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Q: What is the range of a Drunken Monk's Redirect attack?

Eternallord66One thing that came up in a session I was playing was when our Drunken Monk was fighting three enemies, one in front and two behind. The one in front missed and the Monk used redirect to hit an enemy behind her. The issue I'm having is that by RAW this seems OK, but the baddie (A) has a reach of ...

2:19 AM
@HotRPGQuestions as far as the next bar :P
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3:36 AM
BTW, for anyone interested in network-wide news:
Q: Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta!

CatijaIf you're a user on a long-toiling beta site that's been waiting 7-8 years to get out of beta, this may be the post you've been waiting for. The 29 Beta sites that are 7+ years old no longer have the "Beta" label! I'm on record as saying that we need to ditch the "beta" label for our older site...

mostly just a name change for now. but it includes the Board & Card Games SE
Tropes Jam hosted by POCTTRPGs! Submissions open from today until 03 September.
When will we get negative bounties? WHEN?
@Miniman how would that even work?
@trogdor magic
3:56 AM
Would they be rewarded to the lowest-voted answer?
Obviously, since you can give a bounty to a good answer to lower your own score, you should be able to offer a particularly harsh criticism to a bad answer by taking some of the poster's points away and keeping them for yourself.
Yeah I see literally no problem with any of those, none at all, it's aaaaaaaallllllll fiiiiiiiiiine
Yep, seemed legit to me.
Ignore all the smoke and the alarms
The lights and noise there are clearly just celebration.
4:01 AM
Negative bounties would incentivize users to improve their answers!
Yep, certainly won't make the site less accessable
No sir XD
What's that Cuthulu, you want out of this crazy place? You aren't allowed to leave buddy you still haven't hit your post quota
4:43 AM
@BESW I'm not understanding whether it's a "any game" jam or an TTRPG jam, and I'm not understanding whether it's for PoC only or open to anyone.
I don't think they are going to turn away your submission based off of that
If they do it's not very efficient or helpful considering the goal
@trogdor Look, I don't even need it to affect their rep. I just need a way to tell the world that I felt strongly enough to pay 1000 of my rep just to tell the world that an answer is bad.
Not simply because of discrimination but because they would be locking out a lot of entrants
@Miniman oh man
I wouldn't need to, obviously, if people didn't upvote bad answers all the time. But no-one's ever been able to do anything about that.
5:05 AM
Rep-wise, I think in general the SE system has a problem where reputation, unlike in other contexts, is timeless. You can be really diligent for a year or so and then storm back making almost endless mic drop answers and still stay by the numbers a very trusted member of the community. It bugs me.
That is a problem
But I wouldn't like it if I was forced to keep making posts to be able to talk in chat either
If all we did was make rep fade over time
I would hope if any huge change was implimented (which I really don't expect) it would be a whole rework of the site
True, true. I think some privileges should be fixed by default
Which,... I really doubt is ever going to happen
@kviiri Maybe after you've earned them anyway
I also don't want spam bots taking over chat
@trogdor The only huge change (and only from my POV, huge I mean) is that I'm less and less convinced that SE is a good model. I'm not leaving the chatizens behind though :) this part rocks
@trogdor yep
@kviiri yeah I mean, I do have to agree the site is not ideal
Some things could do with a change
However there is a significant amount of the site as a core that can't really be changed
Even if it really should be
It might destroy the whole site or the reason for the site's existence
(most likely the same end result)
But I do like it here
As long as it lasts I'll stick around
5:54 AM
@inthemanual "POCTTRPGs" is simply who's hosting the game jam. (And: "The end goal for this jam, is to collect the games, with the creators permission, into a bundle, or multiple bundles depending on submission count, to fund a pool to support PoC creators who can benefit from monetary support.") Though I'm not sure about the answer to your first question.
@kviiri Heh. It's an imperfect model that works for certain kinds of questions (though that's not to say it couldn't be improved even in that respect, let alone all the other aspects).
@V2Blast Oh I just realized I wasn't very specific, yeah what I meant was I'm pretty sure they will take submissions from anyone, not just POC specifically
Also I'm pretty sure they most specifically mean TTRPG game submissions,... But maybe they could make that more clear?
6:16 AM
@kviiri Saaaame. That's why I'm exporting people to other interfaces like Discord, because I'm increasingly convinced that the day this site will no longer be worthwhile for me is fast approaching but I don't want to lose this little corner-pocket community entirely.
@BESW I'll get around there eventually, sit tight! :3
Hauling lots of stuff today, I have two backpacks, two normal bags and a little plastic case containing my melodica. I look like a traveling salesman
who is also an otter
(That one's for you, @Ash)
@kviiri After all the hard work of finally unlocking the permission to join the 'ohoho, we know what's in deleted posts and keep them in mind when making decisions and discussions' club, having this hard work taken away would be pretty aggravating. It would also mean that experts in less-ubiquitous systems would have an even harder time maintaining the membership in that club.
(Am still only halfway to that permission.)
6:31 AM
@BESW My Twitter is private, sadly
@V2Blast Somebody else could ask!
6:55 AM
@vicky_molokh I never said anything about deleting permissions, although that might be appropriate too in many circumstances.
I just think it's aggravating when new users regularly see bad content from a member while also seeing they're an esteemed member of the community with vast rep.
The mechanical privilege is one thing, but the big number is a problem too.
It communicates that "this guy is popular here, this is how you act here to be popular and trusted."
7:18 AM
@V2Blast Well, not directly, but it is a thing rep reduction does, right?
Fixing a broken system wouldn't, I hope, involve just changing a single element and leaving everything else exactly the same.
I think we can take that as read.
Yes. I don't think linking privileges naïvely to rep being over a certain threshold at the time is a good model.
And we quite don't. You can lose some privileges irrespective of your reputation, if you misuse them.
Yeah, and it's tied to treating users as free labor, too: rep is a measure of "trust," by which the Stack means "you're probably too invested in this site now to just vandalize it for jokes, so how about you do stuff that another site would hire someone for."
Fading rep with time is not the only way of linking rep with time, too. Informally, one alternative would be that a person is as good as they were the last we knew of them until they prove otherwise --- that is, to penalize downturns in conduct more, and reward upturns more. It'd be less simple, but there are good mathematical models and research for that.
And separating out different kinds of privileges; the ability to edit without review is in a fundamentally different category than the ability to chat, or the ability to have a mouseover card.
Tying them all to the same metric doesn't really make sense, once you've opened up the possibility of having more than one metric to determine such things.
7:28 AM
@BESW Splitting those would be nice, IMHO, but that's a whole other board of change tasks.
@BESW I unlocked that one recently and I'd honestly be more comfortable without it, I only ever edited twice and one of those was rejected
Ultimately this is that thing I keep saying where the Stack's infrastructure is built on basic assumptions which would have to change for dramatic and sustainable improvement to the site's experience, and the chances of the Stack being willing/able to (a) identify and change those base assumptions and (b) re-write the site from the ground up to align with those new assumptions... is slim to none.
I'm a terrible editor and should ont have this privilege
7:33 AM
@BESW Amen, brother
@PierreCathé You're not the only one to feel that way!
Q: Could I please have my privilege to edit without a peer review removed?

Baskakov_DmitriyI have hit the 2k-rep threshold recently, and hence my edits should now be automatically accepted without a peer review. However: My English, though fluent, is very far from perfect. I can't edit a post written by a native speaker if I don't want to spoil it by a stupid mistake, even if I have ...

@vicky_molokh Why'd you ping me (responding to my "lol" message)? I was responding to BESW's suggestion regarding Twitter...
7:54 AM
@BESW I've shown your games to a friend and we'd be interested to try out LLTKM, would you be okay with providing the cards in an editable format so that I could translate them ? Otherwise we can roll on the tables but the cards are nicer ;)
Unless you have Affinity Publisher, I'm not sure I can easily produce an editable form of that file.
@BESW Sadly I don't
looks like they give a free trial though, I could try that
although I'd totally get it if you weren't comfortable sharing those
Actually... I don't think I have a useable form of that file right now. I'm kinda halfway through a new draft and forgot to snapshot the previous draft.
@BESW Okay thanks anyway ;) I look forward to trying it out
I'll see if I can make this new draft more easily translatable somehow!
And I'm really glad you're interested in it, I look forward to hearing about your experience.
8:03 AM
@BESW Thanks I'd appreciate it ! My friends and I are big fans of board games (play every weekend) and we like to try out new stuff
It's my first attempt to make a card-based game, and I don't have a lot of experience with playing them either; the game started out as a more solidly TTRPG concept.
8:16 AM
@kviiri oh, we have plenty on the main meta too. Answer dupe question followed by gold hammer closure! Close bug report as unclear, repost same bug 5 minutes later! I think someone once even did the "single handed reopen closed question, post answer, close again" trick
@V2Blast Woops, wrong number. Was meant to be a reply to kviiri's rep message. Sorry!
@PierreCathé I rarely edit directly, I think it often risks putting words in an author's mouth so I prefer comments for less-than-100%-clear cases. I suppose I do tag questions more often than that, but even tagging feels like too prone to edit wars so it's not like I feel sure about changing tags.
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Um... EnWorld? GM is only a rules arbiter is not the "opposite extreme" from GM is “god”.
GMless games... exist.
Yyyep. And games where the rules constrain the GM too, and are arbited as a group.
I've had my experience with GMs who claim they're rule arbiters only and let the dice decide, but when they also get to decide when they're rolled in the first place it doesn't really guarantee any degree of "fairness".
"GM is only a rules arbiter" I don't need a human to do that, I'm happy with a computer thank you very much
"GM is “god”" Yeah I'm not playing in that game either
12:18 PM
I think I ran RFS and CD for the first time both in the same summer and those particular systems helped me really understand just how actively a game changes depending on how I choose to call for dice.
'Has a GM' and 'has no GM' seem like points on an axis that is distinct from the what-a-GM-is-like axis.
"GM is a friend with a plot, who'll allow us to throw heroes at it to make a story" now that I can get behind
Mmm. The axes are artificial and incomplete in the first place.
@PierreCathé If GM was literally God, I'd play
TBH that article is more a table of contents than an article
12:20 PM
That's a part of my religion
@kviiri That's called living
Where do Lovecraftesque's Narrator/Watcher/Witness roles fall into the nature of GMing? There's not NOT a GM.
Well of course they're incomplete. All clean categorisations of fuzzy stuff are a matter of conveying information in an easier-to-digest form at the cost of losing some detail.
@kviiri (if you believe in that sort of thing)
The article, like so much of ENWorld's material, says "RPGs" when they're really most just meaning "D&D and its direct offshoots."
12:22 PM
@PierreCathé Depends a bit on the day :)
@BESW "and maybe other stuff like Gurps"
@kviiri Yeah, it's not really 'D&D-derivative', it's more 'classical RPGs' as opposed to . . . less-classical RPGs and storygames. Classical RPGs aren't that monolithic.
It's really interesting to look at that list and think about the games I've been playing recently. It hammers home that I've been playing a lot of games without winners and losers in the story. There's no need to worry about whether the PCs are heroes or villains, whether we're beating the bad guys or saving the world. "Non-violent means of resolution" yes but "bargaining or confidence games, deals or theft" no: that's still working in the us-vs-them epistemology.
And now I wonder if there's a way we could make A Penny For My Thoughts cozy. (@trogdor @Ash @Rubiksmoose)
It's GMless. Any physical conflict is purely freeform and added by the players. Each PC is explicitly helping the others achieve their goals. The goals are extremely intimate and personalized, they don't have to have any importance outside the individual character with the goal. Everything is happening in flashback so there's no fear of death.
And yet, it's about people who've each had an experience so bad they lost all their memories of themselves rather than live with that experience--and over the course of the game they help each other remember that experience and then they choose whether or not to lose all their memories again, or live with it all.
12:40 PM
@V2Blast Yay, history is finally out of beta. But boo, they didn't really earn it. "A rising tide raises all boats"
@kviiri It's good at some things, less so with others. The idea of rep having a half life isn't a bad one. A kind of 1/x degrade rate for the top 50% of one's contribution might reflect a "what have you done for me lately" idea ... not sure if that's a better idea or not. Since people offer their time for no pay, that probably won't work out.
@KorvinStarmast I didn't exactly suggest rep having a half life, but it's one option for relative devaluing of old actions vs new ones.
What about new votes on old material?
@PierreCathé As I said in that meta BESW linked to: never feel forced to use a privilege if it doesn't feel right.
Last month I got 60 rep from posts no more recent than December 2015.
Íf new votes come to old posts, that means that the posts are as timeless as advertised.
12:50 PM
On the one hand, that rep doesn't indicate my continued activity on the site. On the other hand, it indicates that my old activity is still valued.
@BESW The really great part of that table is the column labeled "lots in between" - the rest ... shrug
Should be noted in academic contexts as well as the "natural context" of real life, reputation degrades over time as a rule, not as an exception. If we deal with someone successfully for years and they swindle us, it won't take long for us to stop dealing with them. If someone swindled us years ago but are dealing with us fairly now, most of us would consider them to have learned their lesson.
@BESW Yep, and vicky's points about timeless (and the stack being a kind of library) would seem to be achieved in those examples.
@kviiri Good point, maybe using the term "reputation" is itself an error in category.
But in Stack rep, we have this thing where a user can be predominantly disruptive for long periods because they were really valuable for our community... years ago.
@KorvinStarmast Real Internet Points?
(As opposed to Fake Internet Points like on Reddit.)
12:54 PM
@kviiri I don't understand "disruptive" in the sense that you are using it.
@vicky_molokh I'll take that. Balances out the fake ones
@vicky_molokh Real Internet Points and the R.I.P. (rest in peace) are begging for me to make a joke but my muse is sleeping at the moment.
Thing is, being disruptive for X units of disruption doesn't undo Y units of helpfulness. Both coexist in the same person.
Can this question be reopened or is it still asking for idea generation?
I guess my feeling is that 'mic drop' answers get the down votes they deserve ... usually
12:56 PM
@KorvinStarmast You know, it's unethical to use real people as muses. Use an AI (NAI but neither AGI nor SAI!) muse instead - they don't sleep either.
@KorvinStarmast The not-completely-hypothetical example'd be a user who frequently posted bad content or conducted themselves poorly, while appearing (due to their high reputation accumulated before they started disruptive behavior and low penalties of downvotes) to still be a well-respected member of the community
@vicky_molokh they plot, though. Sneaky sneaks
@vicky_molokh The voices in my head are multiple persons, and only one of them is a muse. The rest are just amused. :)
@KorvinStarmast Angels on the sideline, puzzled and confused...
@kviiri It gets worse. On the main meta and So we have people that can call Shog and the rest of the staff "dirty people" and is still here because on the answer side they are objectively competent and have a lot of high voted posts
12:58 PM
@kviiri I am pretty sure that I know exactly who is being referred to here, and you may recall that a suspension happened a few months ago in that case. rep of 1 for a while. The site has tools to correct via the diamond mods. They are exception handlers.
Hell, you could have been referring to me a couple of years ago, for that matter.
So the final picture you get as a random user seeing that is that if you are very useful and know, you can be pretty rude and it will be far more tolerated.
@KorvinStarmast I don't recall any suspensions but then again I pay only passing attention to the main site nowadays
@kviiri Well, what you are referring to was handled by the mods.
@G.Moylan Better Iterative Transient-Conditional Online Indentured Network Selection.... wait.
@KorvinStarmast (and whoever may be wondering what I'm going on about) - meaning behind the RPG reference: cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/265752913232527361/…
1:00 PM
@BESW LOL Hodlgang
@vicky_molokh I'll read later, thanks, looks linteresting.
@BESW I knew a guy who was BIG into Bitcoin. I'm sure he made a lot of money and boy did it look enticing, but geez what a risky method of making money
@KorvinStarmast if it is the same person I am thinking about, I don't think a suspension is all it takes. The one I am thinking for had to put more fuel on an already pretty bad incident with users disclosed email addresses
@KorvinStarmast the fact that that's by Humble Pie makes that so much better
@Derpy not the one I am thinking about. may be crossing wires here
1:03 PM
@KorvinStarmast To be honest I'm kinda surprised because the user I'm thinking of has always been more like curt and somewhat condescending, but I've never seen them act in a profoundly offensive manner.
@kviiri Someone immediately comes to mind
@G.Moylan Oh yeah. :)
Many online communities, ours included, are a bit bad at handling abuse when it's a long-term thing that doesn't pin-point well to individual messages.
Let's just agree that this general sort of thing is a problem frequently enough that we can reference the principles without talking about individuals.
@BESW Yeah, I was worried that we might be straying too close to personalizing something ... backing away ...
1:04 PM
@KorvinStarmast homer backs into the bushes
@G.Moylan Is that where the doughnuts are?
@KorvinStarmast funny, I brought doughnuts to work today
@G.Moylan That makes you a local hero.
@BESW Aaw man, doughnuts are for sharing.
1:06 PM
@KorvinStarmast the key is eating them aggressively while staring at everyone
@NautArch one in each hand
@BESW I think I did the same with a box full of danish butter cookies.
@Derpy those are the pringles of cookies
@NautArch That sounds like a third level barbarian, two doughnut eating style, talking. :)
@KorvinStarmast aggressively stares at the others you want? come get!
1:08 PM
@KorvinStarmast while Raging
@Derpy yup, pringles of cookies. You can't eat just one
The box content disappeared over the course of two days
@NautArch Class Featrue: Double Fisted Doughnut. As a bonus action, you can eat both doughnuts in the same turn, and for the next ten rounds you get 10' increased movement. When the sugar high ends, you lose 20' of movement and are sad.
I love "The Pringles of cookies"

1:09 PM
my patience about the thing I had to work with at the time disappeared with them too...
@Derpy Oh yeah, those are iconic happiness inducers at our office. Yeah.
what else is the pringles of _ ? You can't have just one!
@G.Moylan Ooh, Tim Tams!
@KorvinStarmast >.>
@G.Moylan Civ V turns
1:11 PM
@KorvinStarmast they DO come in packs of 2!
@PierreCathé (heh, Civ any edition turns ...)
@G.Moylan Twinkies come in two packs also ...
@KorvinStarmast I wouldn't know sorry
@KorvinStarmast but not snoballs
@goodguy5 We've found the Tate's brand to be like this, too.
Hmmm, there is something about this song. I just love the guitar work and how it fits the vocals perfectly.
1:14 PM
@KorvinStarmast I've actually always found that song to be extremely grating.
And it's only the "ooolaaaaaa" parts
@goodguy5 Oh yeah, that one's a matter of taste. But I like listening "behind the singing" to hear how the guitar fits, or doesn't
Roll initiative
1:15 PM
uh oh
Wow, that was interesting
go to DEX?
My dex is at least 10
1:15 PM
maybe 11
Mine is 11
1:15 PM
You win
ha. perfect
your dex is 12
what's Lola's DEX?
1:16 PM
oof got you both
No idea, she drinks champagne that tastes like cherry cola. So her wisdom is in the tank.
@KorvinStarmast or Coca-Cola, depending on the version
@G.Moylan true
ugh. My work has multiple VPNs and I have to use one of them to have access to one set of things, and another for another set of things.
"fortunately" you don't usually need to switch back and forth to do one thing.
1:18 PM
@G.Moylan Here's a case of recursion. The Rolling Stones do a tribute to folk/country (Dead Flowers) and a folk singer does a cover (Townes van Zandt)
@BESW this immediately makes me go nope but that is more because it immediately makes my own trauma peep out going "do you mean me"
@KorvinStarmast so they both have cover versions of... who?
@G.Moylan oh it's a stones original in the style of folk/country
@G.Moylan not sure, that may be the only cross over , though I think Townes could have covered Honky Tonk Woman and made it work.
@BESW replace dating sims with romance novels and it is super me!
@G.Moylan Yeah. So is the whole second side of Exile on Main Street. It's the Stones doing their original take on country. (Graham Parsons had a significant influence on Keith Richards (aka lead guitar for the living dead) in those years)
1:28 PM
@KorvinStarmast yeah they have a lot of bluesy/folksy/country stuff that sounds pretty good
talented group
@G.Moylan I heard that they performed live recently, and I was somewhat aghast. On the other hand, if people will pay the inflated prices, go for it. Impressed by their longevity.
10 messages moved to Trash
I dream of the day when this song is popular again ... without exciting trouble ...
When someone says "don't do that, it makes me feel bad," just stop doing it, don't keep poking the thing. You will not magically make them feel better by continuing to talk about it.
@KorvinStarmast I like that song. I think we're close
1:34 PM
@G.Moylan Yeah, I have some close friends who still partake now and again. I worry about them getting caught; a near run thing last summer at a local beach with a cop stop for speeding ... sad face
They are late 50's ... grew up with it just being a thing.
When they visit, I let them light up in the back yard. We have privacy fence. but "it" has to stay in their car which has to be parked on the street. My wife insists, and I see her wisdom in that. (I don't partake, and won't again until I retire).
random question re: Lady Blackbird. I skimmed through it recently and in some places it sounds like it's supposed to be the same scenario every time you play, and in others it sounds free-form. what do?
Lady Blackbird is designed to start in the designated opening scene and then play over several sessions to a conclusion--but everything will be different each time you play because the scenarios are defined by the whole group through the "ask questions and look for obstacles" GMing style.
@KorvinStarmast Texas, right? I can see that still being a potential problem there, yeah. IT was just legalized (medically) here in OK
What's this, talking about RpG's? In rpgse chat. feels dizzy
@G.Moylan Yeah, problem.
@BESW interesting. Different style game than I'm used to. Stretching my brain a little
@G.Moylan another one that I read that kindof threw me off was Al-Iksir. Is the entirety of the game just asking and answering questions of each other?
1:44 PM
@G.Moylan Yeah, Lady Blackbird's "Running the Game" section re-arranges my GMing brain in the most radically pleasant ways.
2:13 PM
So, 29 sites graduated (mostly) today. w00t.
@JohnP That's very exciting. Is there a list somewhere?
Q: Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta!

CatijaIf you're a user on a long-toiling beta site that's been waiting 7-8 years to get out of beta, this may be the post you've been waiting for. The 29 Beta sites that are 7+ years old no longer have the "Beta" label! I'm on record as saying that we need to ditch the "beta" label for our older site...

@DavidCoffron It's not a full graduation, no site theme, no escalated privilege rep levels, but the beta is removed, and elections will be held instead of CM selections for mods.
@vicky_molokh All right, I see my 5e RPG proposition was met with some people roping me into TTRPG writing, and the kickstarter has gathered the required 5 stars and almost reached the 10-star stretch goal. So now it's finally published for the star-backers.
@vicky_molokh This reminds me of the 200-word RPG challnge limit. You may want to consider submitting something for 2019. :)
@DavidCoffron I feel that trying to fit into the 200-word limit would force me to cut out the wacky commentary that doesn't meaningfully contribute to the system. Besides, I didn't really try to make it good in any way.
2:26 PM
I love it, but when is 5e1e coming out ?
@vicky_molokh What if all I have in the room are analog clocks?
@vicky_molokh I didn't mean that RPG. I like how that one reads, but the minimalistic style is remiscent of the 200s; so if you have any other cool ideas that could fit in a smaller word-count, definitely worth considering
@PierreCathé Uh, I just published a quick patch after realizing it didn't have guidelines for actual chargen. Does that count?
@vicky_molokh good enough for me
Now we can have questions tagged as discussed . . .
(Also, I guess it doesn't come off as as satirical as initially envisioned.)
2:33 PM
@vicky_molokh Yeah it's almost playable (sic)
@vicky_molokh Can I bother a mod to edit the post so the link is at the start so it's clickable from the list of starred messages on the right (or if you can still do it that'd be great)
@Sdjz Sure, but in that case it probably makes more sense to edit the link into the more-starred of the two messages.
And maybe edit it overall but I'm not sure how that would be best done.
@vicky_molokh if you give me what you think would be a better phrasing, I can edit it for you.
@Rubiksmoose The problem is I'm unsure what said better phrasing would be.
Crowdsourcing! I should crowdsource the PR work of better phrasing!
No worries!
2:38 PM
@Rubiksmoose How about (at least for now): edit the newer message, put the link onto '5e', also perhaps change '5e' to '5e RPG'?
Ok, I actually am a huge fan of 5e. I mean it's super cheeky but it's also beautiful
You made progress since yesterday?
@vicky_molokh just for ease, can you just rewrite the message for me so I can just copy and paste into the new one?
@Delioth You could spend Eccentricity Points to have the Extra Cheek: More Butt Than Average trait.
@Yuuki Shouldn't that be one of the Eccentricities I have? I don't know what that T word you used is but it starts with the wrong letter to be a game term
2:42 PM
> Eccentricity Points
@vicky_molokh actually yeah if you could write it out the way you'd like it that will save some back and forth lol
Proposal: Change "Combat" to "Engagement" and "Healing" to "Enervation".
@Rubiksmoose Message for copying only above.
Wait, that last one's wrong.
@Yuuki But I'm not enabling my Extra Cheek Eccentricity for this, I'd be taking it as an Eccentricity
2:44 PM
@vicky_molokh how's that look?
"Heal" >> "Ease (Wounds)"
Wait, why the heck is one of the healing spells in Harry Potter Enervate when the word means the opposite of that?
@Rubiksmoose Thanks. (Had to reload the page to see it.)
@Yuuki Because Rowling made things up... a lot? (and linguistics really isn't her strong suit, see: scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/214409/…)
@Delioth Made a couple of e-changes.
2:47 PM
@vicky_molokh no problem :)
Further proposal: "Make Something Up" to "Extemporize".
@Yuuki Expand
Sir, this is a rated-PG chatroom.
Ooh, I'm also seeing that numeric bonus//quantitative bonus could be called Enumerated Bonus, vs the quantitative turning to Elemental||Essential Bonus. But that might be too much indirection for the sake of "E"
(Where one's benefits are enumerated to how well your character can do something, and the other are a key element or essence of what your character can do)
I've only known 5e for about fifteen minutes but if anything happens to it, I'll kill everyone and then myself.
2:51 PM
It's like Fate, but even simpler... and also, E
Q: What is the difference between Simple and Martial weapons?

Nate DefaultI have found no satisfactory answer anywhere online or in any manuals. What is the difference between a simple weapon and a martial weapon, really?

Q: For attacks with ranged weapons, is the attacker's Dexterity bonus added to the damage roll?

as.beaulieuIn 5th edition combat, does a character using a ranged weapon like a bow or crossbow get to add their dexterity to their damage? Such as a rogue with a 15 Dexterity using a light crossbow, would they deal 1d8+2 damage?

Well, as threatened: my own early version of a 5e RPG. Less parody and maybe more babby's first rpg, but will certainly help add to the 5e name confusion. (Would appriciate some feedback, if folks are willing.)
@Someone_Evil Oh, it's only out for an hour in the open gaming git, and you already went all PF on me!
I should make a 5e but with 5's. Then it'll be five-y.
Guess how many different versions of 5e we should make ?
2:59 PM
@Yuuki è_é
5, obviously
Or, alternatively... 14
Or, probably more consistently, 94.
@Someone_Evil You missed Exceptions. :p
And possibly an Excellence for a great success on a roll (3+ 6's on a 5d6 for example)
@Delioth Ok. Is that the 5*e joke? i.e. (13.59), because I was about to make it; don't want to dupe
@DavidCoffron No, it wasn't. The first was 5, the second was reading e as hex, and the third was reading 5e as hex (0x5e)
I forgot e is a number(ish) in its own right
3:07 PM
I'm a simple man, I was going for 5
yesterday, by BESW
How about a game called 13.59145 (5*e), or 79.43235 (5^e)?
yesterday, by BESW
Or 1.83939 (5/e)
@PierreCathé Fair, then you can get 5e v.5 5e
Or ~5 (five-y).
@DavidCoffron There's an e reference (but without the 5×) in the 5e file, just FYI in case you missed it.
(Yes, I made that joke already)
3:08 PM
@Someone_Evil needs to use d5s
I suppose someone could make a V for Vendetta game called "Fie, V!"
Alternatively, maybe everyone should copy it for a running gag.
@G.Moylan Don't think I didn't think about it
@G.Moylan d5 == CEIL(d10 / 2)?
Curses and Double-Curses! The PF-like offshot has matched my today's star-sales!
3:09 PM
@G.Moylan Just use d6s. Those are the dice that the most five-y.
@Delioth could use a d10 or d20. I have a 20-sided d5 at home, just labeled 1-5 4 times
You could use a d3 and a d2 and resolve with base-3 math (where the d3 is the low digit, 0-3, and the d2 is the high digit 0-1). I think that gives an even distribution
Plus then you have exactly 5 faces
(or 5 on the d3 alone if they're the way I've seen them)
@Delioth Umm...
A d6 and a coin?
@Delioth you still have to order a d3 though for that to have "exactly 5" and at that point you ought to just get a 20-sided d5. they roll better than true d5s anyway
@Delioth that gives 6 total possible results, I'm not sure what you are trying to do
3:15 PM
@Sdjz 00, 01, 02, 10, 11, 12. It's basically a d6
@DavidCoffron ok but wasn't the objective to simulate a d5?
they're aren't hard dice to find, or you can just use an existing d20 or d10. no need to get fancy
You could do a rotational d6. Faces are 1-5 and the 6th face is a 5 pointed star, whichever point is facing you on that face is the number if you roll a star
(or if 2 are facing you, you choose the opposite one)
(basically whichever one is perpendicular to you)
https://www.mathartfun.com/d357.html#741 (top and bottom)
@G.Moylan The Die C on mathartfun is basically a 3-sided coin
3:25 PM
@DavidCoffron yep. they make... interesting products
@Sdjz I'm just being like... really bad at math today, apparently.
@Delioth You could still use that as a max-5 die if you really wanted to. It just has 0 inclusive
(but you could just use a numbered d6 for that)
Yesssss, that's of course the goal. 0-5 is the correct numbering for a d5
(I mean not really, but we can pretend that was the goal)
Q: Can you ready an action after you've already used your bonus action?

guessLike say, you use the rogue's cunning action to disengage, then you ready your action to shoot at the enemy when an ally gets within 5 feet of them. Would this work?

Q: Why should I use a big powerstone instead of smaller ones?

SK19I was wondering why powerstones rise quadratically in price and linear in value. Instead of a 10pt PS for 1,900$ I could get 3 5pt PS for 595$ each and save 115$ for having 5 extra net mana in the end. I know that I can only use one powerstone per spell and it must be touched by the wizard. But ...

3:51 PM
@goodguy5 Lucky you. I have 3 VPN's to access the servers for one product. :|
And none of those are the main company VPN's. This is what happens when you don't fully integrate the products you buy from 3rd parties, but just move their racks into your datacenter(s).
Yo dawg I heard you like layered security so I put a VPN in your VPN in your VPN
if only it were for security sake and not laziness
@MikeQ tunnels within tunnels. The internet truly is a series of tubes
4:00 PM
Man, I miss User Friendly.
4:22 PM
@Someone_Evil I have it open, will review over a coffee soon
@BESW so that's why my hearthstone game was laggy this morning. Hairballs from the cats in the intertube.
1 hour later…
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Q: Can the additional attack from a Samurai's Rapid Strike have advantage?

NathanSThe Samurai archetype (from Xanathar's Guide to Everything) gains the following class feature at level 15, which says: Rapid Strike ... If you [...] have advantage on an attack roll against one of the targets, you can forgo the advantage for that roll to make an additional weapon attack ...

5:43 PM
@BESW that meme made my day
hmm reading over Magic Items to spend TCP on in Adventurer's League seems really overpowered being able to just pick and choose. Like Gauntlets of Ogre Power -- bam my Paladin now has str 19 even though I gave him a str of 8 initially
+1 Shield? Hah! I can just decide to get a Cloak of Protection and get the same +1 to AC as well as +1 to all Saving Throws
@Ryan Yeah, I never really understood how 5e is made to not really have/need items, but then AL goes all-in on them.
And don't get me started on my rants about dmsguild :P
anyone have a link or reference to the distribution curve on 4dF?
5:58 PM
dF are the ones that are 2 -, 2 blanks, and 2 +'s, right?
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