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12:17 AM
@RegDwigнt Ausgezeichnet, mein Herr.
Well worth a week of your time. And what a performance! No wonder you put in the hours on it.
Bach lässt dich wirklich das Herz des Universums berühren, nicht wahr?
Also, nobody else could write melisma like him.
And I'm always struck by what in other composers would be affectation or gimmickry, in Bach is intrinsic to the music. Nothing tacked on. Like those Picardy thirds on cadences. It's like he's revealing something shining and heartfelt, like hope. Something numinous.
In fact, the numinous suffuses all of Bach's works, especially vocal music.
@RegDwigнt Great.
I was in just the right mood.
Is this your new choir?
The sound quality is great, for a live performance.
2 hours later…
2:11 AM
It was a joy to listen to.
2:48 AM
I go away for a few months and this place falls to pieces
3:33 AM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Greetings!
Is it Lego?
But, yes.
3:58 AM
Castle Rock spoiler alert: If you enter a parallel universe, you become the devil there. OR the people there, in your immediate proximity, just assume you're the devil because you never age or gain weight, and it drives them completely mad. Or it's more complicated.
4 hours later…
8:11 AM
@Robusto no wonder he'd be the one who started writing down all them mordents and trills. Because his were not arbitrary, but as you say intrinsic. He was standing at the apex of a style and could place everything in exactly the right place. And he could codify that style, that had long begun to go out of style. And that nobody else had bothered writing down. So much of what we know would have been lost without him.
I could write a treatise on the intrinsicality just from my experience in the last three weeks alone. Just from the one week of copying the score.
There was that one time our choirmaster stopped us and said, oh I see what effect you're going for there. That's very good. That's precisely the right effect. But you don't need to go for it at all. It's already encoded in the music. Which is how I am able to tell you that it's the right effect in the first place. Because Bach already did the job for you. So do nothing. Just sing.
That stuck with me and I started paying (even) more attention from that point on.
And then I transcribed this score here and the whole extent of what he said really hit me, like a two by four, and not once but every other bar like.
For example, there are very very few dynamics markings. And the ones that are there are very vague. Just forte or piano. Some pp in a couple places. That's it.
That's because if Bach wants some notes to be sung louder, what he does is he just gives them to more than one voice. There's very noticeable in that one place where four voices sing in unison, but it's actually all over the score.
If he wants to place an accent on a word, he doesn't say marcato or tenuto or what have you. He just gives the three or four notes to more than one voice, and they immediately stick out.
What's more, because this is Baroque counterpoint, with all the lines intricately crossing going in different directions, and you're not allowed to just have two voices move in parallel, what he actually does is, he lets two voices cross on just one note, but then on the next note he lets a different pair of voices cross.
It's like a braid.
Nothing moves in parallel at all, but three or four notes in a row that he wants to stick out, do stick out.
And you don't really notice that from listening, and often not even from reading along in the score. You only start noticing all the occurrences when transcribing every single note by hand.
And then of course there's the tempi. Adagio here, allegro there, and so on. But no metronome markings anywhere. And if you start to put those on, you notice that it's for the most part, almost throughout, it's actually just one marking.
Instead what he does to change the tempo is just change the time signature. From 4/4 to 3/2 to 12/8 to 4/4 again and so on. But the underlying click track if there were one would be the same.
It is exceptionally fascinating.
It really is all in the music already. He really did all the work for you. So do nothing. Just sing.
Interestingly enough, I'm typing all this while listening to something else entirely.
It's a Saturday morning, after all.
1 hour later…
9:38 AM
@Cerberus it's Collegium Vocale Gent, silly. We're not quite at that level yet. Not as a whole (after all, they let in people like myself). We do have individual singers that are quite capable, and the soloists for each of the voices are all really good.
The conductor of the embedded YouTube video is Philippe Herreweghe. He does a lot of historically informed performances.
The direct link to the embedded video is
MuseScore lets you hide the embedded video and just use the audio track from it. Quite useful if you don't want to distract from the music, or if nothing at all is actually happening in the video visually.
However, it then makes it very cumbersome for the listener to find out what video is being used. It takes like three clicks to even find out the title, and I don't think there's a direct link anywhere. I have to include it in the flavour text myself.
I actually wanted to add an alternative recording or two, with an entire choir singing rather than just five people. Maybe Harnoncourt and maybe another one. But it's quite a pain in the ass to sync up 435 bars of sheet music with even just one video, let alone with three.
My PC here at home can barely handle that at all. Keeps running out of RAM or something. I have to do most of it in the office.
So yeah I decided to just stay focused and pick one.
Our choir's concert was like two hours long. We sang all the motets not just the one. I couldn't possibly record that all. Plus as explained in the flavour text we were taking turns with another choir. So the copyright situation would be a mess.
10:14 AM
Q: Reg usage of 'May you.. '

Tanmoy PaulIf someone wishes like 'May you always succeed in this noble professon' Is there anythig sarcastic/ inherent meaning?

Any Reg usage of anything is always sarcastic. — RegDwigнt ♦ 18 secs ago
For a second I really thought they were talking about me.
People have asked questions about my turns of phrase before.
10:40 AM
@RegDwigнt I'm going to have to flag you as contravening our new CoC, which explicitly recommends avoiding sarcasm.
1 hour later…
11:56 AM
@marcellothearcane explicitly recommends, huh? You can't contravene a recommendation.
(Well, maybe you can. But Lord's my witness, I've tried and failed.)
12:45 PM
@RegDwigнt Dynamics were something not always marked in Baroque music, since "terrace dynamics" reigned supreme, and some passages would be stated loudly the first time and then repeated softly, etc. Much of my Bach keyboard music in Urtext editions leaves dynamic markings out entirely, though certain ornaments, beyond the obvious appoggiaturas, are marked.
1:13 PM
Q: Is "you ate?" an acceptable form to ask the question in spoken/informal English?

Draco-SI've been a part of the discussion on whether it's acceptable to ask someone "You ate?" when meaning to ask "Did you eat?" or "Have you eaten?" and we can't find a definitive answer. We've found some examples of similar ellipses omitting "to do/to have", but they all use present tense, not past t...

You know, if I heard "You ate?" without context, I'd take it as an abbreviation of "Have you ate?"
Using the non-standard past participle, of course.
So "You eaten?" would probably be better, since that's short for "Have you eaten?"… except if I heard "You eaten?" then I would also wonder, out of the corner of my mind, if they're asking "Are you eaten?"
Actually, I'd be more likely to interpret it as "You eatin'?"
@TannerSwett What? No
It's not an abbreviation of anything to me. It's right on its own
1:53 PM
@M.A.R. U 8
@RegDwigнt Ahh, I see.
Checkmate atheist.
Well, it was great anyway.
@Mitch The version number in the old days was U2. Upgraded from singing to supper?
@Lawrence Djeet?
2:04 PM
@Mitch I had to look it up :) . But yes, thanks for asking. U2, I hope.
Yeah, I'm having tea, in between second breakfast and elevenses.
@Mitch "Tea" is such a versatile term. A beverage, a light meal, or even the heavy meal closer to the other eleven o'clock.
Oh. I just meant it simply as a cup of tea. Nothing else. Well, milk.
No sugar.
Just tea.
That's it
Something to cleanse my mind of the last meal so I can anticipate the next better.
1) 'positive thinking' is in no way what Sapir-Whorf is about.
2) 'positive thinking' is in no way what Toki-Pona is about.
3) 'positive thinking' is in no way what some other third thing is about.
Hm.. maybe I am wrong.
In that the minimalism used by design for Toki Pona is intended to do those two things, shape thought, namely for positive thinking. But I just don't see it happening.
2:32 PM
@RegDwigнt well you can contravene this one before it exists, so I wouldn't be too sure
@TannerSwett I'd understand it as 'you ate that'?
@Mitch what type?
2:51 PM
@M.A.R. You're saying that "You ate?" is right on its own?
3:11 PM
@marcellothearcane Tea or milk? Tea: Liptons? Milk: whole.
1 hour later…
@Cerberus If it were, I could just put it back together. Or Reg could.
5:14 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted user (71): Reg usage of 'May you.. ' by NeilB on english.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted user (71): Word for not underestimating something by NeilB on english.SE
6:10 PM
@TannerSwett sure, why not?
2 hours later…
8:20 PM
Q: Is there any standard syntax for the colloquialism “it’s ___ is what it is!”?

Oswald ClarenceI really struggled to find any instance of this phrase online; it’s difficult to search. Does it have a comma (i.e. “it’s ___, is what it is!”)? How would you write this verbal colloquialism down? (The space is meant to indicate a word. For instance, the sentence might be “it’s art is what it is...

This question just makes my skin crawl.
8:36 PM
@Mitch Cow, goat, sheep, or almond?
You can do this forever
8:47 PM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Perhaps the two of you together can make it right.
Convince SE to drop their crazy thing.
1 hour later…
9:49 PM
@marcellothearcane Cow. Extra Long. Menthol. Decaf. Unpasteurized.
@DavidM I don't have the same aversion to the sentence itself as it seems you do. It's seems like a thing people might say. The way the question is asked however just seems... like... like I don't know what the question is. Can you say such things? Sure (for me). Is it good writing? No, not at all. It doesn't sound well thought out, or coherent or substantive.
10:10 PM
@Mitch Sure. People say it. But asking what the correct syntax is?!?
@Mitch Jersey, Friesian, or Ayrshire?
10:34 PM
@marcellothearcane Unspecified.
Or maybe Chianina
@Robusto yeah that's the most interesting thing actually. Obviously that's something you can hear very clearly in much of Baroque music. In fact that was one of the telltale signs we used to learn in grade school to tell one epoque from another. It's very apparent in, like, the Brandenburg concerto, or anything by Händel, or heck, let's pick Vivaldi as the lowest hanging fruit. Even a layman will be very alerted to the terrace dynamics there. It's very in-your-face.
And that's the weirdest thing.
That is not the case at all in the motets.
But can you dance to it?
You can count on one hand the instances where it happens, and maybe more to the point, it's always justified by the text rather than dictated by the music style.
In this particular motet, I literally cannot think of a single instance where it happens because Baroque. Not a one.
@Mitch that's what the dances are there for, silly.
Allemande, courante, sarabande, gigue.
Also something we learned in grade school.
Just like Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus Benedictus, Agnus Dei.
10:43 PM
I don't I even learned ... what was it called... barn dance?
That sounds wrong
Just like Frische Brötchen ESsen AASgeier, DEShalb GESalzen.
but it's what my brain said.
Some things you never forget even though you don't understand the fuck they even mean.
But they stick with you.
And good thing they do.
@Mitch we can dance if you want to, we can leave your friends behind. Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance — well, them's no friends of mine.
You're just proving to me that there was only good pop music before 1985, even if it was by a bunch of weirdos.
maybe 1980
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness. It was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity. It was when men danced but wore no hats.
10:48 PM
maybe 1978
Also, dude, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark were still a thing after 1978. Even after 1985. And so were the Pet Shop Boys. Heck, maybe even Jean-Michel Jarre.
I was listening to each Led Zeppelin Album consecutively, from 1968 to 1978, and the last three noticeably suck.
If you travel in time to any point in time and think there's no good music around, you should take it up with noöne other than yourself.
There is never just shit. If you only listen to shit, well. As Sam Brown might put it: Stop.
I'm time traveling to now.
Where's the good new music?
Up on my YouTube channel.
But you wouldn't know because you go listen to Hans Zimmer instead.
I pity you.
10:52 PM
I don't listen to Hans Zimmer. Unless he does the score for the Fast and the Furious series. That music just keeps getting better and better.
That's besides the point. You get the point.
I'm being facetious, but only ever so slightly. To the point of not being facetious at all.
In this day and age, there is absolutely no excuse for you not to listen to good music.
Old or new, it's more accessible than ever before, at any time, anywhere.
You've gone all the way round your elbow to get to your thumb. Your thumb of facetiousness
@RegDwigнt Who is composing good new music nowadays? John Williams can't do everything. Frank Zappa is dead.
11:06 PM
@Mitch I am sorry, is your google broken for reals now?
Well let's see.
Hoshino Gen. Manaka Kataoka. Jeremy Soule. Grant Kirkhope.
The entire Newman family. Like literally all of them.
And yeah, whatcha mean John Williams can't do everything. He is doing everything and then some. Go listen to John Williams right now. You haven't even listened to half the stuff that he's made.
There's that trombonist on MuseScore. Joe DiRienzo. Spectacular music. I have discovered it. You have not. How is that not your own fault now.
There are then quite a few things that are my fault then.
I can be as facetious as I choose to. But I never lie.
You can ask me for my credit card number right now, and I will not lie.
I am that dedicated to truth.
When you say facetious, I think abstemious.
When you say kerfuffle, I think pamplemousse.
It's just a word that I like.
There's not many of those.
When you say germane, I think impertinent.
Oh hey. What is your favorite lyric from a song?
The more facetious the better.
Not Pat Benatar. She's never facetious
11:14 PM
I never say germane.
Good habit.
@Mitch go back in time twenty years, you will get an answer. Or 19 or 21. And you'll get a different answer each time.
These days I'm not stupid enough anymore.
If I have a favorite line, that only means that I have not read enough lines.
But my point is that there are good popular movies being made lately, but not good popular classical music or good popular pop music or good popular fiction.
If I have a favorite movie, that only means I've only seen some garbage like Star Wars.
If I have a favorite piece of music, that only means that I've never ever listened to music nearly enough.
@RegDwigнt OK. Just one good one (out of the many) that you like.
This is supposed to be the golden age of TV...
11:17 PM
I'm getting bored
being part of mankind
There's not a lot to do no more,
This race is a waste of time.
Think I'm gonna kill myself,
'Cause a little suicide.
Stick around for a couple of days,
What a scandal if I died.
but Netflix seems to be making thousands of series based on little more than some dude waking up and exclaiming "I had this really cool dream last night" and then tries to put that boring weird crap into a serial.
@RegDwigнt by who?
11 mins ago, by RegDwigнt
@Mitch I am sorry, is your google broken for reals now?
Bernie Taupin, duh.
Netflix...series God...countries.
What, you think I'd pick something by Tim Rice? You wish.
Not that I can blame you. You can't even recognize Elton in that photo.
@Cerberus wha?
11:20 PM
@Cerberus there's only one country under God.
Saudi Arabia.
And they only just allowed unmarried tourists to share a hotel room.
I should have said people, probably.
So they're all infidels now as well.
@RegDwigнt Fair enough.
The Judgement cometh.
@RegDwigнt Gasp! Really?
11:20 PM
For it is writ.
@Cerberus yeah like two days ago.
I really hope SA ends soon.
They are working on it as we speak.
Whatever gods there are had little to do with those countries. Except a few areas in Germany in the 1600's. And Pakistan.
@RegDwigнt Scandalous.
@Mitch Pakistan?
11:21 PM
@RegDwigнt What would their respective parents think?
@Mitch they would think fuck wish I had that when I was young.
They would think, let's have sex quickly before the children get back from their hotel.
@Cerberus That could be interpreted a lot of ways. Also there's like 30 million people there so likely not to just vanish.
@Cerberus The partition, based on religion.
@Mitch They could become part of a new country or countries.
@Mitch all the Pakistani are in Germany now. Like, all of them. True story.
11:24 PM
@Mitch Oh? I didn't know about that?
It's the circle of life. The path unwinding.
I think the plural is actually Pakistanis?
I think the plural is actually something I can't even type on this keyboard.
Also, fuck everyone individually and their plurals, too.
I say what I say.
On that note, my Bach is getting the poorest reception imaginable and I'm contemplating deleting it.
Fuck them. I'll just let them listen to myself for the rest of time. That'll show'em.
@RegDwigнt How is it received, and why?
@Cerberus Is there any kind of hint that could happen with Saudi Arabia?
11:31 PM
@Cerberus Poorly, and because people cannot read.
Have Robusto and I not received it well?
@RegDwigнt What are they saying?
@Mitch No.
Maybe in the longer term.
Oh that's very much my point. I got you to listen to it, and I got Rob to listen to it, and that's all I care about. Everyone else can go knock their own teeth out for all I care.
I can't be dealing with idiots.
So did the idiots say to you?
@Cerberus Things are mostly set in stone now.
@Mitch Except its oil income.
And its total corruption and repression are probably not sustainable.
11:33 PM
except secessions by maybe Catalunya or Quebec or southern Belgium or some other places
@Cerberus They said I was appropriating other people's content as my own. Then I explained to them that not I wasn't if only they cared for reading what I wrote. Then they replied something else but I lost interest and never even read it.
@Cerberus good point. once the alternate energy source is developed, the ME is screwed
@Mitch Wallonia!
@Cerberus haven't you heard?
11:34 PM
@RegDwigнt That sucks. Who were these people?
@Cerberus my godsons just went to Belgium for a week. They brought me the finest sand, and the finest waffles.
mmm waffles
belgian or otherwise
@Mitch That, too, but they don't have much oil left.
@Cerberus not the dumbest at all. Indeed very much the finest folk I was very much hoping to reach with the score.
But yeah. Germans.
Germans suck.
@RegDwigнt Sand. How very Belgian.
11:35 PM
You hear that, Germans? You suck.
They're the worst
EXceot for all the others who are worser
Geht AfD wählen, ihr Loser.
@RegDwigнt Rotterdam agrees.
@Cerberus everyone agrees. Even the Germans. That's the saddest bit.
I've seen 30-year-olds behave like children, but I never saw 70-year-olds behave like toddlers.
The more you know.
I still don't understand the situation completely. But perhaps I don't need to.
11:37 PM
@RegDwigнt Every country has those
Thing is, everything I post I post under my full legal name. So that alone should get people to think that maybe I've weighed every word and every pixel very carefully and if they misunderstand something they should blame it on themselves and not on me.
old people who are ..
there's a word for it.
expect everything
Presumptious sounds right.
What's old?
11:39 PM
That was the word I was trying to find.
@Cerberus you really do not. Some idiot got confused and thought I was claiming I was singing in the performance synched with the score. While obviously it must be the Stuttgart choir that I obviously cannot even dream to be a part of. I explained to them that no, I never claimed that garbage at any point, and that no it wasn't the Stuttgart choir but Herreweghe's collegium from Ghent as the fucking text says.
Anyway they quickly realized what a fool they had made of themselves and deleted their comment. But then behind the scenes they started contacting others and telling them in private how I was the worst.
That sucks.
Almost as bad as SE.
11:41 PM
Worse. Those are 70-year-olds as I said.
Bach afficionados.
@RegDwigнt spits thrice
Those people of all people I would never dream of confusing Ghent with Stuttgart in the first place. Let alone with myself.
Perhaps they were just posing as 70-year-olds.
They could be 14.
It's 70/5.
So perhaps they meant they had 70 years between the five of them.
I spent quite a chunk of my life time working on this thing of beauty and making every single note and letter look and sound as good as possible. And it's, like, the finest piece of music ever. It deserves that.
11:43 PM
It does.
So what did you do, exactly?
But now it's getting received absolutely not in the spirit it was offered. Because people are morons, and because they blame me for them being morons.
I don't understand anything about that website and how it works.
that's a common stat that's annoying. "Among the 5 founders they have 70 years of experience in using Excel"
@Cerberus I did nothing at all. You saw everything I did. You were among the first two people who saw everything I did.
@Cerberus neither do long-standing regulars with hundreds of scores to their names, apparently.
I heard music which was matched to a score.
11:44 PM
Precisely. Which is the whole point of the site.
The music is by a famous choir from Ghent.
One of the finest ever.
So your part is matching the score to the music on time?
Or copying the score? Both?
Well my part is creating the score in the first place.
It's in the public domain, but no one has bothered transcribing it in MuseScore so far.
I was actually thinking of going ahead and transcribing the rest of the motets as well.
OK that's what I meant.
11:46 PM
Now I might reconsider.
I'm sure it was a lot of work.
You wouldn't know. The general bus strike here certainly helped.
I didn't go to the office for ten days. Sat here transcribing. 8 am to 4 am. For ten days.
That is a lot of work.
Yeah. It would be less than half that if I didn't literally meddle with the placement of every note and the kerning of every word.
I love typesetting. I'm a dweeb.
Many will be proud of you.
Just ignore the idiots.
It's what we always do, remember?
11:50 PM
I won't give a flying rat's tail tomorrow. It just nags me today.
Because there I sat in that church literally crying. Out loud. That was how much the music moved me. I didn't decide to transcribe it in MuseScore out of nothing, and least of all out of vanity. And I made sure to explain everything very carefully, in two languages that I'm not even a native speaker of. And signed it off with my legal name.
I am in love with this piece of music.
@RegDwigнt Wise.
And I would love for others to see what I am seeing.
But they do not.
Instead they invest time and effort into tarnishing my reputation.
That is the saddest thing.
They have probably already forgotten.
Oh no those people don't have nothing to do. They are basically spending the remaining 20 years of their lives slowly dying.
And anyway, their comments are now there for everyone to see.
I'm not even reading them anymore.
But others will.
Anyway. Fuck that, let's go bowling.
It's just like. You know. Maybe this is how I can explain it best. One of them gave my score a like. Then once the shit hit the fan, they withdrew it. As Rob once put it, "that's literally the tiniest amount of power I have ever seen get to anyone's head". That is the kind of kindergarden we're talking about.
The like does not even mean anything algorithmically. It doesn't place the score better or worse. It's just a number on the Internet.
But they thought that'd show me. That they clicked once to un-highlight a little heart. On a score by Bach. That I had put tens of thousands of clicks into creating in the first place.
Boggles the mind.

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