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12:34 AM
@msh210 Any idea how thatcompares to other sites?
@msh210 Done. The question, a priori, could probably have been closed as out-of-season P"T, but it managed to get serious answers a postiori
@IsaacMoses nope
Q: If I do nothing, I'll have great pleasure. If I do a certain action, I won't. Should I ask my Rav if I must do the action?

tealhillEvery so often I find myself in a halachically questionable situation. If I do nothing, it'll bring me great pleasure. If I take a certain action, then instead, it'll instead bring me disappointment. I'm not sure if I'm required to take the action. If I ask my rabbi, he might say I have to ta...

^^^ input sought
@IsaacMoses see my edit
@msh210 Fine. I wonder if OP will be cool with that. Thanks.
@IsaacMoses me too, hope so. I think after my edit it's readable and a reasonable Q. (Prior to my edit it was a reasonable Q but less readable.)
12:42 AM
@msh210 ... and also was skirting around the heart of the issue, which you've boiled it down to
@IsaacMoses mhm, exactly
I still think it's a pretty weak hava amina
@IsaacMoses Yeah. I wouldn't say it's a great question, but at least reasonable.
@msh210 Fair enough. It's open again.
@msh210 Perhaps you can comment to tealhill on the question regarding your edits?
12:45 AM
@DoubleAA I did in the edit summary. You think I oughta as a comment too?
@DoubleAA ok, done.
@msh210 I added some more words to the title
@IsaacMoses looks good
1:02 AM
good night, y'all.
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3:04 AM
@HodofHod Do you mods see deleted questions in the regular stack? Or do you have to select something special to see them?
@DoubleAA We can use a special search for them, and we can see them in users profiles, but that's it. They don't show up in regular lists and searches
@HodofHod i see thanks
@DoubleAA pleasure :D
3 hours later…
6:04 AM
@DoubleAA, okay, how did you get that?
6:17 AM
@msh210 if gematrios interest you check out this site: c2kb.com/gematria/?word=&x=49&y=13
@DovF Thanks. I doesn't list the line DoubleAA did.
6 hours later…
12:16 PM
posted on June 25, 2012 by joshwaxman

מראי מקומות ללימוד פרשת חקת, תשע"ב by aliyah rishon (Bamidbar 19:1) sheni (19:18) shelishi (20:7) revii (20:14) chamishi (20:22) shishi (21:10) shevii (21:21) maftir (21:34) haftara, with Kli Yakar, Malbim, Ralbag (Shofetim 11) by perek perek 19 perek 20 perek 21 perek 22 meforshim -- מפרשים Geonim (589-1038

3 hours later…
3:27 PM
Some shuls hold that everyone should come to minyan everyday, others hold that most people are patur from minyan during the week. — Double AA Dec 26 '11 at 21:44
^^^ is there a source for this?
4:02 PM
@AdamMosheh Minhag Yisrael Torah Hu :-)
@All Before I write up a bug report, am I missing something? It seems Alex and Menachem each got a revival badge for the same question! judaism.stackexchange.com/badges/59/revival?userid=37 judaism.stackexchange.com/badges/59/revival?userid=603
I didn't think that was possible.
@msh210 Well how many other phrases have the gematria 2025? Wasn't it obvious??
5 hours later…
9:04 PM
@DoubleAA :-)
@StackExchange Wow, it worked correctly this time!
9:24 PM
@DoubleAA @msh210 Do you think this is a bug?
@DoubleAA Yes, but I think I've seen it reported before -- or something very similar.
9:42 PM
Q: Why does it get darker in Israel quicker?

Gershon GoldWhy is it that it gets darker in Eretz Yisroel quicker than in the USA?

@msh210 No Jewish context given, so technically (I think) off-topic. What do y'all think? Of course, one can easily edit it to provide Jewish context (z'manim).
10:07 PM
What about names in the other direction like Sar or Devor? — Double AA 40 mins ago
@msh210 @DoubleAA ...and Choled.

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