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4:07 PM
Quick query about something.
I know practically nothing about modern Judaism, and most of what I know about ancient Judaism comes from my Christian (Jehovah's Witness) upbringing, and is probably wildly inaccurate.
Also, I find theology boring.
But I still browse the site sometimes, and find the detailed minutia interesting.
Q: Is ad-blocker software permissible?

unforgettableidKalashnikover_Rebbe at hashkafah.com asks: Isn't blocking ads stealing??? The people put them on the sites for a reason.... He elaborates: On one hand the argument can be made that [forum XYZ] is PUBLICLY broadcast and distributed and what YOU do with it once it hits your PC is your own...

I don't use ad-blocker software. I think it's unethical.
I do, however, use software which blocks third-party content.
(NoScript and RequestPolicy Firefox extensions, in case you're interested.)
I use this software primarily for security reasons.
It has the incidental effect of blocking the vast majority of ads.
I think that makes a difference. Does your halacha think it makes a difference?
That's not a question to answer here in chat. It's a question to answer on the site.
The question to answer here in chat is: How should this question be phrased on the site, given that I don't actually care about the answer? The question is provoked only by mild curiosity.
Q: Is there a way to host documents?

Seth JIs there a feature of the site that enables hosting documents in order to prevent the loss of source material to dead links? If not, could there be?

@TRiG If you have curiosity, however mild, it seems you do care about the answer :-) In any event, why not word as if your curiosity were stronger? Or why not word it as you just did, above?
@msh210 Well, I'm curious to know the answer, but I don't care what the answer actually is, since I have no intention of ruling my life by it one way or t'other.
Sure, I'll ask a question worded roughly as above. Some time later today.
1 hour later…
5:39 PM
@msh210 @HodofHod Quick Q?
@DoubleAA Hm?
@DoubleAA I don't see that it's an answer to "Is one allowed to go to a stand up comedy show?". Not laughing fully doesn't mean not laughing at all, does it?
@DoubleAA it might be an answer to "Comedy and Jewish Life": the question seeks any source for comedy, and the SA says only not to laugh fully. Weak.
@DoubleAA Incidentally, I found the source. :-)
@msh210 You must go to bad comedy clubs :) Isn't the point of a comedy club to make you laugh a lot?
@DoubleAA Yes, but nimla? I don't know....
5:48 PM
@msh210 You think that we no longer have the ability to "fill our mouths with laughter"?
Is that nishtaneh hateva' or a low point for the industry?
@DoubleAA I didn't say we are unable to. I just don't think that someone's watching a performance at a comedy club necessarily implies that he'll do so.
...or even that he needs to worry that he'll do so.
@msh210 Hmm I hear. I'll have to think about it a little more. Anyone else with opinions can voice them as s/he pleases.
6:11 PM
@DoubleAA Isn't what I just said roughly the same as:
As it is now the answer is "It depends which comedy club." If you want a different answer please [edit] the question. Otherwise I will post that as the correct answer. — Double AA 20 hours ago
or an instance of it, anyway? If the comedy club fills your mouth with laughter, it's a problem; otherwise, no.
Please suggest changes to this proposal, perhaps in answers. The more input, the better we can fine-tune the proposal. — msh210 24 hours ago
2 hours later…
8:05 PM
@msh210 @HodofHod @WAF judaism.stackexchange.com/election
@DoubleAA Yep.
We may have a team member here soon to officially announce but for now:
Mi Yodeya Elections have officially started. Nominations are currently being accepted at judaism.stackexchange.com/election
@HodofHod I imagine there will be a meta post too. I'm surprised they weren't around and ready before it went live.
Argghh! @IsaacMoses beat me! judaism.stackexchange.com/badges/105/caucus
8:22 PM
Q: 2012 Community Moderator Election

CommunityThe 2012 Community Moderator Election is now underway! Community moderator elections have three phases: Nomination phase Primary phase Election phase Most elections take between two and three weeks, but this depends on how many candidates there are. Please visit the official election page a...

9:19 PM
Hey all
@Neal Hi!
@WAF Hi ^_^
How is it going?
@Neal Great!
Q: Is it possible to nominate someone else as a mod?

Seth JI only see an option to nominate myself as a moderator. What if I want to nominate someone else?

@WAF I am good.
I was quite hungry yesterday....
9:43 PM
@MonicaCellio you here?
@msh210 yup
@MonicaCellio re the comments - I was replying to your saying that the announcement should link to that question, saying that it already did so by linking to
@msh210 Oh, I see. Sorry for misunderstanding!
@MonicaCellio No problem. But I figured it's easier to clear up here than there.
@msh210 Yeah, thanks - definitely easier here.
@msh210, I suspect that some good mod candidates will be reluctant to self-nominate. Any thoughts on the best way to have that discussion since we can't nominate others?
9:57 PM
@MonicaCellio "that discussion" = urging?
@msh210 right.
(Geez, I really am having a "drop important bits" kind of day here... I'd blame the jet lag, but that's a little implausible at this point. :-) )
@MonicaCellio Well, urging them here would be good IMO.
I suppose perhaps one could informally nominate someone as an answer to the meta post announcing the election.
@msh210 chat could work but yeah, might be a little harder to dig through than answers on the meta post. On the other hand, the meta post is more ostensibly "public" and could seem to be applying pressure?
@msh210 Perhaps invitation for such should be written in?
@DoubleAA Community is Magic sometimes. :D — Aarthi 2 hours ago
Ok but really? Anyone know?
10:03 PM
@WAF you mean informal nominations on that post?
@WAF I don't know.
Anyone know if the badge requirements from SO apply to our election? Or should they in some modified form?
@MonicaCellio Does it need to be dug through? You're just urging someone to run: no one else need see it.
@MonicaCellio Yes.
Requiring deputy for instance certainly limits the pool.
10:04 PM
@DoubleAA Adding context to your question would improve it. For example, what are the "badge requirements from SO"? ;-)
@msh210 oh right; the ping-ee will get a direct link to the comment. (I was thinking he'd just get a "you were mentioned in chat" message for some reason.)
@msh210 As seen here: stackoverflow.com/election/3
@msh210 yeah, I hadn't heard of badge requirements before, either. (Not active on SO.)
In the most recent SO election, the minimum was to have Civic Duty, Deputy, Strunk & White, and Convention.
@DoubleAA no, no, nothing like that here.
10:06 PM
@DoubleAA The fact that most of that text is the same as our announcement, but ours doesn't list the badges, suggests to me that that's an SO-specific requirement since they're so huge.
@DoubleAA It was left out of judaism.stackexchange.com/election
@MonicaCellio Yeah
So, my impression is that Judaism does not acknowledge that intersex people exist. Is that right?
Q: God created male and female.... What about those who do not fit in the box?

holly campbellOften times I hear the argument that marriage is between a man and a woman, God made them male and female, (adam and eve not adam and steve ..etc). My question is for those who do not fit into the gender boxes we like people to fit into. In fact there are many variations of gender between the pol...

10:21 PM
18 mins ago, by Double AA
Anyone know if the badge requirements from SO apply to our election? Or should they in some modified form?
@msh210 @MonicaCellio @WAF ^^^
Perhaps only Convention?
Or Civic Duty?
@TRiG I think that would be a difficult proposition to defend. See the references here.
The point is to show that the candidate has some feel for policies of the site.
And here.
How about Quorum? I like that suggestion.
@DoubleAA They won't, if for no other reason than that you're suggesting it too late.
10:30 PM
@msh210 No fair :( There was never a reason for me to suggest it til now.
In other news: correct me if I'm wrong but I don't see the flag queue getting unbearably long anytime soon, so is this going to be our first and last election?
10:47 PM
@DoubleAA Well, an announcement was made in chat that there'd be elections after Shavuos.
@DoubleAA SE decides when they are. (Likewise, only SE can answer your other question.) But I imagine as the site grows we may need more mods. Looks at SO for example. :-)
(Even questions only SE can answer should be raised on Meta. Someone from SE will see them there. (A mod will make sure of that.))
11:10 PM
@msh210 True, but he/we didn't know that there would be no badge requirements.
@DoubleAA Aarthi has informed me that 2.0 sites generally don't have badge requirements.
@HodofHod Then she is more than welcome to receive a check mark here meta.judaism.stackexchange.com/q/1238/759
ALthough perhaps she can consider changing that policy in general. I don't think Quorum is too steep.
I'm not really worried that we need them. Those people who haven't really participated in meta aren't too likely to get elected.
@DoubleAA I think even convention might be appropriate, if you want to go the "badge requirement" route at all
@HodofHod I definitely agree. But I like the notion of defining the qualifications somewhat anyway.
@HodofHod That limits the pool to 17 people. Not necessarily a bad thing but it was less than I expected.
@DoubleAA Ok, I can see that.
Actually 14. 3 of them are SE employees.
11:15 PM
@DoubleAA Yes, but those 14 people are our top community contributors
@HodofHod True, but I would prefer to use this as an indicator not a limitor. I like the idea that it feels open to anyone.
@DoubleAA Ok, I agree with that. I personally am fine with it this way, though.
@msh210 Both have now been asked.
@HodofHod Not everyone. From the top of the all time rep list, I immediately notice Shalom, jake, Dave and YDK who are missing.
Q: Badge Requirements in Election

Double AAOver on Stack Overflow, there are badge requirements for nomination to be moderator including Civic Duty, Strunk & White, Deputy and Convention (source). These requirements are designed to ensure that nominees have a correct understanding for the policies and style of the site. Obviously imp...

Q: Moderator Terms

Double AAIf one is elected moderator, how long is his term? I know on Stack Overflow the terms are for life (source). However, they also routinely add new moderators because of their ever growing need for more people to handle the flag queue. Does the fact that on Mi Yodeya we probably won't desperately...

11:38 PM
@HodofHod So post it as an answer to the Meta question.
@msh210 It's tagged feature request, and this is not a declination, so I'm not sure it's appropriate
@HodofHod I suppose. Okay.
11:53 PM
@DoubleAA Community gets the credit for various processes done by SE staff/scripts (mostly scripts). Presumably they decided to let this be one of them. Nothing deep or significant in this, i don't think.

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