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12:29 AM
Q: Cheat at Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock

xnorWhen playing Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock, your robot reflexes let you see your opponent's throw before they make it. You just need to choose a throw that beats theirs, in as few bytes as possible of course. There's always two winning throws, and either one will work. Input -> Possibl...

1:13 AM
finally, after 10 years, someone stumbled over my last weak password
CMP: When do you tend to post a new challenge to main during a week?
1:51 AM
@Bubbler Never :P
I was going to make some sort of NaN joke but then I realized that's not how mode works
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A _
3:49 AM
CMC: I center your program, you triple your output!
Definition of centering
The following is the definition of centering, i.e. dividing the length by 3 and selecting the middle section: First, say your program is blahblah (whatever program that matches the binary string 1011101100101000 when all of its characters are converted to its code page value converted to binary and concatenated together.)
Now we try to make sure that the 3 sections are as close to each other as possible, yet the sections on the two sides should be less than or equal to the section in the middle.
Now after the selection, our program turns into this program: 10111|011001|01000
We now pick the middle section 011001 and we realize that the bitwise string is not enough to create a single byte. Then we prepend the bitwise string with zeroes and then this is the string: 00011001
Now if you want your language to have a valid submission, the character of the binary code above must work and give 3 times the result of the previous uncentered program.
This is probably not a duplicate. Here is an example in a fictional language.
Say there is a language with the accumulator initially 12, and the instruction d decrements the accumulator, and the accumulator is implicitly outputted in the end.
Now we have the program ddddddddd and this outputs the value 3, because the accumulator becomes 3.
When we center this program we get ddd and this outputs the value 9, because the accumulator becomes 9.
@Bubbler I guess I am afraid of posting challenges to main; that's why I put my challenge as a CMC here.
@A_ Dyalog APL Unicode, 3 bytes: ×31
I'm too lazy to check the SBCS, so here's the shortest one independent of byte values
@A_ Why do you think it's a duplicate?
A _
4:04 AM
Never mind, it is my instinct.
Technically, it's not a duplicate until someone comes up with a link to an existing challenge that asks for the same thing.
Also, I don't think you lose anything when your challenge is actually closed as a duplicate
4:36 AM
@A_ Japt, 2 bytes: Vl
V is 0101 0110, l is 0110 1100, so the center is 110011 which is simply 3
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9:09 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

tshMahjong bot king-of-the-hill game card-games It seems there isn't a challenge about mahjong bot... Basic idea is a simplified mahjong rule: (Here are rules for playres who already know how to play. I will write more later...) Use 136 tiles, no bonus tiles (花牌, flowers) included; 13 / 14 til...

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1:57 PM
Q: Follow the Path, but is it valid?

bigyihsuanFollow the Path I got directions to my friend's house, but it looks like his map might have some mistakes. He's expecting me soon, so I need some short code to figure out if I can get there. The Challenge Write a full program that, when given an ASCII representation of a path as input, travers...

Q: Trick or Treating

sugarfiIntroduction Little Jimmy is going trick or treating. He lives in an odd neighborhood: some houses give out candy, and some give out toothbrushes. Now, Jimmy does not want to get too many toothbrushes. He wants candy! You must help him get some. Challenge Each street in Jimmy's neighborhood h...

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5:18 PM
user image
@DJMcMayhem your uncle?
Ah yes, good 'ol meow meow fuzzyface.
He was definitely the fun uncle of the family
He was a bit of a loose cannon though
5:43 PM
@NMP that's a shame. A little tweaking and that would be a fine question.
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7:07 PM
Q: ASCII Pumpkin Carving

AdmBorkBorkToday is Halloween and it's time to carve some pumpkins! & ((^.^)) Given an input integer, string, list of integers, etc., output the corresponding pumpkin. The input will always be of the form Stem, Eyes, Mouth, Width. For example, 2331 would be a valid input. The pumpkin takes the form: ...

7:50 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

flawrInterpolate between binary images popularity-contestgraphical-output While there are various ways to interpolate between images with a large color space where for each color there are many similar other colors, it is not so straightforward to do that in a (heavily) quantized color space where y...

@cairdcoinheringaahing why do you mention that? I mean you could at least have waited until it got to a nice round number like 1024
8:00 PM
>Ask guy for additional information for a ticket
>He says sure and then goes off-line
>It's quitting time and snowing
Son of two guns
Nice. I just had a user fuming why they weren't receiving certain emails and turns out they added the sender to their personal blacklist.
Aren't users the best?
I think users should be banned
@AdmBorkBork I need one of those
But most often I'd probably end up hitting myself.
8:21 PM
I received it as a birthday present well over a decade ago, so I have no idea where to get one, unfortunately.
8:50 PM
Q: Shooting gallery Puzzle!

CyberDemon Have you been shooting gallery? We are recently. In our shooting gallery cans and aluminum cans from under various drinks hang and stand. More precisely, they hung and stood. From our shots, banks dangled from side to side on a rope, were torn off, rang, crumpled. This is not for you to sho...

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11:35 PM
that's surprisingly interesting
Inspired by the logo for a website I'm working on:
It's a convolution of [[1,1,1],[1,1,1],[1,1,1]] with [[1,1,1],[1,2,1],[1,1,1]] (I'm not sure I'm using that term correctly, but anyway)
No, it's not
11:58 PM
Dyalog APL Unicode, 13 bytes: ⌊∘.+⍨.5×4!⍨⍳5

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