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4:04 PM
@Dennis It's been fun watching the downvotes increase in real time.
anyone recording the votes to graph later? :p
It would normally make me hopeful, but I don't think SE cares at all what anybody thinks at this point...
I'm just deeply saddened by all of this.
18 moderators have stepped down, and Workplace only has one inactive mod left :/
And 25 more have suspended activity.
@cairdcoinheringaahing Actually, I just noticed about 2 minutes ago that one of them requested their diamond back
Err, 2 of them did
4:09 PM
@DJMcMayhem Yes, but they've cited similar reasons to Mego for staying on
The user SaraChipps has lately been posting a lot of questions that have gotten quite a few downvotes. Won't she be blocked from posting questions eventually?
I don't think staff accounts work like that.
@Adám She's got friends in high places who might be able to stop a question ban
@Adám I think that moderators can't be question banned, and staff are super moderators
We could test it though. I could post 30 popcons and see if I get banned :P
She could loose her diamond due to repeatedly breaking the CoC. It clearly says kindness, collaboration, and mutual respect.
4:11 PM
Oh, post a pop-con! We haven't had a good one in a while
@DJMcMayhem You might end up with 1500 rep instead :P
@Adám As much as I'm unhappy with SE too, I'm sure she wasn't the one to single-handedly start all of this mess
@DJMcMayhem Of course not, but that's not an excuse for breaking the CoC.
> In the past month or so, about 20 volunteer moderators out of about 600 have distanced themselves from Stack Exchange
Month? It's not even been a week!
@cairdcoinheringaahing they probably wanted to include the unrelated (?) resignations before all this
4:14 PM
Also s/20/40
@NMP Not sure if close as dupe, or close as Too Broad ...
@cairdcoinheringaahing Where does it say that?
Ah, that one. Yeah.
Btw, the pronoun thing is actually interesting. The proposed/secret CoC requires mods to research the correct pronoun before interacting with a user. Isn't there a risk of this taking significant time from actual productive mod activity?
How much research must be done, and what do you do if you can't find a definitive answer?
Well, you don't really need different pronouns to interact with someone. You still use you for that.
4:21 PM
@Adám those who care usually mention it in their profiles
Q: Is my code done yet?

Sumner18Recently, I ran a script of code in R that took an unknown, but lengthy, amount of time to run. I became somewhat impatient looking back and forth for the magical > to appear signifying that the code was done. Instead I ran the following code into the queue: 47 bytes install.packages("beepr") ...

What if a user wants a pronoun that leads to confusion (e.g. she/his)? Is everyone/nobody's acceptable? etc.
@Dennis Right, but say to intervene in a conflict between two users.
@Adám that's not quite how I understood the policy (woo, what a surprise). i'm pretty sure it would allow using 'they' in all cases, but what it doesn't allow (besides using wrong pronouns), I have no idea.
@dzaima Really? I thought using they was unacceptable unless so asked.
@dzaima From what I understood from Monica's post, she said that she uses they by default and SE told her that was unacceptable
4:24 PM
@Adám and i've read at least one case where the use of the 'she' pronoun, while correct, upset a person as they prefer to still be referred as 'they'
Apparently, xe/xer is valid, so I can make up my own pronouns too?
@dzaima "correct"?
Another account says that Monica specifically refused to use they, and that's what got the other side irked.
Man, I really want to set the record straight, but 1) I'm not sure what's still private and TL-only and 2) this is the sort of thing that an official communication from SE should clarify.
WIBNI SE published the new/suggested/wip CoC?
@Adám Huh, I just got that ping
4:27 PM
Surely that CoC cannot be problematic to publish, even if only a draft.
Famous last words.
@Adám oh there's a discussion about this exactly.
@Adám A draft could be misinterpreted as the official release of the CoC, maybe?
@Adám I can see why that would be muddy for mods, and I can see why they'd err on the side of safety.
@cairdcoinheringaahing Print huge bold red uppercase "DRAFT" diagonally across every page.
@JohnDvorak Sure, for mods, but how about for SE?
4:30 PM
@Adám this
@Adám I thought you were objecting to El'endia's silence.
Oh, I should have been clearer there. Sorry.
@Adám "suggested" - the CoC was not for discussion. a mod either had to accept it or hand back the diamond.
@ngn Well, it isn't clear to me what the status of that CoC is. How can we have a secret CoC anyway?
@Adám it wasn't in force and still isn't
4:36 PM
@ngn but was/is on mods afaict
@dzaima No, I believe that they introduced it to the mods first, and Monico protested
Will either it was in effect for mods or MC was fired for a future crime, best Minority Report style.
So they showed it to the mods before putting it in force (I think)
According to her account, she only asked for clarification
@dzaima no
4:38 PM
users are supposed to complain if mods misbehave. How do we know if they misbehave when their CoC is different from ours and is secret‽
@Adám There isn't a special secret CoC.
@wizzwizz4 Wat?
I can't go into details, but the situation isn't quite as the Register article described.
@wizzwizz4 Can you confirm that mods are bound by the exact same CoC as non-mods users?
ok now i'm just clueless
4:41 PM
Scratch that. The CoC, plus the Moderator Agreement.
I'm almost certain that's not private info.
@ngn That's not strictly accurate.
@wizzwizz4 Ah, so it is the MA that has the additional clauses about pronouns. Thank you for clarifying that.
And no, that's not…
I can't go into details.
If I start, I'll end up slandering people's character until I explain the whole thing, which would clarify but be betraying trust.
> and other moderator policies made available to me
@wizzwizz4 which part isn't accurate?
4:43 PM
@Adám MA is: "I realize that I have access to PII, and I promise not to share it"
@Adám From what I gather, the new proposed CoC has the pronoun clauses, and, when shown to the moderators in the mod room, the drama with Monica happened
@Adám These are things like "don't copy out of mod rooms".
Moderators don't have a super-special CoC; we're expected to adhere to the same requirements as normal users.
And while Stack Overflow royally messed up, I can't complete this sentence sorry.
@wizzwizz4 Are pronouns mentioned in any texts (other than chat)?
@Adám I don't think so.
I'll just say that, in my personal opinion, Stack Overflow's mess-up was significant, minor, and many months ago. The positive actions they took after that were pretty forced.
@wizzwizz4 Thank you for all this. You've been most helpful here.
4:48 PM
Imagine that, but multiplied by a few tens of thousands, and that's about how helpful the CMs have been.
@wizzwizz4 - Monica's letter on Mi Yodeya is public, and therefore safe to share.
When people are bashing the CMs for this, (nicely) knock them down a peg please.
@JoeTaxpayer That's about 2% of the story.
I know about 40% of it.
@wizzwizz4 how do you know how much you don't know? :)
@wizzwizz4 What is your pronoun?
People keep saying golfed code is unreadable, but they clearly never saw this
4:50 PM
@Adám Err…
Perhaps, but at least it offers a bit of her perspective without the risk of misrepresenting. (Which I am not suggesting you did, just a safe reference, in opposition to the public story)
@ngn Err was probably told so by someone who does know 100%.
@Adám :-p "Writer's discretion. If in doubt, use your own." is what I've got written on my Mastodon.
@wizzwizz4 Funny, that's mine too — when speaking Yiddish.
Well, you heard what err said, that's how we're supposed to refer to emm.
4:52 PM
@DJMcMayhem The correct form for err is emm.
Ah, sorry
What would the correct declension be?
I say we call everyone schkle. Or schkler.
Unless err wishes otherwise, of course. Who cares about grammar these days?
4:53 PM
For the record, I prefer to be referred to as "singular they". Not "they". "Singular they".
@wizzwizz4 Err told emm.
@JohnDvorak And "singular their"?
@JohnDvorak How do you feel about A Tribe Called Quest?
4:55 PM
From what I can tell, the pronouns we use today were wildly different before Old English. So that's probably when the declension rules came in.
TIL the word "Declension"
I think that's the right word.
It's like conjugation for nouns.
Is non-ASCII allowed?
Did no-one get my Futurama joke? :(
Also, everyone missing the obvious joke of my pronoun is "he'); Drop Table Pronouns; --"
4:57 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Oh, I thought that sounded futurama-esque. I almost said something about that
@Veskah with the surrounding double quotes or not?
I haven't seen that episode yet. I just thought it sounded like something Amy would say
@DJMcMayhem I should've added the link in the first message :P
Sure, y naut
@DJMcMayhem I think that's from one of the movies, actually.
4:58 PM
-666 \o/
@Dennis Yeah, sure. I haven't seen most of the movies
Which one is about the brain aliens invading earth and Fry and Nibbler fighting them off? That's the one movie I've seen
@Veskah Why not go the whole way? panic'); DROP TABLE Gender;--
@DJMcMayhem Don't think that's one of the movies
@wizzwizz4 I see you are a <<UNKNOWN>> with ideas
What is the correct custom-pronoun form of phrases like you heard what the man said?
5:01 PM
@Adám You heard what they said?
Yivo, Scammers, Mind Reading and DnD are the movies IIRC
@Adám I've yet to find a satisfactory solution.
@wizzwizz4 Are you disputing "his'); Drop Table Pronouns; --" choice of pronoun? :P
@JoeTaxpayer But they is forbidden if something else is requested, no?
@Adám You heard what he said?, and correct it if corrected
5:02 PM
@Adám In which case, use that.
@cairdcoinheringaahing Ah, you're right. That's The Day The Earth Stood Stupid that I'm thinking of
I guess I haven't seen any of the movies
@Adám The approach is to use one's preferred pronoun.
@DJMcMayhem "I am leaving now for no raisin" is still the best line in the entire series :P
I still occasionally say "I AM THE GREETEST"
This is ridiculous. SE uses (except for special language sites) English for communication. We're being asked to speak a new language which isn't English. I wasn't taught Stack Exchangish in school.
5:05 PM
@Adám No, you're not.
@Adám Oh haven't you heard? Its a new A-level this year
The only policy change is "if somebody gives you pronouns to use, use them". And that isn't even a change, but a clarification.
@Adám which pronoun upsets you?
@wizzwizz4 Pronouns that are not part of the English language.
@wizzwizz4 - yes, exactly
5:06 PM
@Adám So? "Brainflak" isn't part of English, either.
@ngn Not just pronouns, any words that are not proper English.
@wizzwizz4 That is a proper name.
@Adám And pronouns are pronouns.
"esolang" is just a common noun, yet we use that.
@wizzwizz4 but people aren't going to make a big big deal if someone misuses the word
@dzaima Because it isn't important.
Using the pronouns of everybody but one person is a sure-fire way to really mess them up.
@wizzwizz4 exactly. but pronouns seem to be very very important
5:08 PM
@dzaima To many (most?), they aren't. To some, they're really, really important.
Brainflak is a programming language. When spoken about, English dictates saying it. You can't make up a programming language and define that it should be called her when spoken about, even if it is called Julia.
@Adám Okay: what does English dictate using for a human?
@wizzwizz4 but we don't know who's who, so have to assume the worst
@wizzwizz4 It.
@dzaima If they tell you which pronoun to use, they're probably in the "really important" category. If they don't, they're not.
5:09 PM
@Adám would you be ok with calling a biologically male individual "she", for example?
@Adám Are you sure about that? ;)
Can we just drop this discussion please?
@ngn Sure.
Or, at least, not carry it on like this.
Judging by the kinds of discussions I've experienced in the recent past, this is the point where it goes downhill fast.
(Actually, slightly past the tipping point.)
@wizzwizz4 this person cares a lot about pronouns, but also very much doesn't like mentioning it publicly
5:13 PM
Should we make a separate room for this, so we're not filling TNB with an important but likely very problematic conversation?
Pronoun Puzzles & Code Golf
@AdmBorkBork "Pronoun Puzzles & Communication on Gender"?
in The Meta Room on Stack Overflow Chat, 2 days ago, by Zoe the transgirl
For discussion about pronouns in CoC, join the discord server https://discord.gg/KUkH6tG please don't bring this conversation in the meta room
Back to the initial discussion, I've read mSE and found that a lot more information is public than I thought.
So… Trying to figure out whether it would be a betrayal of trust to restate it here, but more accurately.
I don't think I'm good enough at wording things to do this without painting people in terribly unfavourable lights.
@wizzwizz4 Just talk about completely unrelated fish. Maybe a story about Monica Ceelio and her time on Fishtank Overflow
5:28 PM
@Veskah Okay.
Once upon a time, there was a fish called Monica Ceelio.
She was pretty much the nicest fish around, and a lot of people looked up to her.
Among her many hobbies, she was a moderator for Writing Fishtank Exchange.
(This isn't particularly relevant, but it shows that the English language and writing in general is something she's passionate about.)
Like many enthusiasts, she had strong opinions on completely benign, minorly-divisive topics.
(I mean Vim v.s. Emacs kind of thing.)
Did I mention she was one of the nicest fish around?
Anyway, whilst chatting with other fish in the Teacher's Tank, she let people know that she didn't use singular they.
(And really, it's a grammatical mess, as is singular you – and, in fact, if it weren't for singular they, people may have pushed harder against the loss of thou a few centuries ago and we wouldn't be in this situation… but I digress; it's not unique in English in that it doesn't follow the patterns in other parts of the language.)
This was fine, until another fish said that they wanted people to use "they" when talking about them in the third person.
This lead to a debate, much like the one we had in The Nineteenth Byte.
The debate made the fish feel very bad – not least because they were arguing against Monica Ceelio, who was very well-respected (and for good reason) – they cared a lot about her opinion, and this almost felt like rejection.
Fishtank Overflow didn't really participate in this discussion – probably because they didn't know how important it was, or maybe most of the Fishtank employees were busy, or the tank's official stance hadn't been decided. I don't know.
This, however, set a precedent.
And such discussions started coming up more frequently.
These discussions turned what was a perfectly benign language quirk into something that made some of the other fish actively excluded.
They also cared, a lot.
Tears were shed over it.
Until enough was enough, and Fishtank Overflow had to put an end to it.
(I've omitted personal information that makes me really sure that Monica wasn't acting out of malice.)
The rest is history.
5:47 PM
Beautiful story
Keep in mind that this is wrong.
Not as wrong as what's been going around, but still fairly wrong.
It's not "correct to the best of my knowledge", and I know less than half the story.
It's a sad story, because there are no baddies and everybody loses.
Only mistakes.
i think since the day the first few mods resigned, this scandal has been neither about monica, nor about pronouns, but simply about awkward attempts to hush up the story and deny users the chance to discuss it at stackexchange servers.
@ngn Okay, maybe there are baddies.
But, you'll notice, they let us say this.
I don't know a single Stack Overflow employee who deserves my wrath over this.
I don't know a single Stack Overflow employee.
Not even Catija?
Everybody knows Catija.
5:56 PM
She's really nice.
Lumped on the end of the niceness scale where I stop being able to order people properly.
(Monica's also over at that end, for the record, even though she messed up and hurt people.)
@wizzwizz4 allegedly
@Poke Words typed by Monica caused people to be hurt. That has been confirmed at least twice – it's public info now.
Every discussion in which such words occurred that I have read make it clear that she did not intend to hurt them in the least.
I meant the "she messed up" part
I don't agree that it's "messing up" just because people were hurt by something that was said
@Poke Causing an outcome that goes against (what appears to be) some of one's core values is definitely messing up.
6:04 PM
If she "messed up" by representing a conservative world-view, I don't think I can stand against her for that.
Yeah, I'm pretty 'liberal', but expressing an opposing view should never be considered messing up
Except she didn't.
This wasn't political.
This wasn't her refusing to acknowledge people's identities.
@Poke "mess up - to make a mistake : to do something incorrectly". Monica has "not hurt people" incorrectly
She even offered to use neopronouns.
This was just about grammar for her.
(Unless she's secretly a sociopath, but that's just not even on my list of possibilities.)
@wizzwizz4 Man, that'd be one hell of a spicy twist
6:07 PM
And… some of that wasn't public information. Oops.
Oh well; I doubt it's damaging. I still have more reasons on my "Monica wasn't trying to hurt people" list, but I'm not sharing even the non-damaging ones.
I think my point stands. Someone getting offended by what I say is not bad behavior or messing up on my part. Depending on context it could be something I shouldn't have said. In Monica's case I don't believe that to be the case.
@wizzwizz4 See, it's really hard to avoid. That's (part of) why I've been keeping my mouth shut outside of the TL.
@Poke I mean, you don't really know Monicas case & actions as good as err does
Well neither does wizz
@dzaima That was a joke; I don't actually want to be called "err". ;-p
6:10 PM
unless I'm missing context
@Poke I'm a mod.
I read the transcripts.
@wizzwizz4 we need to keep this at least somewhat ppcg-y though :p
I saw some of it going down.
There's a full writeup on meta
6:10 PM
@Poke No, there really isn't.
@dzaima Okay; that's fine. ☺
@dzaima Just throw in a CMC, or a CMP :P
CMC: Solve this for SE
CMC: Output the set of all sets that do not contain themselves.
Is it okay if I only output finite sets?
6:13 PM
@JohnDvorak Absolutely fine.
Great challenge, then
@Poke Possibly the biggest obstacle to a full writeup is that the privacy of some mods would be violated (e.g. by revealing their gender when they haven't already done so, or revealing their opinions on certain matters).
And you only need to deal with what your programming language supports.
@El'endiaStarman I think it'd be revealing more than that.
6:31 PM
Do I win?
What the deuce.
@AdmBorkBork I don't know what's gone wrong.
Apparently my solution to Russell's Paradox broke SE chat.
@JohnDvorak just output {{1,2,3,4,... and claim that once it's done with that one it'll output the rest :)
@Doorknob That's cheating, by unwritten convention.
(At least, I don't think it's in the Standard Loopholes list.)
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

caird coinheringaahingFermat's polygonal number theorem Fermata's polygonal number theorem states that every positive integer can be expressed as the sum of at most \$n\$ \$n\$-gonal numbers. This means that every positive integer can be expressed as the sum of up to 3 triangle numbers, 4 square numbers, 5 pentagonal...

A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

KrystosTheOverlordAdd two numbers with Rule 110 Background It is known that Rule 110 is Turing complete, but in general, I have seen a lack of actual programs that utilize this property of Rule 110, so I propose that we do something about it ;) The Challenge I want you to add two numbers, unsigned, eight bits ...

7:15 PM
@Doorknob I've written up a standard loophole to forbid you from doing that. Mwahaha.
A: Loopholes that are forbidden by default

wizzwizz4Infinite output programs that wouldn't give all output given infinite resources Example, loophole-violating code to output all integers: bigint i = 0; for(;;) bigint_print(i++); This would never output negative numbers, even given unlimited resources, so it does not fulfil the challenge's req...

hmm... now all challenges that involve printing an uncountable set are impossible
@Doorknob Whoops. >;-D
@Doorknob ... are there any such challenges?
7:30 PM
not that i can find
i can't find any either
Q: Diamondize Some Text

AdmBorkBorkGiven an input string of length 2 or longer consisting solely of alphabetical characters [A-Z] or [a-z] (your choice if they're all uppercase or all lowercase), output a continuous string of characters forming a double diamond pattern. The input string starts on the center line and extends down-...

@NewLoopholeProposal I love that tradition.
TNB is such a great place. I should start hanging out here more again.
7:45 PM
Yuss. One of us. One of us.
woah, javascript has native arbitrary precision integers now?
Yeah, but they're not that great with WebAssembly.
You need them for representing 64-bit values, though, which works fine afaict.
Yeah, didn't JavaScript have like 56-bit values or something?
@AdmBorkBork Floats large enough to contain 32-bit ints without precision loss.
@AdmBorkBork it's got regular 64-bit doubles, 56 bits is the max size where every integer has a value
7:54 PM
Gotcha. I'm not a JavaScript developer, in case that wasn't obvious. :D
Also, I was wrong about bigints and wasm: github.com/WebAssembly/proposals/issues/7
@wizzwizz4 Oh, that makes a lot of sense. Nifty.
@dzaima 53
8:21 PM
Wow, things have gone absolutely wild on meta. I guess I missed a lot of stuff in the past week...
@Mr.Xcoder Dennis resigned.
@wizzwizz4 I noticed
And that "apology" post feels totally superficial.
More downvotes are needed!
@Mr.Xcoder To be fair to Stack Overflow (heh), there's a limit to how much they can say.
Not that they would've been running up against it with something like the top answer.
But it makes it harder to word things when you have to be on edge for "are we further betraying the moderators by revealing private info" and it's easier to be terse.
@wizzwizz4 Indeed, but they could still share the exact parts of the CoC that they think Monica has violated (given that it's been requested by Monica explicitly as well).
(Even without showing the conversations that took place, which they probably cannot share)
@Mr.Xcoder No, they couldn't have.
8:27 PM
Okay, you surely know better since you are a mod yourself.
They could've told Monica and asked her not to tell anyone else, though – she probably would've done so, considering she hasn't blabbed about any of the TL stuff so far.
(Well, beyond the minimum required to defend herself. She could've done a much better job at that were she willing to betray the trust placed in her by the other moderators.)
@wizzwizz4 i'm not sure you've seen everything...
@ngn Not all the public stuff, no. What am I missing here?
I was fairly up-to-date on Monday, but haven't been keeping up with developments.
@wizzwizz4 she did describe very briefly her version of events in the tl. i think it was pretty close to what caleb said in his resignation. but it was deleted.
i'm not gonna post it here. don't worry.
@ngn That's only part of the story.
It's all really complicated.
8:34 PM
it is
And sad.
Stack Overflow really needs better PR capabilities.
@wizzwizz4 Well, yes. But that still doesn't justify their behaviour when they decided to take the diamond away from her. I mean they probably could have followed the standard procedure.
@Mr.Xcoder No, it doesn't.
But it should never have got to that point in the first place.
i'd be surprised if no heads roll after this
^ same
8:39 PM
Just because Monica is usually a completely flawless, perfect individual doesn't mean that they should've left alone when she was upsetting others.
Who watches the watchers?
@ngn Don't push for a resignation or firing; the people whose heads roll will probably be the wrong ones.
@wizzwizz4 As I said, you know better. There are a lot of assumptions floating around in the community because we can't possibly have access to the entire story. This is why I'd rather refrain from speculating. Even though the procedure of diamond removal seems abusive I have absolutely no idea what Monica said or did which ultimately led to this... extremely unfortunate event.
so we're stuck in a position where everyone's mad at everyone and noone can properly defend themselves..
At this point, I'm less interested in exactly what went down and more interested in how we move forward
@wizzwizz4 no, i'm not pushing for it, just describing (a part of) what i observed, and trying to predict what's likely to happen.
A lot of people feel angry and hurt and betrayed, and that's a terrible place to be
Can we get back to a point where this feels like a healthy community?
8:43 PM
What's certainly true is that SE has lost a part of its userbase (and moderators in particular)
I'm really curious about how they'll solve this issue (because tbh I am not really sure who is going to run for a mod position under these circumstances anyway)
i'm still hoping that at some point somehow miraculously we get more info (which i'm pretty sure we won't), and i'm guessing that what's posted is all that SE will say and they'll try to continue on as if nothing happened
@dzaima miracles happen
anyway, i think we should focus more on what this all means for cgcc
as far as i'm aware we've never had any serious issues with trans pronouns or religious conservatism
@Mr.Xcoder I was going to write a comment about this, but I've changed my mind about how to feel. I've just realised I've got two or three conflicting narratives that show themselves when I have certain emotional states, and I need to sort through them. Meaning I have to go over everything again. Fun.
i'm worried about SE's behaviour while putting down the fires
I am kind of worried about the future of PPCG.
8:54 PM
whole discussions were nuked without leaving a trace
A lot of moderators have left one by one: Alex, Martin, now Dennis...
Although I fully understand their reasons to leave.
Reading transcripts, I've seen Mego's initiative of being an interior resistance, and I really support it. Thank you for doing this, @Mego!
it's not that hard to elect new mods, there must be some decent folks among the rest of us, but the worst thing is the community as a whole are losing trust in the platform.
That's the point. It's not about those specific mods who left (even though they are all absolutely awesome folks), but 3 mods leaving within such a short amount of time raises some question marks for me.
Although their reasons are different, it still says something.
i imagine if this thing gets favourably resolved, and dennis is given a chance to be reelected, he wouldn't have any trouble getting back his <> if he wants to
@ngn I'm really not sure about the second part...
But yes, of course he wouldn't have any trouble :)
9:07 PM
There are already 2 mods who have resigned and then changed their minds and gotten diamonds back
Leaving voluntarily always means you can come back whenever.
Even if it's in protest.
Anyone up for a game of Spyfall?
@cairdcoinheringaahing Sounds great. Anyone else in?
Yeah I'm in as well
We need another person.
9:21 PM
@Mr.Xcoder I'm here to stand up for the community.
9:41 PM
Well, I'm still working out how my gender works, but I use the singular they/them at the moment
@Sherlock9 My bet's on "it doesn't".
I kind of wish it wasn't an issue. Indonesian just has "dia" and that's gender neutral (okay not just, but not counting the equivalents of I and you)
@wizzwizz4 XD ahahaha NOPE
I have been away for a very long time except for hanging out in APL Orchard. May I ask when and how Alex and Martin stopped being mods?
@Sherlock9 They both stepped down due to personal reasons (lack of time, I think)
That's fair, and definitely relatable to me :D
Do you happen to remember when they stepped down?
@Sherlock9 Alex immediately after the election. Martin... Some other time haha
9:49 PM
@Sherlock9 Aug 2018 for Martin
And Feb 2018 for Alex
Thank you very much :) I'm going to try to get some sleep. Maybe an answer to "What do we do with our community going forward?" will appear before me in a dream
@Sherlock9 Sleep well and may the dreams be revelatory :)
CMC: Given a number n, determine if there exists a base b, where the decimal representation of b equals the base b representation of n.
For example, 14 is true because it is 12 in base 12.
10:09 PM
@DJMcMayhem Very boring Jelly 6 byter
10:24 PM
@DJMcMayhem dzaima/APL, 14 bytes
10:40 PM
@DJMcMayhem Charcoal, 10 bytes: Nθ№Eθ⍘Iιιθ
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