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6:08 PM
I'm reading some experimental GR book
It's a bit weird
It lists like 30 contributors, and I've never heard of any of them???
Theory and experiment are very isolated
@AaronStevens You reverted the edit on this question when the OP himself approved it. I would really like to know the reason as you must have done for a definite purpose.
@Knight Sorry, I missed where the OP approved the edit. The first part of the question still mentions "non-vector", and the OP isn't really asking about "operations on scalars", so I rolled it back since it seemed to conflict with the original ideas.
If the OP did approve, it is probably because they believe that "operations on scalars" is the correct terminology
The OP is not asking about scalars, as scalars also follow the commutative law of addition
@Knight yes I thought that you were additing the correct terminology.
Angular displacement is a not a vector, not a Tensor so I think it’s a scalar only! @AaronStevens
@JohanLiebert Hi brother, where is our @AbhasKumarSinha
@Knight he deleted his account.
6:22 PM
@Knight It cannot be a scalar, as they do not follow commutative law of addition
@AaronStevens So what it is?
@Knight yes I noticed a reputation (-20) change and when I checked I found that he deleted his account
Please don’t say its true
@Knight I am not sure, but I don't think it is relevant to the question. I have edited the title and question to be clearer
6:26 PM
@AaronStevens yes I haven't asked about it in question cause I thought that then it might not be that specific. But do you know what type of quantity it is?
@JohanLiebert I am not sure if there is a specific name (there probably is, but I am either ignorant of it, or I am just having a lack in memory). It is true that these operations cannot be associated with vectors due to the lack of commutative addition.
@Semiclassical oooh that looks interesting
Currently have 3 supervisions in the next few days but consider it looked at after that
really been struggling with motivation towards the course material as of late
Had some things happen over Christmas which wiped out my work ethic. And I still haven’t recovered. Spent the last few nights doing all my work the day before and it’s killing me.
Any advice?
I don’t know if university is just hard. But I very rarely feel like I understand something these days.
Sorry for the TMI. But I thought if anybody knows what I’m feeling rn then it’s a bunch of professional physicists (or close enough)
@JakeRose It always gave me comfort that even von Neumann famously said: "Young man, in mathematics you don't understand things. You just get used to them."
That is so relatable
There’s so many things that at week 1 I didn’t understand but now just intuitively know?
But Jeeze. Coming from a icon like von Neumann..
ACM did Nuemann try to indicate towards the failure of reducing the mathematics to logic?
By those words?
6:36 PM
@JakeRose I don't necessarily see it as a bad thing: "Understanding" in the sense of having some sort of moment of enlightenment where you suddenly grasp what you didn't before is rare (though it happens). Much more common is a gradual process where you see and use something so often that you stop worrying about "understanding" it because you don't need any sort of grand enlightenment anymore to find it useful and familiar.
(You can watch math.SE argue about differing interpretations of this quote here)
@JohanLiebert 😭
I’m truly hurt
@Knight yeah I know it's really sad 😔 .
Thanks @ACuriousMind
I really do like that quote
Finding motivation is the hard part now
@Knight Good Knight!
6:40 PM
@JohanLiebert Knight? Oh in India!
In somewhat related news, this is how most proofs (in maths and physics alike) are written ;)
@ACuriousMind Your new picture threw me off for a second.
@JakeRose I feel the same way with a lot of the things I read in biophysics. Even though we are studying different things, you are not alone :)
7:06 PM
@AaronStevens Throws everyone off, really, even the guy who has the face (there's a lengthy scene in the game it's from where he looks into a mirror for the first time) :P
@ACuriousMind Well then I am not alone :P
7:23 PM
Hi, everybody.
Quick! Someone teach me something neat.
There are about 60,000 miles of blood vessels in your body right now.
Let $A,B,C$ be points on the unit sphere and $AB,BC,AC$ be the geodesic distances between these points. Then the set of allowed $AB,BC,AC$ is characterized as $AB+BC\geq AC$, $AB+AC\geq BC$, $AC+BC\geq AB$ and $AB+BC+AC\leq \pi$.
Now that's damn
wonder what will happen if you loop it faster?
plz don't
7:27 PM
b/c headache
post it as a link
looping it faster should make it less headache and still 3D?
just tried it
doesn't work
I don't think my poor monitor can't handle it
@ACuriousMind o_O
"I can see from here that you have too much blood."
Quick, take it away!
@Semiclassical You sure that $\pi$ shouldn't be $2\pi$? If the three points are equidistant along a great circle, that sum should be the circumference of the great circle, no?
7:35 PM
yeah, should be 2pi
@Knight you find this interesting:
8:03 PM
Will someone crack the general AI code already...?
8:14 PM
Do we still get notices when rep goes down? I mean: my rep just went down 15 - no big deal - but normally if a user was removed or if I had some answer unaccepted there’d be a message or something.
but now nothing. I suspect a user removed because I noticed I now have 2 fewer answered questions than earlier today...
@ZeroTheHero no. I regularly lose rep due to users leaving and I get no warning.
weird... I can still see “-30 (user removed)” notices as recently as Jan.5th...
@ZeroTheHero It wasn't a direct effect of user-deletion, but an effect of this answer being deleted because the question was deleted (because the user was deleted and negatively-scored posts get deleted upon user deletion). You didn't lose the rep from the upvotes because that's locked in after ~30 days or so, but you did lose the 15 for the accept.
That sort of rep loss isn't counted under "user removed", that one only counts the rep you lose when their votes are deleted.
@ACuriousMind wow I learned something.
Overleaf stopped just being able to open a latex file online and send links so other people can edit it :\
8:24 PM
Unless you log in I mean
second day in a row i've randomly hit the + key with my thumb then enter right after
I just thought you strongly agreed with what was being said :P
I had a quick combinations question was wondering if anyone was familiar
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