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4:02 PM
@Sathya I've added some comments. :-)
@Mokubai I get this error :
> print ("For" + (i) + "years")
> TypeError: cannot concatenate 'str' and 'int' objects
my problem with them is that they want a site for 'experts' only @Mokubai
well that says it @KronoS
str(i) instead of (i)
@IvoFlipse I thought that SE was a place for experts and "enthusiasts" to help each other
look, you're mom probably isn't a physics expert
but as soon as you've had university level courses that have some physics in them, you're not a total retard either
there's a difference between having questions that are googleable or can be found in a wikipedia article and questions that require 'knowing' things
and even then, I find most wikipedia articles enormously cryptically, you can't expect everyone to read textbook Math
Yeah, I thought I did some reasonably high end maths, but some of those articles are intentionally obtuse
I will admit that I've forgotten a lot of that stuff though
4:07 PM
yeah but that doesn't mean you would ask 'dumb' math questions
you'd use the wrong terms, apply things perhaps slightly the wrong way or not know of more advanced solutions, but that's not stupid
I would say that no question is truly "dumb". At worst they can be misguided, as in not knowing a better solution or using a patently wrong solution, but I find it worrying when people continue to use bad solutions even when they've been given better and more effective ways of doing things.
well their whole point was that they should only allow research level questions on their sites
which I believe goes against everything Stack Exchange stands for
besides, they don't realize the moderating horrors they create by creating sites with such limited scopes
I'd agree with that, SE (to me) is about learning and sharing knowledge, mass teacher/student style...
and what if your first experience with our network is getting called out on the expert site
to hell I'd check anything with Stackexchange in the name, everybody must be so arrogant!
if you feel that the newbie questions are distracting, ignore them: problem solved
they claim questions have to be on the front page longer, so they can good answers
that smells like people who never heard of extensions like StackStalker or even just favoriting questions :\
so as you can see, these discussions really get to me :@
I'd never heard of StackStalker, though I don't use Chrome TBH
4:21 PM
Hi there! :)
Blasphemy! :P
hi @Nyuszika7H
No worries @IvoFlipse, there are always things like that that get to us, but in the long run we have to just hope that people regain their sanity and move forwards with thinks like that.
Hi @Nyuszika7H
they'd rather go to OSQA then give in @Mokubai
Stuck with Firefox for now, but am slowly edging away from it
until you get FF4 and all is well
4:24 PM
I'm getting a bit sick with all the bloaty slowness of Firefox, I won't use IE at all, and I'm still not convinced enough to click that "Make Chrome my default browser" button.
It's fast and all, but is it worth it?
I dislike Chrome @Mokubai
@IvoFlipse OSQA, as in osqa.net ? Looks like just like any StackExchange site to me...
it's an open source clone
I use FF full time @Mokubai, and can't wait for FF4
@studiohack I'm trying to work out why I dislike Chrome. Why do you dislike it?
I'm just not convinced by Google at the moment. Are they a good company, or are they just biding their time?
Maybe I'm just too jaded by all this Web2.0 rubbish to care what browser I use...
4:28 PM
I dislike Google, they collect information on everything and I don't want to give them any more information than I have too...I already use Google Voice heavily...
some gmail, but not much...Firefox has the addons, and many more of them @Mokubai
I also don't trust Google...just because...
I'm not so worried @studiohack
first off all I don't have anything to hide and I don't live in the US :P
@IvoFlipse loves Google, I think...it is his 2nd Valentine
screw you NSA + Homeland
My first, but don't tell my GF
4:31 PM
you mean homland security?
Anyway, catch you all later.
yeah lol, but I don't like all my info out there
@Mokubai see ya later! :)
out there? with whom would they share it?
later @Mokubai
wrt Homeland security, I love it how I'm always the guy "randomly" chosen for extra security check
4:33 PM
@IvoFlipse because @Google is just plain untrustworthy
aww, that's hard @Sathya, it's probably because you are Indian descent...
show me some proof then @studiohack
they always like to take apart my stuff in airports
@IvoFlipse - lol
the day Google uses get's caught abusing that information, they are dead
@studiohack hang on
it's like Watergate, you just can't violate trust like that and get away with it
4:35 PM
they are! its more that they have a finger in every pie practically @IvoFlipse
so by nature, they are very spread out, and it makes me wary of them...
and you trust your government more?
Big Brother, etc
or the gas companies
not necessarily
or your ISP
or the police/FBI/CIA whatever secret service
I don't want to live in a world where I can't trust anything
besides, if you use Google anyway, indirectly they know what you're after anyway
4:36 PM
I agree @IvoFlipse - I use Google a lot...just wary of them in general...
and if not, you're not unique, so if it turns out there's some magical algorithm to find 'wrong' people, they will find you
if you're afraid of being abused, abuse them back :P
(not related to what I show, but I <3 this pic taken in my hometown)
and I tend to be "loyal" so that's mainly why I don't switch to Chrome, and because I like FF and want to stick with it
very nice @Sathya, you make me jealous
agreed @IvoFlipse it is a very nice beach
4:38 PM
hey @studiohack this was what was in store for me when I opened my luggage
I was loyal to FF too, until it required me to restart every time I was listening to the SO podcast, because I installed a new addon
@Sathya, I've gotten that
many times lol
this was on the beach today...
@studiohack :) not as bad as them asking you to come over to the "special" queue and toss out my entire freaking air bag
I don't know why it rotated it, I had it right
@Sathya I'd hate that, like crazy
or frisking people, that's stupid
you're special @Sathya ;)
I would blame Google :P
they wanted your CR48 back
4:41 PM
hahahahaha @IvoFlipse
hehe :)
or they are looking for @Sathya's rep
they Googled you and thought you were a problem :P
funny how before the elections, @IvoFlipse was pretty much the only mod to visit Root Access, now @DMA57361, @studiohack, and @Sathya all are in here regularly
so we now have 4 mods in here a lot, so that makes for a lot of blue names ;)
I've been in here since day 1 @studiohack
4:44 PM
chat or SU? @Sathya
I actually created this room, before the server switcheroo
this room @studiohack
as for SU I've been in since the private beta
oh really? that makes for some cool bragging rights @Sathya :)
I wish I had been around that long @Sathya
I joined as soon as I found SU :)
well first this room was flooded by the RSS feed :P
I was in the Gaming room mostly first
we need more flags. I'm bored
@studiohack you asked for it...
Oh., wait.
4:49 PM
howdy all
@studiohack I'll get right on it, been busy this morning the ac in our server room froze last night and dumped water everywhere this morning :O
hi @DMA57361
@Kyle :O
@Sathya ya bad news... so far I'm out a dell R410 and our switchvox PBX..
@Kyle ouch, how did it happen ? Temperatures ?
@Sathya whoa... anything missing!? When my uncle went to America, he was annoyed because he had the TSA approved locks and they went missing - he thinks the agent stole them or something
4:53 PM
The tray for the water pump got some gunk in it and backed up so it all just froze on the coils...
@Wil nothing went missin to my knowledge
Hi @ThomasMcDonald
whoa @Kyle
evening @Sathya
somebody messing with my flags?
4:55 PM
@studiohack That was me!!! I'm sorry!! I'm usually good about them it looked like me too answer but wasn't.
SU is being really slow
what are you talking about @Kyle?
The flag...
oh, its all good, did you remove your flag? @Kyle
its all good really. :)
didn't know I could...
Interesting, merging a question murders one of the questions comments
4:58 PM
you can't...but the post you flagged is buggy, I think it is SU's problem...so it seemed like a coincidence
somebody find me some flags. haha jk
@studiohack You can merge these answers:superuser.com/questions/244817/…
^ actually I'm not even sure if that is an answer, clarification, or what....
just edited and merge the two...so whatever it is...
it is very ambigous, so I'm not going to even try to rectify
5:22 PM
@studiohack, I noticed you defined "apt" and "apt-get" as synonyms of "aptitude". You know that the latter is the GUI, right? (Very much related, sure, and it also has a command line thingy of itself, and maybe folks indeed refer to APT as aptitude. Just wanted to be sure you know!) superuser.com/tags/aptitude/synonyms / en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aptitude_(software)
oh dear.
don't let the apt-get fans hear about this @Arjan
(My lips are sealed, @Sathya)
Q: aptitude vs. apt-get: what is the recommended (aka the "right") tool to use actually?

Vokuhila-Olibasome time ago I read that aptitude is the preferred tool for installation on debian based systems. But when you search around on howto administer a debian based system then aptitude is rarely mentioned. Most people seem to prefer apt-get - and that's even true for the debian wiki pages! So I am...

(Nice, @Sathya!)
I tagged the following "apt", but that got to be "aptitude":
Q: How to fetch the latest version of MySQL using tools like APT?

user39186This fetches revision 5.1 only: sudo apt-get install mysql-server but the latest community server version is 5.5.9

well I've removed the synonym, but not sure if it's possible to undo the existing renames
5:31 PM
@Sathya You have to do it the hard way
Manually retag all of them, or use the mass tag renamer thingymajig
And then create the new synonym
@Diago I don't want to use the mass renamer, it might make things worse
I was hoping the above question would still be tagged "apt", as when looking at the synonyms earlier, I noticed it did actually show me a count of 1 for that "apt" synonym. But: no cigar indeed.
129 questions for aptitude,
Can someone please upvote one of my posts on StackApps... I'm literally 5 rep. from being the first user there to 10k.
Is there any proof left of the old synonym, or is the transcript the only proof now? :-)
5:33 PM
@GeorgeEdison Only if you solve my bug!
Stop, @George, WAIT!
@GeorgeEdison Done! Congratz! Now go solve my damn problem with StackAuth!
gratz @GeorgeEdison
Thank you!
@Diago: What is it?
Q: Has calling StackAuth changed for Apps?

DiagoI started upgrading to v1.1 and have an interesting problem I can't seem to resolve. When calling http://stackauth.com/1.0/sites using a .Net WebClient I receive responses successfully and I am able to parse the results. When calling http://stackauth.com/1.1/sites using a .Net WebClient I recei...

5:35 PM
Oh, I'm going to downvote you, @George, unless stackapps.com/questions/121/what-ideas-do-you-have-for-the-api/… is taken care of!
@GeorgeEdison I'm only 9,889 rep behind you :D
@GeorgeEdison I am not sure if it's my code or the API, I am about to rephrase it and post it on SO proper.
@Arjan: You want links 'unshortened'?
It has had me stumped for the last 24 hours. And I is really bugging me.
Actually, @Sathya, I am sure you'll SOON have a higher rep. I am a bit surprised I'm still here... Some time ago I cleaned up my images, having lost interest a bit.
5:38 PM
Bleh. I hate that I can multiselect message to move them in Chrome.
@GeorgeEdison Can I safely assume that if a library works against StackAuth using a custom User Agent, that it is not refusing connecting based on the User Agent?
@Diago, maybe you're using POST? See stackapps.com/questions/2030/…
@Arjan: that was @TomWij's suggestion in a massive tag retag job that I did - one of the first things I did as a mod
no idea why this is on a tech news website... but funny...
I personally don't know anything about apt and aptitude...so my bad, but we can work on it... (did you read this line @Arjan?) lol
(@studiohack, I was fine with either solution, but meanwhile things have changed!)
5:50 PM
Q: A bunch of tag rename/synonym requests

TomWij(See related chat discussion here) NOTE: Most are small, so doesn't need special moderator attention, just update my post when you help. Proposed tag renames/synonyms: (old tag --> new tag) .net --> .net-framework (and all version variants) Done hd --> 720p - Changed to high-definition Done f...

apt should be in there @Arjan ^^
Don't shoot the messenger, @studiohack ;-)
I'm the messenger @Arjan lol
Hmmm, indeed you are, @studiohack, your fine new colleagues making you run a marathon in a retag job!
@ARjan You are my hero!!!!!!
@Wil LOL
5:53 PM
actually, not my new colleagues, but my brand spankin new slaves did, @Arjan - they're very spoiled (slaves are: @KronoS, @TomWij, @nhinkle, @BloodPhilia in particular)
@Diago what happened?
@Diago was it the POST method ?
[ Making a screendump ;-) ]
@studiohack He noticed something really small that proved my whole method of pulling data from the API was wrong, along with some help from @Rebecca!
@Sathya Yeah, for some reason I was using UploadString and POST, instead of download string and get
All the stuff i use at work needs UploadString, and I think I got a bit mixed up when I wrote the connector for SE
@Diago: that's awesome! That kind of thing can be really crucial for your program that you're writing...way to go @Arjan and @Rebecca!
@studiohack Yeah. It does.
5:57 PM
how are you @Diago, are the new mods pulling their weight? ;) hopefully you have more time for your program...
@studiohack You guys are leaving me nothing to do. I feel like I am retired.
haha, I feel like that already @Diago :P
well I'm off for dinner. see you all later! :)
6:11 PM
@studiohack Yeah, small mistakes happen...
Didn't know that Apt stands for Advanced Package Tool.
6:39 PM
@studiohack quit complainin... I haven't burdened you recently ;)
I forgive you @TomWij ;)
@KronoS, behave now. and that's only because I'm wayy ahead of you in time :P
@Sathya and @Diago: view VTC
7:24 PM
@studiohack excuse me; "slaaave"?!?
Did you know that IPv6 may show your MAC address? Here's how to fix that: http://bit.ly/gZkoI1 #SuperUserBlog
QOtW is done
@studiohack didn't we establish that you, @Sathya and @IvoFlipse were our slaves? I think that's still pinned on the sidebar
@studiohack this is true
Wow. That WMI/HP Wireless question is getting tons of views
My supervisor at the helpdesk just sent us this email:
@nhinkle maybe it'll be the QOtW for next week...
7:38 PM
> A couple notes from the weekend:
> Apparently there is a version of the HP wireless assistant that has been shipping on laptops that causes excessive CPU usage. More detailed info can be found [here](http://superuser.com/questions/240794/why-does-wmi-provider-host-wmiprvse-exe-keep-spiking-my-cpu).
> If you happen to run into this problem upgrading the client or removing it resolves the problem. Unless the user actually uses the wireless assistant (in my experience few do) I usually remove it anyway.
and linked to the SU question
@nhinkle no WAY!
i wonder if he noticed that one of his employees answered the question...
man i cannot get the formatting right on these blockquotes in chat
@nhinkle is he a Super User himself?
@KronoS I don't think so
I've mentioned it before, but I'm not aware of him using it himself
We have our weekly meeting today, and he said he was going to talk about the HPWA thing, so I might put in a plug for SU while it's being discussed
i have to go to class, see you guys later!
l8r @nhinkle
8:02 PM
that's awesome @nhinkle! (about the heat issue related to @Sathya!)
and yes, you guys are my slaves. be careful... ;)
@nhinkle you should print it out and take it with you
Are you the puppet master @studiohack?
just to rub it in, who answered that question
Then I am the god father...
yes I am @David
8:04 PM
night all
good morning...
Who's your daddy @studiohack
I think he went to bed...
he went crying to your girl friend
8:21 PM
@IvoFlipse hey what's the proper what of using return in matlab?
just return i?
with a function you mean?
it doesn't seem to be working...
yes @IvoFlipse
I believe you had to call the function like: outputVar = myAwesomeFunction(inputVar1, inputVar2);
but within the actual function itself...
and off course make sure that somewhere down the line you put something into outputVar
8:25 PM
you can't do function[Z] where you call the function
you have to apply the function and in the end apply that last thing to Z
< script type = 'text/javascript' >
	( function () {
		alert ( 'There are some unneccessary whitespace.' ) ;
	} () ) ;
< / script >
'                                                                                          foo                                                                                                                 '.trim();
@Diago: Not sure if you are interested, but I have a diagnostic test you can run.
8:41 PM
he's interested ;)
@GeorgeEdison Actually I found the problem thanks :)
@Diago: What was it?
@GeorgeEdison It was me being stupid. I was using POST and UploadString instead of GET and DownloadString
I have been working with Web Service for too long at work :|
9:13 PM
9:32 PM
I started a pretty comprehensive answer on "troubleshooting hardware issues..." superuser.com/questions/224515/…
9:45 PM
Q: What do you want Super User Blog to test with SSD technology?

KronoSIn conjunction with the Super User blog, we will be getting three SSD's from Kingston. We want to perform tests on these drives and blog about the results, and need your help. What testing, comparisons, or how to guides, would you as a Super User like to see related to SSD technology? Update...

let me know what you all think
10:26 PM
Why do I always end up in long discussions? :D
A: Please re-open Emacs proposal - Not a duplicate

TomWijLet's say we've opened an Emacs community, will the questions at SO, SU and Prog.SE disappear? No. Why? Because the FAQ still allows them and people will still land there! Can this be solved? No. Why? Because there is no reason to migrate them nor list every single Editor/IDE in the FAQ. Tim...

Ended @IvoFlipse's discussion but started a new one...
1 hour later…
11:37 PM
... confuses the hell out of me, ChrisF has 6 different wiki edits that are approval flagged... They have 2 per tag... is there an order I should click accept in, or just on all of them... or leave it for someone else who knows what they are doing as I do not understand!?
11:52 PM
@Wil: Aren't the short tag description and the long tag wiki apart?
ahh, I didn't understand the difference...
I will accept them all then - they look good @chrisf - keep up the good work!
oh well, looks like I can only accept a few, said I ran out of votes :S
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