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4:04 AM
@NogShine Example number 2 mentioned in this answer.
Though it says "Bhagavata Purana, Vishnu Purana and Garga Samhita narrate the tale of Revati." So, if OP is looking for exact source (chapter and verse), question can be re-opened. The story is identified in the target answer but the source is missing.
@ParabrahmanJyoti Namaskar!
@Paṇḍyā namaste!!!
@Paṇḍyā How is Raja Yoga going
@ParabrahmanJyoti it's suspended.
need to restart.
@NogShine why lol?
4:27 AM
@Paṇḍyā soon
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5:33 AM
Q: Why didn't Krishna kill Duryodhana?

DAN BHATTIf Krishna had killed Duryodhana, a lot of bloodshed could have been avoided, because the Kaurava army would have been demoralized. Why didn't Krishna kill Duryodhana?

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6:37 AM
@NogShine I didn't understand this
@sv. I understand your point of view but why being bias when we can limit the boundaries and avoid not to open the pandora box? Let's focus on Sanatana Dharma.
I am sure if we don't go that way and concentrate more on the core stuff we will definitely bring out the best of Sanatana Dharma. And I am sure such posts will be irrelevant at that time.
My view lets keep it Q&A but with rich consideration of documenting our religion in the best possible way.
If there is a question like "How Karma works. does it affect from our poorva janma?" then these questions will be irrelevant.
To give you another example, check this question which should answer all about karma - hinduism.stackexchange.com/q/36437/93
@mods @AnkitSharma @NogShine We need message for this: hinduism.meta.stackexchange.com/q/1711/93
7:13 AM
Q: Exceptions from adherence to strict rules of mantra chanting

GST MUNIMJIWhile reading a book "Ancient Science of Mantras" by On Swami, I have come across a chapter called exceptions. According to this book Shiva at one occasion found a devotee wrongly chanting the Maha Mrityunjay mantra. On the advice of Devi Parvati, he made an exception that some Mantras that inclu...

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1:36 PM
Q: ill effects of not fulfilling a vow- Tirupati

JackyFrom ancient times, pepole visiting tirupati take a vow of tonsuring their hair if their wish gets fulfilled. What happens if a person doesn't fulfill this vow? He took a vow of tonsuring his hair if his wish gets granted.His wish gets granted but he dont want to tonsure his hair now.Will God pun...

2:13 PM
Q: Why aren't we answering on meta?

SarvabhoumaThe question is simple but I think the problem is not so simple. Recently the rate of answering on meta is very poor. For a beta site, meta is like heart. It's where the site decisions are taken, policies are designed, guidance for users is written and much more. But there's no active particip...

Jon Ericson asked us to write answers but we hardly do it.
@Paṇḍyā Questions are totally different. If a question is asking about a story, we should not close it by already existing unrelated question just because mention is present in an answer. That too which is written after the question is posted. We followed closing by same question to question or exact answer for general questions like marriage postpone. We should do the same now also.
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3:58 PM
Q: Can you name any mantras to be recited before studying?

That Random GuyAny mantras that can increase concentration or absorption of knowledge?

4:25 PM
Generally Destroyer close this question , he did this quite a many times in the past. But this time it seems he missed the chance. :-D. — SwiftPushkar 3 mins ago

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