, no, doesn't matter. Still a joke.
Ah what, TSW just went down?
"Lost connection to the territory manager"
that's a new one
@pixel sounds like a world server down equivalent
@LessPopMoreFizz do you get more clothes for completing decks?
@pixel Each deck gives you an outfit
the outfits are multislot
and look awesome.
3:30 AM
ok I will do blood first then
since I'm only a few points away from finishing necromancer
O hey this hotel internet isn't shit, i guess I should play TSW tonight
... my internet is worse than that
When I speedtest.net it sits there "Loading" with a percentage counter that goes up slowly
My internet is actually really good by normal standards atm
Q: "Here is a thing. Look at the thing. Do you see the thing? I would like to know what this Thing is Called." A plea for sanity

LessPop_MoreFizzidentify-this-game was a Bad Tag. It was applied to Bad Questions. It is gone forever, and I could not be happier. But it appears, that we have been throwing some babies out with our admittedly filthy bathwater. So, before I move on, I want to talk for a second about why identify-this-game is b...

ouch, those make me feel better about my lousy Comcast service here
@LessPop_MoreFizz I never understand what these mean.
3:35 AM
and no I'm not from Manchester, before you think I'm weird(er)
1 more facility capture and all three of my minor talismans will be ql10 purples
What does all that stuff mean, anyhow?
How fast you can download
HOw fast you can upload
First number = the speed you download, second = the speed you upload, third = your latency
3:44 AM
And how fast a piece of data can go from your system and then back to you
@pixel latency?
@James Fios?
@AshleyNunn @James' description is perfect
@Shinrai Aye
We can't get that here, Verizon has a non-compete agreement in this market and aren't allowed to move in. :/
3:44 AM
@pixel Cool. :D Thanks for the explaining. :)
Aww, no more palindrome rep :(
Aaaaaaaahhhhh! @James! Why did you not warn me this weeks TableTop was To be continued!? D=
@Fluttershy Sorry!
Wee! Revive timer bugged!
...And then crashed.
@James S'okay... Just gonna have to wait two more weeks. lol Also... totally googled Dead Eyes in hopes of the gif.
@Fluttershy LoL, Do they have one yet???
3:49 AM
@James Not that I found.
@Fluttershy Have to say I like the episode.. But the game they are playing is Meh to me.
I think Gloom had more game involved story telling
@James I agree. Gloom looked fun. This one just looks cheesy.
Okay, TSW time.
And oh shit, I am pretty sure that I just convinced myself that I need to figure out a way to put together the cast of scooby doo in TSW.
Should be doable with the clothing selection from Pangea.
The scarves might be troublesome. :/
Blarg. That A2 game had the most sadistic elites ever.
so who wants to run Polaris?
4:03 AM
@Shinrai I'm wandering away every few minutes atm, or I would
rah this quest is driving me nuts
wtb sanity
I keep thinking I should read something other than the Song of Ice and Fire books to give my brain a break, but then I just...keep....going. I am on Feast for Crows already, and I am going to be SO sad when I finish Dance with Dragons and have to wait.
@Shinrai I will if you need
@pixel Green Beam.
@AshleyNunn Counterpoint: ARYA GOES BLIND.
@LessPopMoreFizz I nearly typed something out there that would have been a complete story spoiler
4:04 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz What?
@pixel I don't need, I just know we had a few people who hadn't run it
@Shinrai "if you need" = "if you have space"
@AshleyNunn I mean what I said and I said what I mean.
@pixel Ahh. I was just soliciting interest but if it's just you and me that won't cut it xD
not quite yet ;p
FML, it was RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF ME the whole time. I've been running around for 30 minutes looking for something I walked upto in the first 30 seconds
but because I didn't walk right up to it, it didn't trigger the quest
4:08 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Spoiler alert!
@LessPop_MoreFizz Oh I was already working under the assumption that everyone dies
I think the very beginning of the idea was, "What if nobody has plot armor?"
4:23 AM
scratch that! still messed up though
So much spoiling :(
Hey @LessPopMoreFizz Would you mind telling me which skills are you seeing a difference in resource consumption and damage output when it doesnt say it will affect em?
I'm in the final quest zone \o/
@James Stunning Swirl
Erm, sorry, Balanced Blade
moused over the wrong spot on my bar
@LessPop_MoreFizz No worries just want to get some more testing into this :) especially since I use blades :D
4:33 AM
Kirsten Geary is so funny
@James Also with Anima Outbreak with assault rifles.
It's nearly double the damage from 1 point to 5 point
@LessPop_MoreFizz With Anima or Balanced?
@James Both
Logging in :)
Ahh TSW how much I have missed you this week!
@LessPopMoreFizz I'd be more amenable to the song identification question if the answers weren't so bad. agent86's answer is a guess, and Alexey's answer is lacking in verifiability, which is as good as a guess.
4:35 AM
(Figured I'd ping you in chat than continuing to write another whole answer in comments)
@MarkTrapp It's perfectly verifiable if you happen to have access to the game in question, no?
Unless you mean verifiability of the liscense in question, which is a seperate issue.
Verifiability of the name of the song and who made it. Searching for it on the Google turns up different answers.
But again, I'm not saying that there might not be smoke here, I'm saying that the fire has nothing to do with identification or piracy, and we need to be careful about over-interpreting a rule beyond it's intent, which is my real point.
@MarkTrapp Hmm. Okay then.
Anyways, examples aside, mainly I wrote the post not because I thought those three posts were particularly shining examples of great questions and or answers, but because I was concerned with @MatthewReads comment on the most recent one.
I'm entirely amenable to there being other reasons that the questions I cited are bad and in need of closure and it's not really germane to the point I was trying to make. I mainly just didn't want to have the argument with matt in the comments of a closed question.
We cool?
Yeah… I've taken to ignoring close reason comments due to how badly they tend to miscommunicate a reason to close
@LessPopMoreFizz Yup, Balanced blade does just about double damage routinely when 5 resources are used instead of 1.
4:41 AM
@MarkTrapp The problem with doing that is that they are generally the only communication the asker of a close question gets.
And since I tend to be to lazy or mean spirited to leave them myself, it's in my best interest, as somebody that doesn't want to leave close vote comments, to ensure that the people who do do so in a way that properly communicates to askers why their questions are problematic.
Because otherwise we get people coming to meta every few weeks confused about why their list request for RPGs with both swords and machine guns in them is somehow worse than that other list request for all the special attack combos for Blue Dude in Super Flashy Fighter 7.
Super Flashy Fighter 6 was better.
And then somebody has to go and write up the same old song and dance explaining the difference and if one of the people who is Good At These Things doesn't get there first than the situation escalates and generally this is part of the problem of the whole New User Experience situation that we've been hemming and hawing over a whole bunch lately.
Which is to say: It's not enough to know the rules and be friendly to leave an effective, explanatory close vote comment, you have to understand the rules, and why they're in place in order to properly communicate them. Otherwise, we might as well just have the system auto-generate a comment linking to the FAQ whenever a vote is cast the same way it does for 'Possible Duplicate' comments.
The fact that ARMA II is the #4 top seller on Steam right now makes me laugh... Mostly because my assumption is that people are buying it solely for DayZ...
@LessPop_MoreFizz Right, but we run the risk of tipping the other way, which is why I felt the compulsion to write an answer to your response. Just because one person (or a few people) in the comments got it wrong doesn't mean the question should be reopened, or that the question was closed for arcane reasons.
@James Yeah, it's a noticable and dramatic difference, and you'll see it with all finishers.
4:47 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Well, that already happens: it's the close reason. To be honest, I find the whole "let's clumsily reword the close reason in comments so it becomes a whole production" silly and the cause of more problems than solutions or helpfulness.
@MarkTrapp Right, like I said, I'm amenable to my examples having been poorly chosen. But this isn't the first time I've seen this sort of rush to judgment because it structurally resembles something that we've had issues with.
@LessPop_MoreFizz That is what I need to go chcek cause that blade dance thing :)
@James Dancing Blade does less damage per tick, but the numbers are smaller, so the variance is too
@LessPop_MoreFizz I am seeing a 2 to 1 with that one as well man
@MarkTrapp I feel like your "trappbucks" should be "TrappBucks™"
4:53 AM
Even one blade resource still does all the swipes but the damage of them changes from like 57 to 110 or so
@James yeah, but since the numbers are smaller, it feels like it's more likely to be 'within the normal damage range', as Pixel said.
So it feels less like the extra resources are making a difference until you add it all up
Those numbers are very close to the difference in balanced blade to me.
@LessPop_MoreFizz On the font identification questions, I'm with you 100%. But I think your characterization of ITG misses a large facet of why they suck, which is not just because they are functionally unanswerable, but also because they're honeypots of crap: they beget crap answers and crap copycat questions. We didn't need a special rule for ITG questions because they're against like a half dozen other quality standards SE has, which I think the music identification question also violated
Where I think we go wrong, and thankfully that didn't happen on the song identification question, is when we say things like "Identify this-type questions are off-topic" like that means anything to anyone not heavily invested in how the SE sausage is made. We should be explaining things on a much more basic level, like the fact that identify questions tend to attract crap answers and other crap questions if they aren't worded almost perfectly.
Fuck it. Pinnin' dis.
See also: Developer intent questions.
4:56 AM
Indeed, those too
Hint: New users don't care what little sandbox you put their question in. If you're going to tell them it can't be answered, give them a real explanation of why instead.
Yup, Updating answer @LessPopMoreFizz as there is a definitive difference between all the skills I ahve access too now between full and minimal resources despite the descriptions not saying they do anything else
1:00 AM is an appropriate time to brew a pot of bad coffee, C/D?
Alice: Madness Returns is the flash sale on Steam! $5! Awesommmmmme
@LessPopMoreFizz Answer updated, comment removed.
5:09 AM
I just got consumed by a whale.
I love this game.
sat in the Illuminati HQ, "All watercoolers have now been laced with LSD"
@LessPopMoreFizz 1am is fine
@LessPopMoreFizz I'm on my 5/6th cup and its now 6am
in fact I may go for another
@pixel Counterpoint: I am diurnal.
@AshleyNunn Well, I mean, that shouldn't have come as a surprise...
@pixel My favorite is "Remember, Mandatory Drug Testing starts tomorrow. Please remember to take drugs."
yeah I like that one too
in fact the guy that does the voice over in the HQ is the same guy who takes you through the faction quests
probably the best written character in game
5:15 AM
@pixel I like to think it's a voice synthesizer
But it is awesome even if it's not one guy.
his/its sentence structure would make you think that
@LessPop_MoreFizz This is also my favorite
1.2k heal rating now
still low
but since nearly all my gear has <random useless stat> on it
@Shinrai it did but I liked it.
The swallowing was awesome.
@AshleyNunn :)
@AshleyNunn also, twss >.<
5:19 AM
"That's what she said"
Yeah, well ;p
Did you guys see the Valve Employee Handbook btw?
brb coffee and breakfast
5:41 AM
Q: Is combat avoidable?

AlokI am slowly working through the Tutorials; the beginning tutorial seems to be bugged right now (just drops my ship on a map, no popup or anything at all) and in the missiles one ... my 'target' Mr. T (not from A-team) ran out of taunts and was begging me to end his life, because I took so much ti...

mmmmMMmmm honey nut clusters
Breakfast? I am.just thinking about sleep!
which is still a full 60 minutes before I usually wake up
Ah, here it is 1:45 am.
time travel
6:09 AM
finally done polaris
6:54 AM
WorldEdit is awesome. Been racking my brain on how to copy a complex cave system into a new Minecraft world, given MCEdit only handling rectangular prisms and not having a function to only copy interior air.
Decided to fill all the interior air with a block, then replace all instances of the block with air after copy, but couldn't find an MCEdit filter that filled spaces correctly. Spent 2 hours working on a filter myself, decided to try WorldEdit. //fillr did it in less than a second

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