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1:59 AM
look what has happened
"You have reached your question limit
Sorry, we are no longer accepting questions from this account."
My last post was simply asking about the meaning of migration, which some were not able to answer properly. Then the downvotes and close votes led to the nightmare
This is not right.
I can't think of a proper word to describe this horrible thing
One undervalued post, dubious downvotes and close votes, nightmare
2:34 AM
Evan, is that you?
3:31 AM
@mustaccio just what I was wondering. Amazing the entitlement some people have.
3:55 AM
Mediocre trolling, anyway.
though people had some fun on the sidelines
4 hours later…
7:40 AM
dba.stackexchange.com/help/question-bans. Bans don't happen because of one question. People often forget to account for their deleted questions.
8:24 AM
@PaulWhite9 True.
@AJ Heh
I guess you have looked at the bottom of the page already.
Did you watch RSA vs Eng yesterday?
Kinda thought it'd end up tie.
@AJ No I didn't. Our visitors flew back to the UK yesterday so we were busy with that and tidying up home.
8:28 AM
@PaulWhite9 Ohh, that's more than 2 weeks?
@AJ Four!
RSA needed 5 runs of three balls.
Sounds like a chase NZ would go for a Super Over for
But ended up taking 2 runs on the next, and wickets on remaining two balls.
So England won by 2 runs?
8:30 AM
Didn't they lose the last one by 1 run?
Close games
@PaulWhite9 Yes.
@PaulWhite9 That's the beauty of T20I
8:44 AM
True, but not every game is as close as those
9:04 AM
2 hours later…
11:02 AM
WHat is entitilement?
belittle posters
ask one poster if they are another
don't address questions, but pile up a lot of unecessary words to deter whoever ask questions
I have been playing nice sincerely with you, and try to invoke the same from you guys
I did enjoy some insightful discussion at the end
but looking back how awful it was to achieve that
some didnt' have the ability to listen and understand
always assume whoever have questions are inferior
isn't that entitlement?
curiosity is human nature.
You don't have it and you are fine with it.'
But don't try to kill it on others
The tones that some have been using to communicate with others are condescending
I hate to say this
because it was also mixed with helpful discussion at the end
@Tim I think that's the core issue here. You asked a question which was very broad and so not a fit for the Q & A site. People here offered some discussion you found insightful in chat.
Regarding the "ban"
I had one post got deleted in Dec, two months ago.
Then the current post which got a spree of downvotes and close votes, and then suddenly a "ban"
@Tim The question ban is quite short, and imposed by system, using rules that are deliberately not public.
11:18 AM
Just now, my second to last post got a downvote. Well chatroom effect after I pointed out the unfairness of the ban
I expect more.
You have asked ten questions overall, six of which are deleted for one reason or another.
I have seen more that were worse out of humans
Overall spanning how long the history?
@Tim You can see that information yourself.
If I could, shall I ask you
11:21 AM
More importantly, the downvotes and close votes and delted votes on this site have been very dubious
@PaulWhite9 go figure what you miss
I am not here to educate you why I can't see them
Lose the attitude buddy
I'm happy to help you, but ease up
Not really
this site doesn't try to build a friendly constructive atmosphere.
I don't think people were belittling you, Tim. Can't actually speak for others of course, just my impression based on how much I've got to know this crowd during my participation in this chat.
You were told several times that your question was very broad, eventually people started playing with the idea of its being broad, having fun with it too, yes, but not making fun of you personally
@AndriyM I believe those appreciate your defence very much
Broad or not, how much broad, ..., these are themselves very subjective.
everything can be written in a book.
everything can be summarized in a few sentences, if knowing the idea
which level of details are you focusing on?
That might have been part of the issue actually. People didn't know what level of detail was expected.
11:31 AM
I have to stop
this discussion doesn't seem to wake up anyone
@Tim If you want your question reopened, edit it as the banner suggests. That will start a reopen review process.
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14 hours ago, by ypercubeᵀᴹ
- migration of a database (the data) to a different installation, but same DBMS
- migration of a database (the data) to a different installation, same DBMS but different version
- migration of a database (the data) to a different installation in a different DBMS, often involves schema changes
- update of the database installation to a different version
- schema changes of a database
Your very broad question was summarized in a few sentences at the beginning of the exchange
People aren’t obligated to engage with you, especially if you’re antagonistic to them
11:47 AM
To be fair, I don't think – or at least I didn't notice – Tim was antagonistic then. He does seem to have grown bitter since, though
It might be because I had a similar exchange with a junior dev this week
He didn’t understand a design choice I made and went too far in challenging it. It got to the point where I agreed to change it just so we could move on. At which point he got pissed at me for compromising the quality of the design
Antagonism doesn’t require malice, if you’re damaging to the discourse even in your earnest overeagerness, you still need to be put in timeout for a bit
@AndriyM and just so we’re on the same page, I’m pretty sure the reason he got angry is because he got hit with a timeout on main based on automated rules. He saw that and assumed it was people in chat “coming after him”
I have sometimes wished moderators could lift an automated question ban.
I don't feel so strongly about it today.
12:03 PM
Unrelated topic change, but @PaulWhite9 I recently deleted an answer of mine on a closed downvoted question partly so that it’d be eligible for auto-deletion. Can you just confirm for me that I’m remembering the mechanics of that correctly?
@PeterVandivier Yes, it seems to be the case to me too.
Not the only reason I deleted it, but it was a contributing factor and I figure you’re the man who knows these things
@PeterVandivier That's one of the criteria for one or more of the routes to system deletion. The full set of rules is at meta.stackexchange.com/questions/5221/…
Ty 👍🏻
@PeterVandivier The applicable rule in your case is:
> The system will automatically delete closed, unlocked questions with zero or negative score having no positively scored or accepted answers or pending reopen votes, that were closed for any reason other than duplicate nine or more days ago and haven't been edited in the past nine days. (RemoveAbandonedClosed)
12:07 PM
@PeterVandivier I think I understand what you mean. The antagonism was in his pressing for more details, thereby apparently refusing to accept that his question was too broad.
So your answer wouldn't have prevented deletion unless it acquired a positive score or was accepted.
Ohhhh, well I suppose I didn’t need to worry about it then. I guess I never processed that a no-vote answer doesn’t block cleanup
You can always drop a link to a deletion candidate in


Use to list questions that can probably be deleted in future.
Drop by to drop a question link in Drop Question Queue
/mic drop
12:10 PM
It would be nice if there were delete & undelete review queues but SO Inc. have more important things to do
@Tim we understand your frustration for your answer being closed. But the chat room was not responsible for that.
Also I can add here your comments that seemed condescending in you want.
True, some of "our" posts (in this chat room I mean) may have sounded condescending, too.
You should also consider that some of us have grown apart from the site. While we had been answering (and asking) questions for years, events in the last years have made some of us to decide not participate in the site. So, many of the people in this chat room are not even voting on the site.
But we still visit the room and occasionally try to help people who come here and want to discuss stuff in a more relaxed manner than the main site.
As for the question, yes, it was too broad. You may disagree but all others in the room who made a comment had the same opinion.
And I don't much care if it is reopened ot stays closed. I have stopped voting.
On other matters, @TomV-trytopanswers.xyz Picard episode 4 was not bad. At last, space travel. And a dog (spaceship) fight. And an unexpected arrival. Or a fraction of it ;)
12:25 PM
@PeterVandivier I feel awful at your comment, so I eat my words
I won't say no more.
@ypercubeᵀᴹ a bit of action
@PeterVandivier I didn't recall you said anything meaningful during the earlier discussion
I never assume people are obliged to help me to answer my questions
The ban on my account was caused by the downvotes, close votes on my posts
some of the votes came from people here
curious, an accepted answer 2 years and a half later
@McNets Someone didn't want to make a rushed decision
12:36 PM
@AndriyM sure
15 hours ago, by Peter Vandivier
I’m not bored, just drunk
@Tim the intention of the room has never been to make you feel bad. It’s just honest reaction. Maybe just take a step back and reflect on how you presented yourself and why we might have responded to that in the way we did
I’ve put myself in timeout here before. It’s not the end of the world
@McNets Sometimes people just forget. Other times they learn they earn 2 rep for accepting an answer and go back through their questions for that purpose.
@PaulWhite9 92 rep, OP hasn't been very active these years.
12:52 PM
A: getAge in SQL depending on two dates

McNetsOn Postgres you can use age function +----------------+----------+------------------------------------------+-----------------------------+------------------------+ | age(timestamp) | interval | Subtract from current_date (at midnight) | age(timestamp '1957-06-13') | 43 years 8 mons 3 days | +--...

Hi Evan, I'm glad to see you again — McNets Apr 16 '17 at 12:22
@McNets Only 2 years? Then see this answer. Hover over the check mark to see the accepted date. ;P
@PeterVandivier not all honest reactions are well received
Truth can be bitter sometimes as they say.
I am not asking you presenting yourself to be nice while you are not. It is really what is going on in mind that matters
Let me also emphasis counting number of question marks doesn't help your argument that my questions are too broad
I was trying to be specific by adding subquestions
My question has always been clear the relation and difference between possibly different kinds of "migration", or they are just one kind.
That has caused a lot of confusions unnecessarily in the past
As I am not afraid to repeat, questions and answers can be conducted at different levels of details
1:15 PM
@Tim I told you to drop the attitude earlier. Insulting people isn't going to work out well for you here.
It doesn't seem like anything new is being said on this topic so we will move on from it and talk about other things.
it's been a while since we talked about cricket
Is it me or someone else also got confused with avatars of John and McNets at least once?
I'm pretty sure they are sock puppets
Or maybe twins
@TomV-trytopanswers.xyz Sadly I don't think there are any games in progress right now
You can tell because AJ and I aren't talking about them 😀
@TomV-trytopanswers.xyz Meet us here live talking about Cricket on 21st. :P
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1:41 PM
@ypercubeᵀᴹ my mother in law was in town for a few weeks so i haven't seen the last few episodes. i'm super looking forward to getting caught up tomorrow
Which streaming service is Picard on?
Amazon Prime
at least in the UK
tbh I'm mainly excited that it's good enough as a show that my wife will watch sci fi with me
2:09 PM
I have a different issue. My wife loves sci-fi as much as I do, but dislikes paying for streaming services.
Does she also dislike techno-anarchism? xkcd.com/488
Tbh though we’ve actually been cutting down on streaming services
Had a few too many for a minute there
Amazon makes the cut though, it might not have if it was just the shows, but I also watch quite a bit of twitch and the insta-delivery of stuff is a hell of a drug
We only have NetFlix and a local one called Neon right now
2:36 PM
@ypercubeᵀᴹ did you watch the expanse?
2:52 PM
@PaulWhite9 I know some websites....
@TomV-trytopanswers.xyz yes
@PeterVandivier hummm "few weeks" and "mother in law" isn't there an oxymoron?
Not my favorite few weeks ever
It’s kind of a bummer, we both really like hanging out with her, but when her husband visits as well, it’s a whole different thing
@PeterVandivier :)
Divide and rule
3 hours later…
5:56 PM
@Tim personally, as a user with 60,000+ rep, I can't tell who upvotes or downvotes my posts, so if you can tell me how you "know", I'd be much obliged. As for you saying we were being condescending I'd suggest you realize that we're interacting with you out of pure kindness - none of us get paid to answer questions here, and especially not ones that are ill-defined, wide-ranging, and difficult to succinctly answer in a chat room.
I suggest you go to your local database-related usergroup and see if anyone there will entertain you.
@PaulWhite9 sorry, I just saw that :)
2 hours later…
7:47 PM
@MaxVernon username is visible if the questions are closed though
@McNets I'm e'joying that one very much
3 hours later…
10:32 PM
Damnnn yall pissed off the @Tim
@Tim has more experience than me. He joined a month after.
@Tim you @TimStone ?
10:51 PM
Experience in what?
in fighting against bullies :)
@EvanCarroll we only share part of username
what's your main account on the network?
the one on outdoor.stackexchange.com?
you do not have 183k from that site
I have been bullied on StackOverflow and several sites. Otherwise, that is not my current reputations
10:58 PM
on what site do you have the most reputation, currently?
because you're still showing 183k
I now lost right of speech on dba
The current site information says posting is not a right but a privillege
What the ...
This is very discrimiative openly
what does that have to do with answering my question?
I was not
I don't track what reputations I have on each site
I like the great outdoors. So I consider it as my home
11:18 PM
@MaxVernon No worries Max

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