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12:00 AM
@MichaelHomer Yes, the argument should be a FQDN for the host the host key is valid on. I was just wondering because when I use it, I get no text saying "for host_name.example.com" as in the example on the RHEL site.
12:19 AM
The strange thing is that in the ssh-keygen.c source code, the Z option seems to set a "format cipher", which doesn't make sense in the context of the RHEL text. This may be a RedHat patch that does something that the upstream OpenSSH code does not do.
@Kusalananda There is an entry in `man ssh-keygen` manual as

ssh-keygen -F hostname [-f known_hosts_file] [-l]

in the package openssh-client for debian.
@Isaac Yes, that's something completely different though.
I might ask a question about it on the site...
1:04 AM
I just came across this in an Article about Airbnb. I've never heard of it before. I know there are some Europeans here - have you heard of this?
An EU thing, obviously.
And here's the article about Airbnb, in case anyone cares - theguardian.com/money/2019/dec/21/…
Small claims is a big pain, because the amount may be relatively large, but it's still a lot of effort to go to a court to get your money back.
5 hours later…
6:27 AM
OK, so apparently oflag=append is not portable in dd. So here's a question: Is this good enough to be a portable alternative ?

dd conv=notrunc seek=$(du -b testFile.txt|cut -f1) bs=1 if=/etc/resolv.conf of=testFile.txt
Also, I feel like there should be a code-review SE site, but for command-line stuff
I guess I answered my own question. Not portable enough, -b flag in du is missing from specs

dd conv=notrunc seek=$(wc -c < testFile.txt) bs=1 if=/etc/resolv.conf of=testFile.txt
@SergiyKolodyazhnyy "Command line stuff" could mean "things that can be put into a shell script". I believe shell scripts are acceptable by the existing code review SE site.
Yep, they are. I recall browsing through some of them
I haven't been on that site very much, but I would be hesitant to try to have single commands reviewed there though.
6:44 AM
Yep. Which is why I didn't post it there, but couldn't find an alternative either
Also . . . that pinned link to "nice" is very . . . nice . . . .
sorry, can't help myself make bad jokes here and there :) At least it's not fish puns . . . Then I'd be having a whale of a time with those
7:15 AM
4 hours later…
11:04 AM
@Kusalananda I can’t check right now, but it does appear to be a patch (I imagine mosvy’s answer is correct).
@StephenKitt No worries. I just pinged you to see if you were about there and then and happened to have the info in your head somehow.
All is well.
@Kusalananda likewise, I just don’t like leaving questions hanging ;-)
12:04 PM
I have low hang fruits
3 hours later…
2:36 PM
Hello Chat !
1 hour later…
3:38 PM
hello, Kiwy
I will catch up with you in Scala among others someday
How is your bike shop?
4:02 PM
Hi Tim,
Scala is nice indeed, good luck with that, I'm still strugling with it.
My bike shop is nice but what are you refering to ?
I am referring to
Mar 7 at 15:19, by Kiwy
@Jesse_b I think I won't last long in the computing field, I might open a bike repair shop or something like this. Computing technologies (network/system/dev) are not meant to be handle by human I'm almost sure all those technologies come from machine (Skynet maybe) It's exhausting to just stay up to date
so are you still using Scala?
Do you have some change since then?
the repais shop is still a project I keep in my head next to the electronics repair mobil truck and my project to become teacher in high school.
Regarding Scala I'm still learning and I'm using it with spark( which is both a framework and a cluster) and it's nice.
IMHO Scala has a strong static type system. and it is the best typing system to have in any language.
Your technology stack is very fascinating
What technologies are in your stack?
What books on Scala and on Spark do you like?
4:18 PM
I didn't read any book about spark or Scala (though I probably should have)
I'm not sure it's possible for me to describe my job.
I'm /dev/sysadm/RnD ....
What academic/industry domain is your R&D?
4 hours later…
8:07 PM
Ok, finally managed to get my head around OpenSSH host/user certificates. Now running my local machines without personal known_hosts or authorized_keys files. Very sleek.
1 hour later…
9:23 PM
@Kusalananda Ooh, I've never gotten my head around that either. What resources did you find most helpful in understanding it finally?
@Wildcard This very old RedHat document. I asked a question late last night about a tiny aspect of it though. If you follow it, then replace ssh-keygen -Z by ssh-keygen -n. access.redhat.com/documentation/en-us/red_hat_enterprise_linux/…
@Kusalananda I think it would be on-topic there. I would love to see more shell script questions on that site, because in my actual work most shell scripts I see are horrible examples of code and would benefit from review...and most often, they would be reduced to a one-liner if done properly.
@Kusalananda Thanks, bookmarking.
@Wildcard There was a snappier tutorial somewhere too, but I don't quite remember where. Found a few resonably good texts by Googling.
9:43 PM
@Wildcard Oh, and here's my question (which is more of a request for clarification): unix.stackexchange.com/questions/558539/…
2 hours later…
11:17 PM
I was looking at this question: unix.stackexchange.com/questions/484129/… and it seemed on-topic for me. In particular, it seems like it would match "Applications packaged in *nix distributions (note: being cross-platform does not disqualify)". Am I just misreading the topic page for this site?
@BrianMinton read the rest of the notification. :)
@BrianMinton ah, beg pardon; the rest of the reason isn't displayed unless you have more rep. It says:
This question has been posted on multiple sites. Cross-posting is strongly discouraged; see the help center and community FAQ for more information.
Dumb that it's not shown to other users.
I'll bring it up on Meta; it's a good example of why the new method of display is flawed. (Showing different things to different people.)
ok, thanks.
In fact, I missed a comment stating exactly that.
11:39 PM
There's already a Meta answer pointing out this problem, marked "status review," so I've commented with this example. meta.stackexchange.com/questions/339700/…

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